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How Democrats View People of Color

...The Great Society itself had done that too — set up a new form of servitude for the very people it pretended to help. -Roger L Simon

Florida Democratic congressional candidate Alex Sink said immigration reform was important at a Tuesday debate because, without it, it would be difficult for Florida employers to find people to clean hotel rooms and do landscaping. Go To Site

“You all remember Mahatma Ghandi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis.” -Hillary Clinton Go To Site

Marie Strumolo-Burke, a Democrat, was heard yelling in the background of the voicemail (left on Councilman Kevin Kennedy’s answering machine) that “This is terrible! This is terrible! This is gonna be a f—-g nigger town!" Go To Site

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A half-dozen women of color have departed Elizabeth Warren’s Nevada campaign in the run-up to the state’s caucuses with complaints of a toxic work environment in which minorities felt tokenized and senior leadership was at loggerheads.

  The six staffers have left the roughly 70-person Nevada team since November, during a critical stretch of the race. Three of them said they felt marginalized by the campaign, a situation they said didn’t change or worsened after they took their concerns to their superiors or to human resources staff...

  Another recently departed staffer, also a field organizer, granted anonymity because she feared reprisal, echoed that sentiment. “I felt like a problem — like I was there to literally bring color into the space but not the knowledge and voice that comes with it,” she said in an interview.

  She added: “We all were routinely silenced and not given a meaningful chance on the campaign. Complaints, comments, advice, and grievances were met with an earnest shake of the head and progressive buzzwords but not much else.

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Black Lives Matter slammed the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee after a memo leaked late Wednesday seemed to show the group carefully coaching candidates on how to avoid angering the "radical" activists... On its Facebook page, BLM said officials should "stop pacifying" them. “We are disappointed at the DCCC’s placating response to our demand to value all Black life. Black communities deserve to be heard, not handled. People are dying,” the organization said

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African-American staffers on Democratic campaigns were paid 70 cents for each dollar their white counterparts made. For Hispanic staffers in Democratic campaigns, the figure was 68 cents on the dollar. And a recent study by PowerPAC+, funded by a major Democratic donor, revealed that less than 2 percent of spending by Democratic campaign committees during the past two election cycles went to firms owned by minorities.

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L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, whom commentators have tried to tie to the Republican Party after his alleged racist statements, is in fact a Democrat, according to campaign contribution records... At the American Power blog, Donald Douglas has an extended discussion of Sterling’s donations to liberal causes and the left-leaning commentators who have lauded him in the past. At the time TMZ released its recording, Sterling was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award from the NAACP.

Democrat Racism, Intolerance, and Bigotry...

Liberal Democrat Kathy Groob: Racism


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Tweets from Liberal Democrat Kathy Groob, working for a PAC trying to unseat Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell in the November election:

"Hey Mitch, nothing against your wife and spouses should be off limits; since you mentioned, she isn't from KY, she is Asian. #FancyFarm"

"From the Herald-Leader in 2006; more about #MitchMcConnell's relationship with his Chinese wife. ..."

"Goodle Elaine Chao, #MitchMcConnell's wife. No mention of Kentucky, she is Asian. #FancyFarm"

Biden to voter: “Are you Indian?” Man replies: "American". Go To Site

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A prominent NAACP official recognized Martin Luther King Day by labeling black senator Tim Scott a puppet for the Republican party. “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” said Reverend William Barber II, the president of North Carolina’s NAACP chapter. The State reports that Barber’s remarks came in a speech in Scott’s home state of South Carolina.

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Democratic federal-level campaigns are paying minority staffers significantly less than their white counterparts, according to a study from the New Organizing Institute (NOI). "African American staffers on Democratic federal-level campaigns are paid 70 cents on the dollar compared to their white counterparts; Hispanics are paid 68 cents on the dollar," writes Ethan Roeder, executive director of NOI.

They're Minorities, But They Do A Great Job...

"Our state director is Indian American, but he does an amazing job. Our director of all constituent services she's African American, but she does an even more incredible job than you could ever imagine."

Hillary Supporter: Racial Epithet

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"You'd find these potentates from down in Africa, you know, rather than eating each other, they'd just come up and get a good square meal in Geneva." -Fritz Hollings (D, S.C.)

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Buena Vista Township Clerk Gloria Platko is resisting demands that she step down after another local official, Interim Township Manager Dexter Mitchell (a Democrat), taped a phone conversation in which Platko referred to Township Supervisor Dwayne Parker (also a Democrat) as “an arrogant nigger.” The 63 year-old Democrat later apologized for the “slip of the tongue,” but shockingly insisted that her use of the slur doesn’t make her racist, because she has “eaten Thanksgiving dinner with black friends at their house.”

What about conservative Republicans more generally, not just the ones who want a smaller government? Surely they must be more racist. Actually not. In 2008, only 5.4% of white conservative Republicans expressed racist views on the in-born ability question, compared to 10.3% of the rest of the white population. As Figure 4 shows, this same pattern holds for white Democrats compared to white Republicans: in 2008 12.3% of white Democrats in the U.S. believed that African Americans were born with less ability, compared to only 6.6% of white Republicans. Go To Site

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in 2008 12.3% of white Democrats in the U.S. believed that African Americans were born with less ability, compared to only 6.6% of white Republicans.

Democrat Senator Harry Reid:

Obama Light Skinned with no Negro Dialect

"He [Reid] was wowed by Obama's oratorical gifts and believed that the country was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama -- a 'light-skinned' African American 'with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one,' " Halperin and Heilemann say.

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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had to backpedal and apologize very quickly for a private conversation he had with Barack Obama during Obama's presidential campaign. In the discussion, Reid stated that Obama could be a successful candidate because he is "light skinned" and that he speaks with "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

"The Republican Party today is the party of racism."

We are offering you a living, but it’s going to be a pretty meager living. Basically you get public housing, food stamps, retirement checks every month, and medical care for the poor.

  If you have children we will subsidize them, provided they are illegitimate. More than this we cannot offer you, because we have to make sure that you stay on the plantation.

  This means that we need you to remain dependent on us so that you keep voting for us. Your dependency is our insurance policy to make sure that this an exchange, not a giveaway.

-Dinesh D'Souza, "LBJ’S Democratic Plantation" Go To Site