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Obama: A Legacy Of Utter Incompetence

Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year-and-a-half now…the top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually, this guy has no idea what he’s doing.

There were so many disasters during the Obama administration it became a favorite topic of speculation whether they were caused to malice or incompetence. Recent events favor incompetence. This does not mean malice was absent only that its effects were dominated by stupidity. -Richard Fernandez Go To Site

The last eight months have battered the Obama administration. From the botched rollout of the health-care website to the VA scandal, events are now cementing certain impressions about Mr. Obama.

  Among the most damaging is this: He is unusually, even epically, incompetent. -Peter Wehner Go To Site

This was eyepopping. Obamacare is the single most important initiative of his presidency. The website rollout was, as the President himself has repeatedly stated, the most important element of the law’s debut.

  Domestically speaking there was no higher priority for the President and his staff than getting this right. And the President is telling the world that a week before the disaster he had no idea how that website was doing. -Walter Russell Mead Go To Site

Judicial Watch does it again. In the midst of their investigation of the influx of Illegal immigrant minors last year, they ran across an exchange between Center For Disease Control (CDC) officials describing Barack Obama as “the worst pres we have ever had,” an “amateur” and “Marxist,” according to internal emails obtained by Judicial Watch.

  Another official called Obama's policy the “Leave No Child on the other Side of the Border Policy.” Go To Site

JOE SCARBOROUGH TO MIKA: Democrats in Washington have been horrified by this president’s handling of things for a year-and-a-half now…

  the top Democrats in the United States Senate have all told me individually, this guy has no idea what he’s doing… -Maggie's Notebook Go To Site

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The controversial “Obamaphone” program, which pays for cellphones for the poor, is rife with fraud, according to a new government report Thursday that found more than a third of enrollees may not even be qualified.

  Known officially as the Lifeline Program, the phone giveaway became a symbol of government waste in the previous administration. Now a new report from the Government Accountability Office bears out those concerns.

  The report, requested by Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri Democrat, also says the program has stashed some $9 billion in assets in private bank accounts rather than with the federal treasury...

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President Obama oversaw the deepest legislative malaise in modern political history, according to the Washington Times Legislative Index, which captures his struggles to find ways to work with a Congress that ranged from lukewarm to openly hostile toward him. Over the course of his eight years, he has signed just 1,227 bills into law — less, even, than one-term Presidents Carter and George H.W. Bush.

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CNN's John King reports that Democrats are privately calling President Obama "detached," "flat footed," and "incompetent." ... Some Democrats, who believe in government, [are saying] this White House doesn't appear to have its hand on the lever." Haberman of Politico agreed, cited more examples, and added: "All of this adds up to somebody who just doesn't seem at all involved."

The Obama Administration:

"Looks Like They're Struggling To Run The Government"

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The Billings Gazette apologized on Friday for its 2008 endorsement of Barack Obama for president in an editorial titled “Gazette opinion: Obama earned the low ratings.”... "These are all signs — none of them definitive on their own, necessarily. However, when taken in completely, these demonstrate a disturbing trend of incompetence and failure."


The Commander in Chief: Caught by Surprise

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney wound up with egg on his face Monday as he told reporters that President Barack Obama first learned from a TV news report that his Veterans Administration was denying medical care to vets with secret off-the-books-waiting lists.

"The president was never good at reaching across the aisle. So when the composition of Congress changed relative to what it was in his first two years, he wasn’t able to accommodate that very well."

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Chicago's former schools chief has flunked the education foundation headed by Barack Obama and founded by 1960s terrorist Bill Ayers - saying it failed to monitor projects and funded school "reform" groups that campaigned against boosting academic standards.

  "There was a total lack of accountability. If you went back and asked, you'd be hard-pressed to find out how the money was spent," said Paul Vallas, the city's school superintendent when Obama chaired the Chicago Annenberg Foundation from 1995 to 1999.

... he has damaged his presidency and weakened the nation’s standing in the world. It has been one of the more stunning and inexplicable displays of presidential incompetence that I’ve ever witnessed.

Vice President Joe Biden conceded Wednesday that the "hope and change" that he and President Barack Obama promised the nation in their 2008 campaign slogan never happened. -Cathy Burke Go To Site

Political documentarian Michael Moore has repeatedly expressed his frustrations with President Obama, but this week he really stuck the knife in, saying in an interview that Obama will be remembered as the first black president and “that’s it.” Go To Site