Anti-Semitism at Occupy

Occupy San Francisco Brick Thrower

Is a brick considered to be a deadly weapon?

Occupy Wall Street Assault on Female Police Officer

Peace. Love. Tolerance. Thanks, liberals.

Occupy SF: Burn Your Money

Stupidity causes deflation.

Protester Defecating in Seattle

This is the character of the left.

Occupy Atlanta Silences Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

Never underestimate the stupidity of large groups of leftists.

Seattle May Day Mayhem

Leftist criminals break windows at US courthouse and Niketown.

Communist Party U.S.A. in Solidarity with Occupy

Communist Party marches in solidarity with Occupy Chicago. Occupy Chicago gives them a warm reception. The nexus of communism and the American left on video.

Anti-Semitic Protester at Occupy Wall Street

"They need to be run out of this country."

Occupy Wall Street: Rape Drugs Assault

People being raped at Occupy Wall Street. Peace. Love. Tolerance.

Occupy Portland Protesters Sing "F*ck the USA"

We are NOT questioning their patriotism here.

Occupy Oakland Protesters Threatens Reporters

There's a huge rat problem. There are huge rats running around City Hall... There's a softball metaphor. -RB

Occupy Thugs Verbally Abuse Security Guard

Lovely people saying lovely things. This is the character of the Left. 

BDS Anti-Semitism at NUI Galway

The BDS supporters shouted vile abuse, threatened the students who disagreed with them, and tried to break up the meeting. “You Zionist pr**ks, f*** off our campus, now!” they screamed.