Public Schools

Only 21% of eighth graders are proficient in reading. 40% of all students drop out. Small wonder that 39% of the public school teachers in Chicago with children send their kids to private schools.

It is an open secret in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities that black and brown children are being left behind within the public school system...

  One might expect that politically progressive cities would be leading the way in closing the opportunity gap in education, given the history of racial segregation and oppression in this country, and the rhetoric of progressives about overcoming that history and creating a more just and inclusive society.

  However, that could not be further from the truth.

-Nekima Levy Armstrong Go To Site

The final IES report on the School Improvement Grant program is devastating to Arne Duncan’s and the Obama administration’s education legacy...

  Despite its gargantuan price tag, SIG generated no academic gains for the students it was meant to help. Failing schools that received multi-year grants from the program to “turn around” ended up with results no better than similar schools that received zero dollars from the program. To be clear: Billions spent had no effect. -Andy Smarick Go To Site

Fifty years ago George Wallace wouldn’t let minority poor children into the public schools. Now the unions and others on the left won’t let minorities and poor children out. ‎ It’s hard to know which is worse. -Stephen Moore Go To Site

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A California school district president was caught on a hot mic saying disparaging comments to a parent after the mother had raised concerns over vaccination and mask mandates at a public board of education meeting.

  Marlys Davidson, BOE President of the Los Alamitos Unified School District in Southern California, couldn’t help herself when she let a “f–k you” slip out, directed towards “concerned parent” Lauren Roupoli after she argued against vaccinating children and school mask mandates.

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A group of current and former teachers and others in Loudoun County, Virginia, compiled a lengthy list of parents suspected of disagreeing with school system actions, including its teaching of controversial racial concepts — with a stated purpose in part to “infiltrate,” use “hackers” to silence parents’ communications, and “expose these people publicly.”

  Members of a 624-member private Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County” named parents and plotted fundraising and other offline work...

  “I’m losing any hope that remaining civil towards these people changes anything,” she wrote. “Avoiding these people isn’t enough to stop the spread of their evil rhetoric.”

  “Anyone know any hackers?” she reiterated.

  Members of the “Anti-Racist” group sprang into action, listing dozens of parents, often including where they lived, their employers, or their spouses’ names.

Diploma not worth the paper on which it was printed...

Public School Fraud

Let them work at Taco Bell.

Maspeth High School created fake classes, awarded bogus credits, and fixed grades to push students to graduate — “even if the diploma was not worth the paper on which it was printed,” an explosive investigative report charges.

Thomas Creighton, who spoke to investigators, told The Post he spent 11th and 12th grades drunk or stoned, rarely attended classes and did no homework his senior year.

-Susan Edelman Go To Site

Public School Fraud in New York...

  "This is more like an organized crime ring than a school administration."

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Maspeth High School created fake classes, awarded bogus credits, and fixed grades to push students to graduate — “even if the diploma was not worth the paper on which it was printed,” an explosive investigative report charges.

  Principal Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir demanded that teachers pass students no matter how little they learned, says the 32-page report by the Special Commissioner of Investigation for city schools, Anastasia Coleman.

  “I don’t care if a kid shows up at 7:44 and you dismiss at 7:45 — it’s your job to give that kid credit,” the principal is quoted as telling a teacher. Abdul-Mutakabbir told the teacher he would give the lagging student a diploma “not worth the paper on which it was printed” and let him “have fun working at Taco Bell,” the report says.

Public School Principal Caught Pushing Out Fraudulent Diplomas...

     "Have fun working at Taco Bell."

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A northern California school board discussed ways to limit the public's ability to speak at meetings and mocked parents who desperately want schools to reopen.

  "They want their babysitters back,"
Lisa Brizendine, a trustee of Oakley Union Elementary School District, told her colleagues during a pre-meeting session that they believed was not open to the public...

  Another member of the board theorized that parents want their kids to go back to school so they can spend the day getting high.

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Nearly 1,000 city school-bus drivers and escorts were suspended or fired for misbehavior in 2015 — an alarming number that has skyrocketed in recent years, records show.

  One driver was seen dropping his pants outside a school, twice in one day. Another urinated in a bottle on a bus with a child aboard because he had a “bladder and bowel condition.”

  One carried Coors Light; another reeked of pot. One denied dozing at the wheel but was caught on video by frightened attendants.

Dragging one of the two students in front of the assembly, Taylor can be heard saying, “This is a retard. How embarrassing, a disgusting embarrassment, get him the hell out of my sight.” In another recording, the principal can be heard insulting a male student who has fallen down. “Get your (expletive) up and be a man,” Taylor said. “God, for God’s sake, you animals, some of you.” Go To Site

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When Brandy Sobotka-Ramos enrolled her 11-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter in their local charter school, she did not expect it would oblige her to talk to her children about anal sex. But that’s what she and a number of other parents in the small community of Jerome, Idaho have been facing since last month... “Did an adult or person at least 5 years older than you ever touch or fondle you or have you touch their body in a sexual way or try to actually have oral, anal, or vaginal sex with you?”

Critical Race Theory Infects Mathematics...

"The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so. Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuate objectivity as well as fear of open conflict."

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Phyically Blocked by Liberals

From Entering DC School

February, 2017

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Michigan Department of Education’s public notices page: Children of any age can decide their true gender, and the school must accept their identity. They can be offered single-stall restrooms if the students themselves “request them,” but schools must let them use the traditional multi-stall restroom of their choice. Students who object to those of the opposite biological gender in their locker rooms must adjust their own schedule to avoid them, or request “a private area in the facility” to disrobe.

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The head coach of an Indiana high school girl’s golf team has been suspended after apparently threatening to burn down a Christian-owned pizzeria. Jess Dooley, a coach at Concord High School of Elkhart, Indiana allegedly struck out at the owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, IN who made news on Tuesday by saying that she would not cater a wedding if a gay couple tried to hire her for the job, after the state passed its own Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

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John Dewey High School is currently under investigation for reportedly giving failing students a free pass to graduate by distributing unearned passing grades. As part of the program, the school allegedly allowed students to earn credit for watching movies, playing games, and completing similarly recreational activities... Students at the school reportedly refer to the alternate graduation path as Easy Pass,” a moniker some local sources feel is warranted. “It’s a bogus way of improving the graduation rate,” said former teacher and union representative Martin Haber.

“If (the public) understood what was happening with education to their children, there would be an outrage in this city,” Cuomo said. “I’m telling you, they would take City Hall down brick by brick... Cuomo referred to the teacher unions and the entrenched education establishment as an “industry” that is more interested in protecting the rights of its members than improving the system for the kids it is supposed to be serving. Go To Site

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Video surfaced on Thursday showing Michael Mulgrew, president of New York’s United Federation of Teachers, as he unloaded a hateful rant against critics of the Common Core Standards Initiative. “If someone takes something from me, I’m going to grab it right back out of their cold, twisted, sick hands and say it is mine!” Mulgrew bellowed clownishly. “You do not take what is mine!” The union boss also challenged opponents of Common Core and union control over education to a fist fight. “I’m going to punch you in the face and push you in the dirt because this is the teachers’!” Mulgrew threatened.

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A Perry Hall High School student's father struck his daughter's teacher with a baseball bat after the family found "several dozen" text messages between the male instructor and 15-year-old girl, police said. Police said the incident happened after the teacher showed up at the girl's family's home... Police said the teacher sustained minor injuries but did not press charges.

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The mother of a Potosi High School student said a teacher went too far when her daughter was reprimanded for carrying a Bible around school. Angela English says her daughter, Kiela, called her from school saying a teacher yelled at her for carrying a Bible and discussing religion with a classmate.

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Students at PS 106 in Far Rockaway, Queens, have gotten no math or reading and writing books for the rigorous Common Core curriculum, whistleblowers say. The 234 kids get no gym or art classes. Instead, they watch movies every day. “The kids have seen more movies than Siskel and Ebert,” a source said. The school nurse has no office equipped with a sink, refrigerator or cot. The library is a mess: “Nothing’s in order,” said a source. “It’s a junk room.” No substitutes are hired when a teacher is absent — students are divvied up among other classes.

Per-pupil federal education spending has skyrocketed to nearly four times its 1970 level, according to data compiled by Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute. What has this massive inflow of new resources bought us? A sizeable increase in our school systems’ employment rolls—but no detectable increase in our children’s test scores in reading, science, or math. -Arthur C. Brooks Go To Site

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A South Carolina mother says her son was suspended for drawing a picture of a cartoon bomb at home and bringing it to school. Amy Parham told FoxCarolina.com her 13-year-old son, Rhett, was suspended from Hillcrest Middle School after showing the drawing to classmates, who reported him to administrators... Rhett, who has autism, was suspended indefinitely by school administrators.

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A sexually explicit novel geared for young adults may be considered recommended reading by Common Core proponents, but Sierra Vista Unified school administrators have decided to pull “Dreaming in Cuban” by Cristina Garcia from its approved reading list... Here’s an excerpt of the book’s most controversial passage, taken from page 80: “Hugo and Felicia stripped in their room, dissolving easily into one another, and made love against the whitewashed walls. Hugo bit Felicia’s breast and left purplish bands of bruises on her upper thighs. He knelt before her in the tub and massaged black Spanish soap between her legs...

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At a kickoff event for yet another public relations campaign at its national convention last week, the National Education Association played “Wobble” by V.I.C., a lewd, sexually-oriented recording that includes the highly offensive racial word “nigga” and the rapper discussing the “tool in his pants.” Wobble 2Called “Raise Your Hand,” the event was billed as one that would assist with “empowering educators to lead.” Watch the video to see all the geriatric education “leaders” dancing to a song that says, “when it’s over you ain’t gon need ya vibrator.”

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States and schools are signing over private data from millions of students to companies and researchers who hope to glean secrets of the human mind. Nine states have sent dossiers on students —including names, Social Security numbers, hobbies, addresses, test scores, attendance, career goals, and attitudes about school —to a public-private database, according to Reuters.

In accordance with a requirement of President Bush's No Child Left Behind Act, in 2002 the Department of Education carried out a study of sexual abuse in the school system... the federal report said 422,000 California public-school students would be victims before graduation... The 2002 Department of Education report estimated that from 6 percent to 10 percent of all students in public schools would be victims of abuse before graduation. Go To Site

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Friends and supporters of Samantha Pawlucy are planning to rally outside her high school when she returns on Tuesday. Pawlucy says she was bullied and harassed by a teacher and students for wearing a pro-Romney shirt. The sixteen year old was threatened and taunted by a teacher and students at Charles Carroll High School in Philadelphia. The harassment extended to her parents on Friday when they went to the school to file a formal complaint. Friends of the Pawlucy’s told Breitbart.com that students shouted threats and obscenities at the couple as they left the school. One friend, who asked to remain anonymous, said one student shouted out to couple, ‘to tell the ‘bitch’ [their daughter Samantha] this school is for democrats.”

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A high school math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado has been suspended pending an investigation into her less than respectable Twitter account. According to Colorado’s NBC 9News, 23-year-old Carly McKinney not only posted semi-naked photos of herself, she also joked about drugs and students who are “jailbait” using her Twitter handle @Crunk_Bear.

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The Florida State Board of Education passed a plan that sets goals for students in math and reading based upon their race. On Tuesday, the board passed a revised strategic plan that says that by 2018, it wants 90 percent of Asian students, 88 percent of white students, 81 percent of Hispanics and 74 percent of black students to be reading at or above grade level. For math, the goals are 92 percent of Asian kids to be proficient, whites at 86 percent, Hispanics at 80 percent and blacks at 74 percent.

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The school board in Alisal Union School District in Salinas, California, is going to name a new elementary school after Tiburcio Vasquez, a man who was convicted of killing at least two people and as many as six and was hanged in 1875... But the University of Southern California Library describes Vasquez as “probably the most notorious bandit California ever saw." He stabbed a constable in his first crime at the age of fourteen and may have also killed a policeman among his six murders.

A poster asking some Kansas middle school students a sexually provocative question has at least one parent up in arms. “How do people express their sexual feelings,” the poster asks, before listing “touching each other’s genitals,” “anal sex” and “vaginal intercourse,” among other things. Go To Site

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A California public school teacher has recently revealed her double life as a sex dominatrix in her new book. Darlene has been a school teacher at a southern California school for nearly 20 years, but she also spent 18 of those also playing the role of a professional dominatrix at night. For her, the two roles didn't have any major contradiction. "Whether I'm helping a student learn to speak English or playing a part in someone's fantasy, I'm the facilitator who is making it possible for a fellow human being to reach his or her goal," Darlene said in a statement.

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At the Vegas retreat in 2010, a Waterloo teacher “used taxpayer money at a Hooters restaurant, and others bought $30 steaks and submitted receipts that weren’t itemized so the district had no way of knowing what was bought,” reports IowaWatchdog.org. “In all, the district spent $32,910 (on the two trips), which included airfare, hotel rooms and registration for the conferences to train staff on ways to improve schools with high poverty and large minority-student populations.”

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JUNE 4--A series of sexually explicit e-mails sent by the superintendent of the Des Moines, Iowa public schools triggered her abrupt resignation last month, and subsequently cost the 57-year-old educator her new post atop the Omaha, Nebraska school system. The correspondence exchanged by Nancy Sebring and a man with whom she was having an extramarital affair were sent via her school e-mail account, a violation of the system’s Internet-use guidelines. Many of Sebring’s racy e-mails were sent during the workday (and were sent/received on devices owned by the Des Moines school district).

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A Florida teacher could lose her job because of an accusation that she punished students by having them wear a cone-shaped pet collar, used to keep animals from licking their wounds after surgery. Pasco County Schools Superintendent Heather Fiorentino has recommended firing Laurie Bailey-Cutkomp, 47, for putting the cone on at least eight of her ninth-graders on two days in April, in some instances to punish or embarrass the students, The Tampa Tribune reports.

The New York State Education Department (NYSED) site contained a section called “Make test prep fun,” which directed students to a site with quizzes that help them find out if they are a “sexy bitch,” “evil,” a “freak,” “insane,” etc. Scrolling down and right on the page, students could also click on the links to take quizzes that would help them find out if they are “sluts,” or “losers.” Go To Site

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A tenured teacher at a San Diego high school has been put on paid leave while the district investigates an allegation that she refused to allow a 14-year-old student to leave class to go to the toilet and instead told the girl to urinate in a bucket. A claim filed by the student's attorney said the Feb. 22 actions of art teacher Gonja Wolf were meant "to humiliate and disgrace" the freshman at Patrick Henry High School. The student was instructed to go to another room out of view of classmates, urinate in a bucket and then dump the urine in a sink, according to the claim.

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A California middle school teacher has been placed on leave after administrators learned from students that the educator appears in porn videos available online. Stacie Halas, a 31-year-old science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, was removed from the classroom Monday, three days after pupils reported spotting her in a series of X-rated clips.

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About 50 students were suspended Thursday from the all-boys Frederick Douglass Academy in Detroit, Mich. for walking out of classes in protest, demanding "an education." Among their complaints: a lack of consistent teachers, the reassignment of the school principal, educators who abuse sick time and a shortage of textbooks. "We've been wronged and disrespected and lied to and cheated," senior Tevin Hill told the Detroit Free Press.

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Alan Rosenfeld — a 66-year-old disgraced typing teacher — hasn’t taught since he was accused of making inappropriate comments and leering at 8th grade girls in 2001, but still collects $100,049 a year from the city, the New York Post reports.

The student said he sat down and Ms. Smith gave him a full contact lap dance, rotating her buttocks against him and rubbing her hands all over his body. Ms. Smith also got on her knees in front of him and placed her head between his legs. The student admitted that he slapped Ms. Smith on the buttocks a few times. Go To Site

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We find that traditionally collected input measures — class size, per pupil expenditure, the fraction of teachers with no certification, and the fraction of teachers with an advanced degree — are not correlated with school effectiveness.

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A ninth grader who snapped a picture of a snoozing substitute teacher with his cell phone camera and posted it on a social network is in hot water with his school district. The unnamed student, who attends Mustang Mid-High School in Mustang, Okla., was suspended, according to ABC affiliate KOCO.

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The department has taken a giant step toward creating a de facto national student database that will track students by their personal information from preschool through career... The administration wants this data to include much more than name, address and test scores. According to the National Data Collection Model, the government should collect information on health-care history, family income and family voting status.

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SPRINGFIELD Two lobbyists with no prior teaching experience were allowed to count their years as union employees toward a state teacher pension once they served a single day of subbing in 2007, a Tribune/WGN-TV investigation has found. Over the course of their lifetimes, both men stand to receive more than a million dollars each from a state pension fund that has less than half of the assets it needs to cover promises made to tens of thousands of public school teachers.

What have our schools become when administrators ban the game of tag over the emotional well-being of kids? Well, a laughing stock. But that hasn't stopped the Mercer Island School District from banning the harmless game without even consulting parents. The school district's communications director Macy Grade, in an email, told Q13 that the "rationale behind this [ban] is to ensure the physical and emotional safety of all students." Go To Site

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Three years ago, it was rated one of the worst schools in Colorado; located on turf between two rival gangs,” Obama said. “But last May, 97 percent of the seniors received their diploma. Most will be the first in their family to go to college.”

What Obama failed to mention is how Bruce Randolph turned its situation around: firing teachers at will after being granted an exemption from union rules.

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A Taunton father is outraged after his 8-year-old son was sent home from school and required to undergo a psychological evaluation after drawing a stick-figure picture of Jesus Christ on the cross. He made the drawing in class after his teacher asked the children to sketch something that reminded them of Christmas, the father said. “I think what happened is that because he put Xs in the eyes of Jesus, the teacher was alarmed and they told the parents they thought it was violent,” said Toni Saunders, an educational consultant with the Associated Advocacy Center.

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Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn blasted the Education Department Wednesday for what he called “very significant inappropriate behavior in tipping hedge funds on short selling private education” and called on a key Senate panel to investigate the matter.

Coburn was referring to documents released last week by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), a watchdog group that has called for federal authorities to investigate market manipulation by famous Wall Street short-seller Steven Eisman.

Coburn said the charges even could result in jail time for Education Department officials.

Your kids will be assimilated.

Public School Indoctrination

"In the hands of a skillful indoctrinator, the average student not only thinks what the indoctrinator wants him to think . . . but is altogether positive that he has arrived at his position by independent intellectual exertion." -William F. Buckley, Jr.

We're doing it our way so shut up or else.

Common Core

At least one parent stood to express more targeted concerns. He was literally dragged and pushed out of the event. -Justin Katz

Fraud In Public Schools

Fraud In Public Schools

"Have fun working at Taco Bell." -Principal Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir



Wracked with frustration over the state's legions of unprepared high school graduates, the California State University system next summer will force freshmen with remedial needs to brush up on math or English before arriving on campus.

School Choice

School Choice

Prince George’s County, Maryland stands out from the rest of the country in that it is among the most affluent majority-black counties in the US. But despite its uniqueness, it is quickly falling prey to a common trend—middle class parents are pulling their children out of public schools and putting them in private competitors that offer a better education.

Public School Patriotism

Public School Patriotism

The battle over the American flag has reached a middle school art class in California’s Santa Rita School District where a student was told not to draw Old Glory because it was "offensive"...