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Franklin Roosevelt's great constitutional mistake was not that he considered that U.S. citizens might be enemy combatants who should be handled under the laws of war, rather than by the criminal law. Instead, it was the use of skin color as a proxy for loyalty to the nation. -John Yoo Go To Site

Among FDR’s Supreme Court appointments was Hugo Black, a Klansman who claimed FDR knew this when he named him in 1937 and that FDR told him that “some of his best friends” in Georgia were Klansmen. -Patrick J. Buchanan Go To Site

In 1941, FDR named South Carolina Sen. "Jimmy" Byrnes to the Supreme Court. Byrnes had led filibusters in 1935 and 1938 that killed anti-lynching bills, arguing that lynching was necessary "to hold in check the Negro in the South." FDR refused to back the 1938 anti-lynching law. -Pat Buchanan Go To Site

Internment Camps

Internment Camps

President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered 110,000 Japanese-Americans detained and isolated after the start of the war with Japan.