Live Action released Part 3 of its “Aiding Abusers” video series Thursday, highlighting the firsthand accounts of former Planned Parenthood employees who say the abortion giant routinely refused to report statutory rape and ignored signs that young girls brought in for abortions were being molested.

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The caller, who gives her age as 14, states she is seeking an abortion and that she is concerned because her boyfriend is 21 and is "worried" he will be reported. The Planned Parenthood employee tells the young woman that she and the doctor will discuss these issues but that the clinic "probably won't" report her circumstances, even though her pregnancy by an adult qualifies as statutory rape. Go To Site

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Planned Parenthood staff allegedly failed to report child sexual abuse in seven states, according to a list of court cases compiled by Christian non-profit Alliance Defending Freedom.

  In addition to Planned Parenthood’s recently reported failure to report multiple rapes of a 14-year-old mother of two recently in Alabama, ADF found instances of failure to report rape or sexual abuse in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota and Ohio. All 50 states and the District of Columbia have mandatory reporting laws regarding suspected sexual abuse that typically includes statutory rape.

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Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains was hit with a complaint Wednesday for performing an abortion on a 13-year-old girl without reporting possible sexual abuse against the underage girl and returning her to the man who abused her. The conservative Alliance Defending Freedom filed a complaint with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Affairs against the Planned Parenthood affiliate on behalf of the pro-life Colorado Family Action.

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Thirteen-year old R.Z., as she is listed in the case against Planned Parenthood, suffered under her stepfather’s sexual abuse for seven years before he finally impregnated her in 2012. After he discovered her pregnancy, the complaint alleges, he forced her to schedule an abortion at Planned Parenthood, accompanied her to the clinic, filled out most of the paperwork for her, and claimed to be her father... R.Z.’s stepfather pleaded guilty in late 2012 to two felony charges related to sexually abusing her. But thus far, the Planned Parenthood employees who allegedly aided him in covering up his sexual abuse have not been held accountable for failing to report indicators of the assaults.

Planned Parenthood Manager

Offers to Help Sex Ring

According to a report released in January, a Live Action investigation revealed that “Planned Parenthood lied to the media about retraining thousands of staff” with regard to reporting sex trafficking.

Back in 2011, the organization caught Planned Parenthood on film advising an undercover investigator posing as a pimp on how to get birth control and abortions for underage prostitutes.

Trust Women:
  Planned Parenthood routinely covers-up child sexual abuse...

  When it comes to reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment, Planned Parenthood has used the slogan that we should ‘trust women,’ so let’s follow that advice and listen to the testimonies of these four women who are former Planned Parenthood workers and managers who all say the same thing, that Planned Parenthood routinely covers-up child sexual abuse.

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A police report from the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona states that a Planned Parenthood counselor intentionally miscoded a sexual assault as a consensual encounter because it would be a “hassle” to report it to the police, despite the state law requirement that suspected sexual abuse be reported to police. The case under examination involves Tyler Kost, 18, of San Tan Valley, AZ, an alleged sexual predator charged with sexually assaulting 11 girls in the period between October 2009 and April 2014. The girls ranged in age from 12 to 17.

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15 year old “Okay, yeah. So I would just write 16?” Planned Parenthood staff “Well, just figure out a birth date that works. And I don’t know anything.”

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A woman who suffered years of sexual abuse at the hands of her father filed a lawsuit today suing Planned Parenthood and five of its employees for refusing to report signs of abuse when she obtained an abortion, with the result that the abuse continued for another 1 1/2 years. Prosecuting Attorney Brian Hurley told (LSN) that the Planned Parenthood employees "played ostrich" when the girl told them she was being raped.

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But during that same time period, Kline testified, Planned Parenthood reported only one case of child rape, and Tiller reported only one case of child rape.

  This means there were 164 instances when girls 13-years-old and younger had abortions at one of those abortion clinics, and the clinics failed to report the abortions to authorities.