In my experience it is something common among atheists: an inexplicable, incongruent and visceral hatred for the very God they imagine does not exist. -J. Matt Barber Go To Site

The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. -Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State Go To Site

The rigors of teaching apparently got to Michigan State University professor John McCarthy Monday. According to multiple sources, the math teacher stripped naked in the middle of his Calculus 1 class and started shouting obscenities. According to the Huffington Post, one of McCarthy's obscene rants included, "There is no f--king god." Go To Site

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Pope Francis has officially given a thumbs-up for the beatification of 38 Albanian martyrs, including Archbishop Nikollë Vinçenc Prennushi of Durrës, all of whom were murdered by the country's atheistic, communist regime between 1945 and 1974... In 1944, a communist government took control of Albania and reportedly caused the persecution of a religious leaders and the death of almost 2,100 Catholic priests and devotees of other religions. The country then declared itself an atheist state.

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It all began when FFRF founder and co-presidents stayed in a university owned hotel room at Northern Illinois University (NIU). They were shocked to find a copy of the Bible – placed by the Gideons – in their hotel room. Calling the Holy Scriptures “obnoxious,” FFRF sent NIU a demand letter claiming the presence of the Bible was “inappropriate and unconstitutional.”...

  In fact, FFRF is comparing the Bible to the health and safety dangers of smoking. FFRF actually says that the Bible “may endanger your health and life” and is encouraging the placement of a skull and crossbones warning label on the Bible. It states, “we consider it an important consumer complaint, much like asking for smoke-free rooms.”

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A Liberal Democrat activist who sits on two national party committees has been suspended from her regional party after a string of sexist comments on social media. The activist in question, Sarah Noble, made multiple tweets of a disturbingly hateful nature, including “kill all men”, “fuck men”, and “die cis[gendered] scum”...

  Noble sits on the national committees of the LGBT Liberal Democrats and the Secular & Humanist Liberal Democrats. She has also been elected to the executive committee of the National Union of Students’ LGBT wing, which, like the LGBT Lib Dems, has a zero-tolerance attitude towards hate speech.

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A man who posted anti-religious sentiments online has been arrested after three Muslim students were shot dead close to the University of North Carolina campus on Tuesday. Craig Stephen Hicks, who describes himself as a vehement supporter of atheism, has been charged with three counts of murder... On a Facebook page in his name, Hicks shared a number of anti-religion posts, describing himself as a supporter of 'Atheists for Equality'.

"Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings." -Victor Stenger Go To Site

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You would think that, of all people, atheists would be the last ones in need of chaplains. But Stanford University, taking a cue from Harvard, recently brought in an atheist to function as a chaplain to non-believing students. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a professed atheist named John Figdor was recently hired at Stanford to, essentially, help students grow in their faithlessness, and to become firmer in their convictions that God does not exist. -Nathan Harden

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In a recent interview with the Times magazine, Richard Dawkins attempted to defend what he called “mild pedophilia,” which, he says, he personally experienced as a young child and does not believe causes “lasting harm.”

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At this heightened time of the holidays, church goers in Charlton, Mass. were saddened to learn that one of the town's churches was robbed and vandalized. The words ‘God is dead’ is written on a cross at the Holy Virgin Mary spiritual vineyard in Charlton. There were drawings of upside down crosses and a pentagram. Crosses are missing from a chapel and gazebo.

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As skeptics, atheists and humanists prepare to gather for their largest meeting in Las Vegas this weekend, attendance by women is expected to be down significantly. Officials for The Amazing Meeting, or TAM, said Wednesday (July 11) that women would make up 31 percent of the 1,200 conference attendees, down from 40 percent the year before. Online forums have crackled with charges of sexism in TAM’s leadership and calls for the ouster of D.J. Grothe, the male president of the James Randi Educational Foundation, TAM’s organizer. In June, Rebecca Watson, a skeptic blogger and speaker, canceled her TAM appearance because, she said on her blog, she does “not feel welcome or safe.” Other nontheists -- both male and female -- have shared stories of unwanted sexual attention at nontheist gatherings, including propositions for sex and unwelcome touching. Chatter has ranged from calls for more women to attend nontheist events to personal attacks on prominent female skeptics for discussing harassment.

"Sneering at religion is juvenile, symptomatic of a stunted imagination." -Camille Paglia Go To Site


An Austrian has won the right to be photographed wearing a pasta strainer for his driving licence on grounds of religious freedom.

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A recent keynote speaker at the Harvard University Art & Science Faculty Conference on Diversity told his Twitter followers in 2015 that people who base their spiritual beliefs on the Hebrew scriptures should be “locked up.”

  Author and speaker Tim Wise went on in that tweet, saying “people basing their beliefs on the fable of Noah and the Ark, or their interpretation of Sodom and Gomorrah … rather than science or logic … If you are basing your morality on a fairy tale written thousands of years ago, you deserve to be locked up … detained for your utter inability to deal with reality … NO, we are not obligated to indulge your irrationality in the name of your religious freedom …”

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Sometimes, atheists can be downright religious. On Monday, the American Humanist Association (AHA), which advocates for a “nontheistic worldview,” turned on one of the most prominent atheists in the world, Richard Dawkins.

  The AHA rescinded an award it gave Dawkins back in 1996, apparently for the heresy of raising questions about transgender identity.

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