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Ronald Reagan

Of course, who can forget Ronald Reagan and his Republican hordes sweeping down from the steppes, leaving nothing but devastation in their wake? Few figures from recent history evoke such terror and loathing—at least, among leftist academics. -Bruce W. Davidson

When I met President Reagan, I felt inspired. I want to feel inspired again. Like Reagan, I think the time has come for me to leave the party I’ve been a member of my entire life — not because I want to leave it, but because it has already left me. -Joe Piscopo, on leaving Democrat Party Go To Site

One cold evening in Dixon, Ill., in the early 1930s, a young man known as Dutch Reagan brought home two African American teammates from his Eureka College football team. The team was on the road, and the local hotels had refused the two black players. So Reagan invited them to spend the night and have breakfast with his family.
 In November 1952, in one of his final meetings as president of Hollywood’s Screen Actors Guild, Ronald Reagan called upon the entertainment industry to provide greater employment for black actors. His stand went against the times and received national media attention. Go To Site

A student burst through the doors to our Political Science class to breathlessly announce that "Reagan is dead. He's been assassinated." The reaction of my class? CELEBRATION. They jumped from their seats to cheer, high five, fist pump, hug each other, and even scream "Yes! Reagan is dead." Go To Site

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Dr. King had awakened something strong and true, a sense that true justice must be colorblind, and that among white and black Americans, as he put it, “Their destiny is tied up with our destiny, and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom; we cannot walk alone.”

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When Reagan was shot, I remember being on campus and hearing people cheer. That disturbed me deeply.

"The president has been shot! They've just assassinated Reagan!" It hit me like a ton of bricks – I instantly felt sick to my stomach and tears flowed down my cheeks. But it was the response of the rest of the class that I will remember for the rest of my life. They cheered! They clapped, they yelled and whooped in sheer unadulterated joy.

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A few weeks later, I returned from a taping to the CLWG offices. I found everyone crowded around the TV. Reagan had just been shot. Everyone was cheering, laughing, clapping... Many begged for Reagan to die.

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The document is a May 14, 1983 memo from KGB head Victor Chebrikov to his boss, the odious Soviet General Secretary Yuri Andropov, designated with the highest classification. It concerns a confidential offer to the Soviet leadership by Senator Kennedy. The target: President Ronald Reagan. -Paul Kengor, American Thinker