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Faking The Hate

"Even if she made up the story, things like this do happen... We're still behind her and we still think she did something brave."

Hate Crime Hoaxes in America

The Constant Campaign

December 2016

  Hate crime hoaxes have become increasingly frequent in the U.S. in recent years and have taken on the trappings of miniature political campaigns. A successfully conceived hoax progresses down a predictable path, running its course from the actors on the scene through the press and the political establishment.

   A social justice activist begins a hoax by inventing a crime either against themselves or against a minority population in general, usually implicating heterosexual Christian white males. Their stated motivation is often to "call attention" to the problem of hate in America. The act itself often involves self-mutilation or prominently visible vandalism, most often with hateful graffiti. Social media provides a ready and viral mode of mass communication for their hoax.

   The press, eager to believe a story which confirms their liberal bias or that supports the national liberal narrative, runs it without adequate (or any) fact checking. They invariably interview representative members of targeted or aggrieved groups, who express their fear and disbelief that America is such a hateful country. Liberal pressure groups like the SPLC, GLAAD, or the NAACP are called on to supply money quotes, and to connect the dots from this hate crime to the overall pattern of intolerance toward minorities in America.

   Indignant and self-righteous liberal activists are quick to organize protests and candlelight vigils against the imagined hate, chanting slogans like, "We Shall Overcome". University officials write standard boilerplate condemnations of intolerance. Local politicians descend on the protests for the free face time, while worriedly decrying the atmosphere of hate in their communities.

   Correct-thinking liberals indulge in moral preening at water coolers across the country. Implicit in their office diatribes is the not so subtle charge that anyone that disagrees with them is part of the problem (and you know who you are).

   The "hate crime" occupies a prominent position in news cycle for one to two days. When the story has almost run its course, a sympathetic national politician helps keep the story going by weighing in. Well-played, long running hoaxes can bring calls for federal civil rights investigations.

   Local police officers quickly and efficiently debunk the hoax, and criminal charges are filed against the hoaxer. In the rare occasions when liberals are confronted with the hoax, they invariably mention that it at least served to call attention to the problem of hate in America.

   The print and internet press issue quiet corrections. Radio newscasts, having hyped the story for days, drop it completely. Most of those who were exposed to the constant drum beat of this story will never learn that it was a complete hoax, and will remain liberally ignorant. This falsehood becomes part of their view of what life is in America.

   The hoaxer will pay their debt to society, taking one for the team. Their hoax and the inevitable future hoaxes end up achieving the desired effect, furthering the liberal narrative that America is an intolerant country.

"Bourgeois Norm", Progressive Disorder

Want power and influence? The quickest path to both in today’s absurd society is to be a victim, and hate crimes are the currency of victimhood.

  In such an environment, it is not surprising that many hate crimes would be faked.

-Robert Spencer Go To Site

Progressive Hate Crime Hoaxes

Autumn 2016


The Left And The Kids Of Covington Catholic

In the nearly two hours of video footage that greatly elucidate what happened between a group of boys from Covington Catholic High School and Native American veteran Nathan Phillips, there are many moments that turn the media's initial, false narrative - racist teens harass well-meaning elderly man - on its head.

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Reports of bias incidents at Vassar College that involved hateful messages left on students’ doors were actually elaborate hoaxes — and the perpetrator is none other than the student member of the Bias Incident Response Team, The Daily Caller has learned.

  Five days after the email was sent, Vassar President Catharine Hill sent a follow-up email announcing that the bias incidents were hoaxes perpetrated by two students. The students wrote the vile messages and then filed the reports themselves, claiming to be the victims of unknown haters.

Democrat, Hypocrisy, Liberal, Hate, Character, Smears, Academia, Lie, Hoax, Bigotry

One of the two students removed from Oberlin College earlier this year for allegedly circulating virulently racist, anti-Jewish and anti-gay messages around campus is an ardent leftist and committed supporter of President Barack Obama, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned. Dylan Bleier, one of the two students, organized a voter registration drive on behalf of Obama before the 2008 election... On his now-defunct LinkedIn page, Bleier noted that he was the founder and president of the Ithaca High School for Obama club. He also identified himself as a member of the Oberlin College Democrats.

If oppression is the currency of social advantage, there will never be enough oppression to go around.

  As of the 2020 census, white people make up 57.8% of the population and commit 55.1% of hate crimes.

  Black people are 12.1% of the population but commit 21.2% of hate crimes, almost twice as many crimes as their population would suggest.

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At North Carolina's Guilford College, a white student said she'd been assaulted by men who scrawled a message on her chest — one that suggested, to put it mildly, that she was too friendly with blacks.

  And at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, a lesbian coed told police that two men had punched her in the face while shouting anti-gay slurs. These stories are truly awful.

  But there's just one problem: They're all a pack of lies. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that every one of the students made up the supposed incidents, apparently for political reasons.

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A week after a reported campus hate crime drew national attention, sparked protests and shut down the prestigious Claremont Colleges, police on Wednesday called the incident a hoax staged by a professor who slashed tires, shattered windows and spray-painted racist graffiti on her own car.


Coming Together: Punked by Liberal Hoaxers

Bravely taking a stand against hate that didn't exist, these tools aren't the sharpest ones in the drawer. We shall overcome...

A series of offensive fliers appear on campuses using racist and sexist language. A person adorned in KKK regalia struts around a campus. Threatening anti-gay letters are slipped under dorm doors. A noose appears in an African-American student’s room. Terrifying texts arrive in cell phones employing racial language to threaten both a student and the President of the United States.

  What do all these recent events have in common? They are all lies.

-Noah Rothman Go To Site

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The Claremont Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have completed their investigation into the alleged hate crime on the Claremont McKenna College campus. During the course of the investigation, two eye witnesses came forward who positively identified the victim as vandalizing her own vehicle.

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(CBS/AP) A professor who claimed she was targeted in a hate crime that stirred student protests at the Claremont Colleges is suspected of staging the vandalism herself, police said Wednesday.


Oberlin Hate Crime Hoax: The Administration Knew

March 4: At an emotional gathering in the packed 1,200-seat campus chapel, the college president, Marvin Krislov, apologized on behalf of the college to students who felt threatened by the incidents

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UNC freshman Quinn Matney claimed that he was branded on his wrist by a unknown male on campus April 4. Matney, who is gay, said that the man approached him near his dorm and pressed a metal brand into his wrist while uttering a gay slur. The student said the third- and fourth-degree burns from the brand caused him to lose feeling in his fingers.

Crime, Hate, Smears, Academia, Gay, Hoax

Quinn Matney, a freshman, told police that a man grabbed his wrist and burned him early in the morning April 4 on the Craige Residence Hall footbridge. Matney said Monday that the attack left him with third- and fourth-degree burns. Because his report was found to be false, the University will not report it as a hate crime, officials said.

"The less hate there is in the United States, the more hate crimes must be manufactured in order to keep the Fraternal Order of Victims afloat."

The amount of energy required to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude larger than the amount required to produce it.

-Brandolini's Law Go To Site

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The purpose of this site is to compile a comprehensive database of the false reports of "hate crimes" committed in the USA.

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Fake hate crimes, courtesy of A. K. Dart.


When you can't find a Nazi to punch, you make a Nazi to punch.

Faking the Racist Hate

Faking the Racist Hate

Within a month my client was the most reviled person in the country. His picture was on the cover of Newsweek Magazine as not only a rapist but a rapist who participated in a gang rape that was motivated for racial purposes.

Faking the Anti Gay Hate

Faking the Anti Gay Hate

She told police that the men spray painted the walls and tried to set her home on fire. Police arrested Rogers in August for allegedly staging the attack.

Faking the Anti Muslim Hate

Faking the Anti Muslim Hate

The owner of a Middle Eastern meat market who had said he was the victim of a hate crime in this border town was arrested and arraigned Tuesday on a felony arson charge that he set fire to his own business.

Faking the Right Wing Hate

Faking the Right Wing Hate

Naturally there was immediate outrage among local Democrats when the story broke, and Republicans, Conservatives and anyone else opposed to Barack Obama's health care scheme were blamed and condemned for it.

Charlie Rogers Hate Crime

Charlie Rogers Hate Crime

A Lincoln woman accused of fabricating a hate crime has been sentenced. Charlie Rogers, 34, will spend 7 days in jail followed by two years of probation.

"Hate crime con artists stir up hatred, cheat honest people out of their money and waste public resources on investigations. They do harm to all of us. They should be treated as criminals." -Kyle Smith Go To Site

If oppression is the currency of social advantage, there will never be enough oppression to go around. -Thomas Lifson Go To Site

Do you know why there has not been a string of fake hate crimes and acts of violence conducted by right-wing hoaxers?

  Because the Right does not have to make this stuff up: Left-wing rioters really did set fire to Berkeley when an unpopular right-wing speaker was invited to campus. They really did burn Baltimore. Jeremiah Wright really is part of a loony race cult. Van Jones really is a 9/11 truther and an apologist for Mumia Abu-Jamal. No need for fiction.

-Kevin D. Williamson Go To Site

Reddit banned a subreddit dedicated to tracking alleged hate crime hoaxes on the same day the platform removed a subreddit in June devoted to President Donald Trump.

  Reddit users who keep tabs on potential hate crime hoaxes via the popular subreddit are met with a label notifying them that “r/hatecrimehoaxes has been banned from Reddit.” The page also notes that the page was banned for “violating Reddit’s rule against promoting hate.”

-Chris White Go To Site