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Sierra Club Where ARE You?

"The amount of garbage, waste and rubble left behind is impressive," she said. "They were supposedly defending the environment, fighting for a better Puerto Rico ... what they left behind is everything to the contrary." At least five big trucks are needed to carry away the garbage left behind, including makeshift toilets, books, blankets, tents, tables and wooden crates, she said. Go To Site

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Back in 1995, environmental concerns were viewed through a narrower prism. The salvage logging rider signed by then President Bill Clinton granted timber companies unfettered access to national forests that had been protected under environmental laws. One of the loggers’ first targets was 14-acres of trees in the Warner Creek area of the Willamette National Forest in Eugene, Oregon.

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In the wake of the movie winning an Oscar last month, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research reported that Gore’s Nashville mansion consumed more than 20 times the electricity than the national average. Last August, the Gore mansion burned more than twice the electricity in a single month as the average American family uses in an entire year.


Hey Sierra Club - come get to work, and bring your carbon credits!