Academia and prostitution: compare and contrast.

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The University of Georgia (UGA) has agreed not to fire the professor who allegedly dressed as a woman and agreed to have sex with an undercover cop for money, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday.

“People don’t think a college student at an Ivy League university would accept payment for sex but I’ve never had asked this question on a college campus and not had ‘yes’ answers,” McDevitt told the Yale Daily News. Go To Site

In a talk Wednesday night advertised by the University of Missouri and well-attended by college students, a “crowd-sourced porn” entrepreneur recruited college students to join the online movement, telling them it’s an easy way to make a few bucks and pay down student loans. Go To Site

The University of Georgia (UGA) has agreed not to fire the professor who allegedly dressed as a woman and agreed to have sex with an undercover cop for money, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday. Max Roland Reinhart, 65, will not be terminated -- even if he is found guilty -- as long as he retires in May 2013 and does not sue the university, UGA spokesman Pete Konenkamp said. Go To Site

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Durham University sparked a when it was revealed the establishment was offering training sessions to support students involved in sex work. The one-hour sessions, organised by the Durham Students Union (DSU) and led by external trainers, comprise two levels and offer an understanding of the challenges and obstacles that student sex workers might struggle to overcome when wishing to seek support.

  However, many people took issue with the concept, with Michelle Donelan, the minister for higher and further education, accusing the Russell Group university of “legitimising a dangerous industry” and “badly failing in their duty to protect” students.

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A Northeastern University professor is one of five people arrested in a prostitution sting in Boston. Dr. Harvey Shapiro is among a group of men who appeared Friday in Boston Municipal Court following arrests by police for seeking sex for a fee. Officials say the men were arrested Thursday at the Hilton Boston Back Bay on Dalton Street. They allegedly used an online classified site to solicit a prostitute. Shapiro, a faculty member in the school’s Department of Education, also supervises teachers in the Boston Public Schools, according to the university’s website.

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Eric Tranby, a professor in the sociology department, was accused by a student in May of offering her a top grade in exchange for sexual favors. UD Vice Provost of Faculty Affairs Matthew J. Kinservick said Friday that the professor was on administrative leave and Tranby's resignation would formally come at the end of the academic year. "He will not be back to campus," Kinservick said.

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A University student has been “counselled” after using campus resources to film a live solo sex show — and the library where the show was filmed had to be “steam cleaned”. Staff at the University of Newcastle were tipped off the student was using the Auchmuty campus library to film and broadcast herself via live webcam shows. It’s understood the show was promoted on Twitter, which then linked to a separate site where users had to pay to see the show.

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Police say the English professor wasn’t happy about the arrest. He yelled "that it was his house and that he shouldn’t be arrested," according to the Register. He fought with cops when they tried to handcuff him. "I will kill you," he allegedly said. "I will destroy you."... The Yale prof also seems to have marketed male escort services and webcam modeling on at least four different websites under the name "Ryan Cochran."

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The University of Colorado at Denver does not plan to seek the dismissal of an administrator who was placed on leave after the revelation that she was running a phone sex service, CBS Denver 4 reported. The TV network has also found that she ran an escort service.

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A former four-time teacher of the year in the University of Florida College of Pharmacy was arrested Thursday as officers with the Gainesville Police Department conducted an operation at Bivens Arm Park, 3650 S. Main St., targeting sexual offenses. Gerald E. Gause, 73, was charged with prostitution and indecent exposure after police say he offered to perform a sex act on an undercover officer for $20 and then exposed himself and masturbated.

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Growing numbers of university and A-level students are turning to prostitution or working as escorts to fund their education, the National Union of Students said yesterday. Rising living costs and fees, as well as cuts to the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for disadvantaged young people is the cause, says the NUS.

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Following a scandal in the first weeks of June that attracted national media attention, University professor Max Reinhart submitted a letter of resignation from his position earlier this week amid the scandal caused by his arrest for prostitution and keeping a place of prostitution. On June 22, Reinhart stated in the letter that he will retire from employment with the University as of May 10, 2013 — almost one year after his arrest.

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UC Berkeley on Friday fired administrator Diane Leite, who over a period of five years helped triple her secret sex partner's pay... Professors and other employees had urged the university to fire Leite, who helped boost lover Jonathan Caniezo's pay from less than $41,000 in 2005 to $120,000 in 2010. Leite, 47, and Caniezo, 31, admitted the affair to campus investigators, according to documents obtained using the California Public Records Act.

Leite had been demoted from her $188,000-a-year assistant vice chancellor position after the affair with a subordinate was discovered but still made $175,000 a year as an adviser to Vice Chancellor Graham Fleming...

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“Yesterday, detectives located, on a webpage called ... in the transsexual escort section ... a subject named Sasha advertising for Gwinnett,” Smith said. An undercover officer met Sasha, who later was identified as Reinhart, Smith said. “He was dressed in a woman’s fishnet body suit,” he said. Reinhart and the undercover officer came to an agreement to exchange 30 minutes of sexual service for $60. “After they came to the agreement, that was enough for a charge,” Smith said. Reinhart was booked into the jail about 12:30 p.m. Thursday and was released on a $4,800 bond at 9:15 p.m. Reinhart studies German poet and writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, and teaches classes on German music and literature.

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A website that authorities say two aging professors used to run a multistate prostitution ring is legal, a state judge has ruled, highlighting the difficulties that prosecutors face in using decades-old laws to combat a modern phenomenon. Investigators said the prostitution ring had a membership of 14,000, including 200 prostitutes. Members paid anywhere from $200 for a sex act to $1,000 for a full hour. Prostitutes were paid with cash, not through the website, according to police.

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A Fairleigh Dickinson University physics professor is in custody for allegedly running a prostitution website involving about 200 women and more than 1,200 johns, police said Monday. Roseman said Flory told police he did not make money off of the website and instead saw it as a hobby, “a safe place for guys to find female prostitutes.”

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- A website that authorities said two aging professors used to run a multistate prostitution ring is legal, a state judge has ruled, highlighting the difficulties that prosecutors face in using decades-old laws to combat a modern phenomenon. The ruling comes as prosecutors were scheduled to present to a grand jury their case against former University of New Mexico President F. Chris Garcia, who is accused of helping a physics professor from New Jersey oversee a prostitution website called "Southwest Companions."

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A senior academics adviser for the University of Iowa Athletics Department who resigned this week allegedly provided football tickets and money for sexual favors and inappropriately touched student-athletes, according to documents obtained by the Iowa City Press-Citizen. Peter Gray, who resigned Monday, committed a long list of sexual harassment violations according to an internal Iowa investigation.