This looks mostly peacefull to any objective observer. Trust the press.

The Press - "Mostly Peaceful" Protests

The largely peaceful protests against right-to-work legislation that brought thousands of pro-union workers to Lansing, Mich., turned ugly at times on Tuesday, with protestors being pepper-sprayed by police and a conservative provocateur saying he was roughed up by labor activists.

While their cameramen are watching cars on fire and stores being looted, the reporters ramble on about how “most people here” are “peaceful protesters.” -Naomi Schaefer Riley Go To Site

Earlier today, the Michigan House today approved two contentious right-to-work bills limiting unions’ power as a boisterous but mostly peaceful crowd of thousands surrounded the Michigan State Capitol. Go To Site

The left’s alternative reality keeps winning, though. The casual news consumer scans Google News and sees nothing about the unions’ use of violence to attempt to overturn the legislative process. The casual news consumer has been trained to hate alternative media that counters the prevailing culture. The mainstream media didn’t report that Big Labor tried its hand at intimidating Michigan’s elected representatives out of restoring for the state’s workers the freedom of choice and assembly, so to most Americans, it didn’t happen. Go To Site

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A total of 27 police officers were hurt during anti-racism protests in London, the Met Police has revealed.

  Dame Cressida Dick, Met Police Commissioner, said the attacks were "shocking and completely unacceptable".

  Protests on Saturday - sparked by the death of George Floyd - were largely peaceful, but were marred later by disturbances outside Downing Street.

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About 1,000 protesters surrounded the home of St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson in the Central West End late Friday, breaking at least two windows and throwing red paint at the brick house...

  A total of nine police officers had been reported injured as of 9 p.m., including one officer with a dislocated shoulder and an officer with a possible broken jaw. Two of the city police officers were injured by thrown bricks, police said. They were taken to a hospital, with one officer's injuries described as "serious."

  Mostly peaceful protests following the not-guilty verdict in the murder trial of former police Officer Jason Stockley turned into unrest after dark...

NBC: It Was a Peaceful Protest

Except For The Violence

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Demonstrations across the state were largely peaceful Sunday afternoon as hundreds took to the streets to march in support of the slain 17-year-old, blocking traffic on major streets of San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles... In Oakland, police confronted a crowd at a downtown intersection after a small crowd began breaking windows and spray painting graffiti Sunday night, the Oakland Tribune reported... KGO-TV reported that rocks and bottles were thrown toward police... A similar march shut down Crenshaw Boulevard in the heart of Los Angeles' historic black neighborhood. It was peaceful until small groups broke away from the march, Smith said.

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Though the marches were largely non-violent, police assembled close by to monitor activity - fearful strong reactions to the verdict could spill over into rioting. In California, there were scenes of violence and vandalism but police quickly brought them under control. A crowd of more than 100 began marching peacefully in Oakland when a small section broke off smashing windows and starting small street fires. Local media reports said a police squad car was vandalized and police formed a line to block the protesters' path.

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Protesters angered by the acquittal of George Zimmerman held largely peaceful demonstrations in three California cities, but broke windows and started small street fires Oakland, police said... The Oakland police dispatch office said about 100 people protested, with some in the crowd breaking windows on businesses and starting small fires in the streets.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder and others were attacked by union thugs during the protest against the new “right-to-work” law. ABC, CBS and NBC covered the protests but only ABC made mention of police having to deal with protesters. None of them mentioned the attack on Crowder or showed the videos of that attack and the thugs tearing down a tent with people in it, both widely available on the Internet hours before the evening news show broadcast. No network quoted Teamsters head Jimmy Hoffa predicting “civil war” between lawmakers and union members. Go To Site

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The largely peaceful protests against right-to-work legislation that brought thousands of pro-union workers to Lansing, Mich., turned ugly at times on Tuesday, with protestors being pepper-sprayed by police and a conservative provocateur saying he was roughed up by labor activists.

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A Los Angeles police officer suffered minor injuries when she was hit in the head with a skateboard during a skirmish with demonstrators about 5 p.m. at Fourth and Hill streets downtown, said Los Angeles police Officer Karen Rayner. The blow put a dent in her helmet, according to the Los Angeles Times. The assailant remains at large, Rayner said.

CNN Liberal Narrative

2020 Left-Wing Riots "Mostly Peaceful"


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Vandals smashed windows at the Bank of America branch near Lake Merritt and spray painted "Class War," "Shut It Down" and "1946," the latter a historical reference to the general strike that shuttered Oakland for two days 65 years ago. At a Chase branch near downtown, vandals painted ATMs black. "For the Commune," said one graffiti message. "Withdraw Only," said another. Police officers stood watch outside two shattered plate glass windows.

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One person was arrested about 9:10 p.m., with officers alleging that he threw a rock at them during the march. The man, identified 29-year-old Alexander Loutsis of Manteca, was arrested at Ogawa Plaza after an incident officers said occurred about 40 minutes earlier, as marchers were passing the intersection of 8th Street and Broadway. The rock struck an officer in the chest, but he was not hurt, police said. The man was wearing a mask at the time, police said.

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A little north in San Francisco, three people supporting Arizona's new anti-illegal immigration law were attacked at that city's May Day event. Despite the violence, the reporter for ABC-TV affiliate KGO used an offshoot of "mostly peaceful" to describe the festivities.

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At first, the scene inside the Capitol was excitable, but mostly peaceful, almost festive, with much of the rotunda filled with red shirts. The dozens of Michigan State Police assigned to keep order inside the halls greeted protesters as they entered the building.