[Feb 2016]: New York Times op-ed columnist, Paul Krugman fairly echoed Chomsky’s warning and wrote that “no less than the fate of the planet rides on the results of this year’s election.” Go To Site

Much of the world closed its eyes as Hitler marched because the only adequate response was a horrible war many hoped to avoid. Do we now shrink from the unimaginably difficult response demanded by the global environmental crisis, and hope against hope that it will yet prove unnecessary? -Al Gore Go To Site

For now, though, electing a Republican—any Republican—is as good as saying America welcomes a world of 4 degrees Celsius or more of warming. That is double the level at which scientists and world leaders think civilization can adapt. -Rebecca Leber, The New Republic Go To Site

US Senator Literally Destroys Planet Earth

One Vote Consigns Us All To Imminent Death

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West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin just cooked the planet. I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense. I mean that literally. Unless Manchin changes his negotiating position dramatically in the near future, he will be remembered as the man who, when the moment of decision came, chose to condemn virtually every living creature on Earth to a hellish future of suffering, hardship, and death.

-Jeff Goodell, Rolling Stone

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Michael Mann, one of the most eminent climate scientists in the world, believes averting climate catastrophe on a global scale would be “essentially impossible” if Donald Trump is re-elected...

He is also active on Twitter, where earlier this year he declared: “A second Trump term is game over for the climate – really!”, a statement he reaffirmed in an interview with the Guardian and Covering Climate Now...

  “Another four years of what we’ve seen under Trump, which is to outsource environmental and energy policy to the polluters and dismantle protections put in place by the previous administration … would make that essentially impossible.”

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put a racial spin Wednesday on climate change and hurricanes, attributing emissions from “predominantly white” corporations and communities for juicing recent storms that cost “predominantly black and brown lives” in Louisiana and Puerto Rico...

  “[T]he people that are producing climate change, the folks that are responsible for the largest amount of emissions, or communities, or corporations, they tend to be predominantly white, correct?” she asked at a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties.

Climate Destruction is *Ensured*

Incitement For Environmental Extremists


If Manchin isn’t stopped, climate destruction is *ensured*. That’s what we’re talking about here.

  -Journalist Amy Westervelt, Oct 2021

... Same Day Environmentalist Whacko Response:


"Half-serious question: At what point does making Manchin "disappear" become the ethical thing to do?"

  -Evan Hynes (@EvanHynes_)

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California Gov. Jerry Brown said all climate-change deniers are "definitely contributing" to the fatal wind-whipped wildfires that have pummeled northern and southern parts of the state over the past few days, as well as blazes "in the coming years."...

  "And we have to keep understanding it better, but we're in a new abnormal. And things like this will be part of our future... things like this and worse," he warned.

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Part of being a science communicator is hoping a natural disaster kills as many members of the audience as possible, as soon as possible, with as much media exposure as possible. As a communicator myself, I’d like nothing better than if thousands of middle-class white people died in an extreme weather event—preferably one with global warming’s fingerprints on it. -Climate Nuremberg "Science Communicator" Brad Keyes

"Every Climate Scientist": We Have Twelve Years Left

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat

May 2019


Accordingly, Obama ostentatiously visited drought-stricken California last Friday. Surprise! He blamed climate change.

  Here even the New York Times gagged, pointing out that far from being supported by the evidence, “the most recent computer projections suggest that as the world warms, California should get wetter, not drier, in the winter.” How inconvenient. -Charles Krauthammer Go To Site

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Even as wildfires cool in San Diego, Gov. Jerry Brown is heating up his argument that what the state really is battling is global warming... The governor repeated his belief that this spring's fire season, already consuming 25,000 acres and destroying dozens of homes in San Diego County, has been worsened by climate change brought on by human activity.

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Secretary of State John Kerry said in Vienna on Friday that air conditioners and refrigerators are as big of a threat to life as the threat of terrorism posed by groups like the Islamic State.... “As we were working together on the challenge of [ISIS] and terrorism,” Kerry said. “It’s hard for some people to grasp it, but what we–you–are doing here right now is of equal importance because it has the ability to literally save life on the planet itself.”

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A Common Core-aligned elementary school homework assignment in a Jefferson County, Colorado school district tells children that by 2512, Kansas will be an oceanfront state, that the “Smokey” Mountains [sic] will become the “Smokey” Islands [sic], and that a sharp decline in the human population will take place, all due to man-made global warming.

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."

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Former White House regulatory czar Cass Sunstein says the international community hasn’t fought global warming because the people aren’t afraid enough. “An understanding of what human beings fear — and what they do not — helps to explain why nations haven’t insisted on more significant emissions reductions,” writes Sunstein, who is now a professor at Harvard Law School... Sunstein also argues that there needs to be an “identifiable perpetrator” for people to focus their outrage.

Climate Change: 25 Holocausts Coming...

"So in the issues that you just brought up, climate change is one of the main drivers of our public health. So the difference between, say, 1.5 degrees of warming - which is the least that folks think that we can get - to 2, you are talking about 150 million deaths.

 That’s 25 holocausts, right? So how is that not a health issue? How is that not about health care?"

And politicians and corporations have been ignoring the issue for decades, to the point that unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return, Gore said. -Jan 25, 2006 Go To Site

As predictable as the timing of the tides, a left wing think tank blames global warming for the recent tornadoes. But I must admit, Think Progress cut to the chase to save time when future weather events occur. From the blog entry “Storms Kill Over 250 Americans In States Represented By Climate Pollution Deniers”

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On his Friday evening show, in a discussion with Harry Shearer, the voice behind many of the characters on “The Simpsons,” Maher commented on the disastrous tornado that hit Alabama last month, claiming a death toll of 238 to date. According to Maher, the cause of the killer tornado is obvious: Global Warming. “This is global warming,” Maher declared. “This is global warming – there’s more moisture – it’s what scientist always said. There’s more moisture in the atmosphere. It’s going to cause these giant disasters.”

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Hours after a massive earthquake rattled Japan, environmental advocates connected the Natural Disaster to Global Warming. The president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Staffan Nilsson, issued a statement calling for solidarity in tackling the global warming problem. “Some islands affected by climate change have been hit,” said Nilsson. “Has not the time come to demonstrate on solidarity — not least solidarity in combating and adapting to climate change and global warming?” “Mother Nature has again given us a sign that that is what we need to do,” he added.

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“Manhattan will be underwater by 2050.” -Harry Smith

“Joe Manchin Just Cooked the Planet” is your latest, totally-not-at-all-panicking-like-a-little-girl headline from Rolling Stone writer Jeff Goodell.

  “Manchin is f***ing it all up,” Goodell gently persuades readers with his calm and reason. “To him, climate is a tomorrow problem.”

-Stephen Green Go To Site

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“We’re seeing the reality of a lot of the North Pole starting to evaporate, and we could get to a tipping point. Because if it evaporates to a certain point – they have lanes now where ships can go that couldn’t ever sail through before. And if it gets to a point where it evaporates too much, there’s a lot of tundra that’s being held down by that ice cap.”

The survival of our planet depends on your vote...

"The 2020 election may well be about the survival of our planet, so thank you for being here."

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James Lovelock, the maverick scientist who became a guru to the environmental movement with his “Gaia” theory of the Earth as a single organism, has admitted to being “alarmist” about climate change and says other environmental commentators, such as Al Gore, were too. Lovelock, 92, is writing a new book in which he will say climate change is still happening, but not as quickly as he once feared...

In 2006, in an article in the U.K.’s Independent newspaper, he wrote that “before this century is over billions of us will die and the few breeding pairs of people that survive will be in the Arctic where the climate remains tolerable.”

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Former CEO of Playboy magazine Christie Hefner appeared on MSNBC this morning to discuss gun control. When discussing gun violence in Chicago, Hefner went into a diatribe, explaining how climate change has increased temperatures, therefore leading to heightened levels of violence. Hefner works closely with the Center for American Progress.

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David Sirota: “...we are incinerating the planet and dooming future generations simply because too many of us like to eat cheeseburgers." ... “That’s right; essentially, if every fourth time someone craved, say, beef, chicken or cow milk they instead opted for a veggie burger, a bean burrito or water, we have a chance to halt the emergency,” he added.

Before the dead have been counted… Liberals are blaming the horrific mudslide in Oso, Washington on global warming: One of the most well-forecast and consequential components of human-caused climate change is the tendency for rainstorms to become more intense as the planet warms. As the effect becomes more pronounced, that will make follow-on events like flooding and landslides more common. Go To Site

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And as I watched the deniers make their arguments, I couldn’t help thinking that I was watching a form of treason — treason against the planet. To fully appreciate the irresponsibility and immorality of climate-change denial, you need to know about the grim turn taken by the latest climate research. -Paul Krugman

Unscientific zealotry in the service of an agenda...

  Environmentalists have to face up to the fact that they have a problem with unscientific zealotry, but I doubt they’ll be able to do it.

  The whole point of the global warming scare is to take an uncertain and unproven scientific hypothesis and insist on it as an absolute scientific certainty requiring immediate action—which just so happens to be a very specific agenda that aligns perfectly with a certain political outlook.

  Then they have to demonize all skeptics as enemies of science in the pay of nefarious special interest groups.

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Furious parents vented their anger at a headteacher who turned off his school's heating on one of the coldest days of the year. Pupils at Ansford Academy in Castle Cary, Somerset, were forced to grip their pens through thick gloves and wear their coats and hats in class as temperatures dropped to 1C.

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Two liberal groups hope to gain momentum for ending taxpayer backing of fossil fuel production by making a very strong allegation about the nation's largest oil company. “Here at Exxon, we hate your children,” states a faux-Exxon official in a new ad from the groups Oil Change International and The Other 98%. “We all know the climate crisis will rip their world apart, but we don’t care, because it is making us rich.” The groups are raising money to buy TV time for the 30-second video. As the "executive" speaks, viewers see images of extreme weather, such as violent storms and wildfires, that scientists say climate change will intensify.

History may judge the Paris climate agreement as a turning point for the planet, President Obama said Wednesday as the United Nations reached a key threshold triggering the implementation of the climate accord. -Gregory Korte Go To Site

Old environmental scares never die. Unlike old soldiers, they don't even fade away.

  Consequently, we still have activist groups constantly recycling chemophobia, non-renewable resource depletion, and overpopulation worries. The latest of these scares is what Time dubbed the the "beepocalypse" back in 2007.

-Ronald Bailey Go To Site

Monday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” climate scientist Michael Mann emphasized the importance of getting President Joe Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” agenda passed.

  According to Mann, the bill, which he noted “has climate provisions that will address” the problems of deadly tornadoes such as the ones seen across the central United States over the weekend, would prevent future tornadoes from being worse.

-Trent Baker Go To Site