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Urban Degeneracy And Failure

As cities slowly fall to pieces, they are increasingly becoming no-go zones for investors and business, except for those who see opportunity investing in suddenly distressed properties; barely ten per cent of US companies are interested in investing in large urban areas. -Joel Kotkin

Even the New York Times admits that, in the past decade, cities have gone from “engines of growth and opportunity” to places where class relations are increasing fixed, with only the upper end of the income spectrum doing well.

  Gotham’s one percent earns a third of the entire city’s personal income. That’s almost twice the proportion for the rest of the country.

  But such class disparity is becoming the norm; in the tech haven of San Francisco, which has the worst levels of inequality in California, the top 5% of households earn an average of $808,105 annually, compared with $16,184 for the lowest 20%.

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In many cities — Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, St. Louis, New York — “progressive” district attorneys have worked assiduously to restrain law enforcement.

  In California, where it is no longer considered a felony to steal anything worth less than $1,000, there has been a surge in property crime, including a huge rise in car thefts. San Francisco, for example, has seen the drug store Walgreens close ten outlets since 2019, citing elevated levels of theft and weak law enforcement.

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The local slogan is “Keep Portland Weird,” but businesses boarded up to protect against rioters suggest not weirdness but melancholy. A beautiful elk statue that had presided in a park for 120 years had to be removed after its base was vandalized by protesters.

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A woman was allegedly raped on a suburban Philadelphia train last week while police said there were "a lot of people" around who "should have done something."...

  According to authorities, the incident was caught on surveillance video that showed bystanders on the train when it happened who "did nothing."...

  Commuters who use the train were shocked to hear about the incident. Shane Brown told CBS Philadelphia, "they need more security, they really do. They really need a lot of security because it's getting bad out here. You can't even get on the bus."

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Multiple city workers on Mass and Cass have ended up in the hospital in recent weeks with a nasty stomach bug as sanitary conditions on Methadone Mile reach an all-time low, the workers' union says as reports from the Mile include sick rats and live roosters.

  One worker at the Boston Public Health Commission's engagement center who wished to remain anonymous told the Herald he'd caught a brutal illness that laid him out for the entirety of last week... "This place is not the cleanest place in the world, fruit flies everywhere. You got rats running around everywhere"...

  The BPHC's engagement center is effectively a large tent out behind a homeless shelter in the heart of the open-air drug market in the South End known as Mass and Cass or Methadone Mile.

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Throughout the pandemic, we've heard Portland city leaders talk about how they're tackling the city's most significant issues, including homelessness and crime, but few are willing to set a timetable.

  For one business owner in North Portland, it's already too late. Tom Leaptrott owns a steel forging operation in Cathedral Park. He closed the shop ten months ago. The buoy swivels used by the Coast Guard and the decommissioned drill presses will be gone in 30 days, either scrapped or moved to his new location in Southwest Washington. It's something the Portland-native says he never imagined would happen.

  "We've owned Columbia Forge for over 20 years. It's been here for 70 years," said Leaptrott. "We had to move out because of, basically, a lack of leadership from City Hall and the inability to stop crime and enforce trespass and make it livable."...

  "The last year, it's really gotten bad," said Leaptrott. "They're trying to steal metals and all sorts of things, and they break in just to vandalize sometimes. It's really, really awful."

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The city’s firefighters could soon be wearing bulletproof vests.

  The local firefighter’s union said its members now encounter more and more threats when they respond to emergencies. Officials said firefighters have even been attacked and hurt at the scene.

  The plan to get bulletproof vests has been in the works for years, according to the union, and they’re needed now more than ever.

Portland, Oregon, businesses and residents may be at the mercy of rioters and looters, but it’s not because their police don’t want to do anything.

  It’s that they can’t.

  According to KOIN-TV, the Portland Police Bureau told residents of the city’s downtown Pearl District that their hands were tied during a riot this past week that caused a half-million dollars worth of damage. The culprit? Democrats in the state legislature who limited their ability to use crowd dispersal tactics.

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Murder and other crimes have surged in major cities following the efforts to defend and rein in police activity following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last year, according to a law enforcement report.

  In Minneapolis, police activity following Floyd’s death while in custody dropped 42%, and possibly as a result, murders surged 64%, said the report from the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund shared with Secrets.

  The report said that in 10 major cities where cops were sharply criticized, police activity dropped 48% since June 2020 and murders rose 56%.

Seattle: Peace, Love, and Tolerance

Seattle: Peace, Love, and Tolerance

Other officers responded and found a group of 25 to 30 gathered in the intersection, setting up fencing and putting up caution tape. They painted "F--- The Pigs" on the street and on a nearby building.

City slickers are more likely to be psychotic — or so says a study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, which found a correlation between people who exhibit darker personality traits and a preference for urban over suburban and rural areas.

  Using the crowdsourcing website Prolific, researchers at the University of Derby surveyed 304 UK-based adults on their preferred geographical setting, how connected they felt with nature and their personality type. The resulting data showed a correlation between socially averse personality traits — like sadism and narcissism — and being partial to inner-city living.

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