Protesting Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Just kidding - that one was OK


On Sunday evening in Oakland, protesters lit a flag on fire in anger over the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Afterward, one protester appeared to light a marijuana cigarette off the smoldering flag.

A woman apparently taking a video of herself looting a high-end store in Chicago at one point yelled, “I can’t breathe” — the phrase George Floyd uttered before his death that has become a slogan for the Black Lives Matter movement.

  In the video, posted on social media, the woman is seen walking through a luxury department store, saying she is searching for a tool to remove security tags.

-Joseph Curl Go To Site

Along the trolley tracks behind the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement field office, a biohazard cleanup crew works under police protection.

  It finds used needles and buckets of human waste simmering in nearly 100-degree heat.

  The smell of urine and feces fills the block. For more than five weeks, as many as 200 people had occupied the site to demand ICE’s immediate abolition.

-Andy Ngo Go To Site

Other demands include removing descriptions of race and complexion from campus crime alerts… making enrolling in an ethnic studies class a requirement of all students… offering greater bathroom access for “all genders”… and removing from admissions applications any questions about criminal history of prospective students... -University of Minnesota student protestors Go To Site

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The “Occupy City Hall” protesters left behind a foul mess after turning a series of sidewalk grates into makeshift latrines during their month-long encampment in Lower Manhattan, an MTA supervisor revealed Wednesday.

  “All the people who were here were going to the bathroom in the vents,” the transit boss said. “They were s–tting and pissing in the vents. They were using this as a facility, as a bathroom. It’s unbelievable what’s in there.”

  The supervisor was overseeing several workers with the unenviable task of using poles to poke disgusting brown sludge from between the bars of the metal grates.

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A protest against police brutality itself turned violent Wednesday when activists attempted to storm Portland City Hall, clobbered one security guard and scuffled with several others...

  One demonstrator, who was masked and wearing a baseball helmet, smashed a security guard over the head repeatedly with a megaphone. The guard was seen afterward clutching a bag of ice, a bruise beginning to form on his cheek. City Hall security chief Dorothy Elmore said she was also struck by a protester, in the arm.

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In the last year, thousands of people have flocked to North Dakota to protest a pipeline they claim could contaminate water. But they’ve left behind enough detritus that they’ve risked causing an environmental disaster for the Missouri River, North Dakota’s governor said in a statement this week.

  The state has seen record snowfall this year, which has buried huge amounts of trash, camping materials and even vehicles abandoned by protestors.

  “Because of this risk of flood, we’re worried about what’s going to be left at the camp,” the Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal chairman, Dave Archambault, told the Bismarck Tribune earlier this month. “What we want to do is make sure none of that waste gets in the Missouri River. …

Environmentalist Protesters

Trash The Environment

Cannon Ball, N.D., February 2017: Site of Historic Environmentalist Hypocrisy

Making a dent in the immense amount of trash being hauled out of the Oceti Sakowin protest camp is being hindered by the weather. All the garbage that was left behind is now frozen into massive chunks of junk. In a month, all this trash could become toxic.

"Standing Rock Environmental Protection Agency and Dakota Sanitation are working together to try and advert an environmental tragedy," says Tom Doering, Morton County Emergency Manager.

It's estimated it will take 250 trucks filled with litter to clear the camp. "There's a lot of work to be done," says Doering.

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In a bizarre form of protest, University of California freshman Seth Greenberg has promised to publicly remove his penis (he did not specify the method of removal) if Donald Trump begins project work on the US Mexican border wall. “I’m so confident that Trump is full of s***, that I will cut my **** off, publicly if he adds even a mile of new wall” stated Greenberg in an on the street interview, where he was simultaneously protesting prayer in public school.

  When pressed about the validity of his claim, Greenberg promised that “I will really do this. I feel that if he does actually build any of the wall, me removing my penis publicly will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”

Liberals Sending Used Tampons in Protest

Bonnie Lewis, an anti-immigration activist, told Breitbart News that she saw one of the pro-amnesty activists dragging an American flag on the ground. "I said: 'Hey, don't do that.' He said: 'That's where it belongs,'" she said. Another anti-illegal immigration activist said that pro-amnesty demonstrators called her a "f***ing whore" i Spanish, and shouted, "F*** America!" -Michelle Moons Go To Site

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Following the recently passed rule in Texas requiring women to bury or cremate an aborted fetus, a Facebook post of protest has gone viral. The mission, so it lays out, is for women to mail their used hygiene products from their last menstrual cycles straight to Republican Gov. Gregg Abbott's office to check their "fertilized status."

Oct 2021: Democrat Protesters Crash Wedding Offciated By Senator...

  Sen. Sinema was officiating a wedding in Brisbee, Arizona, last weekend when a couple of dozen lefty gorgons decided to show up and screech. Bride be damned...

  I was an NYC liberal, the most loathsome brand of the left. I can tell you that one of the differences between libs and patriots is this: Conservatives are far less likely to hijack an innocent couple’s wedding and pretend we have the moral high ground. Self-absorbed snowflakes don’t think about anyone but themselves and their commie agenda...

  The worst part of the video might be when the mother of the bride weepily asks the annoying bugs not to ruin her daughter’s wedding and they respond with embarrassing talking points.

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Bernie Sanders endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday isn’t stopping his supporters plans to hold a “fart-in” at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) later this month... The plan is for delegates to chow down, then let presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton smell what they think of her. "The fart-in is to raise attention about things that really stink in our society,” said Dr. Walter Tsou, of the Philadelphia branch of Physicians for Social Responsibility.

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Protesters gathered outside Donald Trump’s rally in Anaheim, California on Tuesday, where they met Trump’s supporters head-on and a heated confrontation ensued. An anti-Trump protester fired a stream of pepper spray into the crowd, hitting five people, including two children. The girls, ages 8 and 11, were among the targets and could be seen sobbing as a woman wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat comforted them.

Liberal, Hate, Violence, Character, Protest, Assault, Vandalism, Trump

Hundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate. Traffic came to a halt as a boisterous crowd walked in the roadway, some waving American and Mexican flags. Protesters smashed a window on at least one police cruiser, punctured the tires of a police sport utility vehicle, and at one point tried to flip a police car.

The December 14 edition of Fox & Friends Sunday opened with video from a December 13 march in New York City where some protesters chanted, "What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now." Go To Site

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In a year when political tensions already are running high, a group of protesters is fueling the acrimony by showing up to political rallies and events with a large American flag – and stomping on it. The members of the self-described “F*** Your Flag Tour” most recently popped up at a Donald Trump rally Sunday in West Allis, Wis... Made up primarily of black protesters, it goes by the name of the “F*** Your Flag Tour” and uses the hash tag “F**YoFlag” on social media.

Social Justice Warriors Gone Crazy

The Character of the Left On Display

The Poster Girl For Campus Liberalism.

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Longhorn alumna Jessica Jin plans to protest campus carry in a somewhat unconventional way — by organizing a “Campus (Dildo) Carry” protest at the University’s Austin campus. Jin graduated from the University of Texas last year with a degree in violin performance... Using the social media hashtag, #CocksNotGlocks, participants are encouraged to wield dildos to demonstrate the absurdity of campus carry.

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Students at California Polytechnic University recently held a “shit-in” to teach their peers about gender neutral bathrooms Last Tuesday, members of Cal Poly’s Queer Student Union began circulating a petition requesting that the university add “Gender Diversity” signs to existing “all-gender bathrooms” on campus. Tuesday also kicked off the group’s three-day “shit-in” during which students were encouraged to only use gender neutral bathrooms on campus.

Black Lives Matter Movement:

Feel The Love


"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Doug Hughes, a 61-year-old mailman from Ruskin, told his friends he was going to do it. He was going to fly a gyrocopter through protected airspace and put it down on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol, then try to deliver 535 letters of protest to 535 members of Congress... At the root of Hughes' disdain is the Supreme Court's 2010 decision in Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission, in which the court decided campaign contributions were a form of "political speech" and struck down limits on how much corporations and unions could give to political contenders.

Transgender Protest

They Demand Gender-Inclusive Washrooms

They seem nice.

Liberal Degenerates making an ugly scene at Simon Fraser University (TMI)

As part of their protest, transgender students occupied a men's washroom at SFU, placing a sign on the door that read, "All genders welcome," and "This toilet has been liberated from the gender binary."-Laura Kane

The Seattle City Council passed a unanimous resolution this week which declares May 1 a "day of action" on which city employees are encouraged to attend planned anti-Trump protests instead of going to work...

  Somewhat ironically, the Socialist-drafted resolution tacitly admits that a mass of government workers not showing up to do their jobs on Monday would not be an undue hardship for the city.

-Christian Britschgi Go To Site

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Denver police say some protesters poured red paint over the memorial dedicated to fallen police officers. The memorial is located in front of Denver police headquarters and lists the names of police officers who have died in the line of duty... [Denver Police Union President Nick] Rogers spoke exclusively to CBS4’s [Lauren] DiSpirito following the incident. He said officers monitoring the protest were told by their superiors to not to interfere and to let the vandalism happen.

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Paramedics took nearly a half hour to reach a stricken 62-year-old man, who later died, because they were told to wait for a police escort as a result of a protest over police brutality in downtown Berkeley, city records show. It would have taken just a couple of minutes for Berkeley firefighters to drive from Station No. 2 on Berkeley Way to Alvin Henry Jones Jr., who had collapsed near an elevator at an apartment complex at 2175 Kittredge St. on the evening of Dec. 7.

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Protesters marching against the Ferguson grand jury decision cheered and chanted "hit him again" after four Denver police officers were hit by a runaway car, police union officials say. Several other police sources told KUSA that there is evidence and witnesses to the fact that some marchers cheered after the officers were struck Wednesday... "These actions are not only reprehensible but quite possibly the most disturbing thing this association has ever heard," the statement said.

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Masked protesters carrying torches and threatening organized violence protested outside the home of an executive at a major oil pipeline company last week. Eight environmental activists gathered on the lawn of Mark Maki, a member of the Enbridge Energy Company’s board of directors and president of Enbridge Energy Management, to protest the arrests of three anti-pipeline activists last year. The protesters, who brandished torches for a photo posted online, held a sign warning, “solidarity means attack” and “we will shut you down.”

White People's Roles and Responsibilities

Liberals Protesting Against Racism in 2015

Know your place, Whitey.

Ever wonder what, as a person with white privilege, you can do to stand in solidarity with black liberation struggle?

Stay to the back and the sides of the group.

Hundreds of Bernie Sanders supporters are expected to stage a Fart-In Thursday at the Democratic National Convention meeting in Philadelphia. An assortment of Socialists, beatniks, and leftwing rabble-rousers plan to consume massive quantities of pork and beans in preparation for the pungent protest. Go To Site

Protestors in Calgary said the Harper government is refusing to take meaningful action when it comes to climate change. Originally about 300 people were slated to participate in the Calgary protest, but due to a snow storm only about 50 showed up.

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On Sunday evening in Oakland, protesters lit a flag on fire in anger over the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the killing of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida. Afterward, one protester appeared to light a marijuana cigarette (“blunt”) off the smoldering flag.

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Republicans used their large majority in the Texas Legislature to pass the Bill nearly three weeks after a filibuster by Democratic Senator Wendy Davis and an outburst by abortion-rights activists in the Senate gallery disrupted a deadline vote on June 25. As protesters came to the Capitol building in Austin on Friday, bottles of urine and feces, and even tampons were confiscated by state troopers as they tried to prevent anything from disrupting the debate.


Liberals Using Urine and Feces in Protest

A lot of people who have gone to the zoo have become the targets of feces thrown by apes or monkeys, and left no doubt wondering about the so-called intellectual capacity of a beast that would resort to such foul play.

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Sara L. Oliver and some others are calling for a state investigation as to why only $14,700 is now in its bank account, saying tens of thousands donated during Cindy Sheehan's 2005 war protest are unaccounted for.

Coffee Shop Liberal Calls Governor an "Asshole"

Gainesville, Florida Apr 2016

This liberal slacker messed with the wrong governor.

“Hey, if I get a bunch of people on my side and we get a workers’ revolution, I’d cut his F—king goddamned head off! Cut off Donald Trump’s head!” -RNC Protester, Jul 2016 Go To Site

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MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- A dead pig clad in a Mitt Romney T-shirt was left at a Republican campaign office in Manhattan Beach. Manhattan Beach Police had to discard the pig's head and its feet in a trash bin, but not before several passersby saw it. "I thought it was a dead body because of the way he approached it," said Manhattan Beach resident Andy Gaeta. "And then when he lifted the shirt, he saw the head wrapped in barbed wire and it's cut in half, the whole skull was. It looked like something from a butcher's market." The pig was laid out at the doorstep of the Republican headquarters on Highland Avenue.

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Police in Tampa stopped a dozen anti-war protesters from entering an event attended by former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice after the group said it intended to arrest her for war crimes. The protesters from Code Pink carried handcuffs Tuesday and tried to enter a performing arts center. Rice was attending an event in conjunction with the Republican National Convention. They said they wanted to make a citizen's arrest of Rice, who was Secretary of State when the Iraq War started.

The Flag Burning Challenge

Figure 1: Liberal Degenerates Releasing Greenhouse Gasses

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Three peace activists -- including an 82-year-old nun -- infiltrated the highest-security area of the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant in a predawn protest Saturday, reportedly evading guards and cutting through three or four fences in order to spray-paint messages, hang banners and pour human blood at the site where warhead parts are manufactured and the nation's stockpile of bomb-grade uranium is stored.

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Two protesters tried to crash a Mitt Romney fundraiser by sailing across a pond — and wound up crashing into a police boat instead, according to a report. Two men tried to sail across Georgica Pond in the East Hamptons to get access to the fundraiser held at the home of Revlon Inc. Chairman Ronald Perelman, reports The L.A. Times. East Hampston Village authorities claim that David Fink and Simon Kinsella attempted to cross the police line on the water, ignoring orders to stop, and “subsequently struck” a police boat. One of the men tried to escape by swimming to shore, and was arrested nearby, while the other was arrested on the boat.

World War Memorial Vandalized

F--- White People!!

This will win friends and converts to your cause. For sure.

In the Bay Area, Leftists are blaming Silicon Valley's best and brightest for rising rents. Protestors smashed the windows of a bus owned by rabidly pro-Obama Google and blockaded its departure. Last week, they stormed a bus full of Yahoo! employees and vomited on the windshield. -Jon Gabriel Go To Site

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While most Americans were celebrating the 4th of July Wednesday, the degenerate remains of Occupy Oakland held a "F*ck the 4th" march through downtown which featured vandalism, death threats and a flag burning. There were a total of 60 marchers in all, far less than the numbers who crowded the streets a year ago at the Occupy movement's height... According to Sgt. Roland Holmgren, one of the marchers painted "Kill Cops" on a door at police headquarters. Occupiers also vandalized a patrol car, breaking a window, and puncturing a tire.

Liberal, Hate, Character, Degeneracy, Protest, Gay

The White House on Friday rebuked two visitors who were photographed last week at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue flipping the middle finger below a portrait of the late President Ronald Reagan. The guests had been invited to a reception last Friday marking gay pride month. The images of them -- with both middle fingers raised, pointing up toward Reagan -- were first published by Philadelphia Magazine.

Liberal, Crime, Abortion, Protest, Terrorism, Vandalism

A large school bus, owned by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Academy, that is well known throughout Rockford for its beautiful pro-life pictures and words asking people to “pray to end abortion”, was fire bombed on Friday night. The damage was extensive to the bus as windows were broken in on both sides and fire bombs were thrown inside to cause maximum damage.

Liberal, Violence, Character, Protest, Assault

Police arrested at least 45 people Sunday. Four officers were taken to the hospital with injuries, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said. One officer had been stabbed in the leg, he said. "They rallied. They charged the cops and they assaulted the officers," McCarthy said of protesters. "The finger should be pointed at the people who assaulted the cops."

A study on 228 Americans found that activists were described in “overwhelmingly negative” terminology. Feminists were “man-hating” as well as “unhygienic”; environmentalists were “tree-huggers” and “hippies.” Go To Site

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"At the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic there were doctors who were treating diseases no living doctor had ever encountered before, diseases that had disappeared so long ago they had never even picked up Latin names, such as the mange, the grunge, the itch, the twitch, the thrush, the scroff, the rot." The itching and the manginess eventually began to vex the hippies, leading them to seek help from the local free clinics. Step by step, they had to rediscover for themselves the rudiments of modern hygiene. Wolfe refers to this as the "Great Relearning."

Hypocrisy, Liberal, Violence, Character, Funny, Brilliance, Protest, Vandalism

SEATTLE — One of the vandals that smashed windows at Niketown in Seattle on Tuesday afternoon appeared to be wearing a Nike shoe, as seen on raw footage from KIRO 7. The shoe can be seen briefly at about 14 seconds into the video at left.

San Francisco Transgender Pride March

June 2016

Anti-American degenerates.

Anti-American degenerates

A video taken at a transgender pride march in San Francisco shows participants in the march burning an American flag.

Liberal, Violence, Character, Threats, Protest

Following Mayor Mike McGinn’s emergency order, Seattle Police officers seized about 70 items which could be used as weapons during Tuesday's May Day demonstrations, including sharpened tape-wrapped wooden stakes; metal poles; screw-topped wooden staffs; a shield made from a plastic traffic barrier; and a corrugated metal portable barrier with sharp, jagged edges.

Liberal, Violence, Character, Protest, Vandalism

In San Francisco, May Day protests began early, as a demonstration that started peacefully in Dolores Park on Monday night ended with widespread vandalism. More than 100 masked protesters -- dressed in black and gray and wielding crowbars and paintball guns -- descended on a busy restaurant and retail stretch in the city’s Mission district. Vandals smashed windows, defaced cars and attacked the neighborhood police station.

#tampongate is over. Unopened hygiene products are now allowed. Someone trying to bring in a used product led to the earlier issue #txlege Go To Site

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The NYPD, meanwhile, is investigating letters containing white powder that were delivered to the offices of several corporations and banks in Manhattan on Monday and Tuesday. Seven letters were received Monday at various locations, including Wells Fargo and to where the mayor’s mail is processed. Three more were received Tuesday — two of the letters were mailed to News Corp., one of which was addressed to the Wall Street Journal. A third letter was sent to Citicorp, police said. The letters each contained a message that said “This is a reminder that you are not in control” and “Happy May Day.”

Liberal, Character, Degeneracy, Fear, Protest

Envelopes containing suspicious powder were sent through the mail to at least seven locations in Manhattan, primarily Wells Fargo banks, in an apparent May Day protest, police officials said. "This is a reminder that you are not in control," said a message that arrived with the envelopes. "Just in case you needed some incentive to stop working we have a little surprise for you. Think fast you have seconds."

"At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child - miserable, as all spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats."

Hypocrisy, Violence, Protest, Academia, Immigration, Vandalism

Protesters objecting to Tancredo's views on immigration shouted Tuesday as he tried to give a speech. Students smashed a window a few feet from where he stood and blocked his face with a banner that said, "No One Is Illegal." The event was cut short due to broken glass and use of pepper spray by police.

Liberal, Crime, Character, Degeneracy, Protest, Vandalism

Police said they received an e-mail that said it was from "Some Of Those Responsible" and read in part, "about an hour and a half ago (around ten pm, Tuesday night) a group of anticapitalists rolled up on the US Bank at SE 39th and Main and smashed out its windows and ATMs."

The seven Naked Fools who stripped in John Boehner’s office to get attention and raise awareness for AIDS, but mostly to get attention, are begging for donations to help them pay their court costs.
So far they raised a whopping $195. -Jim Hoft Go To Site

Hypocrisy, Liberal, Protest, Greed

Protesters at Friday’s “Occupy CPAC” event, organized by AFL-CIO and the Occupy DC movement, told The Daily Caller that they were paid “sixty bucks a head” to protest outside the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C.

Liberal Woman: "Fuck You NYPD!"

"I'm A Professor! How Dare You!"

(She's not a professor)

Epic Liberal Temper Tantrum at NYU Protest

Feel The Love

All From Your Pals at Progressive Disorder!

Liberal, Hate, Racism, Narrative

Congressional Candidate, Martin Baker, was subject to racial slurs by Obama supporters in St. Louis, Missouri tonight. (via Gateway Pundit) Dana Loesch explains what happened to Tea Party members protesting in front of an Obama fundraiser in St. Louis tonight. The photo used as a thumbnail in this post is from Loesch's writeup here. In the video, Martin Baker is called "a n*gger, an Uncle Tom n*gger."

Liberal, Hate, Degeneracy, Funny, Protest, Waste

Police in Denver are now authorized by the city council to arrest people who are found carrying feces or urine for nefarious purposes. Denver officials are expected protesters at the convention and have adopted an openly hostile attitude toward such demonstrations.

Hate, Union, Violence, Threats, Murder

“We have received several more threats over the past few weeks as well, and protesters have actually gone so far as to go up to (Fitzgerald's) house and bang on the windows at 6 a.m. demanding that he come out,” Welhouse said.

Nothing says seriousness and respect for the political process like invading the office of the Speaker of the House in the nude. And nothing says great media like covering such a protest by laughing along with the protesters while playing up the protest to the hilt. That’s what happened today, as AIDS research protesters descended on Rep. John Boehner’s (R-OH) office in the Longworth building. Boehner wasn’t in at the time. They began chanting and screaming: “Boehner, Boehner, don’t be a dick! Budget cuts will make us sick!” Classy. Go To Site

Hypocrisy, Union, Protest, Healthcare

FREEHOLD — Monmouth County transportation employees staged a sickout Friday that left 174 developmentally disabled clients waiting for a bus that never came and county officials scrambling to get critically ill patients to their dialysis appointments.
"This is a despicable thing to do to this special population and seniors," Skudera, a retired school secretary, said. "You don't do this to that population."

"When you men get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a pussy."

Hypocrisy, Liberal, Hate, Violence, Character, Fascism

Thousands of angry Canadian protesters forced authorities to cancel a speech by conservative firebrand Ann Coulter at the University of Ottawa Tuesday night, after police concluded it would be "physically dangerous" for the best-selling author to take the stage.

Liberal, Protest

Twenty-five protesters were arrested in Rancho Mirage, California today, at a protest in front of the Rancho Las Palmas resort, site of the “Billionaire’s Caucus,” an annual meeting put on by the Koch Brothers and other corporate entities and conservative movement operators.

Liberal, Union, Violence, Protest

A group of protestors stormed and then ransacked a Bush-Cheney headquarters building in Orlando, Fla., Tuesday, according to Local 6 News. Local 6 News reported that several people from the group of 100 Orlando protestors face possible assault charges after the group forced their way inside the Republican headquarters office.

Ronald Reagan . . . was confronted by a bunch of screaming hippies back in his days as governor of California. They swarmed his car yelling at him for cutting education funding or some such. One fellow — who I like to imagine looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo — held up a sign to Reagan’s car window saying “We are the future!” Reagan quickly grabbed a pen from his suit pocket and wrote something down on piece of paper and thrust it to his side of the window so the kid could read it. It said: “I’m selling my bonds!” Go To Site

Liberal, Violence, Protest

A roving gang of rioters smashed property and attacked Seattle police with fireworks, flares and fire extinguishers Saturday night near the site where an officer shot a woodcarver to death last August.

Other officers responded and found a group of 25 to 30 gathered in the intersection, setting up fencing and putting up caution tape. They painted "F--- The Pigs" on the street and on a nearby building.

Liberal, Violence, Protest

PORTLAND, Ore. — The violent demonstrations against President Bush caught White House planners by surprise, a presidential spokesman said Friday.

Democrat, Liberal, Incitement, Protest, Waste, Vandalism

Democratic activists, angry that Washington residents pay taxes but have no voting representation in Congress, have set up a Facebook page to urge protesters to dump their trash outside Boehner's home if the government shuts down Friday night.

Democrat, Liberal, Incitement, Protest, Waste, Vandalism

Washington (CNN) - If the federal government shuts down come Friday, House Speaker John Boehner may be in for quite a mess at his Washington, D.C. residence if some Facebook users have their way. A Facebook event, entitled "If Boehner shuts down the government I am taking my trash to his house," has popped up and is gaining steam as the shutdown showdown ramps up on Capitol Hill.


Glad he's on your side.

Leftist Protest Videos

Seriously - Don't watch any of these while you're eating.

When we arrived, we noticed four African American protestors who were also on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I am not sure what they were protesting, and I did not interact with them. I did hear them direct derogatory insults at our school group.

  The protestors said hateful things. They called us "racists," "bigots," "white crackers," "faggots," and "incest kids." They also taunted an African American student from my school by telling him that we would "harvest his organs."

-Robby Soave Go To Site