Oops, look at the incompetent we elected.

The Incompetence of Joe Biden

Joe Biden eliminated all of the agreements and policies that stabilized the border. Immediately after his installation as head of the executive branch the Biden policies opened a floodgate of illegal alien border crossers.

Say what you will, but Joe Biden’s first year in office has one crowning achievement to its name.

  It has provided a real-time, data-rich, high-intensity and ultimately devastating case study in the defining conceit of progressive politics: the idea that government is the solution.

-Gerard Baker, "Biden Emerges as Progressive Government’s Mr. Bad Example" Go To Site

The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan was so badly handled that President Joe Biden should resign because of it, according to a majority of voters.

  However, most don’t think Vice President Kamala Harris is qualified to replace Biden if he leaves office.

-Rasmussen Reports® Go To Site

Just when it seemed President Joe Biden could get no lower in the public's political esteem, a new I&I/TIPP Poll of Americans' preference for the 2024 Democratic presidential ballot is a shocker: Just over one out of five want Joe Biden back at the top of the Democrats' ticket in three years.

-Terry Jones Go To Site

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The city of McAllen announced that the location of the emergency temporary shelters for COVID-positive immigrants will change.

  On Monday, Hidalgo County and McAllen signed disaster declarations of local disaster regarding the recent spike in asylum-seeking migrants...

  According to the city of McAllen, since mid-February of 2021, there have been over 7,000 confirmed COVID-19 positive immigrants released into the City of McAllen by CBP, including over 1,500 new cases in the past seven days...

Nobody Is In Charge: Americans Stranded in Afghanistan...

  "We don't have an estimate on the number, because nobody is in charge right now."

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As the Biden administration attempts to reconcile rising inflation, the crisis at the Southern Border, and the death of American citizens in now Taliban-controlled Afghanistan, Campus Reform’s Addison Smith went to George Mason University to ask students how they feel about Biden's presidency.

  The vast majority of students who said they voted for or supported Biden’s nomination expressed regret for supporting him. One student said, “He’s failed a lot on a lot of his promises”. Another, speaking on Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, called it a “disaster."

October 2021...

  Americans have lost their confidence in President Biden and their optimism for the country.

A Metaphor Of Their Own Making...

The Biden Administration: An Intelligence Failure

The Pentagon has finally admitted that it killed an innocent aid worker and seven children in a bungled drone strike, marking a disastrous intelligence failure for the Biden administration.

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The Pentagon has finally admitted that it killed an innocent aid worker and seven children in a bungled drone strike, marking a disastrous intelligence failure for the Biden administration.

  A detailed timeline released by the Pentagon on Friday, when compared against prior reporting on how aid worker Zemari Ahmadi spent his day in Kabul on August 29, reveals the mistaken assumptions and tremendous errors that led up to the disaster...

  A Hellfire missile detonated inside the Corolla at 4.53pm. Killed were Ahmadi and three of his children, Zamir, 20, Faisal, 16, and Farzad, 10; Ahmadi's cousin Naser, 30; three of Ahmadi's nephews, Arwin, seven, Benyamin, six, and Hayat, two; and two three-year-old girls, Malika and Somaya.

Biden: Taliban Takeover "Highly Unlikely"...

"The likelihood there’s going to be the Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely."

Thank a Democrat.

Epic Failure: Afghanistan

It's the five-alarm dumpster fire that is Team Biden’s response to the chaos in Kabul. You’ve seen the images by now. The Taliban took over the Afghan capital of Kabul in about the time it takes to deliver a pizza, catching the Biden administration utterly off guard. -Joe Concha

Invited by Democrats: They know how they are expected to vote.

Joe Biden Crisis At The Southern Border

Immediately upon taking office, President Biden signed a raft of immigration-related executive orders that ended a number of Trump-era policies and programs designed to deter illegal immigration. -John Daniel Davidson

Joe Biden Failure Against Covid

Joe Biden Failure Against Covid

We are now eleven months into the Biden presidency and more people have died from Covid on Joe’s watch than under his predecessor. -Grace Curley, Dec 2021

The Joe Biden Economy

The Joe Biden Economy

"Milton Friedman isn't running the show anymore." -Joe Biden

He has no clue.

Joe Biden's People

Ms. Omarova is caught on tape saying it is the intent of the Biden administration to use the treasury department to bankrupt oil, coal and natural gas companies.

Every four years, a Democrat presidential candidate claims he represents the “smart party” on global affairs. He (or she) is not isolationist or interventionist; the person is tough but also nuanced. And every four years, the media fawns over these Democrats...

  Yet what often happens whenever the self-proclaimed “smart” Democrats come to power?

  Disasters, like the catastrophic incoherence and tactical incompetence we witnessed over the last 96 hours.

-A.J. Kaufman, August 2021 Go To Site

So where have you gone, my lefty friends? Where are the NeverTrump republicans who endorsed Biden because he was such a “statesman”? Who would make the world respect us again? Now the world is either disgusted by us or laughing at us. We left our allies hanging so badly that Biden got censured by fucking Parliament.

  Are you silent out of embarrassment? Shame? Guilt?


  You should be. Because you fucking own this.

-correia45, Monster Hunter Nation Go To Site