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Smearing Republicans

MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Thursday continued to obsess over his favorite issue, the birthers. He excoriated the Republican Party, smearing that the "haters" now "have a party to call all their own, the GOP."

Weiner, slumped in his chair in T-shirt and jeans, said that Donald Trump “appeals to that mouth-breathing, hunched over, one-tooth person that is the primary voter for Republicans.” Go To Site

"It's vintage Obama - the demonization of his opponents - lumping them together with people chanting 'death to America,' I must say is a new low for the president," Krauthammer said. Go To Site

“The idea that you would play such a card and try fearmongering among minorities just because you disagree with Republicans, that they are somehow all racists, I find it appalling. I find it insulting.” -Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Go To Site

Republicans: They Must Be Murderers

Republicans: They Must Be Murderers

Is there such a thing as a man-made stroke? In other words, did someone do this to (Democratic Senator Tim Johnson)? …I know what this [Republican] party is capable of. -Joy Behar

Is there such a thing as a man-made stroke? In other words, did someone do this to (Democratic Senator Tim Johnson)? …I know what this [Republican] party is capable of. — Joy Behar on The View Go To Site

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“They love the taste of blood,” Grayson said. “They’re consistently pro-war, consistently pro-killing foreigners. They view the entire world as either a massive inconvenience or something they feel is a personal threat. One or the other. They don’t recognize the world as full of human beings.”

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"The mood of the Republican congressional leadership is so ideologically obtuse as to doom even this modest first step down the path of responsibility. They would rather kill people than raise taxes." - Former Los Angeles Times reporter Robert Scheer

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“This is probably one of the worst times we’ve seen because the numbers of people elected to Congress. I went through this as co-chair of the arts caucus,” Slaughter said, according to a CNS News report. ”In ’94 people were elected simply to come here to kill the National Endowment for the Arts. Now they’re here to kill women.”

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Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) warned Americans that "Republicans want you to die quickly" during an after-hours House floor speech Tuesday night.

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"They have attached a poison pill -- literally, colleagues -- because it will kill 8,100 more people more than would have otherwise been killed from pollution," Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Cali.) said on the Senate floor today about Republicans trying to roll back a Clean Air Act provision.

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Scarborough: “So you believe Dick Cheney wants Americans to die?...You believe the former Vice President wants Americans to die in a terrorist attack so he can gain a political advantage?” Schultz: “You got it, Joe. You got it. I think Dick Cheney’s all about power. I think Dick Cheney is all about seeing this country go conservative on a hard right-wing and I think he’ll do anything to get it there....”

Republicans Must Have Mental Defects

Republicans Must Have Mental Defects

"The reason a person is a conservative Republican is because something is wrong with them. Again, that's science - that's neuroscience. You cannot be well adjusted, open-minded, pluralistic, enlightened and be a Republican."

When Cheney told the PBS host and co-anchor of CBS’s This Morning that he had wished he had gotten his heart transplant done sooner, Rose took a swing, meant as a joke: “Might you have seen Iraq differently if we had more oxygen to your brain?” Go To Site

"Republicans don't believe in the imagination, partly because so few of them have one, but mostly because it gets in the way of their chosen work, which is to destroy the human race and the planet... Which is why I personally think they should be exterminated before they cause any more harm." -Michale Feingold Go To Site

Gore once accused his political enemies of possessing "an extra chromosome," a remark that infuriated the families of persons with Down Syndrome, which is caused by the presence of an extra chromosome. Go To Site

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"The reason a person is a conservative republican is because something is wrong with them. Again, that's science - that's neuroscience. You cannot be well adjusted, open-minded, pluralistic, enlightened and be a republican.

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A Virginia elementary school teacher told her students that “Republicans are stupid” and “they don’t care about anyone but wealthy people and businesses.” Kristin Martin said this to her 6th grade class as Republican voters were filing into the halls of Powell Elementary School in Fairfax County to vote on Super Tuesday... Additionally, her daughter relayed that Martin told the classroom that she had voted for Obama and that “Democrats do more for the community and schools.”

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Republicans, due to their pathologies, are unable to recognize as human anyone who differs from them in the slightest way. This is the essence of Republican inhumanity. It's called conservatism. ...As far as I am concerned, there are no liberals, there are just ordinary, normal people and then there are Republicans...

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was compared to serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer by a top Democratic aide in Wisconsin on Friday. Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski made the comparison on twitter after an investigation into illegal campaign activity by former aides and associates of Walker was closed.

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“There is a sickness out there in the Republican Party, and I’m not kidding. Maybe they don’t like their moms or their first wives; I don’t know what it is.”

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Earlier on Monday, Colmes criticized Santorum’s handling of the death of the child, Gabriel Michael Santorum. “Get a load of some of the crazy things he’s said and done, like taking his two-hour-old baby when it died right after child birth home and played with it so that his other children would know that the child was real,” the liberal pundit said in a Fox News interview.

Republicans Must Be Terrorists

Republicans Must Be Terrorists

The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists.

Tom Friedman — who knows a bit about Hezbollah — calls the tea partiers the “Hezbollah faction” of the GOP bent on taking the country on a “suicide mission.” All over the place, conservative Republicans are “hostage takers” and “terrorists,” “terrorists” and “traitors.” They want to “end life as we know it on this planet,” says Nancy Pelosi. -Jonah Goldberg Go To Site

"What has the Republican party in the last 10 years done to help the American people? What have they done? This is not a political party -- this is a domestic terror group.

  And I think what the American people should consider when they ask themselves that question -- with a party that has done nothing to help the American people -- is to vote them out and consider possibly afterwards locking them up, Joy."

 -Fernand Armandi Go To Site

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White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer used three vivid analogies to attack House Republicans' laundry list of demands for raising the debt ceiling, comparing Republicans to arsonists, hostage-takers and suicide bombers.

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The Republican Party has thrown in its lot with the terrorists - the Taliban and Hamas this morning - in criticizing the President for receiving the Nobel Peace prize... - DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse

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A senior Democratic congressman likened Republican lawmakers to terrorists on Thursday for their insistence on tying approval of construction of a new oil pipeline to must-pass legislation.

Republicans Must Be Racists

Republicans Must Be Racists

A recent convert to the Republican Party needs to keep his white sheets for "the midnight meeting..."

This country still is full of closet racists. What do you think is going on in South Carolina and North Carolina. Voter suppression. Its about getting black people not to vote. Why? Because black people tend to vote Democratic. Why would would Republicans want to do it? Because Republicans are not a majority in this country anymore. They are a bunch of dead white people. Or dying white people.” -Professor William S. Penn, Michigan State University Go To Site

The GOP is "dominated by aging white Americans and some very vocal bigots," Lemon insisted, and "no longer represents the changing demographics of this country." He said the party is "blinded by the Obama hate trees,""in a death spiral," and needs to lay off the "haterade." -CNN anchor Don Lemon Go To Site

Contributor NPR Cokie Roberts attributed at least some of Obama’s falling polls to the GOP’s animus towards him which, she said, is motivated in part by racism. Go To Site

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Even when they are saying the exact same things, Maher said, they don’t hear each other, because all Republicans hear when Obama says anything about race is “Kill Whitey!” “They don’t hear what Obama says, because they know what he’s thinking!” Maher said. “They know he’s thinking ‘Kill Whitey!’”

"The Republican Party today is the party of racism."

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State Sen. Robert Brown, D-Macon, is being criticized for saying a recent convert to the Republican Party needs to keep his white sheets for “the midnight meeting.” State Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, said Brown, who is the Senate minority leader, is clearly comparing Republicans to the Ku Klux Klan. Brown did not name any legislators.

"I think it’s really rich for any Republican, especially a white man, to run around and claim they care about the economic condition of Black communities and Black businesses when that’s all a lie."

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I think they hate Obama. They want him out of the White House more than they want to destroy Al Qaeda. Their No. 1 enemy in the world right now, on the right, is their hatred, hatred for Obama. And we can go into that about the white working class in the South and looking at these numbers we're getting the last couple days about racial hatred in many cases … this isn't about being a better president, they want to get rid of this president”

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A Clemson University professor took to Facebook recently to voice his contempt for Republicans in a post that called all members of the GOP racists, according to screenshots of his personal page.

  “All trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum,” Assistant Professor of Human-Centered Computing Bart Knijnenburg wrote in an Aug. 16 Facebook post, reports Campus Reform, which obtained a screenshot of that sentiment and many others.

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A Clemson University professor recently took to Facebook to call out Republicans and President Donald Trump as “xenophobic and racist.”

  Clemson School of Computing Assistant Professor Bart Knijnenburg took to Facebook in July and wrote, “Trump is xenophobic and racist. Trump’s administration is xenophobic and racist. The Republican Party is xenophobic and racist.” He continued on to say that, “anyone who voted Republican in 2016 is xenophobic and racist,” and concluded by stating, “anyone who still calls themselves a Republican despite all this is xenophobic and racist.”

At MSNBC, if you’re a racist, that apparently means you’re a Republican.

  Host Kasie Hunt teased an upcoming segment at the left-wing network Wednesday on the furor over Joe Biden saying he used to be able to work with senators who were segregationists and lamenting the partisanship of today.

  He named Sens. James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia.

  “Still to come, Joe Biden references his relationships with two former Republican colleagues at an event in New York City. The only problem? They were both segregationists,” she said.

  There was another problem — albeit a problem with Ms. Hunt.

  Both Eastland and Talmadge were Democrats.

-Victor Morton

Go To Site

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Columnist and co-creator of the It Gets Better project Dan Savage called a gay conservative group “faggots” after the group endorsed Mitt Romney Wednesday.

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Talking about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's position on abortion and marriage, Dyson said, "He needs to speak to his fellow Republicans whose numbers ain’t so hot in that regard, and who watch more porn and go to more strip clubs than other people"

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Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., told the Huffington Post today that the gay rights group the Log Cabin Republicans model themselves after “Uncle Tom,” the servile black slave character in the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The liberal, openly gay congressman told the website he was “appalled” by the group’s support of Republican Party.

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Host: Oh, yes. You did the RNC too? Stephanie Miller: Yeah, wasn't that the nicest klan rally you've ever seen? It was awesome. It was so awesome. Host: They were just so nice! Stephanie Miller: No, they had different colors. It was like the Village People, though, it was like a skip.

“They hate us. They really hate us,” NRO’s Jay Nordlinger noted, along with numerous examples left wing hate speech, immediately after the 2004 election. Go To Site

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The Republicans want us to repeal the 20th century, the New Deal, the Fair Deal, to turn us back to the robber barons running the country, and to eviscerate the environmental and other regulations to protect public health and safety, and to cut spending in ways that would be very harmful to people who rely on government.”

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MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews on Thursday continued to obsess over his favorite issue, the birthers. He excoriated the Republican Party, smearing that the "haters" now "have a party to call all their own, the GOP."

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Republicans, who want to literally drag us all the way back to Jim Crow laws and literally - and very transparently - block access to the polls to voters who are more likely to vote Democratic candidates than Republican candidates.

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A couple in Shoreline have been targeted in a campaign that involves destroying signs supporting Republican candidates, and replacing them with signs for

In a recent column about the Wisconsin governor, a conservative Republican, New York Times columnist Gail Collins wrote that Walker had cut state aid to education, causing teacher layoffs in 2010. But Walker didn’t take office until 2011. Whoops. - Nick Gass Go To Site

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Van Jones spoke at the 16th annual Mario Savio Memorial Lecture on the campus of University of California Berkeley last Wednesday evening. In the passionate lecture, Van called Republicans and those who oppose the president “treasonous” and created an allegory where they wish to let people die on a beach: “Let the bodies pile up on the beach. Let the pain accumulate. Because our view is this: If enough dead bodies pile up on this beach they are going to fire the lifeguard and we can get the lifeguard’s job.

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"Republicans want to shut down the government because they think there's nothing more important than keeping women from getting cancer screenings. This is indefensible and everyone should be outraged," Reid said on the Senate floor.

Just like the Klan and Aryan Nations filth, Republicans must be socially ostracized from coast to coast.

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A House Democrat compared Republicans to one of the most reviled Nazis during World War ll– ignoring efforts on both sides of the aisle to tone down the political rhetoric. Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, used a late night House floor speech Tuesday to hit Republicans for what he called "lies" about a government takeover of the health care system, and evoked Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

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"... the current GOP is contemptible in all its permutations - from the base to the intelligentsia.... my political judgment, honestly held, proudly expressed, is that destroying this Republican party is essential if this country and the world are going to recover from our current morass."

During the exchange Reid told CNBC's John Harwood that he didn't "really care" about the Republican presidential prospects because, "I think they're all losers." Go To Site

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President Barack Obama’s former senior White House adviser and campaign manager David Plouffe accused House Republicans of “committing economic treason” during the partial government shutdown on Thursday.

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An English professor for the taxpayer-subsidized Langston University, a historically black college in Oklahoma, took to social media Tuesday to deride congressional Republicans, specifically Rep. Tim Griffin (R-AR), for their efforts to expose the flaws of Obamacare... Van Meter posted as a comment: "Call me when you come up with a better plan, you stupid crook. Of course, that would involve taking off your knee pads."... Van Meter told Griffin "f--- you,” said “you Republicans are evil," and said Griffin was a "graft-taking motherf---er," among other comments.

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John Podesta was just named as a new senior-level adviser to President Obama last week, but he's already ruffling Republican feathers. In a profile published late Tuesday night by Politico Magazine, Podesta is quoted comparing Republicans to the infamous cult led by Jim Jones, who was responsible for the 1978 cyanide poisoning of more than 900 of his followers in Guyana.

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A prominent NAACP official recognized Martin Luther King Day by labeling black senator Tim Scott a puppet for the Republican party. “A ventriloquist can always find a good dummy,” said Reverend William Barber II, the president of North Carolina’s NAACP chapter. The State reports that Barber’s remarks came in a speech in Scott’s home state of South Carolina.

“We liked the idea of a Republican entering their universe. And Hannah doesn’t really have a clear sense of why you shouldn’t date a Republican; it’s kind of just like the same reason why you shouldn’t date a Nazi: You just shouldn’t.” -Lena Dunham Go To Site

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NBC does it again, this time through a Miami affiliate that broadcast a graphic that read: "Reprehensive Party of Florida." You have to ask yourself what kind of culture there is at NBC News that makes staffers believe that dehumanizing Republicans in this way is okay.

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Democratic Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York – Manhattan to be exact – was caught on camera saying that Republicans “just want people to starve and it’s disgusting.”

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In some versions of a story March 12 about possible Republican presidential contenders talking about abortion, The Associated Press reported erroneously that they called abortion rights activists Satan worshippers. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, said abortion rights activists had chanted "Hail, Satan," referencing a rally last year in Austin, Texas.

Stephen Spinola - January 2017


Smearing the President's Son.

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“I came out of my office to greet her ... and she started going off and ranting on how terrible Republicans are and what terrible people we were,” Quella said... “She kept getting closer to me and telling me what a terrible person I was. That lasted a little while. She said I was a scumbag and she was right up to my face and spit in my face,” and called him a fascist, racist and several expletives, Quella said.

Mass Shooting at Country Music Event, Oct 2017...

"I'm actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun toters."

If you track the Confederate Army to the Dixiecrats, to the conversation of the Republicans, to the districts that were affected, you may be dealing with different labels, but if they were ever able to track down their ancestors, there's a Confederate general in every damn living room. -Charles Rangel Go To Site

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Tweet: The Repubs should stop with their fake outrage over the "V.A. scandal." The only scandal they need to address is why they started those wars

The GOP is literally the party of rapist racists...

  "It's really disturbing to hear all the horse shit cries about how America needs to come together. That is exactly what America does not need.

  The GOP is literally the party of rapist racists that wants to starve the poor, there's no fucking 'coming together' with that nonsense."

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Retired neurosurgeon and possible 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson isn’t an anti-gay extremist after all, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Under intense scrutiny after it was revealed that the civil rights organization had lumped Carson in with the likes of KKK members and other zealots on its “extremist watch list,” the SPLC announced on Wednesday that it was scrubbing Carson’s name.

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“Fuck you and your entire extended family. And the cunt you came out of. Got it?” That was the message sent to New York state Republican Committee Director of Communications David Laska after a member of a club hosting an event for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker received an invite to meet the governor. The email was sent from Jeffrey Putterman, a member of the Union League Club, where the lunch will be held on Monday.

Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean has never really been known for his subtlety... Dean claimed that anyone who votes for a state or local Republican candidate can just go ahead and consider themselves a racist. -Emily Zanotti Go To Site