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Campus Free Speech

From sidewalk-sized “free-speech zones” to the criminalization of microaggressions, America’s college campuses look and feel a lot more like an authoritarian dictatorship than they do the academic hubs of the modern free world. -Cliff Maloney, Jr.

Wellesley College made news last month when professors declared “speakers with ‘objectionable’ views are not only offensive to students, but actually diminish their liberty.”

  Now, the student newspaper at the elite private college has taken it a step further – justifying violence against anyone who “either continue to speak hate speech or refuse to adapt their beliefs” to accepted progressive norms, saying “then hostility may be warranted.” -Derek Hunter Go To Site

CLASSIC liberalism exalted tolerance, reflected in a line often (and probably wrongly) attributed to Voltaire: “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” On university campuses, that is sometimes updated to: “I disapprove of what you say, so shut up.” -Nicholas Kristof, The Liberal Blind Spot Go To Site

I am told that of course students can support Trump and say so, but that “Make America Great Again” is hate speech, despite simply being the slogan of the campaign that they just said students have the right to support. -Fredrik deBoer Go To Site

Protests demand the school president apologize for signs that say “free speech” died at Mizzou. Then they want her to find the offenders and teach them tolerance. -Katie Zavadski Go To Site

"I personally am tired of hearing that First Amendment rights protect students when they are creating a hostile and unsafe learning environment for myself and for other students here." -University of Missouri student Brenda Smith-Lezama Go To Site

The root of nearly every free speech infringement on campuses across the country is that someone—almost always a liberal—has been offended or has sniffed out a potential offense in the making. Then, the silencing campaign begins. The offender must be punished, not just for justice’s sake, but also to send the message to anyone else on campus that should he or she stray off the leftist script, they too might find themselves investigated, harassed, ostracized, or even expelled. -Kirsten Powers Go To Site

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An Iowa State University instructor’s syllabus warned students that anti-Black Lives Matter and pro-life viewpoints are “grounds for dismissal.”

  Instructor Chloe Clark’s English 250 syllabus includes a “giant warning” advising students that only certain views would be permitted during her classes. “I take this seriously,” she notes at the end of the warning.

  “The same goes for any papers/projects,” Clark’s statement continues, “you cannot choose any topic that takes at its base that one side doesn’t deserve the same basic human rights as you do (i.e. no arguments against gay marriage, abortion, Black Lives Matter, etc.)”

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This year, Princeton University’s annual Constitution Day Lecture contended that “the academy has never promoted free speech as a central value.”

  The lecture, given by Prof. Carolyn Rouse, Chair of the Department of Anthropology and Director of the Program in African Studies, was entitled “F%*# Free Speech: An Anthropologist’s Take on Campus Speech Debates.”...

  "...Put simply, speech is costly,” she said. “So, contrary to the ACLU’s statement on their website regarding the role of free speech on college campuses, the academy has never promoted free speech as its central value.”

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An emergency investigation at Saint Louis University (SLU) continues this week after a student objected to an opinion piece in the Catholic university’s student newspaper that questioned the blanket acceptance of same-sex marriage, The College Fix reports. It asked “what makes zoophilia so wrong but same-sex marriage normal?”

  The unsigned op-ed has prompted a student petition demanding that The University News immediately commence a “restorative justice process” that would entail staff resignations, diversity training and the promulgation of a “queer column.” The newspaper will submit to the restorative justice, has already scheduled LGBT “Safe Zone” training and will see about finding a place for the queer column.

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A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse employee fired for telling a co-worker that she supported President Donald Trump’s immigration policies could be back on the job soon, Wisconsin Watchdog has learned... “She felt Trump was doing the correct thing by keeping terrorists out of the United States. She felt that those immigrants should go back where they came from.” “She was terminated because of her political speech in support of President Trump.”

Gavin McInnes Attacked at NYU

Liberals Violently Shut Down Free Speech In Academia


Berkeley Anti-Free Speech Riot: February 2017

Free speech is shut down in academia by leftists, using extreme violence. Shame on Berkeley.

It would astonish the people who ran higher education institutions a half-century ago — and to the faculty who formed the American Association of University Professors exactly a century ago — that colleges and universities are now the part of our society where there is the least freedom of speech. -Michael Barone Go To Site

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A pro-Trump rally at Penn State University went south when counter-protesters harassed their Trump-supporting classmates and vandalized their campaign signs... A video of the event shows protesters tearing down pro-Trump campaign signs and tearing them to pieces while Trump supporters explained that they were simply trying to peacefully promote their candidate.

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A public university in Louisiana has a speech code that permits students to express their beliefs freely for two hours per week at three predetermined locations. The Northwestern State University policy requires students to apply 24-48 hours in advance before holding a public demonstration or assembly, and limits such activities to “one, 2-hour time period every 7 days, commencing on Monday.”

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The vice president of the University of Houston Student Government Association (SGA) has been suspended after a furious reaction to her social media posting that #AllLivesMatter. University of Houston (UofH) SGA Vice President Rohini Sethi received a 55-day suspension along with other disciplinary actions from the student government board after she made a Facebook post that said, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like #AllLivesMatter.”

Seeking Counseling


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A student-body political coalition swept a recent election at the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga (UTC) and is now calling for the resignation of a senator because of her open support of Donald Trump. Hailey Puckett, the senator in question, participated in a chalking campaign on her campus during which she and her peers scrawled pro-Trump messages on the sidewalks of UTC’s campus.

“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.” -Dr. Melissa Click, University of Missouri Go To Site

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The University of California (UC) Board of Regents has been at the center of a months-long debate over its problematic “Statement of Principles Against Intolerance,” proposed to combat bigotry on campus. Last week, a group of UC student body presidents stoked concerns about the policy by a publishing a statement asking that concerns about free speech not “distract” from the Regents’ mission to foster inclusiveness on UC campuses.

A group of Harvard professors who criticized the campus rape documentary “The Hunting Ground” are being menaced with the possibility of a Title IX sexual harassment investigation intended to silence their criticisms.

  Last Friday, further evidence that activists are seeking to use the federal government to silence critics emerged in an article written by Harvard professor Jeannie Suk for The New Yorker. Suk, who signed November’s open letter, said a high-level administrator at Harvard told her several people inquired about filing a Title IX complaint against the professors.

  American universities have been described as islands of intolerance in a sea of freedom.

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A video that showed University of Missouri protesters restricting a student photographer’s access to a public area of campus on Monday ignited discussions about press freedom...

  As the video nears its end, the person taking the video, Mark Schierbecker, emerged from the scrum and approached a woman, later identified as an assistant professor of mass media, Melissa Click, close to the tents. When he revealed that he was a journalist, Ms. Click appeared to grab at his camera. She then yelled, “Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.”

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Students at Yale on Saturday protested—and in one case disrupted—an event held by the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program that was designed to highlight the importance of freedom of speech. According to a report in the Yale Daily News “several attendees were spat on” by the protestors.

  "According to Buckley fellows present during the conference, several attendees were spat on as they left. One Buckley fellow said he was spat on and called a racist. Another, who is a minority himself, said he has been labeled a 'traitor' by several fellow minority students. Both asked to remain anonymous because they were afraid of attracting backlash."

Professor Melissa Click

University of Missouri


“Who wants to help me get this reporter out of here? I need some muscle over here.

University campuses are now home to a plethora of speech restrictions. From sidewalk-sized “free-speech zones” to the criminalization of microaggressions, America’s college campuses look and feel a lot more like an authoritarian dictatorship than they do the academic hubs of the modern free world. -Cliff Maloney, Jr. Go To Site

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Students at Wesleyan University are urging the student government there to defund the campus newspaper, The Wesleyan Argus, after it published an opinion essay written by a writer for the newspaper criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement. Calling the effort a boycott, the organizers also encouraged students to toss out copies of the newspaper that they find on campus.

  The petition also demanded that the newspaper release a monthly report on allocation of funds and its leadership structure, require social justice and diversity training each semester, and devote "open spaces dedicated to marginalized groups/voices" on the front page of the newspaper.

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School administrators and campus police at Blinn College threatened to kick a student off campus for trying to sign up her peers for a new conservative club. Nicole Sanders, a sophomore at Blinn, was only outside on her school’s public campus for a little more than an hour holding two signs and informing others about the new Young Americans for Liberty club she is attempting to start. Although Sanders was in the school’s designated free speech zone, Rich told the student and her friend that they would be prohibited from continuing their efforts to sign other students up unless they got permission.

Rutgers: "There Is No Such Thing As Free Speech"

Academic fascism. Shut up about it.

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A tenured Marquette University political science professor has been officially barred from campus and suspended for writing a blog post criticizing a philosophy instructor who refused to allow a conservative student to debate the topic of gay marriage in her classroom. The suspended professor, John McAdams, received a letter on Tuesday from Richard Holz, the dean of the Wisconsin school, informing him of his suspension.

“I’d plummeted into an underground world of secret tribunals and capricious, medieval rules, and I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about it.”

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Speaking during a U.S. Commission on Civil Rights (USCCR) briefing on sexual harassment law in education, Democrat Michael Yaki likened restricting free speech on college campuses to the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2005 decision to ban the death penalty for minors. “Certain factors in how the juvenile or adolescent or young adult brain processes information is vastly different from the way that we adults do,” Yaki said according to a transcript from Eugene Volokh, a law professor and publisher of the blog, The Volokh Conspiracy, who also testified at the briefing.

William Felkner, a self-identified “conservative libertarian,” studied social work at Rhode Island College, a state school. His views unsurprisingly clashed with those of his professors, who consider the social work course – and the profession itself – to be “devoted to the value of social and economic justice.”

  In keeping with this philosophy, one of his professors assigned him to lobby the state legislature for a progressive bill.

  Felkner refused to speak against his beliefs by lobbying in favor of progressive legislation. His term paper instead reflected his honest opinion of the bill. As a result, his professor gave him a failing grade and Felkner ultimately never completed the program.

-Ilya Shapiro and Patrick Moran
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“Today, on many campuses, it is liberals trying to repress conservative ideas, even as conservative faculty members are at risk of becoming an endangered species” -Michael Bloomberg

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The free speech wall included everything from pro-pot speech, to inspiring quotes, to the Star Wars fan rallying cry “Han shot first!” And, of course, it included a large dose of collegiate swearing. When Professor Kirk spotted the anti-Obama comment, he confronted Morgan Freeman, the president of SHSU Lovers of Liberty, demanding that it be removed. As Freeman explains in FIRE’s video, she refused to censor the university-approved wall. Kirk then took it upon himself to procure a box cutter, return to the wall, and slice out the word “F---.”

Liberal Tolerance in Action...

UNC Discriminates Against A Conservative


Image: Legal Insurrection

March 2014: Jury finds Professor Michael Adams’ “speech activity [was] a substantial or motivating factor in the defendants’ decision to not promote”.

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Officials at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington have been ordered to pay a teacher $50,000 in back pay and promote him to a full professorship, backdated to 2007, for discriminating against him over his Christian perspectives. The ruling from Senior U.S. District Judge Malcolm Howard comes in the case of Christian professor Mike Adams, who had faced retaliation, according to the jury, for his conservative views expressed in opinion columns, books and speeches.

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Modesto Junior College in California told a student that he could not pass out copies of the United States Constitution outside the student center on September 17, 2013—Constitution Day. Captured on video, college police and administrators demanded that Robert Van Tuinen stop passing out Constitution pamphlets and told him that he would only be allowed to pass them out in the college’s tiny free speech zone, and only after scheduling it several days or weeks ahead of time.

An Academic Confronts Pro-Life Dissent

Tolerance. Diversity. Academia.

(Video warning - liberal use of language)

"I'm stronger so I was able to take the poster." -Professor Miller-Young, 3/4/2014

Violence against women.

Image: The College Fix

The elevator doors closed. Professor Young let go of Thrin, leaving several scratches on her arms, and got on another elevator. Then the police arrived. The police did not seem overly concerned about the incident until they saw the video and realized how violent the professor had been...

Nicholas and Erika Christakis, whose defense of free expression sparked protests at Yale University last fall, have resigned amid reports of students refusing to accept diplomas from Nicholas. -Peter Fricke Go To Site

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An official at Sonoma State University ordered a student working at a freshman orientation fair to remove or hide a cross necklace on two separate occasions. The unnamed official feared that other students could be offended by the two-inch-long symbol of Christianity.

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I want to inform the community that I have placed Dr. Angela McCaskill on paid administrative leave effective immediately. It recently came to my attention that Dr. McCaskill has participated in a legislative initiative that some feel is inappropriate for an individual serving as Chief Diversity Officer; however, other individuals feel differently.

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A conservative student was denied entry into a rally featuring First Lady Michelle Obama at the University of Florida on Wednesday because he was wearing a t-shirt in support of Republican John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) 2007 campaign for the White House. Matt Pesek, the student, said he had a ticket for the event but was pulled out of the line by an Obama staffer who said the speech was for supporters only.

Banning The Criticism Of Faculty, Departments, And Programs ...

  Perhaps one of the few benefits of the COVID-19 pandemic is that it has imposed a “digital transparency” on many events that previously took place in secret and now can be recorded using conferencing technology such as Zoom.

  This is the case with a March 1, 2021 meeting of the Portland State faculty senate, at which an egregious example of the New Censorship occurred.

  The senate passed a resolution banning the criticism of faculty, departments, and programs and also planned additional restrictions on the academic freedoms of the “unwoke.”

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A Western Kentucky University art professor and her student are defending what pro-life students are calling an act of desecration and vandalism after the student draped hundreds of condoms on top of crosses displayed in a pro-life exhibit. The crosses were part of a university-sanctioned display by Hilltopper’s For Life. A member of the group actually captured student Elaina Smith as she and another person placed condoms on many of the 3,700 crosses. She reportedly told the pro-lifers that the desecration was part of a class art project. Smith was asked to stop and when she refused, they called Western Kentucky’s campus police. The police refused to stop the cross desecration, telling the pro-life students that it was a First Amendment issue.

DePaul University will no longer allow students to chalk political messages on the sidewalks of its campus because of the “offensive, hurtful, and divisive” nature of pro-Trump chalking found on campus last week. Go To Site

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But the overflow crowd outside wasn’t able to hear many such remarks by Gingrich. As he began to speak, Led Zeppelin music began blaring from Blessey Hall next door. Prof. [Karen] Johannesson admitted to The Daily Caller that the music was her doing. “That fatass. … I don’t care if he comes to talk, but I don’t think I should have to listen.” As Gingrich emerged from the back of the Richardson Hall to leave, Johannesson cried, “Boo! Go home!”

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Some students at UW-Oshkosh say they felt forced to show up at a rally at UW-Oshkosh. Some claimed they felt pressure from most of their professors to participate in campus rallies against the budget bill. Some students who don't agree with the protest also were upset their classes were canceled - a move against university policy.

"People are no longer burned at the stake for their views: they simply fail to get tenure, or, if they are students, they flunk the course."

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The College Republican email, which was sent to the entire University of Iowa Community, had been approved by a number of university officials before being sent out. Lewin responded to email by writing, “#*@% [F-Word] YOU, REPUBLICANS” from her official university email account.

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The first administrator was followed by another administrator, who told the students that the university could use “time, place and manner” rules to determine that they were not allowed to pass out flags there without a permit. This administrator was followed by yet another administrator who claimed that the First Amendment meant “free speech in a designated time, place, and manner.”

Blogging can be dangerous to your livelihood—or at least it can at Marquette University, where a professor may lose his job for expressing the wrong political views. Go To Site

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A federal judge has ruled in favor of a public university that removed a Christian student from its graduate program in school counseling over her belief that homosexuality is morally wrong.

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A federal judge ruled in favor of a public university who removed a Christian student over her belief that homosexuality is morally wrong. The decision, according to Julea Ward’s attorneys, could result in Christian students across the country being expelled from public university for similar views.

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The case of a former Eastern Michigan University student kicked out of a counseling program after declining to counsel a gay client has reached a settlement, according to university officials. The former graduate student Julea Ward will be given a $75,000 settlement from the university. Ward was kicked out of the university's counseling program after she refused to affirm a gay client’s relationship during a practicum. Ward said she believes homosexuality is immoral and being gay is a choice and she could not in good conscience counsel the client.

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About 200 protesters reconvened outside the building. "We shut him down; no racists in our town," they shouted. "Yes, racists, we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!"

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Protesters objecting to Tancredo's views on immigration shouted Tuesday as he tried to give a speech. Students smashed a window a few feet from where he stood and blocked his face with a banner that said, "No One Is Illegal."

The event was cut short due to broken glass and use of pepper spray by police.

Social Justice Warriors Gone Crazy

The Character of the Left On Display

The Poster Girl For Campus Liberalism.

The University of Kentucky has punished me in a “sexual misconduct” case, in part, for singing a Beach Boys tune covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  Under Administrative Regulation 6:1, Discrimination and Harassment, UK’s Title IX coordinator ruled that the song, “California Girls,” included “language of a sexual nature” and was somehow offensive, though no victims were identified. -Buck Ryan Go To Site