Glad he's on your side.

Leftist Protest Videos

Seriously - Don't watch any of these while you're eating.

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While there, a group formed around an elderly African-American homeless man, who was reading his bible while seated along a fence rail off to the side of the protest. Some in the group confronted the man, who was reading the bible aloud, and engaged him in theological debates. A few others took the opportunity to mock the man, which I captured on video.

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Portland occupiers block food donations to the poor.

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A protester in Seattle defecates on the sidewalk next to traffic.

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Video: Occupy SF Speaker says, "Every day from now on: Rip up a dollar, burn a dollar, get rid of money."

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Video: On Nov. 8, 2011, in San Diego a woman trying to learn more about the occupy movement is attack by homeless Occupiers, because they thought they had a right to privacy in a public place and objected to being videotaped while occupying public side walks in San Diego.

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Occupy Thugs Taunt Black Security Guard

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A lice outbreak was announced at the #Occupy Portland squatters camp this weekend. Head AND Body lice.

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Occupy LA Burger King!

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"Don't give this guy a blanket; he sexually assaulted a girl yesterday"

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Serious rat problem also at protest site.

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THOUSANDS of Obama-endorsed “Occupy Chicago” protesters cheer open communists at their rally last night in downtown Chicago. Later on 175 of the Obama-endorsed protesters were arrested for trespassing.

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How to change things for the better? Apparently it just takes a box of bullets and some rope. “If you get the thirteen families that own the world, including George Bush and his administration, get them in front of the White House and hang them and shoot them, because they deserve that.”

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Video: Occupy Portland Protesters Sing “F*ck the USA”

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“I think that the Zionist Jews, who are running these big banks and our Federal Reserve, which is not run by the federal government… they need to be run out of this country.”

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Occupy Wall Street protester: You can have sex with animals.

Social Justice Warriors Gone Crazy

The Character of the Left On Display

The Poster Girl For Campus Liberalism.

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This video is a great window into the liberal mindset.

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One local news channel had cameras on scene when the beautiful little girl was taken by child protective services.