"Actions speak louder than words. The reality is that at least 10 journalists have been killed by the US military, and according to reports I believe to be true journalists have been arrested and tortured by US forces," Mr Jordan told an audience of news executives at the News Xchange conference in Portugal. Go To Site

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Jordan conceded that his remarks at the January 27 World Economic Forum were "not as clear as they should have been." Several participants at the event said Jordan told the audience U.S. forces had deliberately targeted journalists

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During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland last month, Jordan said that he believed several journalists who were killed by coalition forces had been targeted.

CNN: The News We Kept To Ourselves

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Although the Jan. 27 Davos session was closed to the public, a consensus holds that Jordan claimed knowledge of 12 journalists who had been targeted and killed by U.S. forces.