Have you noticed that for every problem, we get the same prescriptions for empowering elites and raising taxes?

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Poor people have been voting for Democrats for the last fifty years... and they are still poor. -Charles Barkley Go To Site

Here’s a humdinger: despite everything that’s happened, Detroit is still going ahead with its plan to build a $450 million taxpayer-funded sports arena. One might might think that the largest municipal bankruptcy filing in US history might put Detroit’s leaders into a period of modesty and introspection. One would be wrong. -Walter Russell Mead Go To Site

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New mortgage rules issued last week by the administration will have the effect of forcing lenders to approve prime loans to borrowers who would normally only qualify for subprime loans carrying higher interest rates and fees to cover the added risk of default. Banks are already under renewed pressure from federal prosecutors and regulators to make home loans to low-income borrowers with blemished credit as part of the administration's stepped-up enforcement of anti-redlining laws.

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Paul Krugman, a liberal economist and New York Times columnist, said increased government spending is key to economic recovery. During an interview on Friday on “Moyers & Company,” on PBS, Bill Moyers asked, “And you argue that this could actually be solved in two years?”

Liberals Higher in Average Neuroticism Than Conservatives...

  The results are also consistent with another study using American data (and which I discussed in an earlier blog post) that found that people on the extreme political left reported higher rates of having mental disorders than people on the right.

  As I noted, research on the “Big Five” traits of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness to experience has found that people identifying as politically liberal tend to be higher on openness to experience and neuroticism and lower on conscientiousness than their conservative counterparts (Fatke, 2017; Gerber et al., 2011).