But we should also no longer ignore that there is a segment of the Republican hierarchy that is doing everything it can to stir up anger and emotions in a way that they cannot control. -State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak Go To Site

DENVER -- At least two people smashed windows bearing health-care reform posters at the Colorado Democratic headquarters in Denver. Party officials are calling it an act of political vandalism. Go To Site

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Activist Maurice Joseph Schwenkler, 24, pleaded guilty Monday to a second-degree misdemeanor for smashing windows at the Colorado Democratic Party headquarters last summer. He received one year of probation and was ordered to pay $5,000 in restitution for the Aug. 25 incident at the party headquarters at West Eighth Avenue and Santa Fe Drive, according to the Denver district attorney's office.

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Unluckily for the Democrats however, the police quickly snarfed up one of the vandals, and it turned out to be a committed leftist (read: "Democrat") by the name of Maurice Schwenkler. And who is Maurice Schwenkler, you ask? Well according to news reports, he's a paid activist for a so-called "Progressive" (read: "Democrat") front group called the Colorado Citizens Coalition, an organization that lobbied for Barack Obama's health care scheme.

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Nabbed: Left-wing Obamacare supporter Maurice Schwenkler, not Obamacare foes, arrested in attack on Denver Democrat HQ

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"We ought to be having a serious, conscientious debate about what's best for the country," Waak said. "Clearly there's been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. I think this is the consequence of it." She estimates the damage at $11,000 and believes police have a suspect in custody.