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The Left HATES Sarah Palin

Imagine the world Palin is trying to create, in which instead of a superior race, Palin breeds a stupider race. 20 years from now, she’ll only be in her late 60s. She’ll be able to run for President on the Retard ticket . . . no doubt with full support of Retardeds, Retarded Sympathizers, and the Politically-Correct. -Paliban Daily

Azealia Banks, the rapper known for calling paparazzi “f**gots” and demanding $100 trillion in slavery reparations, is calling for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be raped by a group of black men.

  In a series of now-deleted tweets, Banks stated Palin “needs” to be gang raped and forced to perform oral sex on men.

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How do you get liberals to approve of violence against women? Just tell them the women are Republicans named "Palin."

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And so the word went out, from that time and place: Eviscerate Sarah Palin like one of her field-dressed moose. Turn her life upside down. Attack her politics, her background, her educational history. Attack her family. Make fun of her husband, her children.

-David Kahane Go To Site

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Then along came Sarah, and the attacks became particularly heinous. And I realized something even more chilling about the Left. Leftists not only sacrifice and disrespect women, but it's far worse: many are perpetuators. The Left's behavior towards Palin is not politics as usual. By their laser-focus on her body and her sexuality, leftists are defiling her. They are wilding her. And they do this with the full knowledge and complicity of the White House.

Hate On CNN: It's Funny When

A Woman is Assaulted

"This is quite possibly the best minute and a half of audio we've ever come across."

"Sit back and enjoy."

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As much as I disagree with Sarah Palin on the issues, I believe her treatment and demonization by many in liberal media and on blogosphere has been unfortunate, even shameful, and there is at least evidence that some of it is a result of her being a woman - words chosen, disrepect shown, etc.

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Friday MSNBC host Martin Bashir suggested Sarah Palin deserved to have someone urinate and defecate in her mouth for her comparison of the national debt to slavery.

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Allee Bautsch, chief campaign fundraiser for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, and her boyfriend Joe Brown, were savagely beaten Friday night in New Orleans after leaving a Republican party fundraising dinner by a group of thugs who reportedly targeted the couple because they were wearing Sarah Palin pins.

The left's visceral hatred of poor whites overflowed like a broken sewer when John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate in 2008. It would be impossible, and disturbing, to attempt to identify the single most offensive comment that leftists lobbed at Palin.

-Danusha V. Goska Go To Site

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The trove of more than 13,000 emails detailing almost every aspect of Sarah Palin’s governorship of Alaska, released late on Friday, paints a picture of her as an idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics. One can only assume that the Left-leaning editors who dispatched teams of reporters to remote Juneau, the Alaskan capital, to pore over the emails in the hope of digging up a scandal are now viewing the result as a rather poor return on their considerable investment.

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When Sarah Palin told a Tea Party crowd last Monday that it wasn’t time yet to “party like it’s 1773,” segments of the left such as Kos’s founder Markos Moulitsas chortled at her supposed stupidity. Their kneejerk assumption was that Palin was so ignorant that she didn’t even know the date of early events in the American Revolution. But since it was actually the Boston Tea Party (1773) to which she was referring, it was Sarah who had the last laugh.

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So, according to his own daughter, Professor Pervo was engaged in this twisted behavior the whole time he was blogging at HuffPo. UPDATE II: “Police say the relationship between Epstein and his daughter was consensual.”

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — A former University of Tennessee college student who hacked into Sarah Palin's e-mail during the 2008 presidential campaign was sentenced Friday to a year and a day with the judge recommending the term be served in a halfway house, not prison.

My father, who worked multiple jobs and faithfully and honestly paid his taxes for fifty years, had never heard a word from the IRS. In 2008, his daughter was tapped to run for vice president of the United States. Since that time, he has been, in his words "horribly harassed" six times by the agency. They've tried to dig up something on him but he's always operated above board. -Sarah Palin's brother Chuck Heath, Jr. Go To Site

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New Hampshire Democratic candidate apologized the same day for his Facebook post in which he wished Sarah Palin and the father of her grandchild, Levi Johnston, had been on the plane that crashed Tuesday, killing former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens.

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In the past few days a number of hugely misleading reports have circulated in both Britain and the United States alleging that Margaret Thatcher snubbed Sarah Palin.

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Then, have your editors retract Time's most recent ridiculous lies about me supposedly giving Sean Hannity a radio interview wherein I supposedly talked about Christina Aguilera (that I slammed her for her Nat'l Anthem mistake, and called for her deportation, etc). You guys were fooled into running a fake story that even US Weekly pulled and apologized for their blunder. Total lies - and you guys (once again) even put quotation marks around things I have never uttered.

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Video: Tracy Morgan Calls Sarah Palin 'Serious Masturbation Material'

This week, the Daily Beast contacted and harassed private citizens who made contributions to Sarah Palin's political action committee, SarahPAC. In doing so, the outlet attempted to also weaken her organization by smearing it in the eyes of those most responsible for ensuring Palin's free-market populist message and conservatism is widely disseminated. Go To Site

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She’s like the ominous blob in the horror films: the more you shoot at it, the bigger and stronger it becomes. -Charles M. Blow

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The picture was taken at Saturday at Philadelphia’s Park Hyatt Hotel. Others who saw the foursome verify the authenticity of this photograph to ABC News’ Imtiyaz Delawala, who is traveling with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Why would these four think this is acceptable discourse?

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"Enrage them with fear until they feel justified in their violence."

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BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (FOX 9) - A man was arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing on Monday at the Mall of America. Jeremy Olson, 33, allegedly threw two tomatoes from the second balcony, however did not come close to hitting Palin.

No person provides us with a better window into the depraved soul of the American Left than does Sarah Palin. The death threats, the smears, the expressions of misogyny, the viscious attacks on her children, and the numerous examples of left-wing hatred, only partially documented on these pages, expose the true nature of the so-called "progressive" movement. These are the people who claim to be enlightened. These are the people who preach down to us from their self-appointed pulpits of moral superiority. These are the people who shouldn't be allowed within a country mile of our children. Welcome to Progressive Disorder. -Bourgeois Norm, Go To Site

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Controversial online video game "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" allows players to slaughter Tea Partiers and famous conservatives with a variety of weapons. The graphic, offensive, and violent game was created by StarvingEyes Advergaming.

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"I believe John McCain chose Gov. Palin because he truly believes that women who supported Hillary - an experienced, brilliant, lifelong public servant - would vote for him because his vice president has two X chromosomes."

  Rollins recommends that leftists "hate-fuck conservative women" and denounces Palin as a "small town hickoid" who can be bought off with a coupon to a meal at a chain restaurant.

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Feminists hid under a rock when Newsweek put a picture of Palin - a former WOMAN Governor of the biggest state - on the cover in short shorts (Newsweek would never have posted a similar picture of a guy and you know it...)... and feminists hid under that same rock when David Letterman attacked her 14 year old child...(even though everyone has agreed kids are off limits)...

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Letterman, in his monologue Monday night, noted that the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate attended a Yankees game during a trip to New York City, where she was honored by a special needs group. Letterman referred to Palin, Alaska's governor, as having the style of a "slutty flight attendant."

We’re both women who have worked in Democratic politics and the media for decades and find Bill Maher’s misogynist treatment of women candidates deeply disturbing. Coincidentally we both hail from Alaska — where women are treated as equals — so perhaps our threshold for this kind of behavior is less than here in the Lower 48. -PENNY LEE, KIRSTEN POWERS, Washington, March 23, 2012 Go To Site

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How Much Time Do We Have Left to Talk About How Stupid Sarah Palin Is? -Washington Post Columnist on CNN

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David Letterman is in the hot seat for several crude jokes he made on CBS' "The Late Show" about Sarah Palin and her teenage daughter. Letterman, in his monologue Monday night, noted that the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate attended a Yankees game during a trip to New York City, where she was honored by a special needs group. Letterman referred to Palin, Alaska's governor, as having the style of a "slutty flight attendant."

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Matthews has wondered aloud whether Sarah Palin is even “capable of thinking”.

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Appearing as a guest on Friday's Imus in the Morning on the Fox Business Network, actor and comedian Jay Mohr took some sexual jabs at Sarah Palin, suggesting that she used to be his "booty call," and then later referring to her as "screwing black people since the mid-90s."

Sarah’s persona — her good looks, her America-is-great attitude, her happy marriage — was a threat to many in the Democratic / liberal / academic / women’s movement world at many different levels. You don’t need to be a freaking social scientist to figure that out. -William A. Jacobson Go To Site

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It’s that fearlessness — he acknowledged that some people would probably be uncomfortable with some of his remarks about religion, not to mention calling Sarah Palin a “cunt” (“there’s just no other word for her”) — that makes Maher the most dangerous person in comedy.


Many people will express sympathy, but you don't want or need that, because Trig will be a joy. You will have to trust me on this. I know it will take time to grasp this and come to accept that I only want the best for you, and I only give my best. Remember though: "My ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts- for as the heavens are higher than the earth, my ways are higher than yours!"

The Death Threats and Violent Wishes

The Death Threats And Violent Wishes

There’s only one way the tragic airplane crash in Alaska that ended the life of former-U.S. Senator Ted Stevens could have been better, according to New Hampshire Democratic activist and State Rep. candidate Keith Halloran: If Sarah Palin had been on it.

And that’s why Sarah had to go. Whether she understood it or not, she threatened us right down to our most fundamental, meretricious, elitist, sneering, snobbish, insecure, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders bones.

  She was, after all, a “normal” American, the kind of person (or so I’m told) you meet in flyover country.

-David Kahane

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