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Democrat Alan Grayson

At a fundraiser in Hollywood Sunday night, former Democratic Florida Rep. Alan Grayson used rape jokes to raise money for his congressional campaign.

Of all the disgraceful members of the Democratic Party, hatemonger Alan Grayson, Congressman from Florida, may be the most despicable. On the positive side, however, he also provides a good deal of comic relief. Go To Site

"I will tell you that the war on women is being waged by one party in this country," Grayson said. "It's time somebody called them out." -Democrat Alan Grayson Go To Site

The list of Grayson's greatest hits is long—and contains equal-opportunity vitriol against Republicans, Democrats, and reporters alike. He reportedly called Murphy a "piece of shit" when recently meeting with DSCC Chairman Jon Tester. In the run-up to a 2010 landslide loss against GOP Rep. Daniel Webster, he aired an ad labeling his opponent as "Taliban Dan" and, without basis, accused him of wanting to outlaw divorce for abused women. -Josh Kraushaar Go To Site

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is calling on U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson to drop out of the race for a Senate seat in Florida. Reid said in a statement Friday that Grayson claims to be progressive but seems to have "no moral compass." He says Grayson used his office to unethically promote a hedge fund that until recently had been based in the Cayman Islands. Go To Site

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Florida Democrat Alan Grayson is under investigation for domestic violence according to a statement from Capt. Angelo Nieves of Florida's Orange County Sheriff's Office. Along with submitting pictures which reportedly support the allegations, Grayson's wife also alleges that Grayson told her he would leave her "In the gutter" with nothing in the presence of the couple's young children. Grayson co-sponsored the 2013 re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act.

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Controversial House Democrat Alan Grayson lost $18 million as part of a criminal scheme run by a Virginia man that bilked more than 100 investors out of more than $35 million, according to federal court documents.

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“I think the tea party should expel those members who engage in hate speech,” Grayson said to an unidentified reporter with Orlando ABC affiliate WFTV.

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"At this point, the Tea Party is no more popular than the Klan," Grayson said. The email then takes that comparison one step further by including a photograph of a burning cross with Klansmen in the background. The cross then becomes the "T" in the words "Tea Party" transposed over the picture. Below is the caption: "Now you know what the 'T' stands for."

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Former congressman Alan Grayson collided with a Lynx bus this afternoon near a busy downtown intersection, according to WESH. Grayson, a congressional candidate who was on his way to a campaign fundraising event, ran a red light and struck the bus, reports show. Two people aboard the bus suffered slight injuries. Grayson's Mercedes Benz suffered significant damage, according to WESH.