What about the Rose Law Firm scandal involving the Clintons? Records went missing for years only to be discovered by accident in the hands of the very same person who claimed she hadn’t seen them. That was Hillary Clinton. -Neal Boortz Go To Site

Long-subpoenaed billing records from Hillary Clinton’s days at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm magically materialized at the White House in January 1996 — just four days after a statute of limitations expired, thus sparing her from potential civil liability for advising Madison Guaranty, a failed bank whose collapse cost taxpayers $60 million. Go To Site

The image is of a mere bystander, a good person victimized. But an examination of Hillary Clinton's public statements suggests someone less passive in her behavior, less consistent in her answers, and less committed to full disclosure than the figure in her own self-portrait. Go To Site

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Republicans on the special Senate Whitewater committee released a report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation today showing that the fingerprints of the First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, were found on records discovered in the White House family quarters two years after they were first sought by investigators...

  Investigators have been trying to determine how the records ended up in the White House. A White House assistant who discovered them said she found them on a table in a library known as the Book Room, to which very few people other than the First Family have access.

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On that summer day, she found a sheaf of records lying on a table in the middle of the book room – 116 pages of records. She said later that these had the appearance of law firm records. But it did not connect that these might be the long-sought Rose billing records of Hillary Clinton. She has said that she put them in a box with some "knickknacks," took the box back to her office and stuck it under a table.

  What were the billing records doing up in the book room that summer day, folded and resting on a table?

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After nearly two years of searches and subpoenas, the White House said this evening that it had unexpectedly discovered copies of missing documents from Hillary Rodham Clinton's law firm that describe her work for a failing savings and loan association in the 1980's... Last Sunday the statute of limitations expired for a variety of civil lawsuits that may be brought against professionals who fraudulently advised corrupt savings associations.