Hate, Smears

We have received complaints that anti-Semitic messages have been posted on the Action Forum under the auspices of MoveOn.org. Some of the examples are "media owning Jewish pigs," referring to Senator Joseph Lieberman as "Jew Lieberman," "Zionazis," and "why are the Jews so Jew-y?"

Hypocrisy, Liberal, AntiAmerican

Weasel Zippers has the details – and, more importantly, the screen shots: essentially, what happened was that MoveOn.org did a little cleanup once General Petraeus stopped being a would-be whipping boy for Senator Obama and started being President Obama’s last, best hope for not mucking up the Afghanistan war.

Oddly enough, MoveOn.org still had this Sept. 2007 ad up as of June 18, according to their Google cache. But if you go to http://pol.moveon.org/petraeus.html now, it’s gone. They kept it there for almost 3 years before taking it down all of a sudden.