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Admissions Discrimination

"In 2011, the campus was 63 percent Caucasian," the May 2 report informs readers, "in fall of 2017, it was less than 55 percent … but there is still much work to do." -Tristan Smith

Yesterday, 50 wealthy parents and university officials, among them actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, were charged in the nation’s largest and most expensive college admissions corruption case ever prosecuted.

  If it seems weird to most Americans to spend half a million bucks bribing the University of Southern California to admit your daughters as crew recruits, it’s because they haven’t spent much time in what Charles Murray calls Super ZIPs, the uber-wealthy coastal enclaves that increasingly measure self- and social worth according to placement on the U.S. News & World Report ranking.

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The Left is in fact the hotbed of real racism in modern America. Leftists are the ones who have systematically discriminated against students by race in university admissions. They call it affirmative action.

  They are the ones who insist that every black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or other person of color play a role as a token to provide a distinctly ethnic or racial perspective—and that perspective is inherently a liberal one. They call this diversity.

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Lee's next slide shows three columns of numbers from a Princeton University study that tried to measure how race and ethnicity affect admissions by using SAT scores as a benchmark. It uses the term “bonus” to describe how many extra SAT points an applicant's race is worth. She points to the first column.

  African Americans received a “bonus” of 230 points, Lee says. “Hispanics received a bonus of 185 points.” The last column draws gasps. Asian Americans, Lee says, are penalized by 50 points — in other words, they had to do that much better to win admission. “Do Asians need higher test scores? Is it harder for Asians to get into college? The answer is yes,” Lee says. Go To Site

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A photo emerged Thursday of a chart comparing freshman admissions rates at the University of Maryland between two categories, “White or Asian students” and “Students of Color minus Asian.”

  The photo has the University of Maryland’s logo attached at the bottom...

  The chart classifies students by race, though the university opted to create a new racial category called “Students of Color minus Asian.”

  The University of Maryland shared a statement with the Washington Examiner stating that the data was designed to show underrepresented student populations, which does not include Asian students.

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Brian Taylor is director of Ivy Coach, a Manhattan company that advises families on how to get their students into elite colleges. A number of his clients are Asian American, and Taylor is frank about his strategy for them. “While it is controversial, this is what we do,’’ he says. “We will make them appear less Asian when they apply.”... Some call it “the bamboo ceiling” of racial quotas, telling stories of Asian-American students with perfect SAT scores and GPAs turned down by elite colleges who limit the number of Asians they will admit, effectively forcing them to face a higher bar for admissions than other racial groups, including whites.

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Public universities in California are barred from using race as a factor in admitting students, but a UCLA professor who once served on its admissions oversight team says he has proof they do it anyway... He found black applicants were accepted at a 43 percent rate in the second round, while whites were accepted at a 15 percent rate and Asians at an 18 percent rate. "All of the cheating was done by the senior staff,” Groseclose said... For instance, black applicants whose families had incomes exceeding $100,000 were about twice as likely to be accepted in round two as Asian and white kids whose families make just $30,000 and had similar test scores, grades and essays.

  Asian American achievement threatens the ability of rich, white applicants to get into their preferred universities.

  In fact, an internal Harvard report found that Asians would make up 43 percent of the student body if students were admitted solely on academic merit. It is only due to legacy admissions and racial profiling that Asians were capped at 19 percent of Harvard’s student body for close to 25 years.

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University of Texas at Austin President Bill Powers overruled his staff to admit well-connected students, according to an independent investigation released Thursday. Powers’s philosophy could end up providing “affirmative action for the advantaged,” according to the report, which looked into admissions practices at one of the nation's largest and most prominent public universities.

In today’s academia, God help you if you are Asian. Your school’s administration certainly won’t.

... Of the latter, she describes a pattern in which faculty members effectively practice affirmative action for all applicants who are not from East Asia, effectively having one set of GRE standards for the students from China and elsewhere in East Asia and another, lower requirement for everyone else. -Scott Jaschik Go To Site

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...It is a documented fact that Asians face reverse discrimination in elite college admissions. Asians, on average, must score 140 points higher on the SAT exam in order to stand the same chance of admission as their non-Asian peers. -Nathan Harden

Asian Applicants: Significant and Negative Personal Ratings...

  When Harvard considers an applicant, the admissions team often looks past objective indicators like grades and test scores to a student’s “personal ratings.” These personal ratings claim to measure traits like “humor,” “sensitivity,” “helpfulness” and “courage.” The problem is that Harvard has consistently granted lower personal rating scores to Asian Americans than it has to white students and those of other ethnic groups.

  The judge in the Students for Fair Admissions’ lawsuit wrote that “the data demonstrates [sic] a statistically significant and negative relationship between Asian-American identity and the personal rating assigned by Harvard admissions officers, holding constant any reasonable set of observable characteristics.”


  "In 2020, Duke economics professor Peter Arcidiacono found that a black student in the fourth-lowest academic decile has a higher chance of admissions than an Asian in the top decile."

Asians are being turned away in droves...

Take affirmative action. We're not supposed to notice that Asians are being turned away in droves from the elite universities. We're not supposed to notice that blacks are included on the basis of some silly argument about diversity.

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I can’t tell you how many applications I saw that were just dripping with white male privelege[sic]. Any of those that I saw basically went straight to the garbage can regardless of how good their qualifactions [sic] were. If I saw an application from a white male that basically was just good test scores, and activities like chess club or math club or what not then it shows me this person is not interested in a diverse environment. Obviously he made no effort in integrating with minorities or to sympathize with them and is counting on male privilege to get in. So that kind of application should get ignored.

Harvard’s own internal investigation found that 'demographic factors' alone reduced the share of admitted Asian Americans by 30% while increasing the proportion of Hispanic admissions by 140% and blacks by a jaw-dropping 370%.

Pittsburgh high schooler Suzy Weiss has a 4.5 GPA, an SAT score of 2120 (out of a maximum 2400), and a slew of rejections from Ivy League colleges. But unlike most unsuccessful applicants, Weiss didn’t accept her rejection meekly:

  "For starters, had I known two years ago what I know now, I would have gladly worn a headdress to school. Show me to any closet, and I would’ve happily come out of it. “Diversity!” I offer about as much diversity as a saltine cracker. If it were up to me, I would’ve been any of the diversities: Navajo, Pacific Islander, anything. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, I salute you and your 1/32 Cherokee heritage." -Suzy Weiss

To prohibit federal funding for any institution of higher education that discriminates against Asian Americans in recruitment, applicant review, or admissions.

Ammendment Rejected (49-48, 3/5 majority required)

April 22, 2021 11:47 AM


Senate Democrats blocked an amendment to the new COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act that would have barred universities that discriminate against Asian Americans from accessing federal funding.

Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and John Kennedy, R-La., co-sponsored the unsuccessful amendment, which would have banned federal funding from going to colleges and universities that discriminate against Asian American applicants when being recruited by schools or applying.

Epic Self Own

Pretending Not To Be White In Order To Get Ahead

"White Privilege" Advocate Accidentally Admits

That Minority Privilege Is Real

Oct 2021


  Author and activist Ibram X. Kendi, who upholds the ideas that white privilege is rampant in American culture and systemic racism keeps minorities in states of oppression, shared an article on Twitter that revealed that "more than a third of white students lie about their race on college applications," according to a survey.

  The article from The Hill found that "81 percent of students who faked minority status did so to improve their chances of getting accepted. Fifty percent of students who lied said they did it to get minority-focused financial aid."

  But if white privilege is so prevalent and persuasive, why would white kids feel the need to disguise their whiteness in order to gain admittance to college and aid to help them attend? Could it be that these white students felt that as opposed to giving them an edge, their whiteness was a hindrance to admittance?

No innocuous explanation can account for the extent of these disparities. Yet Harvard is insisting that those who call it what it plainly is — racial discrimination — are advancing a “divisive agenda.”

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A few weeks ago, the Center for Equal Opportunity, a nonprofit research and educational organization, released a report detailing precisely this type of racism.

  Written by Dr. Althea Nagai and titled “Too Many Asian Americans: Affirmative Discrimination in Elite College Admissions,” the report shows that two elite universities, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, have an effective “ceiling” on the number of Asian American applicants that are to be admitted.

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