Degenerates are taking over.

Societal Decay

In the widely read November 2011 Atlantic cover story, entitled "All the Single Ladies," singleton Kate Bolick declares that "it's time to embrace new ideas about romance and family--and to acknowledge the end of traditional marriage as society's highest ideal."

In a medieval-type society of two rather than three classes, the rich in walled estates rarely worry that much about thievery. Crime is written off as an intramural problem of the poor, especially when the middle class is in decline or nonexistent.

  Violent crime is now soaring in America. But two things are different about America’s new criminality.

  One is the virtual impunity of it. Thieves now brazenly swarm a store, ransack, steal, and flee with the content without worry of arrest.

  Second, the Left often justifies crime as a sort of righteous payback against a supposedly exploitative system.

-Victor Davis Hanson Go To Site

Making Denver Great Again ... by allowing public defecation?

  That's the latest from the progressive city that seeks to ensure it "will not sacrifice" its "values or bend to a broken immigration system."

  The Denver City Council voted Monday to approve major sentencing reform (in other words, making penalties more lenient) on Class I and II offenses. The latter cover crimes like public defecation, panhandling and camping out on the sidewalk. - Hannah Mayer Go To Site

In America, Legutko notes, young people have shifted from the “pursuit of happiness,” which required delayed satisfaction with a plan as to how to move forward, to the momentary pursuit of pleasure. Their pursuits, as with “hooking up” in college, have become increasingly episodic. The upshot, he believes, is that divorce and abortion have become the outstanding achievements of the new political/cultural system. -Fred Siegel Go To Site

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With just four weeks left in office, Mayor Bill de Blasio launched the country’s first legal shooting galleries Tuesday morning, calling them safe havens for addicts — shortly before five people overdosed at just one of the clinics on opening day.

  “Overdose Prevention Centers are a safe and effective way to address the opioid crisis. I’m proud to show cities in this country that after decades of failure, a smarter approach is possible,” de Blasio said in a statement...

  There were five overdoses at the East Harlem site that saw 85 users inject drugs laced with fentanyl including heroin on Tuesday.

Abolish The Family To Kill Capitalism


Arguably the most infamous demand of The Communist Manifesto is the “abolition of the family.”...

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Residents in San Francisco were reportedly greeted by “the most atrocious smell” over the weekend, after someone dropped a large plastic bag filled with human waste on the sidewalk.

  A Reddit user posted a screenshot of a report from the city’s Citizen app for identifying crimes on Saturday that said "twenty pounds of feces dumped onto sidewalk," The San Francisco Chronicle reported...

  “I commend whoever put it in a bag. It could have been much worse,” the user said according to the paper.

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Decades ago, San Francisco's gay and leather culture sought shelter in the city's seedy South of Market district — forced there by brutal police crackdowns on gays. Over time, the area became a vibrant place teeming with bathhouses and bars that added to San Francisco's reputation as a colorful, free-wheeling refuge open to different sexual lifestyles...

  On Tuesday, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a resolution creating the Leather and LGBTQ Cultural District as a way to honor the past and ensure the area remains a refuge.

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An NBC Bay Area Investigation reveals a dangerous concoction of drug needles, garbage, and feces lining the streets of downtown San Francisco. The Investigative Unit surveyed more than 150 blocks, including some of the city’s top tourist destinations, and discovered conditions that are now being compared to some of the worst slums in the world.

  The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit surveyed 153 blocks of downtown San Francisco in search of trash, needles, and feces. The investigation revealed trash littered across every block. The survey also found 41 blocks dotted with needles and 96 blocks sullied with piles of feces.

Scofflaws of New York, rejoice — the City Council has cleared the way for you to litter, loiter and pee in the street to your heart’s content... The disgusting and disturbing acts that the council voted to decriminalize include drinking alcohol out of a paper bag, lurking in parks after hours, urinating in the street and making enough of a racket to violate the noise code. Go To Site

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A Seattle, Wash., councilman implied that a new effort to clean excrement off the side walk outside the local courthouse could be racist Tuesday.

  The crime and smell of urine and excrement have gotten so bad outside a King County courthouse that two judges are scrambling to find ways to fix the situation, reports the Seattle Times.

  King County councilmember Larry Gossett isn’t a fan of one solution to power wash the feces from the sidewalks to tamp down on the smell. Power washing the sidewalks is too reminiscent of civil rights activists being hosed down, he said.

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A man admitted to fatally stabbing his mother because he was angry at her for telling him what to do, police said. Francis Roig, 50, was arrested Monday on a charge of second-degree murder. Miami-Dade police said Roig went into his mother’s room at their home on Southwest 53rd Street early Monday morning and began stabbing her multiple times before leaving.

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Wanting to repair what she viewed as a problem, Naica Gibson saved money for two years in order to have corrective surgery done. What’s the issue? The money she saved was £100 (approximately $158) per week from her £1,300 (approximately $2,059) monthly government benefits. And it came at the expense of her four children, who would sometimes have to miss meals, writes the Daily Mail.

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A University student has been “counselled” after using campus resources to film a live solo sex show — and the library where the show was filmed had to be “steam cleaned”. Staff at the University of Newcastle were tipped off the student was using the Auchmuty campus library to film and broadcast herself via live webcam shows. It’s understood the show was promoted on Twitter, which then linked to a separate site where users had to pay to see the show.

Urinating and drinking in public would no longer be treated as crimes under a package of bills New York’s City Council will consider to ease enforcement of quality-of-life offenses that lawmakers say clog the courts and have been disproportionately enforced against minorities. -Bloomberg News Go To Site

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A Washington college said their non-discrimination policy prevents them from stopping a transgender man from exposing himself to young girls inside a women’s locker room, according to a group of concerned parents... a 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his genitals on several occasions inside the woman’s locker room at Evergreen State College.

Defecating on San Francisco

The fruits of liberalism delivered onto their streets.

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A 23-year-old mother was killed and her two young children suffered injuries in a wreck Wednesday, Houston police said... According to ABC 13 news, eyewitnesses told police they saw people steal groceries out of the dead woman's SUV.

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A COUPLE have become Britain’s youngest parents after a girl aged just 12 years and three months had her 13-year-old boyfriend’s baby. The girl, at primary school when she conceived last summer, had a daughter last weekend.


One little girl was clutching her favourite toy while her younger sister was sucking her thumb – and both looked utterly lost and forlorn. In a bygone era, a concerned adult might have stopped to ask them where their mother was. But in a damning indictment of modern Britain, hundreds of busy people simply walked on by. The girls stood for an hour on a Saturday morning in a busy shopping arcade looking for 'help', as part of a social experiment for television.

The 57-year-old bachelor, who fathered three children out of wedlock with three different women, repeatedly won at least 70 percent of the vote as a Democrat. Morrissey said in a telephone interview that the results show people aren't interested in the drama that landed him in jail. Go To Site

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Troops based at the Kadena Air Base in Japan know how to party. On Saturday, six gay and straight service members applied some of their finest makeup and lip synced to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody" in what is believed to be the first drag queen and king show on an American military base. The show was thrown in support for the base's recently formed OutServe-SLDN chapter, a nonprofit advocacy group for the army's LGBT community.

Gay Marriage 2015:

Liberals Win The Debate

Sataneriffic, ladies. #LoveWins

Liberals press forward their debate with Christianity.

Score a big "W" for the Forces of Tolerance...

Hoping you don't find out for real, pal.

Welcome to the mainstream! No longer will your opinions be excluded from the public square.

Sanctifying Perversion.

"If you are among the many Americans -- of whatever sexual orientation -- who favor expanding same-sex marriage, by all means celebrate today's decision. Celebrate the achievement of a desired goal. Celebrate the opportunity for a new expression of commitment to a partner. Celebrate the availability of new benefits. But do not celebrate the Constitution. It had nothing to do with it." -Washington Post, John Roberts’s "full-throated" gay marriage dissent

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Residents of a small Alabama city likely thought they’d experience some of the more traditional sights and sounds of the Christmas season during their annual Christmas parade on Saturday. But they were in for a monumental surprise when a gay, all-male dance troupe joined the procession, wearing scantily clad attire while performing controversial dance moves. The Prancing Elites appeared at “The Friends of Semmes Christmas Parade” in Semmes, Ala., wearing tight white shorts and make-up, and strutting down the street performing thrusts and hip movements that some in the parade audience simply didn’t appreciate, reported.

Gay Pride Beatdown of Christians

Tolerance. Peace. Love. This is the face of liberalism. This is what passes for "Gay Pride" in 2013 Seattle, Washington.

Feel the Love.

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Festival-goers can be seen on a video dancing to electronic music and cheering as a man becomes engulfed in flames during West Hollywood's annual Halloween carnival. Gilbert Estrada, 51, later died. The video posted on YouTube shows him lying unresponsive after the fire was extinguished. Detectives say it appears Estrada may have accidentally started the fire while trying to light a cigarette. As Estrada flails, some bystanders can be heard cheering.

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A man who openly masturbated on a Stockholm beach has been acquitted of sexual assault in court after it was ruled he was not targeting a specific person, with the prosecutor saying it's "okay" to play with yourself in public.

Divorce, it seems, has turned into a party — special cakes and all. Event planners, bakers, lawyers and academics note the rise of "divorce parties" over the last several years, many with cakes featuring weapon-wielding brides or gloomy black frosting on inverted tiers. "I've taken to naming them freedom fests, as you aren't celebrating the end of the marriage but the freedom you have chosen in your life," said Richard O'Malley, a New York-area event planner who organized one divorce blowout that cost a woman about $25,000. Go To Site

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Grove City has a population of slightly more than 8,000, but even in mostly rural areas, some children are growing up way too fast. “We found that there was a young girl, 11 years of age, she was transmitting images of herself topless,” said Grove City Police Cpl. Mark Jaskowak.

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A Cadillac-driving OUI suspect — charged with running a Boston Globe delivery truck off Interstate 93 and onto the Leverett Connector — was carrying three EBT cards, mocked a cop “for paying for food when she gets it for free” and threatened to put a voodoo curse on him, according to a police report. “I questioned her as to why she had other peoples (sic) EBT cards and she 
began screaming that I was a ‘dumb (expletive)’ for paying for food when she gets it for free,” trooper William Koko­cinski wrote of Vivencia 
Bellegarde, 25, of Everett, noting she had her own electronic benefits transfer card and also the cards of two other people. “She repeatedly called me a racist and told me she was from Haiti and she was gonna ‘put voodoo on my white (expletive),’”

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According to video shot by a witness, after officers leave the crowd continues to yell at and shove two religious protesters, one of whom is holding a sign that reads "Repent or Else" and "Jesus Saves from Sin." At one point, the video shows a 36-year-old Marysville man taking off his shirt and threatening the sign-holding protester... After a group of women try unsuccessfully to steal the protester's sign, a group of men grab onto it and pull him to the ground while the crowd applauds. That's when the video shows the 36-year-old run back toward the fight and punch the sign-holder in the back of the head multiple times.

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Students at Carnegie Mellon say it’s freedom of expression, but the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh calls it inappropriate and disrespectful. At an annual art school parade, a female student dressed up as the pope, and was naked from the waist down while she passed out condoms. Even more, witnesses say the woman had shaved her pubic hair in the shape of a cross.

Ever heard of "furries"? If you haven't, well, let me explain.

Furries are people who really aren't very comfortable in their own skin, so they like to dress up as cartoon character animals and attend conventions and social events with others who feel the same way. This allows them to meet others, socialize, and become friendly.

Very friendly. Very very friendly.

Melvin Jay Reynolds, a former Democrat U.S. Congressman from Illinois, who stepped-down after 12 convictions of statutory rape, obstruction of justice and solicitation of child pornography, had his sentence commuted by Bill Clinton in January 2001. Reynolds is back in jail in Zimbabwe for pornography. While serving his prison term for rape and child pornography, he was also convicted of bank and campaign fraud. Go To Site

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Nashville’s Orlando Shaw, only 33 years old but already the father of 22 children by 14 different women, costs the state more than $7,000 each month to support his kids, News Channel 5 reports... In an interview outside the Metro Courthouse in Nashville, Shaw offered up several gems, including estimating he has “roughly” 18 children and saying, “I play the hell out of the Tennessee lottery.” When asked how he can be a father figure to so many different kids, he replied, “It’s called cell phones.”

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A government website designed for girls ages 10 to 16 offers health advice and information on a wide range of topics, including homosexuality, anal sex and “mutual masturbation.” The Health and Human Services’ includes tips on fitness and nutrition and an “environmental health” section where girls can read about leading a “green” lifestyle. But the site also includes a glossary that explains anal sex and “mutual masturbation” and includes information about birth control and how to access everything from condoms to “emergency contraceptives.”

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People like to read reviews online before buying a car or reserving a hotel room. But one website, http://www.******.net, once based in North Texas, allows users to review the services of local prostitutes. Women actually create profiles on this site and customers can post reviews about their services.

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Gunfire erupted at a Denver pot celebration Saturday, injuring two people and scattering a crowd of thousands at a downtown park after they had just marked the first 4/20 counterculture holiday since the state legalized marijuana.

Paul-Julien Robert grew up on a country estate with dozens of adults; but he had no idea which one was his father. In the European free-love commune, where he was born in the late 1970s, pretty much all of the men had slept with his mother, any of them could be his dad. Founded as a utopia where possessions, childcare, and love were communal, traditional family structures were banned. Paul-Julien was an unwitting participant in a social experiment that would end in police raids and the commune’s architect jailed for having sex with minors. -Nico Hines Go To Site

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Tech Crunch reported that up to $30 million in cash and stocks might be on the line for the app called “Bang With Friends”... The app was launched in January and now has more than 820,000 users who, Business Insider reported a co-founder of the app going by “C” saying, are “down to bang.” C told Business Insider 70 percent of these users are between 18 and 34 years old... BWF believes there is a cultural shift that is happening with the current way people date. C said the BWF app is serving a generation that is more open to the ideal of a no-risk hook-up.

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Robert and Catherine Piece, known in Boulder for stridently defending their right to walk around in public nearly naked, were detained for questioning in Ohio after a waitress overheard Robert Pierce say he was going to “kill Obama and take him down,” according to the Daily Camera. Police found a disassembled .22-caliber rifle in the trunk of the pair’s rental car, along with .22- and .38-caliber ammunition.

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New York City health officials are urging some men to get vaccinated against meningitis amid an outbreak that has sickened 22 New Yorkers and killed seven. The dangerous strain of bacterial meningitis appears to be spreading through sexual encounters between men who meet through websites or smartphone apps, or at bars or parties, according to the City’s health department. More than half of the infected men have had HIV, a virus that attacks the immune system making infections more likely and more severe.

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Amid criticism from the gay rights community, the Associated Press has added a new entry to its Stylebook approving the use of "husband" and "wife" when referencing same-sex marriages.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has decided he wants to sign the state bill allowing same-sex marriage on a desk that belonged to Abraham Lincoln. The desk itself isn’t in Springfield, the state capital. It’s in Chicago, but Quinn is having it shipped south so he can sign the bill not only on Lincoln’s desk but also in the historic site that is the Lincoln-Herndon Law Office, where Lincoln pursued his lawyer’s career from 1843 to 1852. Go To Site

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The King James version of the Bible has been hijacked by gay activists who want to rewrite history. Anonymous editors have published a Bible “friendly to gays,” and have edited eight major verses to fit their narrative. The “Queen James Bible” is available on Amazon and is described as, “A Gay Bible. The Queen James Bible is based on The King James Bible, edited to prevent homophobic misinterpretation.”

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The study surveyed the city’s 181 ZIP codes for rates of HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and hepatitis B, as well as two non-sexually-transmitted diseases – hepatitis C and tuberculosis. The diseases often occur among the same populations, the study noted. The study said 33 percent of all the ZIP codes in New York City were in the top quintile for multiple sexually-transmitted diseases during a survey taken in 2010.

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The chairman of the Nash County Democratic Party is urging people to vote for a candidate for the N.C. Senate 11 seat who was recently arrested on charges of trafficking heroin. Chairman Marvin Arrington said if Clarence Bender is convicted of the felony charges, the local Democratic Party would recommend a solid replacement to fill the seat. “That is our basic strategy. We have no control over what has happened,” he said “The only control we really have is asking voters to go straight party ticket. We want the seat.”

Democrat, Character, Degeneracy

God’s name has been removed from the Democratic National Committee platform. This is the paragraph that was in the 2008 platform: “We need a government that stands up for the hopes, values, and interests of working people, and gives everyone willing to work hard the chance to make the most of their God-given potential.” Now the words “God-given” have been removed. The paragraph has been restructured...

The backbone of society is the married, committed couple who channel their sexuality into making and growing the next generation. Those who do other things are free to make choices, but we as a society have no reason to facilitate their choices, especially their destructive choices. I know people like their free sex, but the expectation that the rest of us will save them from consequences is pathetic. I heartlessly laugh in their face. -Ann Althouse Go To Site

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Researchers found persistent users of the drug, who started smoking it at school, had lower IQ scores as adults. They were also significantly more likely to have attention and memory problems in later life, than their peers who abstained. Furthermore, those who started as teenagers and used it heavily, but quit as adults, did not regain their full mental powers, found academics at King’s College London and Duke University in the US.

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The Parents Television Council (PTC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating parents about television content, has released a new study looking at nudity on prime-time broadcast television which reveals a major increase over the 2011-2012 season. The study found that there were 76 incidents of full nudity on 37 shows compared to 15 incidents in 14 shows the previous ratings season, representing a 407 percent rise in incidents.

Violence, Degeneracy

A drunken, rowdy group of young women stabbed a 63-year-old male straphanger this morning after he had the audacity to suggest they pipe down, authorities said. "The eight females were acting stupid. He just told them, 'Relax, calm down,' '' one police source said. Cops said the victim, whose name they have not released, was first assaulted and then stabbed in the left shoulder about 6:15 a.m. Witnesses pointed out his attackers to cops and all eight women, ages 15 to 20, were arrested leaving the 23rd Street station, officials said.

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The retired contractor said he had never heard of the Occupy Wall Street movement until Occupy D.C. protesters thrown out of their camp downtown took over the house next door. “I don’t even know who these people are. I’ve never seen them before,” Joyner said recently as he stood outside his home on Varnum Street. “They beat bongos. They play guitar. They stay up all night. And they [have sex] on the porch.

Speaking at an event for LGBT Pride Month, President Obama stated that nationalized same-sex marriage needed to be “done now,” adding that he thinks America has already hit the “turning point” on the issue... Obama then stated that he and Vice President Joe Biden were living proof that America can change over a short period of time. Go To Site

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – More than 30 women brawled in the street, all reportedly over Facebook posts... It happened on Grand Avenue and Clay Street when police responded to reports of a large fight with women swinging fists and baseball bats. All suspects had fled by the time officers arrived.

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A New York group that describes itself as “an advocate and resource for people with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer (LGBTQ) parents” has announced a Mother’s Day fundraiser at a Soho sex-toy shop. “Join the queerspawn of COLAGE NYC on Sunday, May 13 for a very gay Mothers’ Day!” says the online invitation to the third annual event, advertised with the slogan ”HOT CHILD IN THE CITY: Flaming Parents Make Hotter Children!”

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Police Constable John George said police boarded the cruise ship and arrested the two men on suspicion of indecent exposure and "buggery," a term equivalent to sodomy on the island. He identified the men as John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, but did not provide their hometowns. George said the men were seen having sex on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship by someone on the dock.

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Of course, one of the reasons children born outside of marriage suffer is the culturally ubiquitous idea that there is something wrong or abnormal about their situation. Once it becomes clear that there is, at least, nothing abnormal about their situation, i.e. when this 53 percent of babies born to women under 30 come of age in the majority, the psychological landscape, at least, will be vastly transformed.

Here’s a novel take in the left’s war on Christ and Christmas: a celebration of sinful behavior. The gay-friendly channel “Logo” – which airs shows such as “RuPaul’s Drag Race” – is lauding their “7 Days of Holiday Sin” with an especially lewd promo. The channel encourages viewers to “Indulge in a new sin every day!” and ends with a list of the seven deadly sins and accompanying images. Predictably, a gay couple making out flashes across the screen to represent “lust.” Go To Site

Liberal, Degeneracy

After steadily rising for five decades, the share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage. The shift is affecting children’s lives. Researchers have consistently found that children born outside marriage face elevated risks of falling into poverty, failing in school or suffering emotional and behavioral problems.

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"They raised it because of the abandoned house next door. They said my house is now being rated up because of the risk of the house next door catching on fire," she said.

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A preschool teacher near the Lake City branch said she doesn't feel safe taking her students to the library. A mother who frequented the Greenwood branch said she once was looking for "puppy books" with her kids, when she saw a man watching "very, very graphic stuff." "Now I don't let my kids wander the aisles at our branch--so sad," the mother said.

Liberal, Sex, Degeneracy

You can’t eat, sleep, look like you’re sleeping, be barefoot, be too stinky or talk too loudly. But you can watch graphic porn on a public computer in front of kids. Despite repeated complaints from female patrons about men watching porn in full view of their children, the library has held fast to its policy of unfettered online access for grown-ups.

More children are now being born outside of marriage, according to a new study by the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values. The report focuses on what it calls "middle-America," the nearly 60 percent of Americans who complete high school but not college. Among that group, 44 percent of children are now born outside of marriage. That's up from 13 percent in the 1980s. Go To Site

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Demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street movement threw condoms on Catholic schoolgirls, refused to allow a Catholic priest to give a closing prayer, and shouted down a pro-life speaker at a Rhode Island right to life rally on Thursday, according to its organizer. The event marked the third time protesters associated with the movement have disrupted a pro-life meeting in a week.

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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Vietnam veteran who lost his eye while serving his country was violently beaten during a random attack by a group of teens on a Philadelphia street earlier this week.


Her story backs up other survivor claims that it was a case of every man, woman and child for themselves of the £390m vessel after it ran aground. Fights broke out to get into the lifeboats, men refused to prioritise women, expectant mothers and children as they pushed themselves forward to escape.

Liberal, Degeneracy, Protest, Metaphor

WASHINGTON - One of the two hot food tents at the Occupy D.C. sites has closed down after a visit Tuesday by inspectors from the D.C. Department of Health. Protestors at McPherson Square voluntarily shut down their kitchen after the visit. "You can't even cross the [park because of] the smell," declared David Abecassis, who works in a hair salon which overlooks the park. Even some of the demonstrators are concerned about the apparent increase in the rat population.

The New York Post reports today that New York City’s trendiest areas are also the city’s worst for sexually transmitted diseases. A new study from the Department of Health shows that areas like SoHo and the Upper West Side are an order of magnitude higher than the city average in terms of syphilis transmission. Those areas are also, not coincidentally, the most liberal areas of the city. Go To Site


In the video (posted below), the rat runs across the aisle and climbs up onto seats, before eventually crawling up the leg of a sleeping man and onto his face.

Bill Whittle's Firewall:

The Most Shameful Injustice

Bill Whittle shows what four, five, six, seven or more decades of Death by Democrats has done to our nation's cities.

Violence, Degeneracy

Several witnesses said the melee had elements of a "smash and grab" flash mob, including heavy use of cellphones. They said those creating the disturbance numbered in the hundreds and some knocked down shoppers and grabbed items from kiosks and shoppers.

Sex, Degeneracy

Hof, 65, is the present owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. But now, he is opening up a new venture, a sci-fi-themed bordello situated 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas. The venture will be called “Alien Cathouse.”

Violence, Greed

PINEVILLE, NC (WBTV) – Dozens of police officers had to break up fights and restore order at a local mall while shoppers were waiting for an overnight sale of a popular basketball shoe.

Evangelical pastor and author John MacArthur said that the Democratic Party has “adopted the sins of Romans 1 as their platform." “And as you know,” MacArthur told his Southern California congregation on Sept. 30, “I’m not one to talk about politics as such, but I was essentially amazed that one of the historic parties here in the United States adopted the sins of Romans 1 as their platform. This is a new day in our country. Go To Site

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( - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has written a letter to White House Press Secrtary Jay Carney rebuking him for "flippantly" dismissing a question he was asked at Monday's press briefing about last week's Senate vote approving a bill that would repeal the military's ban on bestiality.

Sex, Degeneracy

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) - The accelerated pace of cyber courtship is getting part of the blame for an increase in sexually transmitted diseases... Based a national CDC study, Walker estimates that one in three women in the city may be infected with chlamydia.

Degeneracy, Assault

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — This crime was once considered rare: New York City bus drivers assaulted by people who spit on them. But it’s so commonplace today, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering a plan to collect saliva samples from the scene of each disgusting crime to catch the spitters, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

World War Memorial Vandalized

F--- White People!!

This will win friends and converts to your cause. For sure.

Sex, Degeneracy

OCTOBER 25--A Pennsylvania couple is facing an assortment of criminal charges for having sex on a city bus, carnal activity that was captured by the vehicle’s surveillance camera. According to a police criminal complaint, Amanda Confer, 24, boarded the bus on a Friday afternoon in late-August. She was “accompanied by her infant daughter,” a detective reported.

"What would we have done if FDR had not been our leader because he had an affair with Lucy Mercer? Think of the productive years that Clinton could have had if Monica Lewinsky hadn't derailed them. We've got to figure out a way that we give a private sphere for our public leaders. We're not gonna get the best people in public life if we don't do that." -Doris Kearns-Goodwin Go To Site

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"They are defecating on our doorsteps," fumed Catherine Hughes, a member of Community Board 1 and a stay at home mom who has the misfortune of living one block from the chaos. "A lot of people are very frustrated. A lot of people are concerned about the safety of our kids."

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But as the protest ground on for a 23rd day, it was evident that there were challenges. Zuccotti Park smelled like an open sewer -- with people urinating and defecating in public. And some couples have taken advantage of the free condoms distributed by organizers to do the nasty in full view of other protesters. “It kinda makes me think of what Woodstock must have been like,” said one protester, Sarah, 19 from the Upper West Side. “I haven’t hooked up with any guys ... but one of my friends did have sex in a tarp with a guy last night.”

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This are the shocking scenes that have led some people to accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters living rough in New York's financial district of creating unsanitary and filthy conditions. Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car. Elsewhere we found piles of stinking refuse clogging Zucotti Park, despite the best efforts of many of the protestors to keep the area clean. The shocking images demonstrate the extent to which conditions have deteriorated as demonstrations in downtown Manhattan enter their fourth week.


New London — The city turned off the water at the new whale tail fountain over the weekend after someone reportedly defecated in the water. "People are using the tail as a latrine,'' Evelyn Louziotis said. "It's an $11 million bathroom."

President Obama today announced that he now supports same-sex marriage, reversing his longstanding opposition amid growing pressure from the Democratic base and even his own vice president. Go To Site

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A Metro rider found an unpleasant surprise on his daily commute at the Franconia-Springfield station on Monday: human feces smeared on the pedestrian bridge into the station. And making matters worse, it was still there Tuesday and Wednesday. No one had cleaned it up. Austin Lasseter said he spoke to the Metro station manager on Monday, then each day thereafter. But she told Lasseter it wasn't Metro's problem. The stairs belong to Virginia Railway Express even though it was on the Metro side of the bridge.

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They respond only to instinctive animal impulses — to eat and drink, have sex, seize or destroy the accessible property of others.

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The official concertgoer death toll remained at two, but two more killed on their way home to Chicago when the driver of their car fell asleep on the Gov. Thomas E. Dewey Thruway near Schuyler, N.Y. Officials said a total of 2,000 people had been treated at the hospital unit built for the festival and 4,000 more in first-aid tents for conditions ranging from bad drug reactions to a spinal injury. The 24 people arrested in connection with the event included a 35-year-old man from Orlando, Fla., who was charged with attempted rape.

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A councilman in Seattle is reportedly opposed to hosing sidewalks that reek of excrement near a local courthouse because he fears that it might be racially insensitive...

  Councilmember Larry Gossett “said he didn’t like the idea of power-washing the sidewalks because it brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.”

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