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Pleasantries Toward The Police

A Door Dash delivery driver posted a video of himself tampering with food that had been ordered by an NYPD officer in Brooklyn.

At the officer's funeral, members of the Black Liberation Army planted a time bomb outside of the church. The bomb exploded but did not injure any mourners.

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“We’ve had four months of propaganda starting with the president that everybody should hate the police”

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Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., on Wednesday displayed the controversial painting that was removed from the Capitol complex after complaints that it depicted police officers as pigs... He was joined on the floor by other Democrats, including Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., who called the painting a "pretty amazing" piece of art.

  The painting was the winner of a congressional art competition in Clay's district, and was displayed for a time along with other student works of art.

Liberal Racist Hate And Incitement

Michael Brown's Mother Speaks Out:


A Great Mood After Police Shootings

March 11, 2015 Ferguson MO Protest Shootings: One officer was hit in the shoulder, while the other officer was hit in the face. Both officers were conscious but said to have “very serious” injuries.

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A Door Dash delivery driver posted a video of himself tampering with food that had been ordered by an NYPD officer in Brooklyn...

  The person who posted the video to Facebook wrote: “This is a Facebook public announcement, I don’t violate people food like that … that was personal. we at war.”

  The officer who was targeted apparently threw out the meal, though it’s not clear if that was before or after he started eating it. It’s also not clear if something else had been put in the food besides the note and the person’s fingers.

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Denver-area law enforcement agencies are on alert after someone called the Aurora Police Department's 911 center and threatened to start shooting officers. "It's time that you guys know we are no longer playing around with the police departments," the caller said in a message left Sunday evening. "Aurora and Denver, we are about to start striking fear, shooting down all cops that we see by theirselves (sic)." "This will go for the Sheriff's Department. You guys are evicting innocent people. Let us catch you by yourself and it's shots fired."

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47-Richard-Allen Fuller was arrested for Criminal Mischief in the Second Degree after he damaged a marked Gresham police car by smashing out a window with a hammer. The patrol car was parked on Southwest 3rd Avenue, next to Chapman Square.

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This are the shocking scenes that have led some people to accuse the Occupy Wall Street protesters living rough in New York's financial district of creating unsanitary and filthy conditions. Exclusive pictures obtained by Mail Online show one demonstrator relieving himself on a police car. Elsewhere we found piles of stinking refuse clogging Zucotti Park, despite the best efforts of many of the protestors to keep the area clean. The shocking images demonstrate the extent to which conditions have deteriorated as demonstrations in downtown Manhattan enter their fourth week.

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Authorities in Alabama said four people have been arrested on felony assault charges in the beating of a 17-year-old boy. The teen’s mother said her son — who had recently voiced his support for law enforcement amid protests over fatal police shootings — was severely beaten late last month during what she called a racially motivated hate crime...

  The suspects were identified by police as 20-year-old Quartez Lamar Walker, 19-year-old Bobby Ronchea Brown, 18-year-old La Noah Grant Ealy Jr. and 20-year-old Daveon Shamareya Nix. All four are black, police said.

Antifa: The Most Horrific Displays Of Hate...

 Sgt. Maxey has been with the bureau for 18 years. He agreed that way too many resources over the last two months have been dedicated to violent riots, and he added that officers have been subjected to "some of the most horrific displays of hate" that he's ever seen during the ongoing protests.

 Specifically he referenced a protest outside of Portland Police Association, where 4,500 people showed up and many in the crowd turned their attention to two female officers.

 "The crowd keyed in on them, saying some of the most vile things to them, talking about sex assault, about being sex objects for other officers," Maxey said.

 "There was one individual that said that he was going to take the baton from one of the female officers and sexually abuse her with it. It was something that is so vile, no one should be exposed to it.

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An “anti-fascist” (antifa) counter-protester at the “March Against Sharia” in Harrisburg, PA was arrested Saturday after allegedly stabbing a police horse in the neck with a flag pole.

  Lisa Simon, 23, was with a group of antifa demonstrators at the march when she attacked a police horse named Samson with a flag pole that had a silver nail attached at the top. Simon hit Samson in the side of the neck, reports Fox 43.

  Luckily, Samson had only minor injuries, and Simon was taken into custody after resisting arrest.

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A woman in the midst of the protests outside the rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump on March 12 was arrested on Friday for abuse of a police service animal... Police said that's when the suspect, April J. Foster, 29, approached an officer and his horse, Dan, and began screaming in the horse's face in an attempt to scare him. When that did not work, Foster reportedly slapped the horse in the face with an open hand.

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One college is apologizing after daring to let Boston police officers use campus restrooms.

  Berklee College of Music apologized on social media Tuesday for allowing police officers who were stationed nearby to use the restrooms in its performance center...

  On Sunday, Berklee allowed the officers stationed near the campus to use the restroom facilities in the Berklee Performance Center. Two days later, the college's Public Safety Department publicly apologized for allowing the officers access to the restrooms, saying it understands the community feels “betrayed” by the situation.

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A coffee shop in Oakland is refusing to serve law enforcement officers for the "physical and emotional safety of our customers and ourselves," according to the shop's social media.

  Hasta Muerte Coffee, an employee-owned co-op, will not serve officers in uniform and turned away an officer a few weeks ago, as reported by NBC Bay Area. The sergeant who was turned away from the shop a few weeks ago said he was surprised by employees refusing to serve him, but walked out without any incident or any coffee.

  Coffee shop workers did not respond to requests for comment on the policy, but a post on their Instagram account showed a photo with writing in Spanish that says, "Talk to your neighbors, not the police."

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Protesters marching against the Ferguson grand jury decision cheered and chanted "hit him again" after four Denver police officers were hit by a runaway car, police union officials say. Several other police sources told KUSA that there is evidence and witnesses to the fact that some marchers cheered after the officers were struck Wednesday... "These actions are not only reprehensible but quite possibly the most disturbing thing this association has ever heard," the statement said.


President Obama should apologize to members of the Cambridge Police Department for saying they acted "stupidly" in the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., said Dennis O'Connor, president of the Cambridge Police Superior Officers Association, at a news conference Friday.