Mark Kovach, vice president of the firefighters’ union, said he is “appalled” at suggestions that the fires could have been set for political gain. Go To Site

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Two companies that operate senior-care facilities have filed a federal racketeering lawsuit against local SEIU chapters accusing them of engaged in a long-term pattern of "criminal sabotage, intimidation and other acts of extortion" in connection with an ongoing labor-contract dispute. The alleged criminal sabotage occurred at three of the facilities and purportedly included union workers switched IDs on Alzheimer patients before the walkout. In addition, the suit alleges personal attacks against one of the indirect owners of the two companies, Daniel E. Straus, to "intimidate him by invading his privacy, harassing him and impeding business and philanthropic activities" unrelated to the two companies, according to a joint press release by the companies.

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A longshore union protester was arrested Monday morning outside the EGT grain terminal gates at the Port of Longview for allegedly damaging a contractor's vehicle driving inside, Cowlitz County sheriff's deputies said.

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Embattled nursing home workers tried to stem the damage Friday from allegations of sabotage, saying they were outraged by the accusations and remained committed to improving the quality of patient care. Although stopping short of saying that the allegations had no merit, workers at a union press conference said they were stunned by charges that in the hours before a one-day strike on March 20, patient ID bracelets and ``Do Not Resuscitate'' stickers were removed, diabetics were given chocolate and some residents were told they'd be killed or poisoned by replacement workers... Sullivan said that "a few bad apples" shouldn't hurt the union's credibility any more than a few bad nursing home owners should ruin that industry's reputation.

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``There is no doubt while some of the acts in question are crimes of nuisance and mischief, others could have had an effect resulting in seriously jeopardizing the [nursing home] residents' health and safety,'' the prosecutor's report said. Mr. Bailey's investigators looked at evidence and information reported by 10 homes and found that equipment and sterile medical supplies had been tampered with, patient identification bracelets were removed, drugs were missing and a door to a supply room containing oxygen had been glued shut. The removal of identification bracelets from patients apparently was the most pervasive act of sabotage -- and could have had the most dangerous consequences because replacement workers would not know the patients. The bracelets are key to ensuring that patients get the right food and medicine.

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Verizon employees looking to make a statement while on strike used chains and locks to prevent replacement workers from leaving a company office in Dormont on Wednesday. Local police and fire crews had to be called to remove the bolts from the facility on Pioneer Avenue.

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Verizon Communications Inc. reported a dozen cases of sabotaged cable lines and warned of delays in repairs and customer service on the second day of a strike involving about 45,000 employees. “This could be a dangerous situation if people need to reach fire, police, or emergency responders and can’t use their phone,’’ said Phil Santoro, a spokesman for Verizon.

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A union official is facing criminal charges after allegedly threatening MLA Jenny Kwan, her husband and their children and throwing feces onto the family’s roof, according to court documents filed Friday.

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FLINT, Michigan — City officials suspect arsonists with a political bent were trying to scare residents after nine vacant homes were torched over a 20-hour span.

The rash of fires was worse than the city has seen on Devil’s Night in recent years, a night typically considered the worst night for arsons in Flint all year.

The fires started Wednesday about 30 minutes after Flint Mayor Dayne Walling announced that 23 firefighters would no longer be on the job starting Thursday morning.