A student at Northwestern University filed a federal lawsuit against the school Monday, alleging that university officials acted with “deliberate indifference and retaliation” after she reported that a professor sexually assaulted her during her freshman year... The university eventually found the student’s claims credible, but have never disclosed to her how they disciplined the professor, she says. Go To Site

An Illinois university is standing behind an award-winning psychology professor, despite the new revelation he gunned down his parents and sister when he was a teenager, spent time in a mental institution and changed his name. Go To Site

Later, Sragow informed his class that “there’s lots of ways” to keep Republicans from voting, including sabotaging electoral informational mailers. “You lose their information on the election in the mail,” he suggested. -Noah Rothman, reporting on USC Professor Darry Sragow Go To Site

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The former dean of Temple University’s Fox School of Business was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison Friday for orchestrating a complex fraud scheme to propel his college to the top of national rankings and defraud its students and donors based on that unearned reputation.

  Moshe Porat — who led the school for more than two decades until he was fired for the misrepresentations in 2018 — did not apologize or even acknowledge the students harmed by his crimes as he addressed the judge moments before his punishment was announced.

Crime, Character, Fraud, Academia, Lie, Convict

The former dean of Temple University’s Fox School of Business was convicted Monday of orchestrating a complex fraud scheme to propel his college to the top of national rankings and defraud its students and donors based on that unearned reputation.

  Moshe Porat — who led the school for more than two decades until he was fired for the misrepresentations in 2018 — shook his head quietly as the jury announced it had found him guilty of federal conspiracy and wire fraud charges now likely to send him to prison.

  It took the panel of eight women and four men less than an hour to conclude that he, along with two of his subordinates, had for years knowingly embellished the data they were sending on Fox’s students to the magazine U.S. News & World Report, allowing its online MBA program to achieve its No. 1 ranking for four straight years.

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A North Idaho College instructor has been charged with Misdemeanor Battery for allegedly assaulting a person holding a sign in support of the college’s Board of Trustees decision to repeal the university-wide mask mandate.

  Rachelle Ottosen stood at the September North Idaho College Board of Trustees meeting holding a sign picturing a red circle with the words “Medical Fascism” inside and a slash through it. Ottosen told Campus Reform that she brought the sign to show her support for the Board’s August decision to repeal its mask mandate...

  In response, Ottosen says NIC part-time biology instructor Teresa Loar allegedly “slammed” into her and “popped the sign” out of her hands.

Crime, Character, Academia

A criminal justice professor in California was arrested over the weekend after federal investigators say he started a series of forest fires in a remote area of Northern California near where the massive Dixie Fire continues to burn.

  Agents with the California Forestry Department took Dr. Gary Stephen Maynard into custody on Saturday and charged with intentionally setting fire to federal land for allegedly setting multiple fires in Lassen National Forest and Shasta Trinity National Forest...

  Investigators began looking into Maynard, and earlier this month obtained a warrant to track his vehicle that prosecutors say linked him to at least seven fires in the area...

  “Maynard was traveling alone through the forest in isolated areas. Agents had installed a tracker on his vehicle. Where Maynard went, fires started. Not just once, but over and over again,” federal prosecutors wrote in bond memo filed Tuesday.

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Boise police located and arrested a man on Tuesday in connection with an incident in Feb. 2021 in which a statue of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized.

  Terry Wilson, aged 37, was apprehended on Tuesday night, pursuant to a warrant issued for his arrest several days before. The crime allegedly committed by Wilson involves the famous "Seated Lincoln" in Boise's Julia Davis Park being covered with feces and paint and graffiti...

  Wilson, according to this online profile, is an associate professor at Boise State University, and he has been described as the spokesperson for the local Black Lives Matter chapter, according to the Idaho Statesman.

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Duke University is paying the U.S. government $112.5 million to settle accusations that it submitted bogus data to win federal research grants.M/b> The settlement will also bring a $33.75 million payment to Joseph Thomas, the whistleblower who drew attention to the fraud when he worked for Duke.

  Thomas, a former Duke lab analyst, sued the university on behalf of the federal government, saying that a Duke researcher fudged data to help the university win and keep lucrative grants from two agencies, the National Institutes of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency...

  In a letter to the university's community, Price said, "This is a difficult moment for Duke. Citing the "devastating impact of research fraud," he also said the school had taken numerous steps to encourage scientific integrity, improve training and archive research data.

Liberal, Hate, Violence, Academia, Terrorism, Vandalism

A member of Tulane University’s Young Americans for Liberty allegedly was the target of “political violence” after his dorm room door was set on fire early Saturday.

  Police were called to the dormitory of Peyton Lofton, who Big League Politics notes had been a victim of a “doxxing” (his personal information disclosed) by an “anti-YAL social media account,” and discovered minor fire damage to Peyton’s door.

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A longtime College of Southern Nevada sociology professor is facing felony gun charges in connection with an on-campus shooting on the second day of classes.

  Mark J. Bird, 69, was charged last month with discharging a gun within a prohibited structure, carrying a concealed weapon without a permit and possessing a dangerous weapon on school property, court records show. He was found bleeding from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his arm about 8:15 a.m. on Aug. 28 outside a bathroom in the Charleston campus K building...

  While waiting for authorities to arrive, Bird said he had shot himself in protest of President Donald Trump, police noted in their report. The report did not elaborate.

The UC Irvine professor charged with setting fires at his son's high school, a school administrator's home and a nearby park — which came in the months after the 14-year-old boy committed suicide — will face an additional arson charge, Orange County prosecutors announced Wednesday. Go To Site

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A woman was found guilty Monday of spraying fake blood on the steps of the Alexandria, Va., home of National Rifle Association lobbyist Chris Cox in January.

  Patricia Hill, a sociology professor from Nebraska, was ordered to pay a $500 fine, not contact the Cox family, and stay 500 feet away from their home. If she does not comply, she could owe an additional $500.

  She is also under a temporary restraining order that bars her from Cox’s wife’s business and from NRA offices in Virginia and Washington, D.C. And on Monday after court, Hill was served with a warrant for an additional vandalism charge, stemming from a similar incident in October.

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A California State University, Fullerton professor allegedly assaulted a College Republicans member in broad daylight during a demonstration against President Trump’s executive order on immigration. “A man claiming to be a professor has assaulted one of our protesters,” the CSUF College Republicans announced on its Twitter account Wednesday night, adding, “We are in contact with the police.” ...

  McGuire identified the professor as Eric Canin, a part-time faculty member specializing in cultural anthropology.

Hypocrisy, Liberal, Crime, Hate, Violence, Character, Academia, Terrorism, Assault, Trump

A former Diablo Valley College professor was arrested Wednesday in connection with the use of a bike lock in the beating of three people during a rally for President Donald Trump last month, police said Thursday.

  Eric Clanton remained in custody in lieu of $200,000 bail at Berkeley Jail on Thursday and is scheduled to be arraigned at 9 a.m. Friday at Oakland’s Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse. He was arrested on three counts of suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon that isn’t a firearm and assault causing great bodily injury.

  Police confirmed Clanton can be seen in videos hitting people in the head with a U-shaped bicycle lock. Three people received “significant injuries” because of the beatings, police said. Homicide detectives handled the investigation because of the seriousness of the assaults, police said.

Crime, Character, Academia, Convict, Theft

The former chief of staff for the University of Central Arkansas who was convicted on burglary charges for helping a student steal tests has filed to surrender his law license. The Arkansas Supreme Court said Thursday that it has received the surrender petition from Jack Gillean.

Crime, Sex, Academia

Jason Lieb, a professor in the Department of Human Genetics, resigned a little over two weeks ago following allegations that he violated the University’s sexual misconduct policies during a retreat organized by the molecular biosciences division. According to a University investigation letter obtained by The New York Times, he engaged in sexual activity with a student who was unable to consent because she was under the influence of alcohol.

Crime, Character, Sex, Academia

Dan Cress is a Western State Colorado University Professor and an active musician best known for his work with the band Iola. But now, he's in the public eye for reasons far different than scholarship or fine guitar work. He's scheduled to make his first court appearance this morning after being busted for Internet sexual exploitation of a child, among other things.

Hypocrisy, Liberal, Violence, Sex, Oops, Academia, Assault

A racial equality officer, gay rights, and anti-rape activist at Oxford University is resigning her positions after admitting she engaged in “not consensual” sex while at a student conference...

  “At this year’s NUS black students’ conference, I had sex with someone,” Teriba said, according to The Guardian. “The other party later informed me that the sex was not consensual. I failed to properly establish consent before every act. I apologise sincerely and profoundly for my actions.”

Social Justice Warrior

Steals Man's Hat

Crime, Violence, Academia, Assault

A college professor who trains city cops and firefighters how to tamp down heated situations was busted on Valentine’s Day for delivering an Ivy League beatdown to her longtime boyfriend — because he cheated on her, officials said. The victim, according to sources, is a retired NYPD sergeant. Joann Baney, 54, of Columbia University, was charged with misdemeanor assault. Baney was accused of slugging Walter Frey, 46, while he slept inside her Upper West Side apartment about 10:45 p.m., court records show.

David C. Flory, 70, a former FDU physics professor who worked on the Teaneck campus, and an alleged co-conspirator, F. Chris Garcia, a former president of the University of New Mexico, were arrested in 2011 and were charged with promoting prostitution. Prosecutors have said they ran a site called Southwest Companions as a virtual meeting place for prostitutes and their customers. Go To Site

Crime, Character, Fraud, Academia, Immigration, Corruption

A college leader accused of participating in a scheme to commit student visa fraud has been sentenced to a year in prison for submitting false documents to the Department of Homeland Security, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Northern District of California announced. Jerry Wang, the chief executive officer of Herguan University, pleaded guilty to document fraud in April.

Crime, Academia, Vandalism, Theft

An American University professor who was charged with breaking into an office building and setting several small fires in September pleaded guilty Friday in D.C. Superior Court to burglary. Prosecutors said David Pitts, 38, set a chair and bottles on fire near the parking attendant booth of the garage at an office complex in the 3300 block of New Mexico Avenue NW on Sept. 4. The fire destroyed the chair and caused damage to the attendant booth. He then walked to another part of the complex and twice ignited some newspapers on the ground, authorities said. Minutes later, prosecutors said, Pitts walked to a wooded area near the adjacent Embassy Park complex and set another small fire.

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"What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now."... The video was captured at about 4:30 p.m., a few hours before two police officers were hurt by a man who tried to throw a garbage can from the Brooklyn Bridge's pedestrian walkway onto the officers below.

  Police later arrested Baruch College adjunct professor Eric Linsker in the assault. Police said that Linsker allegedly had recently purchased hammers and a black face mask in his bag. Linsker was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, first-degree rioting, unlawful possession of marijuana and three counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia, Convict

A former adjunct professor at Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University will serve jail time for sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in 2010. In July, Michio Zushi, 55, pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, a second-degree felony, as part of a plea bargain. He was ordered Monday to serve 210 days in jail.

Crime, Academia, Vandalism

An American University department head has been arrested and charged with breaking into a building near campus and setting a fire... According to the incident report, Pitts is accused of breaking into the building and setting a fire in the parking garage. It says Pitts was found with matches, lighters, gloves, a newspaper and black liquid substance. There was evidence of a small fire still visible Thursday.

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An associate professor of feminist studies at UC Santa Barbara was sentenced Friday to three years probation, 100 hours community service and 10 hours of anger-management classes after pleading no contest to several charges stemming from a confrontation she had with an anti-abortion group on campus in March.

Crime, Character, Oops, Academia, Assault, Law

The explanation does not satisfy, and Ferrin begins to cuff the professor. "Don't touch me," Ore says, her voice beginning to rise. "Get your hands off me." The officer warns her to put her hands behind her back, or "I'm going to slam you" on the police car. "You really want to do that?" Ore asks. "Do you see what I'm wearing?" Ferrin responds, "I don't care what you're wearing." She kicks the officer. Shortly, Ore is on the ground. Her lawyer, Alane M. Roby, says the action caused her dress to ride up, "exposing her anatomy to all onlookers." Ore faces charges of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, failing to provide ID and obstructing a public thoroughfare.

Crime, Character, Science, Academia, Greed, Theft

A professor used $1-million in Canadian science grants as a piggy bank to finance personal travels and his private business, newly disclosed documents have revealed. The professor expensed trips to science conferences he did not attend, rented apartments for extended stays outside the country, loaned business associates money, and bought gear that had nothing to with his research, according to documents describing the misconduct.

Dr Brooke Kraushaar said a dependent-personality disorder caused Vanvlerah to participate in the sexual fantasies of Kenneth M. Kyle, 49, a college professor from California, even though she knew sex acts involving her then-five-month-old daughter were wrong. Kyle was sentenced to 37-and-a-half years in prison in March after pleading guilty of abusing the infant during several occasions in 2009, according to St Louis Today. Along with hundreds of child porn images on Kyle's computers, investigators found information that led them to the St Louis area, where Kyle had visited Vanvlerah four times in five months since meeting online. During those visits, prosecutors say the pair had sex with the girl and each other at various hotels. Go To Site

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The UC Santa Barbara Police Department has released its official report on the confrontation between Professor Mireille Miller-Young and a group of anti-abortion activists... When asked by police if there had been a struggle between her and the activists when she took the poster, Miller-Young responded, “I’m stronger, so I was able to take the poster.” Miller-Young admitted to authorities that she probably shouldn’t have taken the poster but said she did the “right thing” because she believed the group was violating university policy and infringing on her rights.

Crime, Character, Fraud, Academia, Healthcare

An Iowa State University professor resigned after admitting he falsely claimed rabbit blood could be turned into a vaccine for the AIDS virus. Dr. Dong-Pyou Han spiked a clinical test sample with healthy human blood to make it appear that the rabbit serum produced disease-fighting antibodies, officials said. The bogus findings helped Han’s team obtain $19 million in research grants from the National Institutes of Health...

Crime, Fraud, Academia, Greed

Julius Nyang'oro, the former chair and former professor of African studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, was indicted Monday on a felony charge of accepting $12,000 for a course he did not teach, The News & Observer reported.

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia

A Western Connecticut State University professor charged with having sexual contact with a 15-year-old boy is a longtime volunteer at a Danbury, Conn., homeless shelter, said Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton. Paul S. Hines, 73, of Danbury, was arrested Monday by New York state police and charged with third-degree criminal sexual act, a felony, and endangering the welfare of a minor, a misdemeanor.

Democrat, Crime, Character, Degeneracy, Academia, Convict

The president of the University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) Young Democrats chapter is a convicted child sex offender, Campus Reform has learned. Bill “Billy” Wayne Johnson, who is listed on the school’s official website as the primary contact for the student organization, was registered as a sex offender in April of 2010, according to Texas DPS SEX Offender registry.

Violence, Character, Academia, Assault

A celebrated University of Toronto assistant professor currently on trial for a sexual assault charge has been charged with another count of sex assault from a separate victim. Toronto Police told The Globe and Mail on Saturday that James Andrew Payne, a senior lecturer at U of T’s John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, was arrested and charged with the second count on Aug. 20, 2013.

Crime, Character, Financial, Academia, Theft

A psychology professor at Central Michigan University is accused of stealing research money earmarked for Parkinson’s research and using it to gamble at casinos all over the country. Justin Dohoon Oh-Lee, a psychology professor at CMU, is charged with hiring fake participants for Parkinson’s disease research experiments and pocketing stipends paid to them by the university. He then took the money to casinos in Detroit, Las Vegas and Florida. About $35,000 are unaccounted for, according to Inside Higher Ed.

Environmentalist, Crime, Academia, Vandalism, Convict

A UC Irvine professor who set a series of fires after his son’s suicide was sentenced Thursday to 14 years and four months in state prison. Rainer Klaus Reinscheid, 49, of Irvine pleaded guilty in July to one felony count of arson of another's property, three felony counts of arson of forest land, two felony counts of arson of a structure, three felony counts of attempted arson and one misdemeanor count of resisting or obstructing an officer.

A University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point professor accused of punching a student has resigned, effective at the end of the spring semester. Meghan Buckley offered her resignation after an internal investigation by the university, spokesman Bill Berry said. Go To Site

Financial, Academia, Greed, Corruption, Convict, Theft

A professor who managed a grant-funded program at Shaw University aimed at boosting minority students’ interest in science and math has pleaded guilty to mail fraud, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Tuesday. Investigators said Ademola L. Ejire, 53, is facing up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced in November. From 2001 to 2012, Ejire managed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Research Apprenticeship Program at Shaw, which provided grant money for qualified high school students to develop their math and science skills. Investigators said Ejire pocketed $470,000 in grant funds by mailing bogus timesheets that listed his wife as the program coordinator and his children as grant recipients.

Liberal, Crime, Violence, Character, Academia, Murder

A psychology professor at Downstate Millikin University killed his parents and sister 46 years ago when he was a teenager, a revelation that has jolted the bucolic liberal arts college that has employed him for nearly three decades and sparked calls for his resignation. Described as “an older hippie,” James St. James landed a top teaching award at the small college in Decatur and chairs its psychology department...

Crime, Financial, Fraud, Academia, Greed, Corruption

An assistant physics professor at the College of Staten Island has paid nearly $65,000 in fines and restitution after improperly steering the state to purchase high-tech research software from a company that he covertly owned, authorities said. The New York State Joint Commission on Public Ethics said the professor, Dr. Yasha Yi, violated the section of the Public Officers Law which prohibits state employees from participating in contracting decisions involving payment of more than $1,000 to that employee.

Hypocrisy, Crime, Hate, Character, Smears, Fascism, Abortion, Academia, Tolerance, Diversity, Pc

However, Laura Curry, an adjunct instructor of media study, said she was offended by the entire display and began publicly berating and cursing the students. “Where does it say I can’t use the f**k word in public,” Curry screamed at students. “I can swear because that’s part of my vocabulary. That’s part of my First Amendment rights.” She was later arrested by authorities for disorderly conduct.

Crime, Violence, Character, Academia, Assault

FRESNO, Calif. -- An instructor at Fresno City College is on paid administrative leave after getting into a fight with a female student who was allegedly slammed to the ground during the brawl.

Crime, Guns, Character, Academia, Terrorism, Convict, Murder

Former Weather Underground radical Kathy Boudin — who spent 22 years in prison for an armored-car robbery that killed two cops and a Brinks guard — now holds a prestigious adjunct professorship at Columbia University’s School of Social Work, The Post has learned. Boudin, 69, this year won another academic laurel — being named the Sheinberg Scholar-in-Residence at NYU Law School, where last month she gave a lecture on “the politics of parole and re-entry.” ... “It’s easy to forget that violence is never the answer. Nine children grew up without their dads because of her actions,” said Hanchar, whose uncle O’Grady was shot with automatic weapons.

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia, Convict

A former Central Michigan University professor has admitted in open court that he received child pornography, a crime for which he faces at least five years in prison. William Lord Merrill, 58, appeared before U.S. District Magistrate Judge Charles E. Binder on Thursday, March 21, 2013, and pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of child porn.

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia, Drugs

A Radford University criminal justice professor previously indicted on drug charges was arrested Thursday for possession of child pornography. Taj Mahon-Haft is charged with 24 counts of Possession of Child Pornography, according to a news release.

“The university has done nothing, absolutely nothing, to help me,” he said. “You would expect a university of that caliber would do everything possible to get me out of prison.” Go To Site

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia

A Kennesaw State University professor has been put out of class following the university’s discovery that police accused him of reaching down a 14-year-old girl’s pants. Kenneth Charles Robinson, 52, was charged with child molestation and sexual battery of a child for the alleged Thanksgiving weekend incident. Kennesaw State officials have placed him on administrative leave pending further review, the university said.

Crime, Academia, Vandalism

Orange County prosecutors say they will file an additional count of arson against a university professor who allegedly set a series of fires after his son committed suicide. Officials say 49-year-old Rainer Reinscheid of Irvine will be charged Thursday in an amended complaint with one additional felony count of arson with sentencing enhancements for use of an accelerant.

Crime, Violence, Threats, Academia

A part time Fresno State Communications Professor is accused of threatening to kill his neighbor, and threatening a police officer with violence. Those who live near Sample and Magnolia in Clovis were too scared to go on camera and said they were too afraid of retaliation to speak to Action News. They say they're concerned about when Christopher Andrade gets out of jail. The 42 year old has been involved in an on-going feud in his neighborhood for the past few years. He recently painted portions of his own house a bright orange.

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia

OKLAHOMA CITY, Jan. 10 (UPI) -- A former Oklahoma college professor was sentenced to essentially life in prison after pleading guilty to child sexual abuse, lawyers said. Gary Doby, 66, a former professor at Oklahoma Baptist University, was sentenced to at least 38 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Crime, Character, Degeneracy, Academia, Assault

A UNIVERSITY of Aberdeen professor of ethics has appeared in court charged with sexual assault. Bernd Wannenwetsch is accused of assaulting a woman while on board a flight to the city. The alleged incident took place during a flight between Amsterdam and Aberdeen on November 11.

Crime, Degeneracy, Academia

District attorney's officials in northwestern Georgia say a former college professor charged with rape and child molestation abandoned a plan to plead guilty and decided to take the case to trial. Monte Gale Salyer, former English professor at Dalton State College, faces two counts of rape, one count of statutory rape, three counts of child molestation, five counts of aggravated child molestation and one count of criminal attempt to commit a felony.

Violence, Character, Academia, Convict, Murder

SANTA ANA (AP) — A former college official has been convicted of second-degree murder in the bludgeoning death of his wife.

Crime, Science, Brilliance, Academia, Drugs, Convict

A British scientist caught smuggling two kilos of cocaine at a South American airport has been jailed for almost five years. Professor Paul Frampton, 68, claimed he was duped into carrying the drugs in a honeytrap sting involving a glamour model. But the Oxford-educated academic was sentenced to four years and eight months after being convicted of drug trafficking at a court in Argentina.

A renowned University of Georgia professor was snared in a prostitution sting by Gwinnett County police Thursday. After contacting German literature professor Max Reinhart, 65, using a phone number he listed in the transsexual escort section of backpage.com, detectives arranged to meet him at a room he rented at a Norcross, Ga., GuestHouse Inn. Go To Site

Crime, Financial, Fraud, Academia, Greed

A full-time engineering professor at Morgan State University was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday in an alleged scheme to defraud the National Science Foundation of hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant funding. Manoj Kumar Jha, 45, who oversees the university's transportation engineering graduate program, according to the university's website, allegedly fabricated an elaborate research proposal on behalf of a private company he founded and then applied for funding through the NSF's Small Business Technology Transfer program, according to the Maryland U.S. attorney's office.

Liberal, Science, Protest, Vandalism, Murder

REMEMBERING leftist terror-bombing at the University of Wisconsin. 40 years ago today. “The blast killed UW research assistant Robert Fassnacht, leaving a wife and three children without their father…. Years of research were destroyed in the blast. Though the bomb was aimed at the Math research Center, it takes up only three floors of the building. The physics department occupied the basement and other offices in the new wing, and the astronomy department used the top floor and roof. The explosion reduced to tiny fragments the carefully ground mirrors in the two telescopes on the roof of Sterling Hall.”

Hate, Character, Degeneracy, Misogyny, Academia, Assault

STOCKHOLM -- A Swedish university professor sliced off his estranged wife's lip and ate it -- so she could "never kiss again." The unnamed 52-year-old, who is a respected researcher at Stockholm's famous Karolinska Institute, was charged with aggravated assault for the May attack, Aftonbladet reported. The professor was angered by his wife's request for a divorce and waited until she went to sleep before cutting off her lower lip and eating the flesh.

Crime, Degeneracy, Academia, Assault

A Mississippi college professor is jailed and fired after being accused of raping a student. Investigators say the assault happened at Rust College in Holly Springs last month, but police are just now talking about it. Sylvester Oliver is charged with sexual battery, accused of attacking a female student in his office. The 62-year-old was head of Rust College's humanities department.

Crime, Incompetence, Academia

Amherst College administrators have been scrambling to repair their sexual misconduct policies after former student Angie Epifano wrote a widely shared op-ed last week in the student paper about her campus rape experience. After nearly a year of trying to deal on her own with the trauma of being raped in a dorm room, Epifano reached out for help: Eventually I reached a dangerously low point, and, in my despondency, began going to the campus’ sexual assault counselor. In short I was told: No you can’t change dorms, there are too many students right now. Pressing charges would be useless, he’s about to graduate, there’s not much we can do. Are you SURE it was rape? It might have just been a bad hookup…You should forgive and forget.

Crime, Sex, Degeneracy, Academia, Assault

BELMONT COUNTY, Ohio — A former Bethany College professor accused of sex crimes against children has entered Alford pleas Monday in Belmont County. By entering an Alford plea – sometimes called pleading no-contest -- for two counts of sexual battery charges, Richard Rushton, 63, does not admit guilt but concedes that there is enough evidence against him to find him guilty.

Crime, Sex, Academia, Assault

Authorities say a teenager who grabbed an attacker’s cellphone led to the arrest of an Ohio college professor in connection with sex assaults against young men. The Springfield News-Sun reports that 52-year-old Hollant “Max” Adrien was arrested on rape and kidnapping charges.

Crime, Character, Sex, Academia, Assault

A former college professor who authorities say fled the country after being indicted on child sex charges has entered pleas in an Ohio court.

WTOV-TV reports that 63-year-old Richard Rushton entered what's known as Alford pleas — akin to no-contest pleas — to two counts of sexual battery Monday. Rushton is former chairman of the education department at Bethany College, northeast of Wheeling, W. Va. Authorities say he fled the country and lived in Italy after the grand jury indictment in 2010.

Prof Frampton, a renowned particle physicist, said that he started communicating on the dating website mate1.com with a person he believed to be Miss Milani, the Miss Bikini World 2007, 11 weeks before his arrest. In January, he flew to the Bolivian capital La Paz to meet her on a ticket he believed she had paid for, but says he was met instead by a Bolivian man and asked to take Miss Milani’s suitcase to Buenos Aires, where she would meet him. When she did not turn up, he tried to board a plane home but was arrested after officials discovered the cocaine inside a false lining of the suitcase. Go To Site

Crime, Degeneracy, Academia

MOSCOW, Idaho — A Washington State University professor has been arrested for investigation of felony rape of a teenage girl. Andrew Appleton, 51, was arrested by police in nearby Moscow, Idaho, on Tuesday after the alleged victim came forward. The 18-year-old woman told police that Appleton intimidated and coerced her into a sexual relationship, starting when she was 16 years old, and continuing for two years. The alleged rapes happened in Moscow and California. Appleton is an associate professor of politics at Washington State University in Pullman, where he has been a faculty member since 1994.

Crime, Academia

A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge entered a not guilty plea Wednesday on behalf of a UCLA chemistry professor arraigned on felony charges in a 2008 laboratory fire that killed a staff research assistant. Judge Shelly Torrealba also set a preliminary hearing on Oct. 9 for professor Patrick Harran, who is charged with three counts of willfully violating state occupational health and safety standards.

Crime, Financial, Fraud, Academia, Lie

A former City Colleges of Chicago professor falsified a doctoral degree to pocket hundreds of thousands of dollars in fraudulent pay, Cook County prosecutors said Wednesday. Carol Howley, a nursing professor at Richard J. Daley College, was indicted on charges of theft of government property for allegedly pretending to be enrolled in doctoral classes at Rush University when she was hired in 1995. Two years later, she falsely claimed to have earned the doctorate and provided a forged transcript detailing the courses she claimed to have taken, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Crime, Degeneracy, Academia

The head football coach at Minnesota State University, Mankato, was arrested and jailed Tuesday afternoon on allegations that he had possessed and produced child pornography. Todd Hoffner, 46, of Eagle Lake, was arrested at his home. According to the university, Hoffner has been on leave from his coaching position since Friday and a school investigation is pending. He remained jailed Tuesday night on suspicion of "use of minors in a sexual performance" and possession of child pornography while authorities considered formal charges, according to the Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office.

Crime, Guns, Academia

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A judge has delayed the trial of a former Alabama university professor accused of killing three colleagues and wounding three others during a campus faculty meeting. Madison County Judge Alan Mann didn’t give a reason Tuesday as he pushed back the trial of Amy Bishop by two weeks. It will now begin Sept. 24 in Huntsville.

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Orange County prosecutors are asking that a UC Irvine professor accused of setting fires at his son's high school be held without bail after investigators discovered emails in which he allegedly outlined plans to kill officials and students. Rainer Klaus Reinscheid, 48, of Irvine, was arrested July 24 on felony arson charges in connection with a series of fires set at University High School, the nearby Mason Park Preserve and the home of an assistant principal this month, according to the Orange County district attorney's office. After his arrest, investigators discovered emails on Reinscheid's cellphone addressed to himself and his wife from April. He described detailed plans to "burn down University High School, commit sexual assaults, purchase firearms and murder school officials and students, and then kill himself," the district attorney's office said.

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NORMAN — A former University of Oklahoma social work professor who is awaiting trial on a charge of sexually abusing children helped train state DHS child welfare supervisors for 15 years before his contract was terminated in December 2011, The Oklahoman has learned. Professor Dwain Pellebon, 55, pleaded not guilty Friday in Cleveland County District Court to three counts of child sexual abuse and six counts of making lewd or indecent proposals to a child.

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A 73-year-old college professor has been arrested, accused of sexually assaulting a girl under the age of 16.

Waterbury police charged Mirvet Muca, an associate professor of political science at Naugatuck Valley Community College, with sexual assault and risk of injury to a child after the alleged victim reported inappropriate contact.

Kiddie porn, however, was the lesser of Professor Ward’s crimes against children. Ward was a serial child molester. And officials at Penn and its prestigious Wharton School knew it — or should have — for years. And even knowing about Ward’s penchant for sexually abusing children, the school kept him employed and even helped finance his sexual access to kids overseas. The story of the “brilliant” Professor Ward was chronicled in a 2007 issue of Philadelphia magazine. The piece begins in 2006 with Ward being busted by immigration agents after returning from a trip to Thailand, where he enjoyed copious amounts of sex with prepubescent boys. Fortunately for prosecutors, he brought home the DVDs to prove it. It wasn’t the first time Ward had been charged with sex crimes against children. Go To Site

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WATERBURY, Conn. (AP) — A 73-year-old associate professor at Naugatuck Valley Community College has been charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor. The Waterbury Republican American reports Mirvet Muca was arrested after a girl made a complaint to police that he had touched her inappropriately.

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The case in New Mexico against a Fairleigh Dickinson University professor accused of running an online prostitution ring will likely go before a grand jury this month, a District Attorney’s spokeswoman said Friday. Albuquerque Police charged David Flory, a Metropolitan Campus physics professor, and former University of New Mexico President F. Chris Garcia with running Southwest Companions, a sophisticated website that linked prostitutes with clients, allowed men to rate their experiences and offered tips on how to avoid undercover police.

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Authorities in Chaffee County have arrested an 81-year-old author and retired Cornell University professor now living outside Carbondale for alleged sexual assault on a child. Detectives from the Chaffee County Sheriff’s Office and the 11th Judicial District Attorney’s Office in Salida took Paul Eugene Breer into custody at his Eagle County home Monday after obtaining an arrest warrant. He faces felony charges including sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust.

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An employee at Brunswick Community College employee has been arrested after he was accused of having an improper relationship with a 16-year-old student. Thirty-year-old Josue Juarez was arrested Monday and charged with 12 counts of indecent liberties with a minor and sexual battery. Juarez was an information technology specialist at the school and was fired after his arrest. Officials say the 16-year-old was a student at the Brunswick County Early College High School.

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Winther, 65, of West Mount Airy, was sentenced Friday to more than seven years in federal prison and 10 years of supervised release. U.S. District Judge Jan DuBois also ordered Winther to register as a sex offender when he is released from prison. Winther has been in federal custody since his arrest. He pleaded guilty in November to enticing a minor to travel interstate for illegal sex and to attempted transfer of obscenity to a minor. DuBois, a federal judge since 1988, said Winther's online communications were as "graphic and lurid" as any he had seen in such a case in his years on the bench.

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A Central New Mexico Community College teacher is on paid administrative leave after he was arrested for trying to meet up with a 14-year-old girl. Albuquerque police arrested Steven Gunther last week on child solicitation charges. Instead of meeting up with the "teen," Gunther was greeted by an undercover officer. Gunther is a part-time chemistry teacher at CNM. He was placed on leave Friday.

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STAMFORD -- A former Norwalk Community College criminal justice professor was convicted Thursday of sexually assaulting a female student in his Stamford home in 2005. At the end of a four-day trial, Ernest Britt, 44, now of 2625 Park Ave., Bridgeport, was found guilty by Judge Gary White of second-degree sexual assault. Britt faces at least nine months and up to 10 years in prison at his sentencing, scheduled for June 22 at state Superior Court in Stamford.

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The state Attorney General's office says a former professor at The Evergreen State College fined nearly $120,000 has vanished. The Olympian reports (http://bit.ly/HIJJCL) that in 2011 Jorge Gilbert was slapped with an $119,578 penalty for ethical violations. A college auditor reported that Gilbert had not accounted for at least $50,000 in student payments he had accepted between 2003 and 2008 for a study-abroad program to Chile.

In 2011, Cox was spending time with an OU professor at his apartment. They had been drinking and were enjoying each other’s company, but when it came down to having sex, the professor became very forceful, and she told him to stop. He didn’t. “I was sober enough to know what was happening as it was happening,” she said. “He was using enough force that I knew I couldn’t stop him.” Go To Site

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A 68-year-old University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill physics professor with three degrees from Oxford University is being held in an Argentine prison on charges of trying to smuggle 2 kilograms of cocaine. Paul H. Frampton, who holds the title Louis D. Rubin Jr. Distinguished Professor of Physics and Astronomy, said in a telephone interview that he was arrested Jan. 23 at the airport in Buenos Aires after the drugs were found in his checked luggage en route to Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

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A University of Florida professor faces criminal charges for allegedly using a university credit card to pay for flights and other expenses related to his work as a paid consultant for a private company. Dov Borovsky, a professor at UF's entomology laboratory in Vero Beach, was charged with three felony counts of grand theft and one felony count of fraud. He was arrested last week in Gainesville and released on his own recognizance.

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IOWA CITY — An information technology staffer at the University of Iowa reported that a former UI doctor looked at child pornography on his work computer, according to documents the university released Wednesday. The IT staffer wrote in a service report dated April 20, 2010, that in the process of working on the computer of Gary Hunninghake, he “caught him looking at porn for the third or so time since I have supported his group, this time it was children too, I reported it.”

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NYPD cops say they caught an adjunct professor at several city-area colleges sending photos of his genitals to an undercover officer posing as a 14-year-old girl. Igor Sorkin, 31, was arraigned in Queens on Wednesday on charges of attempting to send indecent material to minors and attempting to endanger the welfare of a child. He faces seven years in prison if convicted.

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HAZARD – The trial date for a former college professor has been moved back after he was indicted on additional drug related charges. Paul Prosperino, 58, was arrested at a residence on Hazard’s Walnut Street in October 2009 by UNITE detectives who said they found more than 2,000 pills, cash and 30 loaded firearms. He was later indicted on two counts of second-degree trafficking in a controlled substance in April.

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PITTSBURGH -- The Department of Justice has charged a former Penn State University professor with fraud, false statements and money laundering relating to $3 million in federal research grants.

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BOSTON (CBS) – A 74-year-old professor who has lectured at Boston schools for two decades has been charged with running a methamphetamine lab. Irina Kristy, who teaches math at Boston University and Suffolk University, will be arraigned next month for allegedly running a meth lab out of her Somerville home.

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A University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point professor accused of punching a student has resigned, effective at the end of the spring semester. Meghan Buckley offered her resignation after an internal investigation by the university, spokesman Bill Berry said.

Paul Frampton, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Chapel Hill, has been awarded back pay after being convicted of drug smuggling three years ago. Frampton was convicted of drug smuggling in January 2012 by an Argentine court after allegedly being led on by a bikini model online. Go To Site

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In a Wednesday press conference, UI stood by its claim it did everything it could to prevent Professor Ernesto Bustamante from shooting Benoit 11 times in the neck and chest. “The university responded immediately,” Nellis said, “and decisively to protect Katy and remove Bustamante from our community.” But Benoit still died.

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Steve Kinzey, who has been an associate professor of kinesiology at California State University, San Bernardino for nearly 10 years, is suspected of leading a motorcycle gang and methamphetamine drug ring in southern California.

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OTTAWA — A former University of Ottawa professor wanted in connection with a 1980 terrorist bombing is expected to learn today whether or not he will be extradited to France to face prosecution. Hassan Diab, 57, a Lebanese-born Canadian, faces murder and attempted murder charges in France for his alleged role in the bombing of a Parisian synagogue on Oct. 3, 1980.

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Rochester Hills- An Oakland University professor was sentenced this afternoon to 30 days in jail and five years probation for stalking a former student. Srinarayan Sharma, 43, had sent numerous emails and items to the victim beginning in 2009 after she asked him to stop.

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A criminal justice professor at a small Massachusetts college pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court in New Orleans and admitted stalking and threatening a New Orleans police officer. Gary M. O'Bireck, 57, of Elmira, N.Y., pleaded guilty to one count of misprision of felony, or failing to report a crime, according to court records.

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"I turned around," the 26-year-old remembers, "and there he was, inches from me." He told her she had nice dogs. Qingnong Xiao, 48, is an associate professor at the University of South Florida's College of Marine Science, earning $108,344 a year. He is a hurricane expert with publications in scientific journals.

Convicted felon Donna Hylton spoke on a civil rights panel at a fancypants college earlier this month but completely failed to mention that she — along with several others — kidnapped a man, forcibly sodomized him with a steel pole and then tortured him to death. -Eric Owens Go To Site

Allison Stanger is the distinguished Middlebury professor who was physically assaulted for escorting conservative political scientist Charles Murray to an event on the Middlebury campus. Stanger, a Democrat, had agreed to moderate a session with Murray because she is committed to the robust exchange of views.

  An angry mob charged the car carrying Stanger and Murray. Someone pulled her hair. Others shoved her...

   Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen writes: From time to time, I email Allison Stanger. She answers always, but says she is not yet healthy enough to talk. . .Stanger is still suffering from a concussion.

-Paul Mirengoff Go To Site