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The Left-Wing Coup Attempt Against Donald Trump

McCabe "confirmed" that he "was present and participated in a discussion that included a comment by Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein regarding" the use of the 25th Amendment to oust Trump from office in the wake of James Comey's dismissal from the FBI.

In the past few days a number of news stories have confirmed, unequivocally, that the effort in the FBI, CIA, and Justice Department to spy on the Trump campaign before the election and then pin the false accusation of Russian collusion on Trump after his election were all an effort to dictate the results of the election, and then overturn it when Trump won.

  It was an out-and-out coup attempt by these government officials, apparently aided and abetted by Obama when he was still president.

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To put it simply, Color Revolutions refer to a number of high profile events in Eastern Europe in which a combination of mass demonstrations, media leverage, NGO civil society mobilization, and law fare resulted in the overthrow or attempted overthrow of a political leader.

  Revolver famously argued that professionals within the American national security apparatus were using the same color revolution tactics against President Trump that they would typically use to target so-called authoritarian leaders overseas.

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Hard evidence exists that a serious national security crime was committed during the election and early 2017.

  Trump and his campaign were spied upon, not by foreign adversaries but by America's security agencies. Moreover, criminals in these agencies colluded with media compadres to mislead the American people.

  The security agency corruption and media collusion produced a cold, hard totalitarian horror committed in and against America, the world's paramount democracy.

-Austin Bay
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A Coup Against Trump

Our intelligence apparatus is doing far more than stoking paranoia about the Russian bogeyman—it’s threatening democracy.

-Patrick Lawrence, The Nation - Feb 22, 2017

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Barely two weeks after Donald Trump took office, Eric Ciaramella – the CIA analyst whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the president and mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous “whistleblower" who touched off Trump's impeachment – was overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove the newly elected president from office, according to former colleagues.

  “Just days after he was sworn in they were already talking about trying to get rid of him,” said a White House colleague who overheard their conversation.

  “They weren’t just bent on subverting his agenda,” the former official added. “They were plotting to actually have him removed from office.”

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Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe‘s recent revelations were “worse” than a Saturday Night Massacre, according to former deputy assistant attorney general and U.S. Attorney Harry Litman.

  McCabe shocked the legal and political establishment after 60 Minutes journalist Scott Pelley revealed that McCabe led discussions at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) as to whether President Donald Trump could be removed from office after he fired former FBI director James Comey.

  McCabe and his co-conspirators–alleged to have also included Rod Rosenstein–reportedly considered whether the 25th Amendment might be used against Trump.

A Special Counsel to

Get Rid of the President


Mark Penn - past advisor to President Clinton and Hillary Clinton

  The reputation of the FBI as venerable agency is all but wrecked.

  Its administrators variously have libeled the Trump voters, expressed hatred for Trump, talked of “insurance policies” in ending the Trump candidacy, and inserted informants into the Trump campaign.

A Military Coup Against Trump: No Longer Unthinkable...

A military coup, which Brooks wrote, “is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America.” If not a “coup,” then “at least a refusal by military leaders to obey certain orders.”

Notice the cheap praeteritio: claim that such an idea should have been previously “unthinkable” as a means to demonstrate just how thinkable it now should be.

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British ex-spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the Democrat-financed anti-Trump dossier, said in a court case that he was hired by a Democratic law firm in preparation for Hillary Clinton challenging the results of the 2016 presidential election.

  He said the law firm Perkins Coie wanted to be in a position to contest the results based on evidence he unearthed on the Trump campaign conspiring with Moscow on election interference.

  His scenario is contained in a sealed Aug. 2 declaration in a defamation law suit brought by three Russian bankers in London...

  In an answer to interrogatories, Mr. Steele wrote: “Fusion’s immediate client was law firm Perkins Coie. It engaged Fusion to obtain information necessary for Perkins Coie LLP to provide legal advice on the potential impact of Russian involvement on the legal validity of the outcome of the 2016 US Presidential election.

  “Based on that advice, parties such as the Democratic National Committee and HFACC Inc. (also known as ‘Hillary for America’) could consider steps they would be legally entitled to take to challenge the validity of the outcome of that election.”

The FBI's “Insurance Policy” Against A Trump Presidency...

"I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office — that there’s no way [Trump] gets elected — but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk."

The Greatest Constitutional Crisis Since the Civil War

The authors, accomplices, and dupes of this attempted overthrow of constitutional government are now well along in reciting their misconduct without embarrassment or remorse because—in fired FBI Director James Comey’s formulation—a “higher duty” than the oath they swore to uphold the Constitution compelled them.

Or—in fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s words—“the threat” was too great.

Nevermind that the nature of “the threat” was that the people might elect someone he and Comey disapproved of as president, and that that person might actually serve his term, as elected.

For the first time in American history...

"For the first time in American history, police organizations and the national security organizations were used to spy on a campaign, and there was no basis for it."

In 2016 We Had A Coup


Bryan Dean Wright, former CIA Officer (Democrat):

“In 2016 we had a Coup. We have to take Comey and others to task. Makes no sense not to prosecute him. Comey got a book deal. I fear for my Country. He tried to kneecap our duly elected president, and there are no consequences.”

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

  Most voters say top Justice Department and FBI officials are likely to have acted criminally when they secretly discussed removing President Trump from office and think a special prosecutor is needed to investigate.

  Fifty-six percent (56%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe senior federal law enforcement officials are likely to have broken the law in their discussions in May 2017 to oust Trump, with 37% who say it is Very Likely.

It Was A Coup Attempt ...

 In other words, the FBI knew Steele's one source was a Russian spy planting false information against Trump, and went ahead and used this Russian disinformation against him. Thus, in gaining their FISA warrants they knowingly used false information. That is another crime, in case you don't know.

 To sum up, the FBI and Obama officials as well as Democratic Party members of Congress knowingly colluded with the Russians in an attempt to overthrow the legitimate president of the United States, even as they destroyed evidence, lied to Congress, to investigators, and to the FISA court.

DOJ Covert Warrant

Against President's Communications


Former Obama official Rosa Brooks wrote an article discussing ways to remove Trump, including the idea of a military coup.

Democrat: A "Coup Has Started"...

Mark Zaid, one of the attorneys representing the intelligence community whistleblower at the center of the Democrats' ongoing impeachment inquiry, tweeted conspicuously in January 2017 that a "coup has started" and that "impeachment will follow ultimately."...

Zaid promised that the "coup" would occur in "many steps."

A Retired Officer Drops a Hint...

When a retired military officer decides and announces that the current president is the equivalent of a fascist, mass-murdering dictator who seized power and defied constitutional norms, then what is the signal conveyed to other military officers?

Admiral Wants Trump Removed: "The Sooner The Better"...

Let us be clear about what McRaven wrote. We are just one year away from a constitutionally mandated election. Yet McRaven now wants a “new person” in the Oval Office and he wants it “the sooner, the better.” And he insists our collective fate as a constitutional republic depends on Trump’s preferable “sooner” removal.

What exactly is the admiral referring to? Impeachment? Invocation of the 25th Amendment? Or the last of Rosa Brooks’ proposals: a forced removal by the military?

A Coordinated, Premeditated Plot to

Overturn the Election


The big news in what was a relatively big news day was made by fired Acting Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe in snippets from a forthcoming interview on 60 Minutes.

  McCabe -- the man who somehow couldn't recall what the words "insurance policy" referred to in one of his texts -- was promoting a new book he somehow managed to write despite his faulty memory.

  In the midst of this, he confirmed what many of us long suspected -- that he and other major officials (Rod Rosenstein, etc.) of the FBI and the DOJ contemplated, even attempted to some degree, a coup d'état against the president of the United States.

-Roger L. Simon Go To Site

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US President Donald Trump said Monday a top Justice official's reported discussions about invoking the Constitution to remove him from office were part of an "illegal and treasonous" push against him.

  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein raised the possibility of removing the president in 2017 after Trump fired FBI director James Comey, according to Andrew McCabe, who replaced Comey as the bureau's acting director. McCabe and Rosenstein "look like they were planning a very illegal act, and got caught.....," Trump said in a series of tweets.

  "This was the illegal and treasonous 'insurance policy' in full action!"


Liberals Call For Violent Overthrow Of US Government

Sarah Silverman has called for a military coup against President Donald Trump.

The illegal effort to destroy the 2016 Trump campaign by Hillary Clinton campaign’s use of funds to create, disseminate among court media, and then salt among high Obama administration officials, a fabricated, opposition smear dossier failed.

  So has the second special prosecutor phase of the coup to abort the Trump presidency failed.

  There are many elements to what in time likely will become recognized as the greatest scandal in American political history, marking the first occasion in which U.S. government bureaucrats sought to overturn an election and to remove a sitting U.S. president.

-Victor Davis Hanson Go To Site

In sum, the Left and the administrative state, in concert with the media, after failing to stop the Trump campaign, regrouped. They ginned up a media-induced public hysteria, with the residue of the Hillary Clinton campaign’s illegal opposition research, and manipulated it to put in place a special counsel, stocked with partisans.

  Then, not thugs in sunglasses and epaulettes, not oligarchs in private jets, not shaggy would-be Marxists, but sanctimonious arrogant bureaucrats in suits and ties used their government agencies to seek to overturn the 2016 election, abort a presidency, and subvert the U.S. Constitution. And they did all that and more on the premise that they were our moral superiors and had uniquely divine rights to destroy a presidency that they loathed.

  Shame on all these failed conspirators and their abettors, and may these immoral people finally earn a long deserved legal and moral reckoning.

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