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Academia Fighting Whiteness

During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

Berea College hosted an online webinar Wednesday to discuss the concept of white citizenship as terrorism. It was led by Professor Amy Brandzel, author of “Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative.

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A professor at Philadelphia’s Drexel University has a heartwarming Christmas message: Associate Professor of Politics and Global Studies George Ciccariello-Maher is wishing for a “white genocide.”

  Taking to his Twitter account on Christmas eve, Ciccariello-Maher, himself a white man, tweeted, “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.”

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According to Portland State University Professor’s Rachel Sanders’ “White Privilege” course, “whiteness” must be dismantled if racial justice will ever be achieved.

  The course description states that “whiteness is the lynchpin of structures of racial meaning and racial inequality in the United States” and claims that “to preserve whiteness is to preserve racial injustice.”

  Students taking the course will “endeavor to make whiteness strange.” In order to make whiteness strange, the description says students must “interrogate whiteness as an unstable legal, political, social, and cultural construction”

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A Connecticut social worker has filed a race and employment discrimination lawsuit against Bridgewater State University after it asked her to “defend her whiteness” in a job interview.

  Donna Johnston, one of ten applicants for three open positions in the School of Social Work, said she was “floored” by the statement, in addition to being told that “Black students may not be able to relate to [her] because of [her] white privilege,” The Boston Globe reports...

  According to the Globe report, Johnston previously had taught at Southern New Hampshire University and Virginia Commonwealth University. She said she expected questions about that experience, along with her “clinical practice, field work,” not about her “whiteness.”

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A lecturer at University of North Carolina-Greensboro recently declared “whiteness is a disease” and that “whiteness” is the only reason people oppose critical race theory.

  Charles Egerton, a former “corporate photographer” who recently acquired his Ph.D. in Peace and Conflict Studies, made the statements during a November virtual panel titled “Common Threads: Attacks on Critical Race Theory: Centering Whiteness.”

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Two Rutgers University faculty groups have come out in support of “Professor Crunk,” aka Brittney Cooper, who said in a recent interview that “white people are committed to being villains” and as such “we gotta take these motherfuckers out.”...

  Cooper then followed that up with a rant that whiteness “totally skews our view of everything,” and that African and indigenous peoples were “brilliant” and “vibrant” before “white people showed up being raggedy and violent and terrible and trying to take everything from everybody.”

  The AAUP said that Cooper is a “renowned” and “widely acclaimed scholar and public intellectual” whose academic work “illuminates the harm and devastation wrought by anti-Black racism and white supremacist projects.”

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During a talk titled “Unpacking the Attacks on Critical Race Theory,” Rutgers University professor Brittney Cooper called white people villains and said that they “kind of deserve” the current declining birth rate.

  She also told writer Michael Harriot, “I think that white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate.” ... Cooper is an associate professor of Women’s and Gender Studies and Africana Studies at Rutgers University.

  When asked if white people would ever release the power they currently hold, Cooper answered, “The thing I want to say to you is, ‘We gotta take these m-----f-----s out,’ but like, we can’t say that, right? I don’t believe in a project of violence, I truly don’t," because "our souls suffer from that."

  Cooper said that, when she teaches Critical Race Theory to college students, she asks them if “we can legislate [racism] away and we can march it away…or, do we think white people just always gonna be like this, and our job is to hold back their ability to do the most harm?”

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A white scholar at Virginia Tech University has apologized to her students for her “innate racism” and called on her white students to join her in her “antiracist” journey.

  Crystal Duncan Lane, a faculty member in the Department of Human Development and Family Science, made the comments on her Human Development 1134 syllabus.

  “I am a Caucasian cisgender female and first-generation college student from Appalachia who is of Scottish, British, and Norwegian heritage. I am married to a cisgender male, and we are middle class. While I did not ‘ask’ for the many privileges in my life: I have benefitted from them and will continue to benefit from them whether I like it or not,” reads the syllabus, obtained and first reported on by Campus Reform.

  “This is injustice,” Duncan Lane continued. “I am and will continue to work on a daily basis to be antiracist and confront the innate racism within myself that is the reality and history of white people.”

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Faculty and graduate students at Colorado University – Boulder were recently encouraged to reject “neoliberal” concepts of time, as well as to avoid "cultural norms of white supremacy" like “sense of urgency" and "individualism" in their classrooms...

  Presentation slides obtained by Campus Reform reveal details of a session titled “Anti-racist pedagogy and decolonizing the classroom,” taught by Dr. Becca Ciancanelli. One of the slides lists "perfectionism," "sense of urgency," "quantity over quality," and "individualism" as “Cultural norms of White Supremacy.”

  Another tells instructors they should be “Decolonizing the classroom” by changing the way they approach the concept of time. The slide tells participants to “resist colonial and neoliberal coercion around time and productivity” by using flexible deadlines, allowing students to choose their own deadlines, or not penalizing late work.

One Culture Too Many in Multicultural Space...

  "You’re white! Do you understand what a multicultural space– it means you’re not being centered!"

Whiteness Is The Overarching Disease

Racism From "Anti-Racists"


UNCG undergrad Lecturer Chuck Egerton, 2021

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A recent event at Oregon State University event taught faculty of the dangers of "systemic Whiteness" in America.

  The seminar, titled “Confronting Systemic Whiteness,” was held by the university's College of Education and served the purpose of allowing faculty to, “engage in issues of whiteness and systemic racism in the institution as well as more broadly in the United States.”

  The seminar’s stated learning objectives include understanding the various ways that “systemic Whiteness” plagues the country. It describes this "systemic Whiteness" as an all-encompassing force that impacts all individuals regardless of their intent.

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The University of Kentucky hosted an anti-racism workshop that apparently aimed to teach deans and other top faculty to accept their “white inferiority” and work to enhance diversity, equity and inclusion goals in their departments...

  Titled “Cultivating an Anti-Racist Mindset for Academic Administrators,” the workshop was hosted last winter by the center, which offers trainings designed to heal people of racism and teach them to be anti-racist, among other services.

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A Harvard professor wants to abolish the white race.

  Noel Ignatiev, a founder of a journal called Race Traitor and a fellow at Harvard’s W.E.B. DuBois Institute, a leading black-studies department, argues in the current issue of Harvard Magazine that “abolishing the white race” is “so desirable that some may find it hard to believe” that anyone other than “committed white supremacists” would oppose it.

  "I hate white people so much its not even funny."

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Stanford University student Gabrielle Crooks, a member of its student government, expressed her hatred for white people in a series of tweets this past summer.

  “Yes I think white people need to be eradicated yes I will go feral over mediocre white men we exist,” she wrote in July 2020.

  Despite advocating for genocide, her student senate page biography states that she aspires to be a “human rights attorney” and “address racial violence.”

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A Barnard College English instructor was featured on a Canadian radio show earlier Monday in which he discussed blowing up and gassing white people in an imagined race war.

  According to The Post Millennial, on the CBC show “q,” Ben Philippe was asked about a segment in his book “Sure, I’ll be your Black Friend” which describes “detonating” white people while nearby air vents spew out noxious gas.

  “When this race war hits its crescendo, I’ll gather you all into a beautifully decorated room under the pretense of unity,” Philippe said. “I’ll give a speech to civility and all the good times we share; I’ll smile as we raise glasses to your good, white health, while the detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked and the air vents filled with gas.”

Professor: White People Having Familes = Racism...

  "What I’ve learned is that the white-nuclear family is one of the most powerful forces supporting white supremacy.

  “I mean, if you’re a white person who says they’re engaged in dismantling white supremacy but…you’re forming a white family [and] reproducing white children that ‘you want the best for’ - how is that helping [and] not part of the problem?”

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In a recently published piece, a professor asserts that art education in America has a “white supremacy” problem, and that art teachers can practice “reparation” through their recognition of “whiteness” in the arts as “violence.”

  Courtni Wolfgang, an associate professor at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), recently wrote an article titled “The White Supremacy of Art Education in the United States: My Complicity and Path Toward Reparation Pedagogy,” published in the Journal of Cultural Research in Art Education...

  She claims that race has been created as an “intentionally violent” weapon against "black and brown bodies." Wolfgang charges that the “normalization of whiteness” in the art education is inherently violent, as well. She refers to “whiteness” in both subject matter and artistry, and alleges that white teachers who do not try to combat the whiteness in art are propagators of violence against their students.

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The Graduate English Center at the City University of New York is set to host an event on March 22, titled, “Refusing Institutional Whiteness: Possibilities, Alternatives, and Beyond.”

  The event’s description states that “whiteness continues to be a crucial problem in our English department.” The Graduate English Center brought “together a group of scholars and thinkers in a range of disciplines in order to help us imagine, discuss, and produce new ways of resisting whiteness and envisioning alternatives in institution settings.”

  “Refusal,” “dissent,” and “protest” are listed as possible ways to combat whiteness in academia.

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A staff union at the University of Georgia is now defending the embattled teaching assistant (TA) who said "some white people may have to die."

  The University of Georgia (UGA) chapter of the United Campus Workers of Georgia (UCWGA) drafted a letter and petition to defend UGA TA Irami Osei-Frimpong, who said in January that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be made whole in this struggle to advance to freedom.”

  "Fighting White people is a skill," the TA tweeted in January. "Really, it's one reason I'm in support of integrated schools. You have to get used to fighting White people."

  Osei-Frimpong proceeded to quote clinical psychologist Bobby Wright, who said "Blacks kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites."

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The University of Iowa is holding workshops entitled “Understanding Your Whiteness to Become Better Allies,” on Nov. 30 and again in February.

  The school’s Chief Diversity Office, along with “several campus allies,” are sponsoring the event. These workshops are aimed at “people who want to learn about and discuss the inherent privileges that come with being White.”

  “This can be the first step for self-reflection and assuming greater personal responsibility for eliminating racism,” the description continues.

"The Eight White Identities"

Manhattan New York, 2021


  A city public school principal is asking parents to "reflect" on their "whiteness" — passing out literature that extols "white traitors’’ who "dismantle institutions," education officials confirmed to The Post on Tuesday.

  The "woke’’ offensive at the East Side Community School in Manhattan features a ranking list titled "The 8 White Identities," which ranges from "White Supremacist’’ to "White Abolitionist."

  The curriculum, written by Barnor Hesse, an associate professor of African American studies at Northwestern University in Illinois, claims, "There is a regime of whiteness, and there are action-oriented white identities.

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A newly published academic journal article argues that science educators must do more to combat “whiteness” and “White ideology” in the classroom.

  In their research essay titled “Towards a truer multicultural science education: how whiteness impacts science education,” University of Colorado at Denver scholars Cheryl E. Matias and Paul T. Le seek to “have the field consider the theoretical frames of whiteness and how it might influence how we engage in science education such that our hope for diversity never fully materializes.”...

  “For many scientists, we are convinced that objectivity prevents an oppressive culture because discoveries are independent of identity,” they observe. “Consequently, we unknowingly spread whiteness ideology.”

Do The World A Favor: Kill A White Person...

  I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way, burying their body, and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away relatively guiltless with a bounce in my step. Like I did the world a fucking favor.

A dean at Brandeis University recently posted on social media that all white people are racist, and that criticism of critical race theory “often” serves as a “straw man” to deny the existence of systemic racism.

  Kate Slater, assistant dean of student affairs in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, wrote on Instagram over the weekend that “no number of statistics or facts” she could offer would convince the unwilling that (systemic) racism is a thing.

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A University of Colorado, Denver administrator worries that white children may “forfeit their humanity” if they aren’t raised by sufficiently progressive parents.

  In an academic article, Naomi Nishi, who facilitates educational programs for professors and periodically teaches classes, argues that parents should employ “critical race parenting” to prevent white children from committing “racial microaggressions” against their peers.

  "Can we...begin at the core with our white children and work to ward off white identity and whiteness before children succumb and forfeit their humanity in order to join the oppressor?"...

  White children, on the other hand, are especially prone to committing racial microaggressions because they “learn a complicated dance of whiteness” that teaches them not only to “maintain and defend whiteness,” but to do so while claiming to be “colorblind.”

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Evergreen State College biology professor Bret Weinstein learned the severe consequences of opposing campus leftists this week.

  Weinstein originally caused a ruckus on his very-liberal Washington state university when he sensibly opposed an event that required all whites to depart from the campus for a day. He called the idea a “show of force and an act of oppression.”

  For voicing this opinion and being white himself, Weinstein was branded a racist and hounded by campus agitators who demanded his termination. On Thursday, the biology professor had to conduct his class off-campus due to police telling him it wasn’t safe for the mild academic to appear at his place of work.

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Students at a public university in New York will have the chance to take a class called the “Abolition of Whiteness” in the fall, all while knocking out a political science requirement.

  Jennifer Gaboury, a women and gender studies professor, teaches “Abolition of Whiteness” at Hunter College... The class’s listing on the school’s course catalog provides only a vague description of its content, but a flyer displaying a fall 2016 offering of the course claims it examines “how whiteness – and/or white supremacy and violence – is intertwined with conceptions of gender, race, sexuality, class, body ability, nationality, and age.”

Shaming and Venting Hatred...

"Our report on social justice ideology shows that Boise State is building a social justice university. This ideology asserts that all whites and especially males as oppressors, and that racial minorities are permanent victims.

 Social Justice institutions like Boise State then construct an environment that seeks to shame and vent hatred on the oppressors and elevate and insulate the oppressed from any kind of criticism."

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Student protesters at the University of California-Berkeley gathered in front of a bridge on campus and forcibly prevented white people from crossing it. Students of color were allowed to pass. The massive human wall was conceived as a pro-safe space demonstration. Activists wanted the university administration to designate additional safe spaces for trans students, gay students, and students of color.

Resign, White Cis Men...

Not to alarm you, but I probably want you to quit your job, or at least take a demotion. Statistically speaking, you are probably taking up room that should go to someone else.

If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power. That’s right, please quit.

Too difficult? Well, as a first step, at least get off your hiring committee, your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person.

  "They were born human. Little by little, they have to be abused into becoming white humans. This abuse is sometimes physical … such as being bullied into whiteness."

Required Class at Salisbury University: "Diversity and the Self" ...

"This class was extremely difficult to get through if you did not think like a liberal. Instead of teaching diversity, this class taught us that being white was a bad thing."

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A white Ivy League professor has taken to the pages of the Huffington Post to condemn her own race, declaring that she chose never to reproduce because her children would simply inherit white privilege... “I sometimes don’t want to be white either,” Michael says. “There was a time in my 20s when everything I learned about the history of racism made me hate myself, my Whiteness, my ancestors… and my descendants. I remember deciding that I couldn’t have biological children because I didn’t want to propagate my privilege biologically.”

Queer, Able-Bodied, Cisgender Woman Fights Whiteness...

As a white assistant professor of mostly white graduate students who will become higher education leaders, I work to dismantle whiteness in my curriculum, assignments and pedagogy.

I make meaning of my own white identity through my commitment to reflexivity as a constant activity.

Equally salient are my identities as a queer, able-bodied, cisgender woman, who grew up working class in the rural Midwestern United States. This manuscript explores the ways my identities, experiences and teaching paradigm anchor my commitment to the work of deconstructing whiteness.

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Students at Pomona College have published a demand letter urging administrators to rescind their offer to hire Sociology Professor Alice Goffman because she’s white. The “Letter to the Pomona College Sociology Department,” published last Friday argues that by hiring Goffman, the administration has neglected their commitment to promoting diversity and supporting women of color.

  “This practice is detrimental to Pomona’s goal of supporting students of color.” The collective of “Sociology students, alumni, and allies” open their letter by expressing their “anger” and “concern” regarding Goffman’s hire, calling it a “failure” to address the lack of professors of color on campus.

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In his “Introduction to Multicultural Literature,” for example, professor John Streamas informs students in his syllabus that he expects white students who want “to do well in this class” to “reflect” their “grasp of history and social relations” by “deferring to the experiences of people of color.” ... Streamas, who obtained his Ph.D. at Bowling Green State University, is most notable because he told a student who supports limits on illegal immigration: “You are just a white shitbag.”

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The University of Wisconsin is offering a course this spring on the “Problem of Whiteness,” which is taught by a radical assistant professor who believes America is a terrorist state. The course will cover institutional racism and “what it means to be #woke.”...

  “Have you ever wondered what it really means to be white?” the course description states. “If you’re like most people, the answer is probably ‘no.’ But here is your chance!”... The course is part of “Critical Whiteness Studies,” and will attempt to offer solutions to the “problem of whiteness.”

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In a scholarly article published in Teaching Education, Professor Cheryl Matias calls whiteness “a disease,” while suggesting new ways to teach urban students about “racism and whiteness.” Dr. Matias is an assistant Professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. Her article, Why do you make me hate myself?: Re-Teaching Whiteness, Abuse, and Love in Urban Teacher Education, was published in Teaching Education this year...

  Racism and whiteness are diseases that need to be addressed, she continues, writing, “We cannot even begin to address symptoms, such as the racial achievement gap, if we do not address the underlying diseases of racism and Whiteness.”

The Source of all our psychic suffering...

  Last month, Middlebury College hired Alberto Soto to serve as its Director of Counseling. In an interview Soto told The Middlebury Campus that “source of all our psychic suffering,” are “whiteness, heteronormativity,” and “patriarchal systems”.

  “The body and mind cannot be healed solely by self-care and focusing on surviving,” Soto told the student newspaper. “At some point we must address and identify the source of all our psychic suffering, which is whiteness, heteronormativity, patriarchal systems, etc.”

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The State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton is now offering a course called “#StopWhitePeople2K16” as part of routine training for residential assistants. The university’s residential assistant training schedule lists “#StopWhitePeople2016” on its roster, with the mission of giving RA’s an “overview of disabilities in Higher Education.”... The three RAs claim they will give “#StopWhitePeople2K16” course attendees the “tools” to respond to “uneducated people” with “‘good’ arguments.”

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St. John’s College in Santa Fe recently launched a new “study group” for “those who most often exhibit racist and sexist behavior—white males.” According to correspondences obtained by Campus Reform, the study group was advertised in a campus-wide email forwarded to all students and faculty, explicitly encouraging white people to attend four sessions on privilege so they can “begin to be self-critical.”...

  Participants will apparently deal with two main problems, those being “the depravity of whiteness and the brutality of masculinity.”

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Arizona State University (ASU) is offering a course on “the problem of whiteness,” which is being taught by a white professor. The course, ENG 401: “Studies in American Literature/Culture: U.S. Race Theory & the Problem of Whiteness,” is being offered this spring at ASU’s Tempe campus. The course is being taught by Lee Bebout, an assistant professor of English at ASU.

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University of Pittsburgh professor Shanara Reid-Brinkley held a lecture Tuesday where she stated that American democracy was built on “anti-blackness” and that black citizens cannot possibly be free in America. “I think that we’re all screwed because white people are in charge,” Reid-Brinkley said, speaking at an event at the University of Wisconsin.

  She also blamed “global warming, genocide and colonization” on white people.

"Programming and preparation" for White students...

Thomas and Luba recommend robust "pre-departure programming and preparation" for White students.

In particular, they hope that White students will address their "white fragility," which they describe as "the (in)ability of white subjects to properly deal with questions of race and racism."

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A University of Hawaii professor recently claimed that universities should “stop hiring white cis men” until “the problem goes away.”

  In a recent American Mathematical Society blog post—unsubtly titled “Get Out The Way”—University of Hawaii at Manoa "temporary assistant professor" of mathematics Piper Harron argues that white, cisgender males should immediately resign from their positions because “actual solutions require women of color and trans people.”

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The University of California-Los Angeles is offering to pay students to serve as “Social Justice Advocates” who will “educate” their peers about “systems [of] oppression.”

  The Social Justice Advocates program seeks students who want to help their classmates “navigate a world that operates on whiteness, patriarchy, and heteronormativity as the primary ideologies,” and comes with a quarterly stipend, the amount of which has yet to be determined.

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Matthew Harris, a former UCLA ‘philosophy of race’ lecturer was arrested by Colorado SWAT for threatening to commit a mass shooting against white members of the philosophy department. SWAT officers took Harris into custody after a 3-hour stand-off at his apartment...

  The Daily Bruin reported that Harris was put on leave from UCLA last year after students complained that he sent them pornographic material.

  According to the Times, Harris, 31, made racist comments on his YouTube videos (now scrubbed) and threatened white people.

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During his testimony Wednesday, Thandiwe suggested that his reason for even purchasing the gun he used in the shootings was to enforce beliefs he’d developed about white people during his later years as an anthropology major at the University of West Georgia.

  “I was trying to prove a point that Europeans had colonized the world, and as a result of that, we see a lot of evil today,” he said. “In terms of slavery, it was something that needed to be answered for. I was trying to spread the message of making white people mend.

“Whiteness is most certainly and inevitably terror.”

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