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Police kicked the #Occupy Portland goons out of a park this weekend. But not before the #occupy goons could scream, "Eat ----!" at the police. The protesters also threatened to give the police scabies and lice.

Tenters were handed out copies of the city’s petition on Tuesday, after Lyle Barrette, who was living in a tree, allegedly dumped urine on a parks worker who was trying to remove his bike. Go To Site

As Isaac Pollak, an ardent Republican, kissed his wife goodbye before heading out on a business trip to Asia several years ago, he handed her his absentee ballot for the coming presidential election and asked her to mail it. Bonnie Pollak, a Democrat, weighed her options. Should she be loyal to her spouse, respect his legal right and mail the ballot? Or remain faithful to her deeply held beliefs and suppress his vote? "It was a real dilemma," says Ms. Pollak, 58 years old, a student in a doctoral program in social welfare who lives in Manhattan. "I decided to do the right thing." Ms. Pollak threw the ballot away. Go To Site

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A La Crosse man admitted throwing roofing nails into driveways of residents who supported Republican candidates after someone stole his lawn sign supporting a Democratic candidate, according to La Crosse police reports. Martin Sellers, 59, of 2126 Hoeschler Drive, told police he “has done some stupid things” during his arrest Sunday for criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct, reports stated.

  Five homeowners on Lincoln Avenue, Ward Avenue, Elm Drive and Springbrook Way for three years reported nails in driveways. One homeowner reported eight incidents. Sellers said he periodically targeted driveways of homes that displayed signs supporting Republicans “out of anger for the political system,” reports stated.

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On the very day Michael Savage launched his new book “Trump’s War: His Battle for America,” the conservative talk radio host fought a battle of his own outside a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant.


Savage and his dog, Teddy, had finished dinner and were leaving Tiburon, California’s Servino Restaurant when a man charged up and began yelling “Hey Weiner,” referring to Savage’s given name, according to Rich Leiberman of 415 Media. An eyewitness reported that the assailant kicked Savage’s poodle dog out of the way before grabbing Savage and tossing him to the ground. Leiberman reports that neither the dog nor the conservative radio host were seriously hurt, but Savage was “bloodied and shaken.”

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A group of men chanting "Black Lives Matter" was accused of viciously beating up seven white victims in Akron early Sunday morning... Police said seven white men were walking when they were approached by five black men and two white men, shouting, "Black lives matter." The suspects started hitting them with bottles, punching and kicking the victims. One victim fell to the ground and was kicked in the head several times before losing consciousness. The suspects then took the victims' belongings before running off.

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Following the recently passed rule in Texas requiring women to bury or cremate an aborted fetus, a Facebook post of protest has gone viral. The mission, so it lays out, is for women to mail their used hygiene products from their last menstrual cycles straight to Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott's office to check their "fertilized status."

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The security firm PacketSled announced on Sunday that it has put its CEO on administrative leave after he threatened to take out President-elect Donald Trump with a sniper rifle. PacketSled defines itself as "a disruptive security company focused on detection, response, and continuous monitoring of advanced threats."...

  "Nope, getting a sniper rifle and perching myself where it counts. Find a bedroom in the White House that suits you, motherf*cker. I'll find you."

  Later on that night, he wrote in all caps, "IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS F*CK YOU AMERICA. SERIOUSLY. F*CK OFF."

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Three women arrested for assaulting a gay man at a Boston subway station say they can’t be charged with a hate crime because they are lesbians. Erica Stroud, 21, sister Felicia, 18, and Lydia Sanford, 20, are facing hate crime charges of assault and battery that, with convictions, could result in 10-year prison sentences, according to the Boston Herald.

  Prosecutor Lindsey Weinstein said the women punched and kicked the unnamed man at a station in Jamaica Plain, all the while using anti-gay slurs. The assault allegedly occurred after the man, who suffered a broken nose, bumped into the women on a staircase.

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Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R) abruptly ended a town hall event Thursday evening after a former state lawmaker threw a jar of Vaseline at him. Former state Rep. Joanne Twomey (D) missed LePage with the petroleum jelly. She was immediately escorted out of the auditorium by security and LePage ended the event, which had been intended to sell his budget plan.

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CBS News has learned that a "general threat" was made against a member of Congress who made a fact-finding trip to Libya this week. The chairman of the House Oversight Committee, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., traveled to Tripoli as part of the Republican's ongoing investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012, terrorist attacks on Americans in Benghazi... Issa planned the trip to Libya in secret, but Democrats on the Oversight Committee revealed the plans in a press release last Friday when they obtained a copy of his itinerary.

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MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- A dead pig clad in a Mitt Romney T-shirt was left at a Republican campaign office in Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach Police had to discard the pig's head and its feet in a trash bin, but not before several passersby saw it. "I thought it was a dead body because of the way he approached it," said Manhattan Beach resident Andy Gaeta. "And then when he lifted the shirt, he saw the head wrapped in barbed wire and it's cut in half, the whole skull was. It looked like something from a butcher's market." The pig was laid out at the doorstep of the Republican headquarters on Highland Avenue.

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Police are searching for the vandals who apparently torched more than a dozen campaign signs and American flags in a Howey-in-the-Hills veteran's yard. William Overbay said someone ignited the flags and signs, which supported Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, that he had lined along his yard. The vandals also painted a sign on his driveway reading "Obama for life," at his DuPont Circle home, Overbay said.

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The Republican staffer holding the camera films Warren leaving the event and entering her SUV. One of Warren's aides, who looks to be, perhaps, her driver, pushes the camera twice, and the second time it falls to the ground. The tracker picks up the camera and continues filming, while the Warren staffer says, "Dude, get out of my face or I'm going to call the police." "It's a public event," the Republican staffer says multiple times. Finally, as he's walking away, the Warren staffer says, "You're messing with the wrong people."

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Here's video of a supporter of Mitt Romney being spat on by a protester in Appleton, Wisconsin. The identifies the spitter as 83-year-old Mary Hoglund.

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(AP) WASHINGTON - A man suspected of shooting and wounding a security guard in the lobby of a Christian lobbying group had been volunteering at a community center for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. A law enforcement official has identified the suspect arrested in Wednesday's shooting as Floyd Corkins II of Herndon, Va.

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The Coast Guard in Boston confirmed that a woman in uniform was harassed and spat upon near Occupy Boston protesters. The woman was walking to the train and said protesters spit on her twice, called her foul names and even threw a water bottle at her. Now, the Coast Guard is warning all staff working on Atlantic Avenue to avoid those protesters while in uniform.

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Police kicked the #Occupy Portland goons out of a park this weekend. But not before the #occupy goons could scream, “Eat ----!” at the police. The protesters also threatened to give the police scabies and lice.

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Envelopes containing suspicious powder were sent through the mail to at least seven locations in Manhattan, primarily Wells Fargo banks, in an apparent May Day protest, police officials said. "This is a reminder that you are not in control," said a message that arrived with the envelopes. "Just in case you needed some incentive to stop working we have a little surprise for you. Think fast you have seconds."

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“I intimidated them with my car,” Seltzer told police.

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"I got down low and took his legs out," Franken boasted to the New York Post afterward.

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Tenters were handed out copies of the city’s petition on Tuesday, after Lyle Barrette, who was living in a tree, allegedly dumped urine on a parks worker who was trying to remove his bike.

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Dodd and Kennedy were also reported to have made a 'human sandwich' with a waitress at La Brasserie, another Capitol Hill restaurant. The report had it that Kennedy threw the woman on Dodd, who was slumped in a chair, and then jumped on top of her. She was said to have run screaming from the room."

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“Defendant grabbed the sign [informant] was holding, broke the wood stick that was attached to it, and then struck informant in informant’s face thereby causing informant to sustain redness, swelling, and bruising to informant’s face and further causing informant to sustain substantial pain.”

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A union official is facing criminal charges after allegedly threatening MLA Jenny Kwan, her husband and their children and throwing feces onto the family’s roof, according to court documents filed Friday.

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A certain Arab author by the name of Mr. Alaa Alsaegh, an immigrant to the U.S. from Iraq, was attacked on August 14, 2011, by Muslims in the streets of St. Louis, Missouri. They stabbed him and carved a Star of David onto the flesh of his back.

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A man has been arrested for allegedly attacking a paramedic and breaking his leg at the Occupy Wall Street site Wednesday night.

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But some members of the movement became hostile to the media trying to document the scene. In fact, ABC7 photographer Randy Davis got punched several times in the head.

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An Operation Wall Street protester was busted last night after he slugged a police officer during a march on the Federal Reserve. About 100 demonstrators had left Zuccotti Park at around 10 p.m. As the group neared Liberty and Nassau streets, two marchers began to fight each other. When police tried to intervene, one of the protesters suddenly punched an officer in the face.

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The Air Force Reserve plans to discharge a lieutenant colonel accused of defacing cars that had pro-Bush bumper stickers, the military said Friday. Lt. Col. Alexis Fecteau, a pilot with 500 combat hours in the first Persian Gulf war and the Balkans, is charged with criminal mischief for allegedly using paint stripper to write a profanity about Bush in 18-inch-high letters on cars at Denver International Airport.

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - An Occupy Portland protester is accused of assaulting an officer during Wednesday night's march across two Portland bridges. One man is accused of shoving a police sergeant into a moving Trimet bus before running back into the crowd. After the march ended, officers found the suspect and arrested him.