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Cashing In On CRT

Critical race theory is a key component in the leftists’ effort to turn the United States into a Third-World communist cesspool. The people behind it won’t suffer, they’ll be the ruling class that gets all the goodies, which is found in every commie society.

  They know that.

-Stephen Kruiser Go To Site

"A post-racial America would be an unmitigated disaster" for this industry, David Azerrad recently wrote for Newsweek.

  "Instead of charging $6,000 an hour lecturing corporate America on its white privilege, Robin DiAngelo would be selling plastic jewelry on the Home Shopping Network."

  Thus, the imperative for the outrage mob to find its next target. Those like DiAngelo and Jarrett win, but the American people, who are sick of ginned-up faux anger, lose.

-Josh Hammer Go To Site