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Kamala Harris

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she believes women who say they felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted touching from former Vice President Joe Biden.

In many ways, Harris is merely a non-white version of Hillary Clinton. Both women are possessed by ruthless ambition, yet lack the necessary skills to succeed in politics at the national level.

  They are most comfortable when regurgitating talking points and platitudes. Objectively speaking, they share a knack for unsettling laughter and launched their political careers by dating powerful men.

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Reports of a toxic work environment have plagued Vice President Kamala Harris since she took up the post less than a year ago and the recently announced exodus of her chief spokesperson has only prompted more questions.

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Worn out by what they see as entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus, key West Wing aides have largely thrown up their hands at Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff — deciding there simply isn’t time to deal with them right now, especially at a moment when President Joe Biden faces quickly multiplying legislative and political concerns.

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Americans have never much liked Kamala Harris.

  Despite being theoretically well-placed to dominate the 2020 Democratic primary, she dropped out of the race in December of 2019 with just 3 percent support nationally and about 7 percent support in her home state of California.

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A new report revealed that departing staffers for Vice President Harris are leaving their White House posts in part due to concerns of being forever labeled a "Harris person." A growing list of Harris staffers are heading out the door amid internal chaos and disastrous poll numbers.

  The concern of being labeled a "Harris person," as well as burnout and desire for greener pastures, are driving the exodus from the vice president’s office, sources familiar with the chaos in the VP's office told Axios...

  The report comes amid the news that Harris’ chief spokesperson, Symone Sanders, is departing the office at the end of the year.

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A bombshell Politico report published Wednesday describes Vice President Kamala Harris’ office as “chaotic” with a “tense and at times dour” atmosphere — a place where, as one source memorably put it, “people feel treated like s–t.”

  The report, which cited nearly two dozen “current and former vice presidential aides, administration officials and associates of Harris and [President] Biden,” pointed the finger at Harris herself for the dysfunction as well as Tina Flournoy, a longtime Democratic operative who works as Harris’ chief of staff and gatekeeper.

  “People are thrown under the bus from the very top, there are short fuses and it’s an abusive environment,” said the same source who claimed staffers are “treated like s—.” “It’s not a healthy environment and people often feel mistreated.”

Harris Burning Out Talented People...

  "Who are the next talented people you’re going to bring in and burn through and then have (them) pretend they’re retiring for positive reasons."

Kamala Harris:

Channeling Her Inner Totalitarian

Sept 30, 2019


"Look let's be honest, @realDonaldTrump's Twitter account should be suspended."

Defending A Hoax

It Was Unkind To Smear White Trump Supporters As Racists


Propping Up A Bully...

  "It’s clear that you’re not working with somebody who is willing to do the prep and the work. With Kamala you have to put up with a constant amount of soul-destroying criticism and also her own lack of confidence. So you’re constantly sort of propping up a bully and it’s not really clear why."

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Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) called on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey “to do something” about President Donald Trump after he referred to impeachment efforts as “a coup” in a tweet ...

  “Hey @jack. Time to do something about this,” tweeted Harris to Dorsey, in an apparent call to ban President Trump from the social media platform over his remarks on Tuesday evening...

  “If he’s not going to exercise self-restraint,” said Harris of the president’s tweets, “then perhaps there should be other mechanisms in place to make sure that his words do not in fact harm anyone.”

Kamala Harris: Joe Biden Nostalgic for Segregationists...

  "I have to be candid with you. From the moment that I heard his comments about these segregationists, it was troubling and it was hurtful.

  "You know, I think that also part of my feeling about it was to hear those words from someone I respect in a way that suggests a bit of nostalgia about who these guys were. They were segregationists, they built their careers and their reputations on segregation of the races."


Figure 1: Joe Biden With Former KKK Grand Kleagle and Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd

  "So, Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong."

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Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she believes women who say they felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted touching from former Vice President Joe Biden.

  "I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it," Harris said at a presidential campaign event in Nevada.

  The California senator added that Biden will need to decide for himself whether to run for president.

Vice President Kamala Harris came under fire Saturday for tweeting about Memorial Day, but without mentioning the significance of the weekend.

  "Enjoy the long weekend," Harris wrote, above a candid photo of herself smiling.

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This woman is a gift to the Republicans. The more she talks, the more Americans start to panic that she’s our backup for the doddering 80-year-old codger who’s supposed to be running this country.

  Whenever we start asking ourselves if anybody can be worse than Biden, she pops right back up again.

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