Racism is actually an equal opportunity activity. Who knew?

Only White People Can Be Racist

They scream about "white privilege" and decrying all white people as racist simply because of their skin color. They then top off their own racist rhetoric with claims that it’s impossible for blacks to be racist. -Tom Knighton

How far have we come since Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have a Dream” speech?

  Sometimes, I’m not so sure. While our society has made tremendous progress toward the idea that all men are created equal, anti-whiteness seems to be all the rage these days. And that is no less racist than hating anyone of any other color.

  Yet, in the book, A Rhythm of Prayer: A Collection of Meditations for Renewal, there is a prayer called “Prayer of a Weary Black Woman” that asks God to “help me to hate white people.”

-Matt Margolis Go To Site

Between 2012 and 2015, blacks committed more than 85 percent of interracial violent victimizations between blacks and whites.

-Heather Mac Donald Go To Site

A glossary of popular social-justice themed terms, and some not so popular, published by the University of California, Davis plainly asserts that only white people are capable of racism.

-Anthony Gockowski Go To Site

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Matthew Harris, a former UCLA ‘philosophy of race’ lecturer was arrested by Colorado SWAT for threatening to commit a mass shooting against white members of the philosophy department. SWAT officers took Harris into custody after a 3-hour stand-off at his apartment...

  The Daily Bruin reported that Harris was put on leave from UCLA last year after students complained that he sent them pornographic material.

  According to the Times, Harris, 31, made racist comments on his YouTube videos (now scrubbed) and threatened white people.

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The Black Lives Matter movement’s national arm is leading a boycott of "white companies" until New Year’s Day, encouraging supporters to help "end white-supremacist-capitalism" by visiting only Black-owned businesses during the holiday shopping season.

  "White-supremacist-capitalism uses policing to protect profits and steal Black life," reads an Instagram post by the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation. "Skip the Black Friday sales and buy exclusively from Black-owned businesses."

  "We’re dreaming of a #Blackxmas. That means no spending with white companies from 11/26/2021 – 01/01/2022," the BlackXmas website says.

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The suspect accused of plowing into a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin and killing five on Sunday shared social media posts promoting violence towards white people.

  Today, eight-year-old Jackson Sparks was named by relatives as the sixth victim, having died in hospital from his injuries.

  A now-deleted Facebook account belonging to Darrell Brooks Jr., 39, showed the alleged killer had encouraged knocking 'white ppl [the f**k] out' ...

  Facebook posts also show the amateur rapper, who went by his stage name, MathBoi Fly, had shared a series of links and memes relating to race and white privilege in June 2020, when protests erupted over the death of George Floyd...

  The amateur rapper's lyrics also include 'f*** the pigs' and 'f*** Donald Trump.'

The Liberal Narrative:

People of Color Cannot Be Racist


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The suspect in the Aug. 25 AutoZone stabbing on 32nd Street made his first appearance in court. Jayvon Hatchett, 19, is charged with aggravated assault and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime...

  Columbus Police Sgt. R.S. Mills gave testimony in court about the case. Mills told the court that when he Hatchett why he stabbed the AutoZone employee, Hatchett said he “felt the need to find a white male to kill” after watching videos of police brutality happening across the country.

"We will kill everything White in sight."

May 2021

  The New Black Panthers and 14 other gun clubs marched through Tulsa on Saturday to remember the victims of the Tulsa Race Massacre, May 31-June 1, 1921, in what they called a “Second Amendment March for Reparations.“

   Hundreds of people from the pro-2nd amendment gun groups, heavily armed, marched through Tulsa chanting, “black power”, “black lives matter” and “who’s streets, our streets” as they made their way to the Greenwood section of Tulsa, the predominantly black neighborhood known as “Black Wall Street” in 1921.

-Kevin Downey Jr.

Professor Marc Lamont Hill of Morehouse College and HuffPost Live host, told CNN that black people are incapable of racism.

  Yes, just four days after a black racist shot 11 white police officers for the crime of being white police officers, Lamont Hill explained that “black people don’t have the institutional power to be racist or to deploy racism.”

-Ben Shapiro Go To Site

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Jerry Wolkowitz, a freelance photographer who prosecutors say was brutally beaten and assaulted because of his race, has died six months after the attack in the parking lot of his apartment.

  Jamil S. Hubbard, 25, of Sayreville, approached 55-year-old Jerry Wolkowitz and hit him from behind on May 1, according to Monmouth County Prosecutor Christopher J. Gramiccioni...

  Wolkowitz was hit on his head and his face before being dragged into the parking lot of an apartment building on Harding Road, Gramiccioni said. Hubbard then stole Wolkowitz's car and drove over him, prosecutors say. Police said they found the car at Hubbard's home in Sayreville.

  "The investigation determined that the defendant targeted the victim because of his race," Swendeman said at the time, adding that Hubbard, who is black, and Wolkowitz, who is white, did not know each other.

"There is no such thing as black racism"...

"They ask indignantly: What about 'black racism'? Or what about other forms of racism they believe exist on the part of Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native peoples," Thornhill writes.

"My answer is: There is no such thing as black racism."

"All White People Are Racist"

Ashleigh Shackelford


Racism: a belief that race is a fundamental determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Also: behavior or attitudes that reflect and foster this belief : racial discrimination or prejudice.

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After protesters at a Washington state college called for a day without white people, a biology professor says he no longer feels safe on campus...

  Students were particularly incensed by an email that surfaced on Twitter on May 25 between Professor Bret Weinstein and Rashida Love, director of First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services. Weinstein, who is white, allegedly condemned the “Day of Absence” event that asked white people to leave campus for the day...

  Weinstein told news station KING that he was advised last week not to go to campus for safety reasons. “I have been told by the Chief of Police it’s not safe for me to be on campus,” Weinstein told KING.

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The Associated Press edited the words of a Muslim man who allegedly killed three white people in downtown Fresno Tuesday afternoon and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” The suspect, 39-year-old Kori Ali Muhammad holds fervent anti-Trump beliefs according to his social media profile, and he told police afterward that he hates white people.

Rather than reporting the gunman’s literal words, however, the AP reported the gunman as saying “God is great.” On Twitter, the AP’s report gave no indication that the suspect’s words were said in Arabic.

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Prosecutors are calling for a suspended €5,000 (£4,520) fine for French rapper Nick Conrad, who is on trial for incitement to murder in Paris after he published an online video entitled "Hang White People".

  The music video shows the rapper acting out the kidnap, torture and hanging of a white man. The lyrics, which sparked outrage, call for white babies to be killed...

  It depicts a white man being shot and tortured by the rapper and an accomplice. He is forced to bite the pavement and is kicked in the head before being hanged.

  One section of the lyrics reads: "I go to the nurseries, I kill the white babies. Catch them quick and hang their parents!" Anti-racism groups have called the clip an incitement to violence and racial hatred.

Sarah Jeong of The New York Times:

White People Smell


"theoretically you can't be racist against white people but lol how else to describe the weird dog smell rumor"

-Sarah Jeong, Dec 24, 2014


Sarah Jeong of The New York Times: Racist

Meet Sarah Jeong. She’s the newest member of the New York Times editorial board. She also has a history of saying pretty vile, racist things on Twitter. -Larry O'Connor

In social justice land, there’s no such thing as reverse racism — or even racism against white people, for that matter.

  Racism, they argue, can only exist when one has both power and privilege — ignoring the fact that anyone can wield both these things depending on their situation.

-Ian Miles Cheong Go To Site

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A mother in Australia has been forced to leave a playground with her kids after the officials told her they can’t play in a “multicultural group” because she’s white. Tara Coverdale, a mother of two and currently living in Sydney, Australia, claims she was told to leave the playground because it was a multicultural playgroup and she’s a white Australian, according to The Daily Telegraph Australia.

  “I’m sorry you can’t come here. It’s a multicultural playgroup,” staff member said and asked, her “Can I ask what your cultural background is?” Coverdale, a blonde mother with freckles, replied saying she’s Australian, prompting the staff to deny her entry into the playground.

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St. John’s College in Santa Fe recently launched a new “study group” for “those who most often exhibit racist and sexist behavior—white males.” According to correspondences obtained by Campus Reform, the study group was advertised in a campus-wide email forwarded to all students and faculty, explicitly encouraging white people to attend four sessions on privilege so they can “begin to be self-critical.”...

  Participants will apparently deal with two main problems, those being “the depravity of whiteness and the brutality of masculinity.”

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Investigators are looking into a Facebook Live video showing a group of people holding a young man hostage. Chicago police told FOX 32 that four people are currently in custody. Chicago police were made aware of this video Tuesday afternoon. A young African American woman streamed the video live on Facebook showing at least four people holding a young white man hostage.

   The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit, his scalp is cut, all while he is tied up with his mouth taped shut. The suspects on the video can be heard yelling, "F*** Donald Trump! F*** white people!"

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A group of men chanting "Black Lives Matter" was accused of viciously beating up seven white victims in Akron early Sunday morning... Police said seven white men were walking when they were approached by five black men and two white men, shouting, "Black lives matter." The suspects started hitting them with bottles, punching and kicking the victims. One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness. The suspects then took the victims' belongings before running off.

On Tuesday afternoon, organizers of the Black Lives Matter march this afternoon screamed at white reporters to adhere to a scheme of racial segregation.

  “White media get to the back! Black media come to the front!” shouted an organizer with a bullhorn.

-Jillian Kay Melchior Go To Site

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At least 2,000 educators around the country reported racist slurs and other derogatory language leveled against white students in the first days after Donald Trump was elected president. But the group that surveyed the teachers didn’t publish the results in its report on Trump-related “hate crimes.”...

  But the SPLC didn’t present the whole story. The Montgomery, Ala.-based nonprofit self-censored results from a key question it asked educators — whether they agree or disagree with the following statement: “I have heard derogatory language or slurs about white students.”...

  Pressed, SPLC spokeswoman Kirsten Bokenkamp finally revealed that “about 20 percent answered affirmatively to that question.”

Though Sue was thoroughly applauded by students, not everyone was pleased with his lecture. A student rose up during the question-and-answer session, accusing Sue of bias himself, and stating that his entire speech was a “microaggression against white people.” Sue reacted by quoting Spike Lee’s saying that only white people can be racist.

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Authorities on Monday arrested a 21-year-old African-American college student for making online threats that prompted the University of Chicago to cancel classes....

  “I will execute aproximately (sic) 16 white male students and or staff which is the same number of time (sic) Mcdonald (sic) was killed,” Mr. Dean wrote, according to court documents. “I then will die killing any number of white policemen that I can in the process. This is not a joke. I am to do my part to rid the world of the white devils. I expect you to do the same…”

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Not content to merely demonstrate there for the night, the band descended from their high-water mark to march into Baker-Berry Library. “F*** you, you filthy white f***s!” “F*** you and your comfort!” “F*** you, you racist s***!”...

  Students who refused to listen to or join their outbursts were shouted down. “Stand the f*** up!” “You filthy racist white piece of s***!” Men and women alike were pushed and shoved by the group. “If we can’t have it, shut it down!” they cried. Another woman was pinned to a wall by protesters who unleashed their insults, shouting “filthy white b****!” in her face.

White People: There Are No Good Apples...

  This is the cost of talking to white people at all. The cost of your own life, as they suck you dry. There are no good apples out there. White people make my blood boil.

In a section titled “Dear white students,” they elaborate that “[r]everse racism cannot exist because white people maintain power over people of color” and “because there are no institutions that were founded with the intention of discriminating against white people on the basis of their skin [color].” Go To Site

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In an ironic development, to say the least, protesters at the University of Missouri (MU) segregated themselves by race Wednesday night, having white students leave a gathering in order to create a “black-only healing space.”

  Supporters of the group Concerned Students 1950, which has spearheaded the protest movement at MU, assembled at the school’s student center Wednesday night for a meeting after a planned protest march was canceled due to bad weather. And then, according to activist Steve Schmidt, whites were asked to leave. -Blake Neff

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Students at a “safe space” at Claremont McKenna College in California shut down an Asian woman who was describing racial harassment by a black man, booing her when she declared, “black people can be racist.” -by Elizabeth Preza

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A St. Louis Circuit Court jury has awarded a former Harris-Stowe State University instructor $4.85 million after finding that the historically black university discriminated against the instructor because she is white. The suit, filed in 2012, zeroes in on one particular administrator, accusing her of subscribing to the “Black Power” mantra and working systematically to purge Harris-Stowe’s College of Education of white faculty.

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University of Pennsylvania Professor Anthea Butler called Presidential Candidate Ben Carson a “coon” for claiming that people have the right to display Confederate flags on private property. “If only there was a ‘coon of the year’ award…” Professor Butler tweeted in response to another tweet linking to a Sports Illustrated article in which Carson was quoted defended the right of NASCAR fans to fly Confederate flags during races.

For me, whiteness is not an identity but a moral problem. - Eula Biss, "White Debt", The New York Times Dec 2, 2015 Go To Site

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An Ohio man accused of pushing a jogger into traffic told the victim, "I hate white people," according to police. Rodney Arnold, 24, shoved a woman into the street on May 11, then threatened her with by waving a knife , Cincinnati police told Fox 19. He allegedly told her that he "hated white people," police said.


Violent Racism: The Knockout Game

The teen said he and his friends were playing a street game called "knockout." His punch apparently had little to no effect, but the follow-up from a 16-year-old boy caused bleeding in the victim's brain, and he died in late May.

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Two New York women were arrested Monday after allegedly forcing the dwellers of a Brooklyn apartment to flee their home at gunpoint. The attack was apparently racially motivated, as police claim one woman said she was tired of white people moving into her neighborhood. The pair of African Americans knocked on the door of an apartment in a building on Ocean Avenue at 9:30 PM. Police say they then barged into the apartment threatening residents with a gun.

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A rural Mississippi man suffered life-threatening injuries and required brain surgery after he entered a Waffle House despite receiving a warning not to enter the restaurant because of the color of his skin. The severe beating occurred early Sunday morning around 2 a.m., reports The Clarion-Ledger. Up to 20 assailants participated. The injured man is Ralph Weems IV, a veteran of the Iraq War and a Marine. He is white.

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Controversial columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is accused of making a series of racist remarks against white people, even going as far as to say she wants them to be a "lost species". According to Rod Liddle, when asked in a TV interview what she thought of white people, she responded: "I don't like them. I want them to be a lost species in a hundred years."

For those soaked in progressive identity politics, skin color was a stand-in for virtue. It was impossible for a black person to be racist; it was impossible for a white person not to be. -David French Go To Site

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Following takeoff from Nashville Sunday afternoon, a United Airlines passenger warned a fellow flyer that, “I kill white people like you” when she was asked to turn off her cell phone, investigators allege... Investigators noted that Williams told the other passenger, K. Colleen Coult, 50, that she would follow her upon reaching Houston “and find out where she lived.” The comments “created fear in Coult for her safety,” the affidavit notes.

White People's Roles and Responsibilities

Liberals Protesting Against Racism in 2015


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“A minority of unsuspecting Democratic leaders are supporting the Democratic Anglo newcomer opponents in Andrew’s and Frank’s primary races. Anglo Democrats with egos as big as Texas, mouths as big as the Grand Canyon, and much ‘green’ [moolah] from the East and the West Coast.” -Rep. Miguel Garcia, D-Albuquerque


2016 Albany Hate Crime Hoax

University President Robert Jones released a statement after the incident, saying there is no place for hate at the school. "I call upon all members of the University at Albany to unite," he wrote. "We must show the world that we stand for inclusiveness and stand against bias, violence and hatred."

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A group of employees at South Puget Sound Community College sent out an invitation to all 300 staffers. The "Staff, Faculty and Administrators of Color" encouraged employees to reply to the invitation to find out the confidential date and time of what was being called a "happy hour" to "build support and community" for people of color. The invite made it clear white people were not invited... “That space is not for white people,” she told KING-TV. “That space is for people of color.”

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Only the presence of a Bible over his heart saved the life of a Dayton, Ohio, bus driver who is in the hospital today with injuries suffered during a form of black mob violence called a “polar bear attack.” Police say the bus driver is lucky to be alive after three black “teenagers” stabbed and shot him... “As he was outside of the bus assessing how to fix the problem, the three suspects came up to him and said they had to ‘shoot a polar bear,’” police told WHIO news.

Leftists Asking God To Help Them Hate...

  Dear God,

  Please help me to hate white people. Or at least to want to hate them. At least, I want to stop caring about them, individually and collectively. I want to stop caring about their misguided, racist souls, to stop believing that they can be better, that they can stop being racist.

"Two thousand Korean businesses were burned, and fifty-seven people killed – many of them targeted, like the businesses destroyed, simply because they were not black." -David Horowitz Go To Site

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10,000 racist tweets are sent every day, a major new study into racism on social networks has discovered. Research by the think tank Demos found the biggest insult was 'white boy'. Researchers analysed 126,975 English-language tweets from across the globe over a 9-day period in the biggest ever study of Twitter racism. Researchers revealed the most common racial slurs used on the micro-blogging site included ‘whitey’ and ‘pikey’.

Liberals Fighting Against Racism



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Cleveland authorities have made several arrests following the mob beating of a disabled Army veteran by a group of teenagers. During the attack, the teens made several derogatory remarks about Robinson.

“What they were saying was, ‘Knock that boy out!’ ‘White boy.’ ‘Cracker,’” he was quoted as saying about the incident. “They were saying, ‘Knock that white boy out.’”

  When is a racial hate crime not a racial hate crime? When it doesn’t advance the left’s, and the Democrats’, narrative.

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20-year-old soldier Tevin Geike was celebrating the end of his military service when he was killed early Saturday... That's when a car passed by and they heard yelling. Johnson said, "One of the guys in the back seat yells something like white and cracker."... Four of the five then backed off, but the fifth attacked Tevin Geike and stabbed him.

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A man who shot four people near a Greenville Wal-Mart in June picked out his victims because they were white, according to several indictments handed down against him. Lakim Faust had more than 100 rounds of ammunition when he started shooting at people who were standing outside at a law firm and a shopping center in June, authorities said.

The black-nationalist Department of Homeland Security employee who was placed on leave almost four months ago for running a website that espouses the mass murder of whites has still not been fired, an agency spokesperson told National Journal. Go To Site

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Five teens have been arrested on hate-crime charges after police say they shot a New Orleans man with a pellet gun while yelling homophobic and racial slurs... The man told police people inside the car shouted sexual insults and racial slurs before firing pellet guns at him. The victim was struck several times and suffered cuts and bruises. The man's race was not listed on the reports. All five of the suspects are black.

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A 13-year-old boy who police say was doused with gasoline and lit on fire last week while walking home from school is recovering from first-degree burns to his face and head... Police have described the suspects as black 16-year-olds, while the victim is white. “We were told it’s a hate crime,” Coon told KTLA.

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A 31-year-old African American who allegedly said he wanted to attack the next white person who walked by could be charged with hate crimes after punching three people in an apparent racially motivated attack. One of his victims, 62-year-old Jeffrey Babbitt, has been left brain damaged after being punched to the ground in New York's Union Square on Wednesday afternoon, in a senseless attack that shocked onlookers.

GithubTechnical Director Danilo Campos

Another member of Github's social-impact team, technical director Danilo Campos, has been known to tweet similarly strong views about diversity:

He's against racism though.

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One of the teens charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Australian baseball player Christopher Lane in Duncan, Okla., previously posted anti-white statements on his Twitter feed... Lane, a 22 year-old student from Melbourne, was out for a jog last Friday evening when the three teens began following him in a car and shot him “just for the fun of it,” according to Duncan officials... A couple of Tweets also suggest that Edwards wasn’t fond of white people. On April 29, he tweeted, “90% of white ppl are nasty. #HATE THEM.” On July 15, days after the George Zimmerman verdict, Edwards tweeted “Ayeee I knocced out 5 woods since Zimmerman court!:) lol shit ima keep sleepin shit! #ayeeee.” “Woods” is a derogatory term for white people.

The large group of protestors began to move up and yell at students on first floor Berry. Students were again yelled at to stand up in support of the protest, and many did so, either out of support or fear. After making a girl cry, a protestor screamed “Fuck your white tears.” Go To Site

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Maywood, Ill. - Alton L. Hayes III, a west suburban man charged with a hate crime, told police he was so upset about the Trayvon Martin case in Florida that he beat up a white man early Tuesday. Hayes and a 15-year-old Chicago boy walked up behind the 19-year-old man victim and pinned his arms to his side, police said. Hayes, 18, then picked up a large tree branch, pointed it at the man and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”

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The survey also found that anti-Semitic views among the African-American population have remained steady, but are consistently higher than the general population. In 2011, 29-percent of African-Americans expressed strongly anti-Semitic views, according to the survey.

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State Rep. Joe Mitchell, D-Mobile, had an outlandish exchange via email with a Jefferson County man who asked him and other lawmakers not to pass any laws that would restrict gun ownership... "Your folk never used all this sheit (sic) to protect my folk from your slave-holding, murdering, adulterous, baby-raping, incestuous, snaggle-toothed, backward-a**ed, inbreed (sic), imported criminal-minded kin folk."

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This week Adams told the Commission: "The [voting] section doesn’t want to protect white voters." And he named names. He testified that Deputy Assistant Attorney General Julie Fernandes told Voting Section management that there would be no more cases brought against black defendants vindicating the rights of white victims. Adams personally heard Fernandes say that the division would only bring "traditional civil rights cases" (code words for suits against white racists).

The University of Wisconsin-Madison recently hosted a diversity forum that banned white, heterosexual students from attending, The College Fix has learned. The public university, in advertising the event, declared that the Feb. 28 session was “specifically for self-identified LGBTQ people of color.” It hosted a second diversity event a day earlier that apparently allowed heterosexuals, but not white ones. Go To Site

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The nation's second-largest Indian tribe said on Tuesday that it would not be dictated to by the U.S. government over its move to banish 2,800 African Americans from its citizenship rolls. The dispute stems from the fact that some wealthy Cherokee owned black slaves who worked on their plantations in the South. By the 1830s, most of the tribe was forced to relocate to present-day Oklahoma, and many took their slaves with them. The so-called Freedmen are descendants of those slaves.

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Attorney Tim Larsen, a white man, claims Alvarez denied him a promotion based on his race, as evidenced by comments he made to Larsen to not be “so Anglo” and admitting he would have granted the promotion “if you had more melatonin in your skin,” according to court documents filed last month. The suit surmises that Alvarez actually was referring to “melanin,” a hormone that determines skin pigment.

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There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved.

Hate, Degeneracy, Racism, Waste

HOUMA, La. (AP) — A black jail inmate has been booked with a hate crime after allegedly saying he would squirt human waste on every white inmate in his cellblock, and then doing so. All seven white inmates — but none of the three African-American inmates in the dorm with them and Avis James Williams of Houma — were squirted with urine and feces from a shampoo bottle, said Maj. Malcolm Wolfe of the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office. Waste had to be cleaned from walls and from inmates' clothes, bodies and personal property, he said.

A Collection of Meditations for Renewal...

  Lord, if it be your will, harden my heart. Stop me from striving to see the best in people. Stop me from being hopeful that white people can do and be better. Let me imagine them instead as white-hooded robes standing in front of burning crosses.

In a 2010 speech before an NAACP awards dinner, Sherrod admitted that she was initially unwilling to help a white farmer because he was white. Sherrod said she did not give him the help she could have, and instead took him to a white lawyer. She called the white lawyer “one of his own kind.” -J. Christian Adams Go To Site

Hate, Incitement, Racism, Assault

At one point, the victim recalled being lifted from the ground so one of the boys could "drop-kick" him in the chest. One boy, he said, put his foot on the back of the victim's neck, with another shouting, "Kill him." While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, "[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon ... Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man]," according to a police report.

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It's amazing how the 'whites' get angry when Obama speaks. Oh well....its most of the whites who is getting blown away. So they will soon be wiped from the earth. Lol

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Celebrating his victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday night, Barry spoke up about the prominence of businesses owned by Asians in the District. “We got to do something about these Asians coming in and opening up businesses and dirty shops,” Barry said in remarks first reported by WRC-TV. “They ought to go. I’m going to say that right now. But we need African-American businesspeople to be able to take their places, too.”

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As Price stood to leave, he looked at Turner and the five other citizens who addressed the court. Price said to them, “All of you are white. Go to hell!” Price repeated “go to hell” three more times. An unknown member of the audience said, “You should be ashamed!” “I’m not ashamed!” Price answered. “I’m not ashamed! Go to hell!”

This country still is full of closet racists. What do you think is going on in South Carolina and North Carolina. Voter suppression. Its about getting black people not to vote. Why? Because black people tend to vote Democratic. Why would would Republicans want to do it? Because Republicans are not a majority in this country anymore. They are a bunch of dead white people. Or dying white people.” -Professor William S. Penn, Michigan State University Go To Site

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"I want to go up to the closest white person and say, 'You can't understand this, it's a black thing,' and then slap him, just for my mental health"

Democrat, Hypocrisy, Hate, Character, Racism, Stereotyping, Bigotry

"Vietnamese and the Republicans" in her district were "trying to take away" her House seat after "we have done so much for our community."

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Fox first said that she would “barter with him.” She then, however, went on to say, “... and instead of the entire planet, can you just take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super bible-beating people in Middle America?"

"Hollow points make a white devil body spin."

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"... .. The point I was making was not that my grandmother harbors any racial animosity. She doesn't. But she is a typical white person who, uh, if she sees somebody on the street that she doesn't know there's a reaction that's been been bred into our experiences that don't go away and that sometimes come out in the wrong way and that's just the nature of race in our society. We have to break through it..." - Senator Barack Obama

MACON, Miss., Oct. 5 — The Justice Department has chosen this no-stoplight, courthouse town buried in the eastern Mississippi prairie for an unusual civil rights test: the first federal lawsuit under the Voting Rights Act accusing blacks of suppressing the rights of whites. Go To Site

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An independent investigator for the UN says racism in Japan is deep and profound, and the government does not recognise the depth of the problem.

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"I asked if my race would pose a problem. There was dead silence on the other end of the line. With a faint stutter, the principal of the school replied, 'Frankly speaking, we would like our teachers to look professional. I mean, please don't get me wrong, but we would like a white teacher'."

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The Obama administration, already under fire for unprecedented allegations of racial bias, faces a new bias claim from a most unlikely source: one of the administration's own inspector general. Decisions on which car dealerships to close as part of the auto industry bailout -- closures the Obama administration forced on General Motors and Chrysler -- were based in part on race and gender, according to a report by Troubled Asset Relief Program Special Inspector General Neal M. Barofsky.

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Barack Obama's politics meant nothing to Samuel L. Jackson because the "Pulp Fiction" star only voted for the president for one reason and one reason only ... because he's black.

Sgt. David Murillo stated in a report on Friday night, "On-duty officers at the fairgrounds advise there was a group of 30 to 40 individuals roaming the fairgrounds openly calling it 'beat whitey night.' " Go To Site

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In what reads like a bad Hollywood movie script, Marion Barry has changed his mind about Filipino nurses. Just a few weeks after complaining about how many Filipino nurses work in Washington D.C., Barry’s life was saved by Filipino medical professionals. That’s right. The same people he wanted to push out of D.C. hospitals ended up treating his potentially life-threatening blood clot. Barry felt so indebted to the Filipino hospital staff that saved his life that he took to Twitter to renounce his earlier bigoted remarks: "I also thank outstanding medical staff, incl. kind professional Filipino staff. I stand corrected; I truly didn't mean 2 hurt or offend."

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On July 1st a group of black gang members brutally attacked and beat a random white pedestrian in Cobb County, Georgia. He was then knocked onto the road where he was hit by oncoming traffic.

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During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

  “I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.

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The Rev. Al Sharpton apparently referred to the Jewish owner of Freddy's Fashion Mart as a "white interloper" in a rally three months before the Harlem massacre, newly revealed tapes show. Speaking at a separate rally, Morris Powell, who later led the protest against the W. 125th St. store, specifically mentioned Freddy's, saying he would not let a "Jewish person" drive black businesses out of Harlem and vowed, "We are going to make that white cracker suffer."

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Fourteen musicians with the English Touring Opera (ETO), some of whom have been performing with the company for 20 years, have been fired because of the color of their skin.

  Claiming they are following diversity guidance from Arts Council England, ETO has informed the white musicians that they will not be offered contracts for the 2022 season. Though the positions are technically freelance jobs, many of the musicians consider the work a permanent gig...

  This decision comes as part of a one-two punch to the musicians, who were unable to perform throughout the pandemic and relied on grants and loans. They’d hoped to pay back the loans from money made in the 2022 season. Now, nearly half of the company has been fired.

"I, an ethnic minority woman, cannot be racist or sexist towards white men, because racism and sexism describe structures of privilege based on race and gender." -Bahar Mustafa, Welfare and Diversity Officer at Goldsmiths College Go To Site

Racism is a mechanism of maintaining an imbalance of power -- making it literally impossible, by definition, to be racist against white people, or to tell a racist joke about a white person.

-Chris Mohney, NBC's "Think" Go To Site