Saturday Night Live ran a skit last night joking about taking turns on Roger Stone’s 75-year-old wife who has cancer.

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Texas Lawyer Robert Ranco

"I'd be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted"

Misogynist, hypocrite.

A lawyer in Texas who disagrees with the Trump administration's plan to reform how accusations of of sexual assault are adjudicated on campus said he would "be ok" if Education Secretary Betsy DeVos were sexually assaulted.

  Rob Ranco, a partner at the Carlson Law Firm, suggested Mrs. DeVos does not fully grasp how serious of a crime rape is, and that she might come to a different policy conclusion if she did.

   "I'm not wishing for it... but I'd be ok if #BetsyDevos was sexually assaulted," Mr. Ranco said in a tweet on Friday evening.

-Bradford Richardson, Washington Times

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Potentially the most vile political discussion ever aired on national television occurred on Friday's HBO program "Real Time." After former Air America comedian Marc Maron said he wanted to have violent hate sex with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), sex advice columnist Dan Savage said he'd like to do the same to Rick Santorum.

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Now, the Game has launched a campaign on twitter to try to destroy Michelle Malkin and to get fans to boycott Fox News. The amount of threatening and vulgar tweets being sent to Malkin is disgusting, with some people even threatening to rape her.

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The Republican V.P. nom would be "gang-raped by my big black brothers" if she enters Manhattan, Bernhard said.