In May, 1987, sawmill worker George Alexander was nearly decapitated when a tree-spike shattered his sawblade at the Cloverdale Louisiana-Pacific mill in northern California.

  This grisly accident sent shock waves through our community, and eventually led Northern California Earth First! to renounce tree spiking. Southern Oregon and Southern Willamette Earth First! joined us, as well as a few Earth First!ers from Stumptown, but that's all.

  The rest of Earth First! still endorses spiking, and many of them even today react to our no-spiking policy by denouncing us as traitors and dismissing us as wimps, without ever considering the reasons for our actions.

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"...This is Jihad, pal. There are no innocent bystanders, because in these desperate hours, bystanders are not innocent. We'll broaden our theater of conflict."
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Have a Merry Earth Liberation Front Christmas: There are only two truly renewable resources: Love and Revenge! That’s right! This Christmas, why not fall in love with the very foundations of life and then get crazy and go out there and repay the f--kers who continue to exacerbate the murder of our planet. Check out the Earth Liberation Fronts Green Christmas Guide for great ideas this season at the Earth First! Newswire here. Go To Site

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Precious little withstood the inferno that incinerated most of the 1960s–era complex the morning of October 30, 1996. A passerby alerted firefighters to the blaze at 3:30 a.m., and three hours later the 12,000–square–foot ranger station was a smoking ruin. By then, groups of U.S. Forest Service employees—seventy–three worked at the station at the time—were huddled together in the dim morning chill, breathing in the charred scent of irredeemable loss.

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Tree hugging moonbats crying over trees

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"It could have killed someone," said San Diego fire captain Jeff Carle. Three workers sleeping at a construction site were able to escape after the terrorist Earth Liberation Front (ELF) set fire to an unfinished, 200-unit condominium development late one night in August, 2003.

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PALM BEACH, Fla., March 22 (UPI) -- Two members of an environmental group involved in a tree sit-in protest in Florida against a proposed biotech lab have been arrested, authorities said. Courtney Claar, 23, of Lake Worth, and Brandon Block, 25, of Jupiter, both members of the Everglades Earth First group, were charged with trespass Monday and released from jail on their own recognizance, the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post reported.

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The whole nation took notice of ELF in 1998, when, protesting the expansion of a ski resort in Vail, Colorado, which would potentially destroy the state’s lynx habitat, the group burned down seven resort structures, resulting in $24.5 million worth of damage. “It was the biggest act of sabotage that had happened in U.S. history,” said Pickering. “It went from local television who were contacting us to Rolling Stone magazine and 60 Minutes.” To deal with all the press attention, Pickering, along with Rosebraugh, established the Earth Liberation Front Press Office in 1999, with Pickering serving as a figurehead of sorts for this leaderless movement.