Liberals: Unbelievable Environmental Hypocrites

Environmentalist Hypocrisy

In 2014, the EPA released a photo album titled "A Day In The Life of the EPA Administrator" that shows what McCarthy does on a typical day, including the fact that she flies home nearly every weekend to spend time with her family.

Former President Barack Obama traveled to Italy this week to make a speech on climate change at the “Seed & Chips: The Global Food Innovation Summit” in the city of Milan.

  It seems like Obama has taken a page out of Leonardo DiCaprio's book of “do as I say, not as I do” and took a private jet to Milan. Not only that, he had a 14 car convoy to get into the city, which also included protection from above with a helicopter.

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With the planet in alleged peril due to man-made greenhouse gases, President Obama cranked up Air Force One along with Marine One and a sizable motorcade to attend a U.N. climate conference and inform them that something needs to be done about all those fumes his visit spit into the atmosphere.

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People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not, a Government study has found... Peter Lilley, a Conservative member of the Commons Energy and Climate Change committee, said: “The survey exposes the hypocrisy of many who claim to be ‘green’: the greater the concern people express about global warming the less they do to reduce their energy usage.” Go To Site

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Environmentalist Emma Watson jetted into Chelsea, London on a private twin-turbine helicopter earlier this week.

  The actress, 31, who is known for actively participating in environmental movements, especially in the fashion industry, raised eyebrows as she touched down in the heliport after her flight...

  The Harry Potter star left the aircraft with a pal while a team worked to unload her luggage. It's not clear where Emma had travelled from or why she took a private helicopter over a commercial plane.

Climate Crisis Summit Private Jets 2021...

I cant believe these eco-hypocrites.

Climate Crisis Summit 2021

Hundreds of private jets fly to eco conference.

The United Nations COP26 climate summit later this month will provide a platform for world leaders to lecture the public about how human carbon footprints are allegedly destroying the planet. They will speak after thousands of people boarded planes to join the event in Glasgow, Scotland.

-Penny Starr

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' £48million Gulf Stream has led a 400-strong parade of private jets into COP25 including Prince Albert of Monaco, scores of royals and dozens of 'green' CEOs - as an extraordinary traffic jam forced empty planes to fly 30 miles to find space to park...

  Joe Biden touched down in Edinburgh today while Germany's Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron of France arrived at Glasgow. President Biden alone will generate an estimated 2.2million pounds of carbon to reach the summit, thanks to a fleet of four planes, the Marine One helicopter and an enormous motorcade including The Beast and numerous SUVs.

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Other private jets blasted in to Scotland from destinations including Stockholm, Rome, London and Brussels - which are all served by regular commercial routes. The majority of the planes were hired from rental firms, making it difficult to work out who was on board.

  There was so much air traffic that some jets dropped off VIPs at Glasgow Airport and then flew 30 miles to nearby Prestwick due to a shortage of parking.

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The corporate media and Democrats are preening about President Joe Biden attending the climate circus in Glasgow, Scotland...

  The obnoxious motorcades and private jet lines are infuriating because the only people actually required to sacrifice to save Gaia are working families.

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  Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' £48million Gulf Stream has led a 400-strong parade of private jets into COP25...

Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t made it to the border yet, but she is keeping on the move.

  Her Twitter account on Monday tweeted a short video of her walking from her SUV to her private plane to fly to Lake Mead in Nevada to discuss the climate crisis.

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TWO airports that cater to private jets are listed on a COP26 guide for participants arriving in the UK.

  The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow between October 31 and November 12. And in a guide for participants, which will include more than 100 world leaders, a list of airports in which they should fly into has been set out.

  This includes Farnborough Airport and Biggin Hill Airport, both in England, which cater exclusively to private jets.

Where to park your private jet

According to Glasgow COP26 guide

Oct 2021


  TWO airports that cater to private jets are listed on a COP26 guide for participants arriving in the UK.

  The United Nations Climate Change Conference will be held in Glasgow between October 31 and November 12.

  And in a guide for participants, which will include more than 100 world leaders, a list of airports in which they should fly into has been set out.

Joe Biden: Sleeping His Way Through History...

  “Biden went to Europe saying Global Warming is his highest priority, and then promptly fell asleep, for all the world to see, at the Conference itself. Nobody that has true enthusiasm and belief in a subject will ever fall asleep!”

Biden seemed to fall asleep while listening to Eddie Ndopu, a disability rights activist, who was warning that global warming threatened “our ability to grow food and even to survive.”

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Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) records indicate that the family of U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry owns a private jet, despite his position on combatting fossil fuels in the new administration.

  The FAA's registry shows a Gulfstream Aerospace jet owned by Flying Squirrel LLC, the name previously reported for Teresa Heinz-Kerry's private charter jet company. The company's listed address matches that of the Heinz Family Foundation...

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Prince Charles has been caught in an eco row after flying 125 miles in the Queen's helicopter before riding in a Bentley for a speech on cutting carbon emissions...

  The royal flew 125 miles from Highgrove to Cambridge to speak to scientists from Cambridge University's Whittle Laboratory, who are leading research into the decarbonisation of air travel.

  It is estimated that his total journey of 368 miles cost at least £12,000 and caused about 2.5 tonnes of carbon emissions...

  The royal recently faced criticism for flying 16,000 miles in private jets and helicopters in the days leading up to this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

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Mayor de Blasio says all New Yorkers must change their lifestyle to curb carbon emissions — well, all except one man: Mayor de Blasio.

Hizzoner portrayed himself as an eco champion on Friday, announcing plans to ban plastic bags and beef up enforcement against idling vehicles, and called on all his constituents to alter their habits in light of President Trump’s withdrawal the Paris climate accord.

  But when asked to explain why he needs a motorcade of gas-guzzling SUVs to take him from Gracie Mansion to Park Slope, Brooklyn, just to exercise at a YMCA, he didn’t have an answer — and declined to give up the habit.

“The issue is not cheap symbolism,” he said testily.

In 2014, the EPA released a photo album titled “A Day In The Life of the EPA Administrator” that shows what McCarthy does on a typical day, including the fact that she flies home nearly every weekend to spend time with her family.

  “Yes, Administrator McCarthy flies home regularly to see her family. And yes she is a leader in fighting to protect our environment and improve public health,” the EPA told The Daily Caller News Foundation in 2014. Go To Site

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The sponsors of an environmental conference flew roughly 50 college students to Washington, D.C., Tuesday to discuss ways to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to prevent global warming. Several students who spoke to The Daily Caller News Foundation said conference sponsors paid to fly them to D.C. from across the country, including Maine, Texas, Arizona, Missouri and Ohio.

Environmentalist Protesters

Trash The Environment

Cannon Ball, N.D., February 2017: Site of Historic Environmentalist Hypocrisy

Making a dent in the immense amount of trash being hauled out of the Oceti Sakowin protest camp is being hindered by the weather. All the garbage that was left behind is now frozen into massive chunks of junk. In a month, all this trash could become toxic.

"Standing Rock Environmental Protection Agency and Dakota Sanitation are working together to try and advert an environmental tragedy," says Tom Doering, Morton County Emergency Manager.

It's estimated it will take 250 trucks filled with litter to clear the camp. "There's a lot of work to be done," says Doering.


Environmentalists Trash North Dakota

In the last year, thousands of people have flocked to North Dakota to protest a pipeline they claim could contaminate water.
But they’ve left behind enough detritus that they’ve risked causing an environmental disaster for the Missouri River

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Authorities in North Dakota are working to prevent an environmental catastrophe caused by the massive amounts of trash left behind by anti-oil pipeline protesters, local media report. State and tribal sanitation crews are rushing to remove piles of waste and debris left over from the protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline before weather warms and the mountains of trash turn toxic.

  According to cleaning crews, they're worried they might even find dead bodies among the piles of refuse that now pollute areas where anti-pipeline protesters camped out for months. "It's estimated it will take 250 trucks filled with litter to clear the camp," according to a local NBC affiliate. Once the spring thaw comes, the area could be at risk of major environmental damage. "In a month, all this trash could become toxic."

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In the last year, thousands of people have flocked to North Dakota to protest a pipeline they claim could contaminate water. But they’ve left behind enough detritus that they’ve risked causing an environmental disaster for the Missouri River, North Dakota’s governor said in a statement this week.

  The state has seen record snowfall this year, which has buried huge amounts of trash, camping materials and even vehicles abandoned by protestors.

  “Because of this risk of flood, we’re worried about what’s going to be left at the camp,” the Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal chairman, Dave Archambault, told the Bismarck Tribune earlier this month. “What we want to do is make sure none of that waste gets in the Missouri River. …

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The Democratic National Committee (DNC) issued a hasty apology Tuesday after one of its campaign buses was caught dumping human waste from its bathroom into a storm drain. The incident occurred in Lawrenceville, Georgia, an outer suburb of Atlanta. Local citizen Mike Robins saw a DNC bus bearing Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign slogan, “Forward Together,” pull up by the curb and start dumping its waste right into a storm drain.

His Bell Meade area Nashville mansion alone, one of three Gore homes, was reported to use about 221,000 kWh of electricity per year, more than 20 times the amount consumed by average American households.

  He has defended this by claiming that some of this power comes from “renewable” sources, with the balance cancelled out by carbon offsets purchased through GIM, apparently making it all okay.

  This might seem a bit incongruent, however, to some viewers who were asked at the end of his 2006 An Inconvenient Truth movie– “Are you ready to change the way you live?”

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Driving would have taken almost three hours but a private jet took just over one. So it was a no-brainer for Madonna, who chartered her own airline for a trip home from a Birmingham concert to London last Wednesday, according to new reports in The Sun newspaper.

  The decision enraged environmental activists, as well as her loyal followers who accused the 57-year-old Unapologetic singer of being a 'hypocrite' for increasing her carbon footprint when she herself campaigns to help the climate crisis.

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Gov. Jerry Brown last year directed state oil and gas regulators to research, map and report back on any mining and oil drilling potential and history at the Brown family's private land in Northern California.

  After a phone call from the governor and follow-up requests from his aides, senior staffers in the state's oil and gas regulatory agency over at least two days produced a 51-page historical report and geological assessment, plus a personalized satellite-imaged geological and oil and gas drilling map for the area around Brown's family ranchland near the town of Williams.

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Premier Rachel Notley concedes the optics aren’t great for a climate change warrior to be travelling the province in a gas-guzzling SUV, but says she is working toward acquiring a more energy efficient mode of transportation. “In some ways optically, it would be better for me to be driving a one-seated car,” she told reporters at the legislature Wednesday. “The difficulty is that I typically travel in that vehicle with three to five staff members, almost always.”... The four-wheel drive, 355-horsepower, 5.3-litre V-8 Suburbans, Chevrolet’s largest SUVs, are rated at about 18 miles per gallon.

Sept 2014: Al Gore Leaves Climate Rally in SUV

Environmental Hypocrisy Al Gore's Yacht

Environmental Hypocrisy Al Gore's Mansion

Environmental Hypocrisy Private Jets...

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THE HAGUE — For two years, Pascal Husting’s employer chartered a jet to shuttle him most weeks between his home in Luxembourg and his office in Amsterdam. Such trips are common for executives at major international corporations in Western Europe. But Mr. Husting isn’t working for a corporation. He is the international program director for Greenpeace, the nonprofit that is arguably the world’s most high-profile environmental advocacy organization.

“The problem is that DiCaprio himself is one of those ‘big polluters,’ which diminishes his moral authority to lecture others on reducing their own carbon emissions,” writes Rapier...

  DiCaprio’s jet-setting ways are well-documented, especially after hacked Sony documents showed the actor chartered private jets last year, allowing him to fly back and forth from New York to Los Angeles six times in six weeks.

-Chris White
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Democrat Charlie Crist flew to an environmental press event Thursday on the private jet of a developer fined for pollution. Almost as soon Crist stepped off the 2005 Cessna 560XL, Gov. Rick Scott's campaign had photographed its tail number and traced its ownership to developer James Finch, whose company Phoenix Construction was fined at least twice for violating environmental rules...

James Cameron - Environmental Activist

"We're going to have to live with less."

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One of Greenpeace’s most senior executives commutes 250 miles to work by plane, despite the environmental group’s campaign to curb air travel, it has emerged. The flights, at 250 euros for a round trip, are funded by Greenpeace, despite its campaign to curb "the growth in aviation", which it says "is ruining our chances of stopping dangerous climate change”. One Greenpeace volunteer on Monday described Mr Husting's travel arrangements as "almost unbelievable".

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Her environmental activism has led to her arrest on two separate occasions, but Daryl Hannah’s endeavours away from the film-set were given a perilous twist on Sunday evening when her plane dramatically lost cabin pressure. The 53-year-old actress was flying to Klagenfurt in Austria, where she was to visit a solar energy facility, when the plane alarm rang out at 10,000m.

Environmental Crusader Flies To Work

HypocriteSept. 2014: NBC is so determined to keep “Today” host Matt Lauer happy after its rocky patch with the show, it’s agreed to foot the bill for helicopters to fly him to the Hamptons and back.

Hypocrite"So you can look me in the eye and say that you are a president committed to cleaning up the environment?" -Matt Lauer to President George W. Bush

Hypocrite"Our assault on nature is killing off the very things we depend on for our own lives....The stark reality is that there are simply too many of us, and we consume way too much, especially here at home....It will take a massive global effort to make things right, but the solutions are not a secret: control population, recycle, reduce consumption, develop green technologies." -Matt Lauer

For many people reading this, air travel is their most serious environmental sin. One round-trip flight from New York to Europe or to San Francisco creates a warming effect equivalent to 2 or 3 tons of carbon dioxide per person.

I know climate activists who fly a hundred thousand miles per year. I know scientists who fly about as much but “just don’t think about it.”

  I even have a friend who blogged on the importance of bringing reusable water bottles on flights in order to pre-empt the miniature disposable bottles of water the attendants hand out.

  Although she saved around 0.04 kilograms of CO2 by refusing the disposable bottle, her flight to Asia emitted more than 4,000 kilograms, equivalent to some 100,000 bottles.

-Peter Kalmus Go To Site

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President Barack Obama is marking the 44th Earth Day with a carbon-emitting extravaganza, spending more than 15 hours on Air Force One and 15 minutes aboard the Marine One helicopter... his trip will consume an estimated 35,565 gallons of fuel... burning each gallon emits 21.1 pounds of carbon dioxide, bringing the president's Earth Day carbon footprint to more than 375.7 tons.

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A national nonprofit environmental group is turning up the heat on the Environmental Protection Agency for sending its chief on an Earth Day-themed tour to call for action on climate change, arguing the multi-city excursion will hurt the environment... “Frenetically jetting around the country appears to undercut [the] EPA’s message to ordinary Americans that they should conserve, consume less and reduce transportation pollution,” PEER Executive Director Jeff said in a statement.

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...First-class air travel is also ruining the environment. Or at least so says the World Bank in a new study estimating that the carbon footprint of a first-class airplane seat may be as much as nine times larger than an economy-class berth. A business-class ticket has three times the carbon footprint as economy. World Bank staff, who travel across the planet in their duties, are major users of business and first-class airplane seats. Staff at World Bank headquarters in Washington took more than 189,000 trips in 2009, totaling 447 million miles. Some 73.6 percent of those miles were in business class and another 6.9 percent in first class.

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Some of Hollywood’s wealthiest stars are battling environmentalists over a $20 million plan to save their houses on Malibu’s badly named Broad Beach... Though the stars want to spend their own money to rebuild the beach with sand dredged from the ocean floor, regulators have blocked the plan. Environmentalists prefer a “managed retreat” from the waves so the shore can revert to its natural state. Nancy Hastings of the Surfrider organization is sure the stars are committed to the environment, “But when your home is threatened, it puts things in a whole new perspective,”... Another eco-activist said, “They drive Priuses and have the right bumper stickers, but they care more about their houses.”

Al Gore is teaming up with rapper and producer Pharrell Williams to promote ‘climate change’ awareness through a series of concerts called “Live Earth,” which will take place on June 18th across six continents... when he’s not fighting to decrease your carbon footprint, Pharrell is flying across the planet on his private jet, sailing the seas on fossil fuel-burning yachts, and driving around in his pollution pumping luxury cars.

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"I would like to improve the world a bit. I will fly around the world doing good for the environment,'' added DiCaprio, in comments published in German.


Al Gore Lights It Up!

The incredible houseboat. The mansions. The massive electrics bills. America's number one environmental crusader takes time out to enjoy his hard-earned wealth. It's all about the environment. Really.

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Green-minded campaigner Al Gore has been left red-faced after being accused of leaving his car running for almost an hour while he gave a lecture on sustainable development. It is alleged that Gore made the gaffe while he spoke at the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg, Sweden on Wednesday. His mistake was compounded further by the fact that he had asked his distinguished guests to attend the event by public transport in order to minimize CO2 emissions.

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Before a rapt audience, Al Gore flashed slides on a giant screen bearing the logos of 11 clean energy companies he predicted could help slow climate change. “We can’t wait. . . . We have a planetary emergency,” the former vice president told industry leaders and scientists at the 2008 conference. “Here are just a few of the investments that I personally think make sense.” ... Just before leaving public office in 2001, Gore reported assets of less than $2 million; today, his wealth is estimated at $100 million.

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The Natural Resources Conservation Service, a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, operates 9,516 vehicles even though it only has 11,605 employees. That works out to one vehicle for every 1.2 employees. The service promotes itself, in part, as a component of the federal government's effort to deal with climate change.

He was living in five different mansions. He had access to a private jet, the Flying Squirrel. During the 2004 campaign, it was noted that despite his thundering denunciations of American carbon emissions, he owned SUV’s at all five of his mansions.

  “They’re not my SUV’s,” he sniffed. “They’re my family’s SUV’s.”

-Howie Carr on John Kerry Go To Site

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Thelitter on the National Mall after the Barack Obama inauguration was incredible. Barack Obama spoke to the need for more personal responsibility.

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Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing to fast-track California's $69 billion high-speed rail project by easing legal scrutiny under the state's landmark environmental law, this newspaper learned Friday... Under Brown's proposal, train foes would have to prove in court that the project causes major environmental problems, such as wiping out an endangered species or damaging extremely valuable land.

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Despite his environmentally-conscious stance on green issues, the Black Eyed Peas rapper, 37, chose to take a private helicopter to the venue. It is understood the journey, which is a 286 mile round-trip from London, used 71.5 gallons of fuel and released three-quarters of a ton of CO2 into the atmosphere. He even tweeted pictures of the so-called “hip.hop.copter” for fans to admire, after landing at the Oxford's University Parks. From there, the singer used a pedal cycle to travel the remaining few hundred yards to the Radcliffe Observatory Weather Centre.

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He may lack the ebullience of his earlier years, yet Turner shuttles endlessly among his 28 properties — 14 of them ranches with 55,000 bison — traveling hundreds of thousands of miles per year on his private Challenger jet... “...It’s so heartbreaking to have [them] say that global warming is a hoax.”

The Bush administration has agreed to provide House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with regular access to an Air Force passenger jet, but the two sides are negotiating whether she will get the big aircraft she wants and who she may take as passengers, according to congressional and administration sources... Go To Site

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Former Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, have added a Montecito-area property to their real estate holdings, reports the Montecito Journal... The couple spent $8,875,000 on an ocean-view villa on 1.5 acres with a swimming pool, spa and fountains, a real estate source familiar with the deal confirms. The Italian-style house has six fireplaces, five bedrooms and nine bathrooms.

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Gore’s heated pool house alone uses more than $500 in electricity every month.

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He is the climate change minister who pledged to ‘lead by example’ in the fight against global warming. But Charles Hendry is facing accusations of hypocrisy after buying himself a 20-bedroom castle – with a potentially massive carbon footprint – as a second home.

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Of course, much of the talk today is also likely to focus on a treaty that was signed by President Clinton but never submitted to the Senate, the Kyoto Protocol.

While the BP oil geyser pumps millions of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama and members of Congress may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions they’ve taken from the oil and gas giant over the years.

  BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

-Erika Lovely Go To Site

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(AP) Former President Bill Clinton told a global audience of diplomats, environmentalists and others on Friday that the Bush administration is "flat wrong" in claiming that reducing greenhouse-gas emissions to fight global warming would damage the U.S. economy.

Democrat, Environmentalist, Hypocrisy, Liberal, Brilliance

The Governor himself recently declared this “Car-Free Week,” urging people to ditch their autos in favor of public transportation, biking, walking, or at the very least carpooling — espousing the environmental and health benefits of that switch. “It’s a little bit of hypocrisy,” observed one commuter.

Sir Paul McCartney Flies Back To UK

On A Private Jet

May 2016


We Can Bring It In For A Landing: A Day In The Life of a Global Warming Evangelist

"Sadly we need disasters like this to show people," McCartney said in an exclusive interview with The Sun. "Some people don't believe in climate warming -- like those who don't believe there was a Holocaust."

And those evil Global Warming / Holocaust deniers don't get a ticket to ride. You won't see me on Paul's private jet. -B. "I'm Looking Through You" N.

Obla Di Obla Da.

"Why, tell me why, did you not treat me right?"

Hey Paul... I though I knew you - what did I know?

Environmentalist, Hypocrisy, Warming, Editorial

Of the festivals of nonsense that periodically overtake American politics, surely the silliest is the argument that because Washington is having a particularly snowy winter it proves that climate change is a hoax and, therefore, we need not bother with all this girly-man stuff like renewable energy, solar panels and carbon taxes.

Environmentalist, Hypocrisy, Liberal

Thomas Friedman's huge mansion. uuGlOtk9BqM81

A truly shocking thing happened on the CBS Late Show Tuesday. Host David Letterman actually challenged guest Al Gore about his recent sale of Current TV to al Jazeera saying, “So you, Al Gore, are doing business with this country that's enabling your ultimate foe of climate change.”

-Noel Sheppard Go To Site

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The Tohono O'Odham Nation faces an environmental crisis. Every day, nearly 1,500 undocumented immigrants pass through the U.S.'s second largest indian reservation, leaving thousands of pounds of trash on tribal lands.

News 13 recently got a first-hand look at some of the areas on the reservation that appear more like a trash dump than sacred lands.

Environmentalist, Hypocrisy, Liberal, Immigration

The latest battle in the war on illegal immigration isn't over the smuggling of undocumented workers, it's over the trash they leave behind. Government officials and border activists say the garbage dumped in the desert by illegal immigrants and their smugglers is staggering.

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U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood unveiled new fuel-economy window stickers for cars and trucks, saying "we're not just sitting around waiting for high gasoline prices to come down." His ride of choice to the unveiling: This 12-mpg Chevy Suburban SUV.

Environmentalist, Hypocrisy, Greed, Drugs

Growers clear native vegetation before planting and sometimes use miles of black plastic tubing to transport water from creeks that are often dammed for irrigation. Banned herbicides and pesticides often used by marijuana growers kill wildlife and competing vegetation. This loss of vegetation allows rainwater to erode the soil and wash poisons, human waste and trash from the grow sites into streams and rivers.

It proceeds to quote a recent newspaper interview in which he discussed global warming, telling a reporter that "we are going to have to live with less". The camera then cuts to aerial footage of the three adjacent homes that Cameron inhabits in the hills of Malibu. Although they each have heated swimming pools, and together boast more than 24,000 sq ft of living space, the properties have not a single energy-saving solar panel or windmill between them. Go To Site

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It proceeds to quote a recent newspaper interview in which he discussed global warming, telling a reporter that "we are going to have to live with less". The camera then cuts to aerial footage of the three adjacent homes that Cameron inhabits in the hills of Malibu. Although they each have heated swimming pools, and together boast more than 24,000 sq ft of living space, the properties have not a single energy-saving solar panel or windmill between them.

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Redford is one of the main opponents of a plan by the Pacific Union College to build an eco-village in Angwin California. The college says it needs the funds because of a dire financial situation. The village is close to Redford’s vineyard in the Napa Valley. However whilst publicly opposing this development “to preserve the rural heritage” Redford has been quietly selling development lots in the Sundance Preserve for $2 million. These lots are intended for vacation homes close to Redford’s Sundance Ski Resort.

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"But don't you realize — that's where I sail!"

Environmentalist, Hypocrisy

Park Slope, Brooklyn. Cape Cod, Mass. Berkeley, Calif. Three famously progressive places, right? The yin to the Tea Party yang. But just try putting a bike lane or some wind turbines in their lines of sight. And the karma can get very different.

Senator Inhofe then presented Vice President Gore with the following "Personal Energy Ethics Pledge":

  As a believer:

    • that human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;

    • that home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;

    • that reducing my fossil fuel-based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and

    • that leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

  I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.

Gore refused.

-Ed Driscoll

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In an amazing display of conspicuous consumption, even for Al Gore, his new 100-foot houseboat that docks at the Hurricane Marina in Smithville, Tennessee is creating a critical buzz among many of his former congressional constituents.

While most of us spent our New Year's Eve teetering in some bar or sitting at home alone in a puddle of cheap champagne, glad we only have to do this once a year, rich and famous playboy Leonardo DiCaprio decided to have two New Year's Eves, on different continents.

  He was in Australia with Jonah Hill and Jamie Foxx and others, partying on a yacht in the Sydney Harbor over the weekend and hanging out at a club on Monday night until 1 a.m.

  Then he and all his friends got on a chartered jet and flew 13 hours to Las Vegas, arriving in time for midnight. Quite the holiday!

-Richard Lawson Go To Site

Last year, Harrison Ford implored Americans to stop electing leaders who don’t “believe in science,” and this year he’s traveled to a conference hosted in a United Arab Emirates country to give the same warning...

  As you might have imagined, taking a jet to a UAE country to warn everybody about the dangers of continued burning of fossil fuels caused some eyes to roll.

-Doug P, Twitchy Go To Site