The United States deplores any intentional effort to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. -Hillary Clinton, U.S. Secretary of State Go To Site

The heads were removed from statues of Joseph and the baby Jesus. A statue of the Virgin Mary was knocked from its base and the head removed; two small angels at that statue's base also were damaged. Police recovered Mary's head after a passer-by reported it was perched on a post. Go To Site

When the congregation at Providence Baptist Church entered their sanctuary on Sunday morning they discovered someone had broken into their church overnight. Church members say someone busted out the side windows of the church, vandalized their choir pews, pulpit, and the Sunday school rooms with a fire extinguisher. At some point the vandals fixed themselves a cup of coffee and ate some cake out of the fridge. Services for the congregation were still held in the dining hall despite the vandalism. Go To Site

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Tacoma police were investigating a possible hate crime Tuesday that happened at Tacoma’s Holy Cross Catholic Church during Christmas Eve Mass. Six windows were broken and possible hate-related paperwork was left at the scene in the 5500 block of North 44th Street, officers said, and a suspect was seen fleeing. Some of the papers left appeared to be “anti-church,” police spokesman Naveed Benjamin said.

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At this heightened time of the holidays, church goers in Charlton, Mass. were saddened to learn that one of the town's churches was robbed and vandalized. The words ‘God is dead’ is written on a cross at the Holy Virgin Mary spiritual vineyard in Charlton. There were drawings of upside down crosses and a pentagram. Crosses are missing from a chapel and gazebo.

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It's hard for him to let go of anger after vandals broke into the sanctuary of the First Christian Church and set hymnals on fire. They carved profanity into a beautiful piano, they set fires in bathrooms and quite simply trashed the place. "There were condoms laying all over the sanctuary and two-liter bottles of soda along with bottles of whipped cream and peanuts all over," said Justin Wheeler a church member who also works as a janitor here... "We welcome the ones who have done this to us with open arms, hopefully they will visit and learn what we're about," said Wheeler

Hate, Degeneracy, Tolerance, Vandalism, Bigotry

Vandals damaged statues of baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary and removed the statues' heads at The Grotto in northeast Portland last week. The head of the baby Jesus has been found, but the head of the Joseph statue is still missing. A Portland Police spokesman says the head of baby Jesus was found Saturday afternoon by someone staying at the Travel Lodge located at 3828 Northeast 82nd Avenue. The head was in a dumpster behind the building. Also during the vandalism that occurred at The Grotto on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, a statue of the Assumption of Mary in the burial grounds was knocked from a pedestal and had its head removed. Two small angels at the base of the statue also sustained damage.