The Waukesha massacre doesn’t fit the narrative the mainstream media typically likes to promote, so they’ve been generally trying to ignore it.

  Case in point: The Washington Post. The Jeff Bezos-owned publication published an in-depth analysis of how the massacre unfolded, declaring, “Here’s what we know so far on the sequence of events that led to the Waukesha tragedy caused by a SUV.”

  “Caused by a SUV”?

  Really? An SUV caused the tragedy?

-Matt Margolis Go To Site

When The New York Post published a report on Hunter Biden's efforts to lobby his father on behalf of foreign governments, the media pressured everyone to pretend the story did not even exist.

  Journalists who did share the article on social media were shamed for doing so...

-Robby Soave Go To Site

The mainstream media have a mission that has nothing to do with reporting truth. Along with the Democratic Party and the rest of the left, their mission is to portray America — that is, its white population — as racist.

  Reporting that nonwhites have perpetrated violence — particularly against nonwhites — undermines that narrative, and these inconvenient facts are therefore consciously omitted.

-Dennis Prager Go To Site

The Washington Post: Finally Debunking Themselves...

  "Earlier versions of this story and its headline inaccurately characterized comments by Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) regarding the origins of the coronavirus. The term 'debunked' and The Post’s use of ‘conspiracy theory’ have been removed because, then as now, there was no determination about the origins of the virus.

Washington Post During Biden Administration:

"Try To Lower Expectations"

Oct 2021


Don’t rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes. Try to lower expectations. American consumers might have been spoiled, but generations of them have also dealt with shortages of some kind.

Now it's our turn to make adjustments.

MSNBC: Inflation Is A Good Thing

Narrative to Protect Joe Biden

November 2021


Media: Critical Race Theory Isn't Taught...

  We were — and still are! — being told by most of the media that critical race theory isn’t in high schools at all. Meanwhile, a tsunami of evidence is out there showing that it absolutely is — in every subject, and every class, as the central philosophy behind many states’ education policies.

Liberal, Oops, Press, Bias

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: And then if he does, if we can just follow up and say ‘but this morning your answer is continuing to sound…’ – *becomes unintelligible* CBS REPORTER: You can’t say that.. **Later** CBS REPORTER: I’m just trying to make sure that we’re just talking about, no matter who he calls on we’re covered on the one question.

Sullivan: The Media Are Pushing Full Blown Lies...

  As Greenwald noted, the NYT “published an emotionally gut-wrenching but complete fiction that never had any evidence — that Officer Sicknick’s skull was savagely bashed in with a fire extinguisher by a pro-Trump mob until he died.”

  The media told us that an alleged transgender exposure in the Wi Spa in Los Angeles was an anti-trans hoax (also untrue). They told us that the emails recovered on Hunter Biden’s laptop were Russian disinformation. They did this just before an election and used that claim to stymie the story on social media. But they were not Russian disinformation.

Liberal, Guns, Character, Racism, Narrative, Press, Demagoguery, Socialism, Lie, Healthcare

On Tuesday, MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer fretted over health care reform protesters legally carrying guns: "A man at a pro-health care reform rally...wore a semiautomatic assault rifle on his shoulder and a pistol on his hip....there are questions about whether this has racial overtones....white people showing up with guns." Brewer failed to mention the man she described was black.

  Following Brewer’s report, which occurred on the Morning Meeting program, host Dylan Ratigan and MSNBC pop culture analyst Toure discussed the supposed racism involved in the protests. Toure argued: "...there is tremendous anger in this country about government, the way government seems to be taking over the country, anger about a black person being president....we see these hate groups rising up and this is definitely part of that."

Democrat, Liberal, Obama, Scandal, Narrative, Oops, Press

Amid concerns that some in the mainstream media are downplaying the Libya terror attack, The New York Times' public editor scolded The Grey Lady this week for burying its coverage of the first congressional hearing on the deadly assault.

  The pointed rebuke from Margaret Sullivan, whose job is to represent the interests of Times readers, said the hearing story "belonged on The Times's front page." Instead, it was on A3 -- while other major papers like The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post put it on the cover Thursday. "I can't think of many journalistic subjects that are more important right now, or more deserving of aggressive reporting," Sullivan wrote, adding that readers wrote to her "in dismay" about the apparent downplaying.

Liberal, Oops, Press, Bias

The press overwhelmingly bought into the Obama administration's version of events on the attack at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, according to a new study Friday by the Center for Media and Public Affairs, which tracks news reports.

  CMPA analysts said press accounts framed the attack as a spontaneous protest — the Obama administration's initial version of events — four times more often than they called it a terrorist assault, which was what Republicans and even some Democrats identified it as in the days right after Sept. 11.


Warmists Stuck In Ice

The expedition involves men of deep faith. They believe in global warming down to their frostbitten fingertips. -Scott Johnson, Ship of Climate Fools

The alarmists set sail for Antarctica with a plan to show the world how badly alleged man-made “global warming” was wreaking havoc across the region.

  Instead, their Russian-flagged ship was frozen in place after sea-ice coverage hit record-high levels this year.

-Alex Newman Go To Site

Strangely enough, the BBC devotes almost 1,000 words to this story, but not once is it mentioned what these passengers were doing there. Just seeing the sights?

  Trying to prove that global warming climate change threatens to melt the polar ice caps and flood Al Gore’s basement?

-Jim Treacher Go To Site

A group of climate change scientists were rescued by helicopter Jan. 2, after being stranded in the ice since Christmas morning.

  But the majority of the broadcast networks’ reports about the ice-locked climate researchers never mentioned climate change... In fact, rather than point out the mission was to find evidence of climate change, the networks often referred to the stranded people as “passengers,” “trackers” and even “tourists,” without a word about climate change or global warming.

-Reason Staff Go To Site

Figure 1: They went to Antarctica to show "Global Warming", but got stuck in the ice. The press covered for them to protect the Narrative.

In 1991, Christopher Hitchens wrote that "television is a megaphone for the transmission of official wisdom."

  Outside of the Soviet Union, nowhere was that more true than the news shows of the original big three American networks, which by the late 1960s served essentially as the dissemination mechanism of Democrat Party talking points.

-Ed Driscoll Go To Site

Liberal, Character, Press, AntiAmerican, War, Lie

The media myth associated with the image is that U.S. forces carried out the aerial napalm attack that terrorized and injured the children near Trang Bang. But that interpretation — or, perhaps, the reflexive inclination to blame the American military — is in error: The napalm was dropped in a misdirected attack by the South Vietnamese Air Force, as news reports of the time made clear.

  In the 40 years since, however, the erroneous interpretation has emerged not infrequently. A notable example came six months ago, in an obituary published in the New York Times that referred to Ut’s photograph and said it depicted “the aftermath of one of the thousands of bombings in the countryside by American planes: a group of terror-stricken children fleeing the scene, a girl in the middle of the group screaming and naked, her clothes incinerated by burning napalm.”

Environmentalist, Warming, Liberal, Character, Narrative, Press, Smears, Bias

"Few would compare a United Nations climate change conference to a garden party, but a pair of skeptical skunks showed up on Thursday in the persons of Senator James Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, and Christopher Monckton, the Viscount Monckton of Benchley."

Democrat, Editorial, Liberal, Crime, Narrative, Press, Immigration

If you need another example of egregious media bias, how can it be less than 24 hours after the arrest of a U.S. Senator’s illegal alien sex offender intern there’s not a single story found on the main page of New Jersey’s largest newspaper?

  All that can be found is a tiny item on the main page linking to comments about the story. Is it not newsworthy enough to have a follow-up story? Then you can search for “Robert Menendez” on their main page and you get … nothing related to the story.

"Like a bearded nut in robes on the sidewalk proclaiming the end of the world is near, the media is just doing what makes it feel good, not reporting hard facts."

Good Guy Or Bad Guy?...

As any photo editor knows, you can make anybody look any way you want-good, bad, stupid, nasty-with frame grabs from film footage.

There was a time when Time's photographers asked the editor only one question before going on assignment to shoot a portrait: good guy or bad guy?

Sullivan: Hoaxes That Feed The White Supremacy Narrative...

  The MSM took the ludicrous story of Jussie Smollett seriously because it fit their nutty “white supremacy” narrative. They told us that a woman was brutally gang-raped at UVA (invented), that the Pulse mass shooting was driven by homophobia (untrue) and that the Atlanta spa shooter was motivated by anti-Asian bias (no known evidence for that at all).

  For good measure, they followed up with story after story about white supremacists targeting Asian-Americans, in a new wave of “hate,” even as the assaults were disproportionately by African Americans and the mentally ill.

Hypocrisy, Editorial, Liberal, Hate, Union, Violence, Character, Racism, Fraud, Narrative, Press, Tolerance, Diversity, Bigotry

Union protesters called hot dog vendor “Uncle Tom” and “N*gger” but you won’t hear about it in the mainstream media.

  I have posted numerous times about the union violence in Lansing, including punches thrown at Steven Crowder and the tearing down of the Americans for Prosperity tent even as bystanders screamed that there were people inside.

  You may also have heard the story of the hot dog vendor whose equipment and supplies were deliberately destroyed by the union protesters. But unless you read conservative blogs and websites, you have not heard that the union protesters shouted racial slurs at the man, including the N-word. -William A. Jacobson

Typically, news organizations rush to cover crises, real or perceived. The Associated Press has taken a different tack, using its influential style guide to play down the human drama unfolding at the southern border.

  While internal Customs and Border Protection documents repeatedly refer to an immigration "surge" at the border, according to records reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, the AP recommends journalists no longer use such descriptions to avoid offense and maintain supposed "neutrality."

-Joseph Simonson Go To Site

Democrat, Liberal, Incompetence, Obama, Funny, Brilliance, Narrative, Oops, Press, Economy, Jobs

January 10, 2013 WASHINGTON — Weekly applications for U.S. unemployment benefits ticked up slightly last week, the latest sign of stability in the job market. The Labor Department says applications rose 4,000 to a seasonally adjusted 371,000, the most in five weeks…

Liberal, Fraud, Narrative, Oops, Press, Lie

About half of the manifesto has been delicately excised from press reports… the parts where he praises gun control, Senator Dianne Feinstein, MSNBC, CNN (especially gun control sensationalist Piers Morgan), Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama. On the other hand, he really hates the NRA, particularly Wayne LaPierre (who he incorrectly identifies as the organization’s “president” – that would be David Keene at the moment) and George Zimmerman.


Boston: The Press Embarrass Themselves

The Boston Marathon Bombing: Yearning for a "right-wing" suspect, the press is sorely disappointed. Narrative Fail.

Liberal, Hate, Press, Smears, AntiAmerican, Academia

She noted that the terrorist attacks gave America a chance to shift its racial hate from “Reagan‘s ’welfare Queen’“ to another ”imagined“ racial enemy that was ”somehow Muslim, or Arab, or Sikh, or something else.” This gives Americans an ability to “stomach a kind of horrific racial violence in the name of national security,” which Harris-Perry notes is a repeating part of American “history.”

Democrat, Liberal, Guns, Narrative, Oops, Press, Bias, Ignorance

“She was caught in the line of fire because some kids had some automatic weapons they didn’t need,” the First Lady explained. “I just don’t want to keep disappointing our kids in this country. I want them to know that we put them first.”... For the broadcast, ABC’s Good Morning America producers edited out the First Lady’s “automatic weapon” line.

Sullivan: False Narratives Always Benefit the Left...

  We all get things wrong. What makes this more worrying is simply that all these false narratives just happen to favor the interests of the left and the Democratic party.

  And corrections, when they occur, take up a fraction of the space of the original falsehoods. These are not randos tweeting false rumors. They are the established press.

  And at some point, you wonder: what narrative are they pushing now that is also bullshit?

The tale went something like this: A Jewish couple was forced to pull its child out of school so the family could "flee" town over fears stemming from "fake news" stories blaming them for the cancellation of a Christmas play...

It hit all the desired notes for left-leaning publications and personalities. It demonized outlets like Breitbart and Fox News while supposedly putting on display the real-life consequences of "fake news."

  It was everywhere.

  The only problem? The story wasn't true.

-Oliver Darcy Go To Site

Liberal, Crime, Press, Immigration, Pc

The Associated Press says it is no longer appropriate for reporters to use the term “illegal immigrant.” The organization announced that its AP Stylebook — the language and grammar guide used by news organizations across the country — will immediately stop approving the phrase.

Liberal, Government, Narrative, Press, Demagoguery

Later on the broadcast, Williams again declared the delays to be a sign of "the impact of Washington all across this country" and predicted: "Now the American people as a whole just might take further notice because now the sequester is responsible for delaying airline flights across this country."

Hypocrisy, Liberal, Guns, Incompetence, Character, Press, Protest, Metaphor, Corruption, Bias, Arrogance

Ryan Grim, Washington bureau chief for The Huffington Post, explains to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell how he and other "journalists" prevented Capitol Hill police from removing an anti-gun advocate from the Senate gallery after she yelled at Senators who voted down an amendment to expand background checks. -Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics


Liberal Press Lapdogs: Obamacare is Awesome!

The Liberal Narrative: Some glitches should be expected, and ObamaCare is being overwhelmed by a flood of Americans excited to sign up!

Liberal, Crime, Narrative, Press, Immigration

NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell said on Thursday that fiscal conservatives who oppose immigration reform should be "ashamed of themselves" for ignoring the calls of local community leaders.

"From presenting blatant hoaxes as real news, to covering up the real motives of radical Islamic terrorists, to tarring Trump voters as racists and Christians as idiots, media made it abundantly clear in 2016 that actual facts are secondary to promoting the preferred narratives of the left."

During an interview today, Bill Clinton’s rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick suggested the New York Times spend the same amount of energy investigating claims of sexual assault against Bill Clinton that the newspaper put into probing Donald Trump’s alleged past treatment of women. Go To Site

Liberal, Guns, Narrative, Oops, Press, Socialism, Murder

After thinking things over, the Denver Post decided to delete the fact that Arapahoe School shooter Kark Pierson was a committed socialist from their news report.

  This is from the original article: The gunman’s parents divorced in late 2011, according to court records. The divorce was finalized in August 2012. Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with the gunman, described him as a very opinionated Socialist....

  EDIT: Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with Pierson, described him as very opinionated.

Democrat, Liberal, Sex, Narrative, Oops, Press, Assault

MSNBC edited out footage of a reporter asking Bill Clinton repeated questions about the reemergence of Juanita Broaddrick, who has long alleged Clinton raped her, Thursday afternoon after airing the exchange in its entirety in an earlier segment...

  However, when MSNBC re-aired Welker’s package in the following hour, Picket’s questions about Broaddrick are skipped over... It amounted to roughly 10 seconds in cut footage.

Marc Ambinder:

Hillary Is Not Under Investigation

Republicans Are Liars.

Actually, Hillary Is Under Investigation


Oct 28 2016: FBI reopens Clinton probe after new emails found in Anthony Weiner case

All The Liberal Narrative That's Fit To Push...

  Dean Baquet says that after the NY Times was caught "flat-footed" by the dramatic implosion of the Russia collusion hoax they peddled, the team must do a better job with their new narrative: that their political opponents, including Trump, are racist.

Democrat, Liberal, Narrative, Press, Justice, Law

“Wait, let me finish,” Malzberg said. “No, no, no,” Costello replied. “What do you mean? You don’t want to hear it? That Hillary Clinton is on tape bragging about, as a lawyer getting off on a technicality. That woman now says, ‘Hillary ruined my life.’ That’s not fair,” Malzberg asked.

  Preventing Phillips or Malzberg from talking, Costello overruled claiming, “I’m going to leave it there, Goodbye. Thanks for joining me.”

Liberal, Violence, Narrative, Oops, Press, Assault, Islam

A story revealing how a Canadian elementary school has allowed refugee students to physically abuse their classmates and go unpunished was removed Sunday morning, with little explanation other than a nod towards the “sensitive” nature of the subject.

  Nova Scotia newspaper The Chronicle Herald published a story on Friday evening titled “Parents worried over school kids’ brutality at Chebucto Heights Elementary School.” The story revealed parents’ fears over the abuse their children have suffered at the hands of newly-enrolled refugee students....

  One of the attackers reportedly yelled “Muslims rule the world!” while choking the girl.
According to the mother, school staff broke up the assault but didn’t punish either of the attackers.

In 2008, a few years after admitting he didn't go public with his knowledge that Oregon's Democratic governor was a rapist, McCormack wrote a book a called You Don't Know Me: A Citizen's Guide to Republican Family Values...

  In 2007, Elizabeth Lynn Dunham, Goldschmidt's teenage victim, died in hospice at age 49. She spent most of her life battling addiction and mental illness. Neil Goldschmidt is still with us. When he's not in Oregon, he lives on an estate in the South of France. -Mark Hemingway Go To Site

Democrat, Liberal, Oops, Press, Lie

Asked if there was any chance her faintness on Sunday could be a sign of some more “serious” illness, Clinton said he did not believe that was the case. “Well if it is, it’s a mystery to me and all of her doctors,” he said, “because frequently—well not frequently, rarely—but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing happened to her when she got severely dehydrated.”

  But when the segment aired, the bolded section was edited out, cutting to a reverse shot of Rose nodding to cover up the jump.

Liberal, Narrative, Press, Terrorism, Media, Islam

MSNBC host Chris Hayes reported on the comments made by Turkish assassin Mert Altintas in the aftermath of his murder of the Russian ambassador Tuesday, but curiously left out the fact that he yelled “Allahu akbar“– “God is great” in Arabic.

“The gunman was Turkish, a 22-year-old officer in the Ankara special forces,” the All In host said. “According to witnesses, the gunman yelled out, ‘Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria,’ wounding three additional people before being fatally shot by police.”

Liberal, Hate, Guns, Racism, Narrative, Oops, Press, Lie, Islam, Murder

The Associated Press edited the words of a Muslim man who allegedly killed three white people in downtown Fresno Tuesday afternoon and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” The suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad holds fervent anti-Trump beliefs according to his social media profile, and he told police afterward that he hates white people.

Rather than reporting the gunman’s literal words, however, the AP reported the gunman as saying “God is great.” On Twitter, the AP’s report gave no indication that the suspect’s words were said in Arabic.

Spring 2021: Politico and AP Hiding the Border Crisis...

  The Washington Examiner obtained an internal email from Politico telling reporters to not call the border crisis a crisis, even repeating the demands of the Associated Press.

Liberal, Character, Sex, Misogyny, Narrative, Oops, Press, Healthcare, Islam

Worried the term “female genital mutilation” might sharpen the divide between those who oppose brutally cutting away a little girl’s genitalia to deprive her of sexual pleasure and those who practice the “rite,” one New York Times editor instead refers to the ritual as “genital cutting.”

  “There’s a gulf between the Western (and some African) advocates who campaign against the practice and the people who follow the rite, and I felt the language used widened that chasm,” NYT science and health editor Celia Dugger explained Friday.

Waukesha Parade Attack

November 2021

Authorities in a Milwaukee suburb continued overnight to deal with the aftermath after a red SUV plowed into Christmas parade marchers and spectators Sunday, striking more than 20 adults and children...

  Waukesha city officials early Monday confirmed that at least five people had died and more than 40 suffered injuries. They warned that both numbers could change...

  Chilling videos on social media showed the SUV plowing into parade participants, with loud screams audible from those who witnessed the horror.

The New York Times Buries the Story

Unhelpful To The Liberal Narrative


Jan. 2021: New York Times Creating The Liberal Narrative...

  As leftist journalist Glenn Greenwald notes, the Times didn’t check the facts because the paper needed the story to be true. It was essential to the Narrative its editors had settled upon: namely, that Trump and his supporters were “insurrectionists” posing a violent threat to democracy.

The Media-Pushed Narratives Which Have Since Collapsed...

  Think of the other narratives the MSM pushed in recent years that have collapsed.

  They viciously defamed the Covington boys. They authoritatively told us that bounties had been placed on US soldiers in Afghanistan by Putin - and Trump’s denials only made them more certain. They told us that the lab-leak theory of Covid was a conspiracy theory with no evidence behind it at all.

“I knew my ideas were working when the media stopped calling it Reaganomics.” -Ronald Reagan Go To Site

Liberal, Degeneracy, Narrative, Press, AntiAmerican, Protest

With President Donald Trump's attacks against protesting NFL players still reverberating, the league's TV partners decided to air live coverage of the national anthem before Week 3 games.

  Those partners left out a key element of the coverage: crowd shots of angry fans... The audio mics picked up the boos. Yet the TV networks mostly avoided crowd shots Sunday, so there was never a chance for viewers to see fans jeering players.

Liberal, Fraud, Press

CNN appears to have altered a widely-seen photograph of Joe Biden with his young son to remove the logo of the Washington Redskins. The Democratic nominee and former vice president initially shared the photo in June to commemorate Father's Day.

  However, when CNN featured the photograph in its Monday night special "Fight for the White House: Joe Biden's Long Journey," the Redskins logo was removed from the hat.

Liberal, Crime, Violence, Narrative, Press, Assault

During a press conference on Monday, Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon sparred with the press after a reporter tried to stop him from calling the destruction and violence outside of Minneapolis on Sunday a riot. “Just so everybody is clear, I was front and center at the protest, at the riot,” Gannon said.

  Before he could continue the press conference, Gannon faced disputes from multiple reporters who took issue with his use of the word “riot” and demanded that he stop using it.

  “It was not a riot,” one reporter shot back. “There was no riot,” another reporter warned, joined by other members of the press who said, “don’t do that.”

  “It was [a riot],” he replied. “The officers that were putting themselves in harm’s way were being pelted with frozen cans of pop, they were being pelted with concrete blocks. And yes, we had our helmets on and we had other protection here but an officer was injured: hit in the head with a brick…he was transported to the hospital. We had to make decisions. We had to disperse the crowd because we can’t allow our officers to be harmed.”

Editorial, Liberal, Narrative, Press, Bias

As for the network neglecting to air his speech at the Republican National Convention, he said it was gesture by the network indicating his speech went well.

  “That’s par for the course, and I remember going into it and someone said to me that the test for if your speech is successful will be if MSNBC shows any of it,” he said. “If it’s a bomb, they’ll cut to it so people can see that it’s a bomb. If it’s successful, they won’t cover a second of it. So the fact that they didn’t cover any of it I actually think is a positive thing.

Somewhere far, far to the south where it is summer, a group of global warming scientists are trapped in the Antarctic ice. If you missed the irony of that situation, it is because much of the mainstream media has glossed over that rather inconvenient bit of hilarity. Go To Site

Liberal, Incompetence, Narrative, Oops, Press, Biden

ABC is being called out for editing out portions of President Biden’s interview on the deadly chaos in Afghanistan where he made gaffes about his son Beau — the network included the lines in the transcript, but did not put them on air.

  A day after Biden’s interview with George Stephanopoulos aired on Wednesday, ABC published the full transcript online.

  Sections of the interview revealed in the full transcript, including a part where Biden mistakenly said his late son Beau served in Iraq with the Navy instead of the Army, and in Afghanistan, where he wasn’t deployed, were omitted from airing...

  "Look, that’s like askin’ my deceased son Beau, who spent six months in Kosovo and a year in Iraq as a Navy captain and then major – I mean, as an Army major. And, you know, I’m sure he had regrets comin’ out of Afghanistan– I mean, out of Iraq."

This looks mostly peacefull to any objective observer. Trust the press.

The Press - "Mostly Peaceful" Protests

The largely peaceful protests against right-to-work legislation that brought thousands of pro-union workers to Lansing, Mich., turned ugly at times on Tuesday, with protestors being pepper-sprayed by police and a conservative provocateur saying he was roughed up by labor activists.

A Blind Eye

The Liberal Press: Turning A Blind Eye

If you don’t know who Kermit Gosnell is, that’s because you read the New York Times and, and you watch network news. Gosnell is a Philadelphia abortionist who’s currently on trial for murder. Multiple counts.

In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject.

  Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.”

-Ed Driscoll Go To Site

A transcript of the unedited interview of Sarah Palin by Charles Gibson clearly shows that ABC News edited out crucial portions of the interview that showed Palin as knowledgeable or presented her answers out of context.

-P.J. Gladnick Go To Site

“Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” -Mark Twain Go To Site