President-elect Donald Trump “doesn’t know much,” former President Bill Clinton told a local newspaper earlier this month, but “one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.” -Louis Nelson Go To Site

The election of Donald Trump has shaken identity politics to its foundations. Appealing to minorities, women, and the LGBTQ population—the so-called “coalition of the ascendant”—was supposed to guarantee Democratic rule into something like perpetuity.

  Yet more than one in four Hispanics apparently voted for a man who has promised to build a wall to prevent other Hispanics from coming illegally to the United States. Go To Site

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New York Times writer and CNBC reporter John Harwood, whose closeness with the Clinton campaign was exposed by WikiLeaks, believes Democrats’ electoral failures under President Obama were due in part to “white fear.” Harwood, who moderated one of the GOP presidential debates, listed on Twitter what he believes are four reasons for Democrats’ losses, the fourth of which was “Obama’s race amid white fear of cultural change.”

Love Trumps Hate...

F--- You, White America

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A big part of the story is that Hillary Clinton did much worse among minorities than Obama did... Not only was her share of the minority vote worse than Obama’s, but minorities turned out less for her than they had for him.

  For example, in Michigan, Hillary Clinton received 50,000 fewer votes in Detroit’s Wayne County than President Obama had in 2012. Trump’s margin of victory in Michigan over Clinton was about 11,000.

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Throughout 2016, pundits were reasonably certain that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump. But they were even more certain about one thing: that Trump’s rhetoric would alienate minorities to an unprecedented degree. In what is arguably the biggest surprise of 2016, that didn’t happen. Indeed, Donald Trump outperformed Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign on minority vote share.... Trump captured 8 percent of the black vote, 29 percent of the Latino vote, and 29 percent of the Asian vote.