In Democrat-dominated cities, violent crime rose far more than the national average. Last year, murder rose 50 percent in Chicago, 44 percent in New York, and 38 percent in Los Angeles.

  The murder rate in Baltimore was higher than El Salvador’s or Guatemala’s — nations from which citizens can claim asylum purely based on gang violence and murder.

-Sen. Tom Cotton, Sept 2021 Go To Site

A City In The Grip of Liberal Democrats...

  The residents of Baltimore pay some of the highest taxes in the country for some of the worst public services.

  Crime is a constant threat, even though the neighborhood where we lived is usually labeled “gentrifying.”

  A professional exterminator warned us never to buy second-hand furniture due to the prevalence of bed bugs. Everyone on our block kept a cat – often two or three – to combat the rodents.

Baltimore Considers Plastic Bag Ban

Democrats In Action


Shootings almost every 3 hours, filthy living conditions, population steadily declining, kids not properly educated, etc....

Here's what City Council is working on. A ban on plastic bags.

-Kimberly Klacik