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Liberals: Mugged By Reality

Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger reports that a woman starved to death after embarking on a spiritual diet that required her to stop eating or drinking and live off sunlight alone.

New premium: $1,123. A 94% increase. Once the sound of boiling blood dissipated, I heard my Republican friends in my head chuckling at the sight of a liberal Democrat hoisted ten stories high on his own petard. How’s the view up there, Obamacare Ollie? Go To Site

A left-liberal friend of mine in the media business who spent years in the Middle East put it to me this way over beers in Beirut: “I get a lot less liberal when people are trying to kill me.” -Michael J. Totten Go To Site

Back in 1991, we had this gorgeous VW bug that we’d completely restored, and someone stole it. And after I panicked and freaked out and called the police, I thought, ‘Oh. This is exactly what it was like for the people whose homes I broke into. Oh my God, it’s karma.’”... Long-held political beliefs have gone right out the window, much to my shame. Go To Site

Mugged By ObamaCare Reality

Mugged By ObamaCare Reality

Reality intruded last month when her insurance company boosted premiums by 39%, or $30,000 a year. Unable to afford that, Clark canceled the policy and threw her employees into the ObamaCare exchanges.

After years of singing the praises of universal health care, college professors are now shocked at how badly it has turned out — for them. Adjunct professors are steamed at the way their employers are interpreting the Affordable Care Act's employer mandate, which forces them to cover full-time but not part-time workers.

Typical of liberals, they blame their employers instead of the job-killing law they supported... "The university canceled one of my courses. The reason was to avoid having to give me any benefits due to the Affordable Care Act." Welcome to the real world. -IBD Go To Site

"Of course, I want people to have health care," Vinson said. "I just didn't realize I would be the one who was going to pay for it personally." Go To Site

In 2008, the Barack Obama campaign told them that their premiums would go down under the new health-care law. And the law’s supporters believed it. -Megan McArdle Go To Site

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Many in New York’s professional and cultural elite have long supported President Obama’s health care plan. But now, to their surprise, thousands of writers, opera singers, music teachers, photographers, doctors, lawyers and others are learning that their health insurance plans are being canceled and they may have to pay more to get comparable coverage, if they can find it...

  For many of them, that is likely to mean they will no longer have access to a wide network of doctors and a range of plans tailored to their needs. And many of them are finding that if they want to keep their premiums from rising, they will have to accept higher deductible and co-pay costs or inferior coverage. I couldn’t sleep because of it,” said Barbara Meinwald, a solo practitioner lawyer in Manhattan.

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Veteran House Democratic aides are sick over the insurance prices they’ll pay under Obamacare, and they’re scrambling to find a cure.

  “In a shock to the system, the older staff in my office (folks over 59) have now found out their personal health insurance costs (even with the government contribution) have gone up 3-4 times what they were paying before,” Minh Ta, chief of staff to Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wis.), wrote to fellow Democratic chiefs of staff in an email message obtained by POLITICO. “Simply unacceptable.”

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Wagner and her husband retired early. She was a nurse for 35 years and championed Obamacare, until she received a letter from her insurance company saying it was canceling her policy. “I was really shocked … all of my hopes were sort of dashed,” Wagner said. “’Oh my gosh President Obama, this is not what we hoped for, it’s not what we were told.’ “

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San Francisco architect Lee Hammack says he and his wife, JoEllen Brothers, are "cradle Democrats." They have donated to the liberal group Organizing for America and worked the phone banks a year ago for President Obama’s re-election... The couple — Lee, 60, and JoEllen, 59 — have been paying $550 a month for their health coverage — a plan that offers solid coverage, not one of the skimpy plans Obama has criticized.

  But recently, Kaiser informed them the plan would be canceled at the end of the year because it did not meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. The couple would need to find another one. The cost would be around double what they pay now, but the benefits would be worse. “From all of the sob stories I’ve heard and read, ours is the most extreme,” Lee told me in an email last week.

Patti Davis: Mugged by ObamaCare Reality.

You can’t offer free healthcare to 30 million Americans without it costing an arm and a leg. Someone has to pay for this expansion of our safety net. Americans have hoped from the get-go that it would be their neighbor footing the bill. Now they’re finding out the obvious truth -- everyone will pay – with higher premiums, higher taxes and less generous coverage. -Liz Peek Go To Site

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Democratic officials said top administration aides got a close-up view of the cancellation controversy last week, when Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., said at a closed-door meeting of the party's rank and file that his son had received notice his coverage was being terminated.

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Sue Klinkhamer, a former district director for Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), had joined a growing number of Americans who have seen their health insurance premiums rise because of Obamacare, and she’s livid about it, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Klinkhamer, who has coverage through Blue Cross, was recently told that her policy would be canceled at the end of the year, but she was given other options...

  Klinkhamer had been paying $291 per month for a policy with a $3,500 annual deductible. The cost for a similar plan under Obamacare will be $647. She could also pay for $322 for a plan with a $6,500 annual deductible. “Someone please tell me why my premium in January will be $356 more than in December?”

Hope and Change Finally Arrives at Mom's Basement...


Image: The People's Cube

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The Nevada State AFL-CIO has joined the chorus of unions slamming Obamacare, claiming that certain provisions of the law could end up destroying multi-employer union health plans and criticizing the administration for not addressing its concerns...

  Danny Thompson, head of the Nevada State AFL-CIO, told the Las Vegas Sun that unions were led to believe that Obamacare would not change their Taft-Hartley plans. "We were told if you had a health insurance you liked it would be left alone. Well it hasn't been left alone," he said.

Birth Control Covered: Woot Woot!



No Thanks! Fine me

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“I think it was misguided all along,” Robert B. Reich, the former labor secretary, said in an e-mail. When the law was being written, he said, he worried that the tax was “a blunt instrument that could too easily become a bargaining chit for cutting back benefits of workers.” “Apparently, that’s what it’s become,” Mr. Reich, who is a professor of public policy at the University of California, Berkeley, said.


Mugged By ObamaCare Reality

Sue Klinkhamer, a former district director for Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL), had joined a growing number of Americans who have seen their health insurance premiums rise because of Obamacare, and she’s livid about it, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Still, Christensen once supported Obamacare -- also called the Affordable Care Act -- because he likes to help people... The only problem? He didn't realize how much it would cost him, and he's horrified by how much it's going to cost his employees.

  "Some of those regulations about what the costs of my employees are going to be are horrendous, and I can't understand the math," he said. "Listening to the insurance providors and people providing webinars on how to figure out what our costs are going to be in this program, it's gigantically troublesome to me." Not only does the math make his accountant shudder, Christensen is fairly certain that his employees are going to totally lose all coverage, he said. Go To Site

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Under a wrinkle that dates back to enactment of the law, members of Congress and thousands of their aides are required to get their coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges. But the law does not provide any obvious way for the federal government to continue paying its share of the premiums for the comprehensive coverage. If the government cannot do so, it could mean an additional expense of $5,000 a year for individuals and $11,000 for families under some of the most popular plans.

Donna Brazile's Premium Jumped!

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Liz Binns told Newsnet 5 that the federal health-care exchange was no salvation for her and her husband. He has a preexisting condition and a job that doesn’t offer coverage. However, the cheapest plan she was able to find on the federal health-care exchange has a premium over $400 and a $5,000 deductible.

  "I can’t afford it. I cannot afford it,"
Binns said. She predicted that she would be able to pay off such costs only with "at least a second job and praying that I would make enough." Binns has been attempting to use the site since October and says she isn’t sure what her next course of action will be. "I thought this was going to be the miracle for us and it’s not," Binns said.

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One Oregon mother says that she is unable to afford health insurance for her and her 18-month-old son because it’s too expensive. Kate Holly, 33, tells KOIN-TV that she originally championed President Barack Obama’s signature health care law because she thought it would help people in her situation... Holly is hoping things work out but she doesn’t know if she will have health care for her and her son.

Mugged By Occupy Reality

Mugged By Occupy Reality

"A lot of us have been surprised that for a progressive community, how in line [Occupy Boston] is with the mainstream as far as not taking women seriously, tolerating harassment of women, both verbal and physical," said Jender, who was among the walk-outs.

At issue was something that would seem straightforward: a proposal to prevent level-three sex offenders from being a part of Occupy. But suddenly, it felt as if the entire movement could be splintering. Two nights earlier, the sex-offender proposal was blocked.

  And now, as the Occupiers attempted to deal with the aftermath, the room filled with a tense whirlwind of emotional outcries about feeling triggered and targeted by misogyny, sexism, and homophobia. Go To Site

They don't support you back, capitalist pigs!.

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Shari Rivers, 32, the manager of a Tully's Coffee on the plaza, was sweeping up Thursday after protesters broke windows, stole some property and knocked over the cash register overnight. "I cried," Rivers said. "It's very disheartening. I am part of the 99 percent and have supported this movement. My feelings were so hurt."

No hypocrisy here - leftists do believe in the broken window theory. I guarantee it.

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“It’s gotten really bad in the last couple weeks, the population of criminals and predators. Fully half the camp down there now don’t have anything to do with the movement. They don’t go on marches. They’re just down there to eat and cause trouble,” says Fetzer Mills, Jr., a 51-year-old from Memphis who has been working on the Occupy security team at Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan. “We are overwhelmed.”

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The Occupy Wall Street volunteer kitchen staff launched a “counter” revolution yesterday -- because they’re angry about working 18-hour days to provide food for “professional homeless” people and ex-cons masquerading as protesters. For three days beginning tomorrow, the cooks will serve only brown rice and other spartan grub instead of the usual menu of organic chicken and vegetables, spaghetti bolognese, and roasted beet and sheep’s-milk-cheese salad.

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“When the tents went up, everybody moved in,” Douglas Marra, a homeless person in Denver, said. “They knew they could get stuff for free.” But their presence is posing a mounting quandary for protesters and the authorities, and divisions have arisen among protesters across the country about how much, if at all, to embrace the interlopers.

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Melinda Roeder reports from Occupy Baltimore where a young woman says she was raped over the weekend and nobody from the protest movement helped her.

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A white suburban participant who lists her occupation as a grocery deli clerk posted a comment expressing frustration at what she said was reverse racism. The resulting outcry from other activists included more than 600 Facebook comments, including claims that white people, by virtue of their birth, are guilty of historic race crimes. White Progressives are recoiling in horror. Committee meetings on racial sensitivity and concerns about “white privilege” were also on the movement’s docket this week.

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"A lot of us have been surprised that for a progressive community, how in line [Occupy Boston] is with the mainstream as far as not taking women seriously, tolerating harassment of women, both verbal and physical," said Jender, who was among the walk-outs.

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Yasha Levine, editor of the Moscow-based “eXiled” website, wrote an article yesterday where he detailed his bout with scabies following a trip to an Occupy camp — and the two days in a Los Angeles jail he spent as the result of it.

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"At the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic there were doctors who were treating diseases no living doctor had ever encountered before, diseases that had disappeared so long ago they had never even picked up Latin names, such as the mange, the grunge, the itch, the twitch, the thrush, the scroff, the rot." The itching and the manginess eventually began to vex the hippies, leading them to seek help from the local free clinics. Step by step, they had to rediscover for themselves the rudiments of modern hygiene. Wolfe refers to this as the "Great Relearning."

Liberals Mugged By Regulations

Liberals Mugged By Regulations

George McGovern laments that after his experience in the bed-and-breakfast business he realizes that laws and regulations pertaining to small business are actually hurting the lower-wage workers whom he had tried to help during his entire political career. With his Stratford Inn in bankruptcy, McGovern now says:

  In retrospect, I wish I had known more about the hazards and difficulties of such a business…. I wish that during the years I was in public office I had this firsthand experience about the difficulties business people face every day. That knowledge would have made me a better Senator and a more understanding presidential contender… Go To Site

Hillary Clinton admitted today that she was “surprised” to learn that the people who told her small businesses have struggled in recent years were actually correct. Clinton noted that small business creation has “stalled out,” to her chagrin. “I was very surprised to see that when I began to dig into it,” she said while campaigning in New Hampshire. Go To Site

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“There are always going to be problems, and we’ve had our share.” Bonior said if he had the power, he would lighten up on pesky regulations. “It took us a ridiculous amount of time to get our permits. I understand regulations and . . . the necessity for it. But we lost six months of business because of that. It’s very frustrating.”

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I’ve been to three offices, filed five forms, spent $200, lost a day of work—and I’m not even close to getting the simple license I need. Entrepreneurship—even on the smallest and most banal scale—turns out to be a time-consuming pain in the you-know-what. My personal inconveniences aren’t a big deal, but in the aggregate, the difficulty of launching a business is a problem and it may be a more important one as time goes on. By Matthew Yglesias

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New York's Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake school district has become the latest casualty in first lady Michelle Obama’s preferred lunch plan, dropping the menu after too many students complained of hunger. “[Food service manager Nicky] Boehm and her staff worked hard to implement the new regulations, but there were just too many problems and too many foods that students did not like and would not purchase,” said Assistant Superintendent Chris Abdoo about the National School Lunch Program...

Mugged By Reality On Taxes

Mugged By Reality On Taxes

The government thought that by continually raising taxes, they could raise returns but they are now realising, rather belatedly, the error of their ways...

Thanks to a decades-old law targeting drug runners, entrepreneurs in the nascent medical marijuana industry face a unique burden: an effective federal income tax rate that can soar as high as 75%. Go To Site

“What happened that my Social Security withholding’s in my paycheck just went up?” a poster wrote on the liberal site “My paycheck just went down by an amount that I don’t feel comfortable with. I guarantee this decrease is gonna’ hurt me more than the increase in income taxes will hurt those making over 400 grand. What happened?” -Joseph Curl, "Obama supporters shocked, angry at new tax increases" Go To Site

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France's Socialist government has admitted that the country cannot cope with any further tax rises and promised no more hikes just days ahead of the country's largest ever tax bill... “The government thought that by continually raising taxes, they could raise returns but they are now realising, rather belatedly, the error of their ways,” said Marc Touati, economist at ACDEFI consultancy. “Today in France, we are approaching 47 per cent of total tax pressure compared to GDP.

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The taxes on recreational marijuana might go a lot higher than first thought. Smokers buying at shops in Denver may pay up to 35 percent in taxes. Colorado voters will be asked to approve two state taxes totaling 25 percent on all retail marijuana sales in the November election. They may be asked to approve an additional city tax for Denver. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock wants to add an additional five to 10 percent city tax on top of that.

Liberals Mugged By Economic Reality

Liberals Mugged By Economic Reality

“It’s not because I don’t like paying taxes,” said Gardner, who attended both meetings. “I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better.

  But now I can’t afford to live here anymore. I’ll protest my appraisal notice, but that’s not enough. Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.” Go To Site

Bono illustrated the shift in thinking that has taken place in his remarks. “I’m late to realizing that it’s you guys, it’s the private sector, it’s commerce that’s going to take the majority of people out of extreme poverty and, as an activist, I almost found that hard to say,” he said. Go To Site

After I realized that our approaches don't work, I started reading about other approaches. I had another Aha! moment while listening to a two minute twenty-three second YouTube video of Milton Friedman responding to Phil Donahue's castigation of greed.

  The only rational response to Friedman is "My God, he's right." -Danusha V. Goska, Ten Reasons Why I Am No Longer a Leftist Go To Site

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Sen. Michael Bennet’s recent appearance in Greeley, Colorado is sure to set political tongues wagging–Bennet is quoted as saying that though trillions of dollars of Federal debt has been incurred through spending since he was appointed to the Senate in January of 2009, “we have nothing to show for it”.

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The club made a splash first in 1996 by creating the first stripper’s union and then again in 2003 when the strippers bought the business from the owners. They are one of the few venues to offer health insurance and 401(k)s to employees. Lusty Lady also created a name for itself by being “sex-positive” and utilizing a dancers with a wide variety of body types. However, that attitude wasn’t enough to keep them from getting evicted.

Government, Incompetence, Obama, Financial, Oops, Economy

"It was an enormous surprise, at least to us, to learn that the average firm in the chairman's state did not benefit at all from the unanticipated increase in spending," Coval reports.

Democrat, Editorial, Liberal, Obama, Oops

The left’s freak-out is instructive of their view that Obama the candidate flopped but that liberalism as a cause was unblemished. In fact, Obama’s record and rhetoric on everything from hostility to business to regret for America’s international “triumphalism” to pro-abortion extremism (abortion up to the moment of birth, paid for by the government) to the expansion of the liberal welfare state is as close as a president has ever come to the left’s undistilled worldview.

  His failure to revive the economy after gorging on Keynesianism, like his one-man-wrecking crew in the “peace process” (evidencing the hard left’s antipathy toward the Jewish state), is, in essence, not only a personal failure. His ideas, the left’s hymnal, collapsed on contact with reality. -Jennifer Rubin

Democrats made the bold promises to voters that they would never have to worry about paying for health care ever again, promised to provide details later, won office, formed their commissions and study groups . . . and then when they actually had to translate their idea into a detailed plan, found themselves stunned by the costs and the tax increases that would be necessary to pay for it all.

-Jim Geraghty Go To Site

Mugged By Firearms Reality

Mugged By Firearms Reality

It pains me to say this, but the NRA seems to be right: The cities and states that have the toughest gun laws have the most murder and mayhem. - Mike Royko

Ever since he was shot at during a robbery in his drugstore, my once liberal father has become increasingly conservative. -Michael Rothbaum Go To Site

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"As a card-carrying member of the liberal media, producing this piece was an eye opening experience. I have to admit that I saw guns as inherently evil, violence begets violence, and so on.

  I have learned, however, that in trained hands, just the presence of a gun can be a real "man stopper." I am sorry that women have had to resort to this, but wishing it wasn't so won't make it any safer out there." - Jill Fieldstein (CBS producer, Street Stories: Women and Guns)

Strict gun laws are about as effective as strict drug laws... It pains me to say this, but the NRA seems to be right: The cities and states that have the toughest gun laws have the most murder and mayhem. - Mike Royko

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The two brothers suspected in the Boston Marathon bombings, who police say engaged in a gun battle with officers early Friday after a frenzied manhunt, were not licensed to own guns in the towns where they lived, authorities said on Sunday. Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26, who was killed in the shootout with police, would have been required to apply for a gun license with the local police department where he lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. But there is no record of him having done so, according to Cambridge Police Department spokesman Dan Riviello.

Liberal, Crime, Violence, Guns, Narrative, Oops, Theft

During an April 28 interview on The Lars Larson show, Fox News' Juan Williams told a story about his wife's car being stolen and her saying, "I wish I had a gun."

Democrat, Hypocrisy, Liberal, Crime, Guns, Oops

Illinois State Senator Kimberly Lightford is recounting the harrowing details of being carjacked in west suburban Broadview this week with her husband, Erin McKennie...

  Lightford, who said she feared for her life, described it like a scene out of a movie.

  "Three guys just hopped out with guns and they demanded that we get out of the car and they put my husband on the ground," said Lightford. "They had me over on the other side. I begged them not to shoot us and I begged them not to shoot my husband and not to shoot me."...

  As she ran, gunfire erupted, her husband exchanging shots with the carjackers. "I thought for sure they were gonna shoot me down," Lightford said. "It was a lot of shots being fired. I think they were shooting at my husband and me and luckily enough my husband is concealed and carry and he was able to protect us."

Conservatives Aren't Evil?

Conservatives Aren't Evil?

"They lied!" she exclaimed of the protest organizers outside. "You don’t hate us. You don’t hate me. You really do care. And you’re funny!"

And then I went to go work at Fox News as a lefty lesbian – by the way, I'm a lesbian; I hope that didn't shock anyone, you've also read the Internet, you know – so when I showed up at Fox News, listen, I thought they had some hateful ideas, supported some hateful policies, right, but also I expected everyone on air, off air, people watching at home, I expected them to be like totalistically and completely a hundred percent hateful monsters, I just did….

  Here I was thinking I was this like holier-than-thou champion of kindness and fighter of hate and I realized how much hate I walked in there with – all the stereotypes and preconceived notions and judgments, and that led me to want to understand how and why we hate because I wanted to fix it in myself. I didn't like that part of myself.

-Sally Kohn

Go To Site

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Outside the event, and watched closely by police, was a mob of angry “LGBT” protesters. A young woman who claimed to be with the press was present at the banquet. It was quickly discovered that she was actually with the mob outside and had somehow managed to sneak in. Rather than kick her out, Peter LaBarbera, founder of Americans for Truth, asked her to stay and join us for the banquet. He requested only that she put away her video camera, which she did.

This young woman, who identified as a lesbian, sat at a table with some of the most loving and godly women I know. They showed her the love of Christ. Among them was Sandy Rios, my dear friend, Fox News contributor and AFR talk radio host.

After I gave my remarks, this young lady – we’ll call her Marie to protect her from being hanged for high treason by the “equality” crowd – rushed over to me with tears in her eyes. “They lied!” she exclaimed of the protest organizers outside. “You don’t hate us. You don’t hate me. You really do care. And you’re funny!” she added of some of the humor I typically, though not always successfully, weave into my writing and speaking.

“I’ll admit it,” she continued. “What you said was hard to hear. But they lied to me. You don’t hate anyone.

Mugged By Abortion Reality

Mugged By Abortion Reality

In a tiny room with a “Biohazard” sign on the door I met God. In tiny little petri dishes, neatly displayed with a patient’s name sprawled on each label with the giant letters POC printed on them were the tiny little faces of God’s children. Some of them weren’t recognizably human but most of them clearly were. There I sat face to face with about twenty people. Go To Site

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  This summer, I was accepted into a pre-medical program in NYC in which we are allowed to shadow doctors and see all sorts of medical procedures. When given the opportunity to see an abortion, I did not hesitate to accept the offer. It was something new, edgy, and exciting that I had never seen.

  When I entered the operating room, it felt like any other I had ever been in. On the table in front of me, I saw a woman, legs up as if delivering a child although she was asleep. Next to her was a tray of instruments for the abortion and a vacuum machine for suctioning the fetal tissues from the uterus. The doctors put on their gowns and masks and the procedure began.

  The cervix was held open with a crude metal instrument and a large transparent tube was stuck inside of the woman. Within a matter of seconds, the machine’s motor was engaged and blood, tissue, and tiny organs were pulled out of their environment into a filter. A minute later, the vacuum choked to a halt. The tube was removed, and stuck to the end was a small body and a head attached haphazardly to it, what was formed of the neck snapped.

  The ribs had formed with a thin skin covering them, the eyes had formed, and the inner organs had begun to function. The tiny heart of the fetus, obviously a little boy, had just stopped — forever. The vacuum filter was opened, and the tiny arms and legs that had been torn off of the fetus were accounted for. The fingers and toes had the beginnings of their nails on them.

  The doctors, proud of their work, reassembled the body to show me. Tears welled up in my eyes as they removed the baby boy from the table and shoved his body into a container for disposal.

Mugged By Socialist Reality

Mugged By Socialist Reality

Many Swedes were left asking why a country that prides itself on a generous welfare state, liberal social attitudes and a welcoming attitude towards immigrants should ever have race riots in the first place. Go To Site

Government, Incompetence, Oops, Socialism, Healthcare, Regulation

Gonzalez says she adored Chavez for his anti-poverty programs, always voted for him and constantly applied for government benefits, though she never received any. She has a good chance of survival if she gets the right care, Gutierrez said. But that's not happening. "I've got nowhere else to turn," Gonzalez says.

Mugged By Environmental Reality

Mugged By Environmental Reality

So I guess you’ll be wondering—what happened between 1995 and now that made me not only change my mind but come here and admit it? Well, the answer is fairly simple: I discovered science, and in the process I hope I became a better environmentalist. -Mark Lynas, regarding GM crops Go To Site

Dec 2013: Only six years ago, the BBC reported that the Arctic would be ice-free in summer by 2013, citing a scientist in the US who claimed this was a ‘conservative’ forecast.

  Perhaps it was their confidence that led more than 20 yachts to try to sail the Northwest Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific this summer. As of last week, all these vessels were stuck in the ice, some at the eastern end of the passage in Prince Regent Inlet, others further west at Cape Bathurst. Go To Site

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The move, he says, has been forced on him. Three years ago, he received a heating bill for the winter totalling £6,000. His age means he has to have the heating on full in his poorly insulted home and, with his disabled son, Tom, living in a house next door, his outgoings on fuel rocketed. Damp winters on the edge of Dartmoor were taking their toll, so in recent years he has overwintered in St Louis, his wife's hometown in Missouri. The experience altered his attitude to the politics and economics of energy... Could he really not see where green energy policies (inspired partly by his doomsday predictions in books like The Revenge of Gaia) were leading until he was socked with his first whacking great £6,000 heating bill? -James Delingpole

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She was a typical European liberal living in Romania working as a freelance journalist. She came upon a story of an "evil" Canadian mining company which was planning to open a gold mine in Transylvania by first tearing down a village, and, of course, raping, pillaging, and plundering the villagers. At least, that was the story she presupposed while riding the train to the area. What she found when she got there was somewhat different.

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An environmental activist was almost killed yesterday in the Indian Ocean, after the great white shark he was trying to hug suddenly attacked him and bit his arm off. 21-year old Darrell Waterford, from Eugene in Oregon, was participating in a promotional video for Greenpeace, some 100 nautical miles away from the Australian city of Perth...

  Several members of the organization now fear that this incident will compromise their campaign to restore the white shark’s image as a peaceful marine creature.

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President Obama always had the support of the environmental movement — until he tried to construct his lavish presidential center on sensitive parkland in Chicago’s South Side. Now, local community activists have filed a lawsuit demanding answers about the Barack Obama Presidential Center’s “impact on the environment and character of historic Jackson Park.”

  “Like the public generally, we find the Obama Foundation and City of Chicago not forthcoming,”... The group’s FOIA request, filed Nov. 3, sought information on a host of environmental impact issues, including “potential flooding and run-off,” “avian-migration and nesting issues,” and “impact on local microclimate and temperatures in Jackson Park.”

Mockery: Liberals Mugged By Reality

Mockery: Liberals Mugged By Reality

After all, he and Leonid Brezhnev, just six months earlier, at the Vienna Summit, had literally hugged and kissed. Why would the Soviets do this?

In the immediate days after the Soviets invaded Afghanistan in late December 1979, President Carter responded with shock and a sense of deep, palpable betrayal. After all, he and Leonid Brezhnev, just six months earlier, at the Vienna Summit, had literally hugged and kissed. Why would the Soviets do this? Go To Site

Swiss newspaper Tages-Anzeiger reports that a woman starved to death after embarking on a spiritual diet that required her to stop eating or drinking and live off sunlight alone.

  The Zurich newspaper reported Wednesday that the unnamed Swiss woman in her fifties decided to follow the radical fast in 2010 after viewing an Austrian documentary about an Indian guru who claims to have lived this way for 70 years. Go To Site

France's Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron took aim at France's 35-hour working week on Thursday, saying the Socialists were wrong to think life would improve if people worked fewer hours... The 35-hour week was created under former Socialist Prime Minister Lionel Jospin in 2000, who said at the time that: "One makes more, while working less". Go To Site

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At this point, Obama smiled and interjected, "Shovel-ready was not as ... uh .. shovel-ready as we expected." The Council, led by GE's Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter. The Obama administration promised the Recovery Act ("the stimulus") would prevent the jobless rate from going over 8%. It now stands at 9.1%.

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Car jacked by Muslim terrorist suspects had 'COEXIST' bumper sticker.

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This time, people in NYC are lining up because they heard that people were getting a debit card loaded with as much as $1,000 of stimulus money. However, based on the latest information, there is no money to be given away. And yet people continue to line up and turn over their sensitive, personal information.

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Frustrated by huge class sizes, sparse resources and a disorganized bureaucracy, he set off to the University of Connecticut to get an MFA in his passion—puppetry. Three years and $35,000 in student loans later, he emerged with degree in hand, and because puppeteers aren’t exactly in high demand, he went looking for work at his old school. “But sub pay is about 50 percent of a full-time salaried position,” he says, “so I’m working for half as much as I did four years ago, before grad school, and I don’t have health insurance…. It’s the best-paying job I could find.”

"I am just shocked someone would want to kill us, that they had AK-47s and bombs and they were going to kill everyone that wasn't Muslim. It's shocking."

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The Taliban took the four men to the main bazaar in a southern Afghanistan district at evening prayer on Sunday, regional government officials said, denounced them as government spies because they were carrying satellite phones, then beheaded them in front of local residents who had been summoned to watch.

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The administration at the University of Toronto was recently enlightened on why two separate washrooms are generally established for men and women sharing co-ed residencies.

  The University is temporarily changing its policy on gender-neutral bathrooms after two separate incidents of "voyeurism" were reported on campus September 15 and 19. Male students within the University’s Whitney Hall student residence were caught holding their cellphones over female students’ shower stalls and filming them as they showered.

Leftist Protester Defies Police

Gets Blasted in His Private Parts

Kudos to Phoenix PD for hitting such a small target.

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An American couple decided to bicycle around the world in an attempt to prove evil does not exist. They chose to bicycle through ISIS territory and ISIS killed them. Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan left their D.C. government jobs nearly two years ago to embark on a worldwide bike tour...

  In another post, right before entering the ISIS hotbed recruiting grounds of Tajikistan, Austin waxed about how “evil” does not exist in the world...

  The couple chose to bike through the Muslim country of Tajikistan with another group of cyclists. They met a gruesome fate when confronted by five members of ISIS. On July 29th, a car driven by the ISIS members rammed the bikers. The men exited the van and began stabbing the bikers, killing Austin and Geoghegan, along with the other bikers.

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"I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the left was so mean. I didn’t think the left lied like this. I thought the right did that. I thought we were better."

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About three dozen American anti-war activists are headed toward Pakistan’s militant-riddled tribal belt to protest U.S. drone strikes, but a faction of the Taliban has warned that suicide bombers will prevent their demonstration... Odds are, the Taliban aren’t too crazy about getting help from women who dress up as giant vaginas either.

Oh No: Old White Guys in MAGA Hats

Beverly Hills Leftists Mugged By Reality...

  "Even hardcore leftist Democrats who said to me in the past, ‘I’ll never own a gun’ are calling me asking about firearms. I’d say there has been an increase of 80 percent in the number of requests I’m getting this year."

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After all of the emotion that I felt covering the story and seeing all of the support that the two supposedly attacked students received from the CCSU community, to learn that the crime was fabricated was hard to handle. As a journalist, I work to ensure that the news is reported correctly to readers. After working diligently to make Pennell's story worthy of page one, to find out that it was false was perturbing. I personally felt cheated. I felt that I cheated the community and publication as a whole.

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I want to start with some apologies. For the record, here and upfront, I apologise for having spent several years ripping up GM crops. I am also sorry that I helped to start the anti-GM movement back in the mid 1990s, and that I thereby assisted in demonising an important technological option which can be used to benefit the environment.

  As an environmentalist, and someone who believes that everyone in this world has a right to a healthy and nutritious diet of their choosing, I could not have chosen a more counter-productive path. I now regret it completely. So I guess you’ll be wondering—what happened between 1995 and now that made me not only change my mind but come here and admit it?

  Well, the answer is fairly simple: I discovered science, and in the process I hope I became a better environmentalist.
... To admit that you got something wrong—whether for almost two decades, like Lynas did, or in a single but influential article, like Allen did—is terrifying. It is also the mark of intellectual rigor. - Torie Bosch

I figure people drift toward liberalism at a young age, and I always hope that they change when they see how the world really is. -Johnny Ramone Go To Site

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Tammy Bruce: Yes, it was; it was shocking. For me it was quite life-changing in my sense of how I viewed the world and I was also, when it comes to my view of Christians, quite surprised by how happy they were.

  I mean, I remember being on the left; no one is happy, trust me. They (are the) biggest group of miserable people you would ever want to meet. Everything is wrong, everything is going bad, everyone is after you, everyone wants to get you, people are building camps.

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Tim Young was heading to one of D.C.’s newest hotspots—The Wharf—when his life changed. He was walking down a well-lit section of M Street at about 7:45 p.m. Wednesday when two men approached him—one of them had a gun.

  “Terrified. You know, when I talk to people about this… you’re scared. There’s no man card involved. I was defenseless,” explained Young, who’s a political comedian and host of ‘No Things Considered’ at the D.C. Examiner. The men ran off with his cell phone.

  The attack changed his thoughts on guns. Young, who grew up in Southwest Baltimore, said he’s been in some bad places in his life and nothing happened to him then. He assumed things would continue to go that way...

  Now, he said he absolutely plans to apply for a concealed carry permit in D.C., but it won’t be easy. The District is one of the toughest places in the country to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Olympia, Washington, Mayor Cheryl Selby has been a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter and those protesting and rioting across the nation, yet when her own home was vandalized during the demonstrations, she called it “domestic terrorism.”

-Ashe Schow Go To Site

Seattle radio host and Twitter-based criminal defense advocate Paul Gallant "dunked" on President Donald Trump last month by denying that the riots are violent, then the radio host was scored on by rioters who set fire to his apartment.

-Mia Cathell Go To Site