An investigation has been launched in London to probe reports that a Liberal Democrat councillor was hosting sex parties at his home. David Fuller, who was a councillor at Portsmouth City Council, has reportedly been holding the events, called Miss Use parties that were hosted by a Mistress Sarah, at a three-bedroom detached property in The Avenue, Fareham, Hampshire. An investigation by the Southern Daily Echo found a woman covered in bubble wrap and a man pretending to be a dog at the home of the Liberal Democrat councillor, the Huffington Post reports. Go To Site

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A Liberal Democrat councillor has told a party conference that schools could suggest prostitution as a career to pupils. Dennis Parsons, who is chairman of the Cheltenham Liberal Democrats, made the comment during a special session on sex work.

The retired civil servant said school career officers are currently not allowed to mention prostitution as a potential line of work, but added: 'Why shouldn't they?'

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A Liberal Democrat activist who sits on two national party committees has been suspended from her regional party after a string of sexist comments on social media. The activist in question, Sarah Noble, made multiple tweets of a disturbingly hateful nature, including “kill all men”, “fuck men”, and “die cis[gendered] scum”...

  Noble sits on the national committees of the LGBT Liberal Democrats and the Secular & Humanist Liberal Democrats. She has also been elected to the executive committee of the National Union of Students’ LGBT wing, which, like the LGBT Lib Dems, has a zero-tolerance attitude towards hate speech.

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A former Liberal Democrat council leader has admitted making, possessing and distributing indecent images of children. Derek Osbourne stepped down as leader of Kingston upon Thames, south west London, in June after 10 years in the job. The Metropolitan Police said the 59-year-old was arrested on June 11 and analysis of his laptop uncovered images of children suffering 'the most serious level of abuse'.

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A joyful Labour councillor posted a bottle of Bollinger in celebration Twitter as Durham Miners' Association announced her death was a 'great day' for coal miners. Only a few minutes after the death of the 87-year-old the Respect MP for Bradford West took to his Twitter writing 'Tramp the dirt down.'... Colchester Labour councillor Tina Bourne posted a photo of a bottle of Bollinger on Twitter with the accompanying message: 'Chin chin everyone.'