Michael Peter Paige's son at his grave

Victims Of The American Left

Maimed and murdered by the radical Left, all in the name of peace and love.

In December of 1974, Horowitz’s friend Betty Van Patter was murdered by the Black Panthers. The event rocked Horowitz to the core, since both he and Van Patter were among the forefront of the legions of left-wing supporters of the Panthers. To his horror, Horowitz discovered that the left didn’t care, that it viewed human life as dispensable in its quest for utopia. -Spyridon Mitsotakis Go To Site

The aging actor/director appeared on Tuesday's Good Morning America and endorsed the violent actions of protest groups. Reminiscing on his own past, the liberal Hollywood star recounted, "When I was younger, I was very much aware of the movement. I was more than sympathetic, I was probably empathetic because I believed it was time for a change."

  After Stephanopoulos wondered, "Even when you read about bombings," Redford responded, "All of it. I knew that it was extreme and I guess movements have to be extreme to some degree. Go To Site

Oughton died in the Greenwich Village townhouse explosion in New York City, when a nail bomb she was constructing with Terry Robbins, to be used that evening at a dance for noncommissioned officers and their dates at the Fort Dix, New Jersey Army base, to "bring the [Vietnam] war home", detonated, destroying the building and killing her, Robbins, and Ted Gold. Go To Site

If abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell is found guilty of homicide, he will be unique among murderers-for-hire: He set his fees based on weight. “The bigger the baby, the more he charged,” a grand jury explained. It recommended he be charged with eight counts of murder — one patient, seven babies. Go To Site

Until just a few years ago, Brett Kimberlin was a convicted drug dealer and terrorist doing 51 years in federal prison for planting eight roadside bombs in the town of Speedwell, Indiana. The last of those bombs left a man so severely disfigured that he committed suicide a few years later. Go To Site

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Early on a Monday morning in 1975, a middle-aged woman named Myrna Opsahl walked into a Carmichael, California bank. Moments later, masked robbers burst in, announcing a holdup. When Opsahl made a sudden movement, they opened fire. The robbers escaped with $15,000, leaving Opsahl bleeding to death on the floor. It would take over 25 years, but the innocent bystander would become a nagging reminder of the Symbionese Liberation Army's pointless violence, and an icon for those in the post-9/11 world who sought to bring terrorists to justice.

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Rackley was a rootless 19-year-old who had come north from Jacksonville, Florida, to New York City and joined up with the party. The party transported him to New Haven, where he underwent torture and interrogation in a fruitless effort to weed out spies in an organization that was a target of continuous infiltration and disruption by the FBI. Two days after a tape-recorded show trial in Ethan Gardens, the Panthers shot Rackley to death. Someone in the party thought Rackley was a spy. Or that he knew who the spies were who helped lead law enforcement to arrest 21 party members in New York for plotting an alleged bomb attack.

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As union president, Trumka ordered more than 17,000 workers to walk off their jobs. He was determined, among other things, to ensure that nobody would find work in a mine without paying dues or agency fees to the union. He explicitly told strikers to "kick the shit out of" employees and mine operators resisting union demands. UMW enforcers obliged him. They vandalized homes, fires shots at a mine office, and cut power to another mine, temporarily trapping 93 miners underground. Worse yet, a union goon on July 22, 1993 murdered heavy equipment operator Eddie York, a nonunion contractor, shooting him in the back of the head in his pickup truck as he drove past strikers at a Logan County, West Virginia work site.

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Despite being wounded, Officer Thompson was able to return fire and wound the suspect he had originally stopped. He was assigned to Transit District 12. Both suspects were members of the Black Liberation Army and were apprehended several days later.

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Trooper Werner Foerster was shot and killed with his own weapon after stopping a female on the New Jersey Turnpike. His partner was wounded in the shootout. The two suspects were members of the Black Liberation Army. Both suspects were convicted of Trooper Foerster's murder, but the female suspect escaped from prison in 1979 with outside help and fled to Cuba where she has remained at large.

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Officer Gregory Foster and Officer Rocco Laurie were assassinated by members of the Black Liberation Army while walking their patrol beat on Avenue B and East 11th Street in the 9th Precinct.

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Officer Rocco Laurie and Officer Gregory Foster were assassinated by members of the Black Liberation Army while walking their patrol beat on Avenue B and East 11th Street in the 9th Precinct. As they were walking down the street, three or four suspects walked pass them, spun around, and opened fire, shooting them in their backs.

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Officer Jim Greene, working a one man unit, was assassinated while on patrol. Officer Greene was taking a break and seated in his police van at a closed gas station when the incident occurred. The suspects, two Black Liberation Army members, approached the unsuspecting officer. While one asked him a question, the other shot him numerous times.

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Sergeant John Young was shot and killed inside the Ingleside District Police Station. The suspects fired between five and ten shotgun blasts, killing Sergeant Young and wounding a civilian employee of the department. Both gunmen then fled the station house and into a waiting getaway car. Both suspects were later determined to be members of the Black Liberation Army.

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Twenty Black Liberation Army members had left New York City in early August and rented a farmhouse in Fayetteville, Georgia, where they conducted a guerrilla warfare school for one month. To fund the operation they held up a liquor store, during which, they killed Officer Kaylor. Officer Kaylor had served in the United States Air force and is buried in Union Baptist Church Cemetery, Mineral bluff, Fannin County, Georgia.

I remember the old SDS Weatherman song about Richard Elrod, the City Attorney who tackled Weathermen Brian Sullican ... during the days-of-rage leaving Elrod badly injured. It was sung to the tune of Lay-Lady-Lay .. and went, "Lay Elrod Lay Lay in Iron Lung, Stay Elrod stay, Stay in your bed a while", and then went into some refrain about the People's Army being a push over or something. Pretty ugly song sung by some ugly people. -Bill Baar Go To Site

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Officer Donald Sager was shot and killed and his partner was seriously wounded as they sat in their patrol car writing a report. Three men, members of the radical Black Panthers, walked up behind and on each side of the patrol car and opened fire with automatic handguns. Officer Sager was killed instantly and his partner was hit four times.

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Sergeant Edward J. O'Grady, Jr., Nyack Police Department, New York: Sergeant Edward O'Grady and Officer Waverly Brown were shot and killed by heavily armed members of a domestic terrorist group, the Weather Underground, who had just robbed a bank and were attempting to escape... Sergeant O'Grady was a Vietnam War veteran. He is survived by his wife and three children. He is buried in Saint Anthony's Church Cemetery, Nanuet, Rockland County, New York.

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Kathy Boudin, an occupant of the U-Haul, complained to the police that their guns made her nervous. Apparently, thinking they had the wrong U-Haul, the police stowed their weapons and shotgun. At that moment the rear of the U-Haul flew open and half a dozen heavily armed killers jumped out, each with military-style fully automatic weapons. Police Officer Waverly Brown was hit immediately and died at the scene.

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The Brink's robbery of 1981 was an armed robbery committed on October 20, 1981, which was carried out by Black Liberation Army members Jeral Wayne Williams (aka Mutulu Shakur), Donald Weems (aka Kuwasi Balagoon), Samuel Brown (aka Solomon Bouines), Samuel Smith, Nathaniel Burns (aka Sekou Odinga), and Cecilio "Chui" Ferguson; several former members of the Weather Underground, now belonging to the May 19th Communist Organization, including David Gilbert, Judith Alice Clark, Kathy Boudin, and Marilyn Buck; and an unknown number of accomplices.[1] They stole $1.6 million from a Brink's armored car at the Nanuet Mall, in Nanuet, New York, killing two police officers, Edward O'Grady and Waverly Brown (the second African American member of the Nyack, New York police department) and a Brink's guard, Peter Paige. -Wikipedia

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February 16, 1970 San Francisco Police Department Park Station bombing: Robert Fogarty, another police officer, was severely wounded in his face and legs and was partially blinded.

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This a a photo of Brian V. McDonnell, a San Francisco policeman who was killed by shrapnel from a bomb set on a ledge at the San Francisco Police Department on February 16, 1970. Brian died of his injuries two days later on February 18... Larry Grathwohl, an FBI mole within the Weathermen, connected Ayers to the planning — and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn, to the execution– of a police station bombing in San Francisco in February 1970 that killed one officer and injured two others.

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In the worst incident, Kimberlin placed one of his bombs in a gym bag, and left it in a parking lot outside Speedway High School. Carl DeLong was leaving the high school football game with his wife when he attempted to pick up the bag and it exploded. The blast tore off his lower right leg and two fingers, and embedded bomb fragments in his wife’s leg. He was hospitalized for six weeks, during which he was forced to undergo nine operations to complete the amputation of his leg, reattach two fingers, repair damage to his inner ear, and remove bomb fragments from his stomach, chest, and arm. In February 1983, he committed suicide.

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The window-breaking spree through a two-block section of Chicago's Madison St., the conclusion to four days of demonstrations, brought the total number of arrests to more than 250 and the number of police injured to 50. Most seriously injured was Chicago asst. corporation counsel Richard J. Elrod, who had spent the four days on the street gathering information for prosecution of the arrested students. Elrod was paralyzed from the neck down Sunday after he was smashed against a wall and beaten with a pipe by one of the demonstrators, police said.

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Officer John Scarangella succumbed to gunshot wounds received two weeks earlier when he and his partner were shot by heavily armed gunmen during a traffic stop. Both suspects were one-time members of the Black Liberation Army.

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Patrolmen Joseph Piagentini and Waverly Jones were shot and killed in the 32nd Precinct when they were ambushed by members of the Black Liberation Army. As the two patrolmen were returning to their cruiser at approximately 2200 hours, three suspects snuck up behind them and opened fire. Patrolman Jones was struck in the back of the head and killed instantly. Patrolman Piagentini was shot 13 times and succumbed to his injuries en route to the hospital.

“ALL OF IT,” said Robert Redford, when asked if he supported the bombings by The Weather Underground.

-Ed Driscoll Go To Site

Susan Rosenberg was a terrorist in the early 1980s. Like her Weathermen comrades, she would have killed many people had she been a more competent terrorist.

  She was a fugitive plotting more bombings when she and a co-conspirator were captured in New Jersey, armed to the gills and toting over 700 pounds of dynamite. At her sentencing, she proclaimed, “Long live the armed struggle” against “U.S. imperialism.”

  Her only regret was that she hadn’t shot it out with the police who arrested her.

-Andrew C. McCarthy Go To Site