Not having yet perfected his induction method of abortion, according to accounts, Tiller “injected the baby’s head, in two places, the left side of her forehead above the eyebrow and at the base of the skull, with Potassium Chloride, leaving permanent burn marks and needle track scars.” When the young mother returned the next day for the actual abortion procedure, it was found that the baby had not died, as intended, from the lethal injections into her head. The mother was sent to a local hospital where the baby was delivered, wrapped in a blanket, and left in a bassinet without attendance to die. Go To Site

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Amazingly, after 24 hours, the child continued to live in spite of the fact that she had not been cleaned up, her umbilical cord was still attached and she had received no hydration or nourishment. A nurse took pity on the baby and contacted an attorney, who in turn contacted a loving family that adopted the little girl, whom they named Sarah. Although doctors said Sarah would not survive eight weeks, under the loving care of her new family she lived for five years. Tiller’s attack on Sarah impaired her growth and left her brain damaged, blind, and unable to walk. Nevertheless, her family members never viewed her as a burden and were blessed to be a part of her short life. It was noted at her memorial service that Tiller succeeded in killing little Sarah, but it took him five years to do it.

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But during that same time period, Kline testified, Planned Parenthood reported only one case of child rape, and Tiller reported only one case of child rape. This means there were 164 instances when girls 13-years-old and younger had abortions at one of those abortion clinics, and the clinics failed to report the abortions to authorities.

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David Gittrich of Kansans for Life sent an email about the building to members of Thursday and indicated it is a possibility someone would purchase the facility to make a memorial for unborn children.

"Over 60,000 children were killed at 5107 E. Kellogg in Wichita, Kansas. That’s more than all the Americans who died in the Vietnam War,"

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In a D&E, the doctor medically opens the cervix and extracts the fetus using surgical instruments. The trick is to keep the fetal body as intact as possible, so bone shards don't lacerate or perforate the cervix and other parts don't linger and cause sepsis. (The head, which is rarely small enough to fit through the cervical opening, must be collapsed.) Because a fetus is soft and not fully formed, it takes considerable skill to remove it in one piece. Doctors around the country sent patients to Tiller's clinic because of his mastery in performing the D&E procedure on larger fetuses.

In a labor induction, the doctor administers a feticidal agent, and the patient delivers the fetus down the birth canal.