Threatening Careers

Threatening Careers

John Gibson, CEO of videogame company Tripwire Interactive, was defenestrated from the company he co-founded because of a tweet in support of the Supreme court’s refusal to strike down the Texas heartbeat law.

They’re coming for you next: Because a tenured professor, Elisa Parrett, made a four minute statement objecting to the segregated-by-race training class the Lake Washington Institute of Technology was mandating for its teachers, the school instigated a nine month investigation resulting in a reprimand and rules forbidding her to speak on such topics again.

  The investigation included the hiring of a private investigator, numerous interviews, public humiliation, and wild unsubstantiated claims that her remarks caused widespread trauma. The school removed her from her teaching duties, and worse, doubled down on its insistence that future sessions will be segregated by race.

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In a crowded field, the ‘women have vaginas’ scandal at Abertay University might just be the most insane campus-censorship story yet.

  Lisa Keogh, a law student at Abertay, is currently being investigated by the university authorities for comments she made in seminars. She says her fellow students complained after she said that women are born with female genitalia, and that trans women should not compete in women’s mixed martial arts.

  For uttering such heresies she could even face expulsion...

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They’re coming for you next: Oh boy, it’s the 1950s again and its time for witchhunts from Congress and big corporations.

  Unlike the 1950s, however, the question will not be whether you have ever been a member of the Communist Party. No, now the question will be much more effective and to the point. It will be “Have you ever been conservative or a member of the Republican Party?”

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The University of North Dakota recently fired its Vice President for Student Affairs & Diversity, Cara Halgren, after an investigation determined she has discriminated against the campus police chief due to his political beliefs.

  UND Police Chief Eric Plummer had filed a complaint alleging his working relationship with Halgren deteriorated after she learned he voted for Donald Trump, and a subsequent investigation affirmed that position...

  In one meeting on January 28, Halgren acknowledged that she changed the way she interacted with Plummer because of his political beliefs. At the meeting, she told administrators she “could not change the way she feels just to get along.”

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Des Moines, IA -- Iowa State University faculty plotted to deny tenure to a distinguished astronomer, as revealed in private emails written by faculty and administrators at ISU.

  Discovery Institute is making public a record of secret emails exchanged among faculty at Iowa State University about noted ISU astronomer Dr. Guillermo Gonzalez. The emails demonstrate that a campaign was organized and conducted against Gonzalez by his colleagues, with the intent to deny him tenure because of views he holds on the intelligent design (ID) of the universe, expressed in his 2004 book The Privileged Planet.

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A federal jury believed the University of Iowa’s law school illegally denied a promotion to a conservative Republican because of her politics, former jurors told The Des Moines Register. However, jurors said they felt conflicted about holding a former dean personally responsible for the bias.

  They wanted to hold the school itself accountable, but federal law does not recognize political discrimination by institutions. “I will say that everyone in that jury room believed that she had been discriminated against,” said Davenport resident Carol Tracy, the jury forewoman.

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Officials at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington have been ordered to pay a teacher $50,000 in back pay and promote him to a full professorship, backdated to 2007, for discriminating against him over his Christian perspectives.

  The ruling from Senior U.S. District Judge Malcolm Howard comes in the case of Christian professor Mike Adams, who had faced retaliation, according to the jury, for his conservative views expressed in opinion columns, books and speeches.

UNC Discriminates Against A Conservative


Image: Legal Insurrection

March 2014: Jury finds Professor Michael Adams' "speech activity [was] a substantial or motivating factor in the defendants' decision to not promote".

They’re coming for you next: California Democrats have introduced a bill in the state legislature that would essentially ban the hiring of any policemen who had religious or political beliefs that oppose the agenda of the leftist sexual rights community.

  As several conservative and religious individuals note in the article, the bill’s vague language basically makes it illegal for cops to harbor conservative or religious beliefs, and will give the government the right to fire anyone who disagrees with the homosexual lobby or opposes abortion.

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The more liberal the survey respondents identified as being, the more likely they were to say that they would discriminate. The paper notes surveys and statements by conservatives in the field saying that they are reluctant to speak out and says that "they are right to do so," given the numbers of individuals who indicate they might be biased or that their colleagues might be biased in various ways.

Threatening Careers

Threatening Careers of Global Warming "Deniers"

Scientists who dissent from the alarmism have seen their grant funds disappear, their work derided, and themselves libeled as industry stooges, scientific hacks or worse.

Although the number of publicly dissenting scientists is growing, many young scientists furtively say that while they also have serious doubts about the global-warming message, they are afraid to speak up for fear of not being promoted—or worse. They have good reason to worry. -Wall Street Joural editorial page Go To Site

“In recent weeks I have been the target of attacks in the press by various radical environmental and politically motivated groups.

  This effort should be seen for what it is: a shameless attempt to silence my scientific research and writings, and to make an example out of me as a warning to any other researcher who may dare question in the slightest their fervently held orthodoxy of anthropogenic global warming."

-Dr. Willie Soon Go To Site

“It is deadly to your career to be a young dissenter. But a young person, I can tell you by being here on the campus, if you’re in the sciences and environmental studies you are going to be seen as such a kook (if you are a climate skeptic). It will definitely hurt you.

  See, I don’t care! I don’t give a monkey’s uncle. I’m old enough that I’m just going to say what’s on my mind. I’ll get by, but if I were early in my career, I know that I would be tagged as a kind of crazy, extremist, denialist, and it would hurt my academic career; there’s no question about it.”

-Climate Statistics Professor Dr. Caleb Rossiter Go To Site

Rossiter says refusal to debate is part of a strategy. “There was an agreement among the groups who believe strongly that there’s catastrophic climate change not to debate because it gives credit to those of us who have questions about the certainty with which they operate,” he said.

  “It is absolutely true that the money available for global warming statements and research is driving academia right now and people line up to get it. I know it from scientists. I know it’s absolutely true,” he noted.

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France's top weatherman, Philippe Verdier has been suspended from work for publishing a book about climate change which suggests that the IPCC might be just a tad unreliable and more than a little politicised.

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Retired Climate Scientist Is Able To Talk Now...

  "I’m now retired, so I have no scientific career to protect by spreading lies.

  "Too many (the majority) of climate research scientists are quite willing to prostitute their science by giving these politicians what they want."

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“Our goal is nothing short of changing how the entire profession of meteorology tackles the issue of climate change,” the group explains on their website. “We’ll empower everyday people to make sure meteorologists understand that their viewers are counting on them to get this story right, and that those who continue to shirk their professional responsibility will be held accountable.

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In an agency-wide address to employees Aug. 1, (Interior Secretary Sally) Jewell took the unusual step of suggesting that no one working for her should challenge the idea that human activity is driving recent warming. “I hope there are no climate-change deniers in the Department of Interior,” she said.

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One day climate change skeptics will be seen in the same negative light as racists, at least so says former Vice President Al Gore.

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NASA Scientist: Put CEOs On Trial for Global-Warming Lies, Heads of major fossil-fuel companies who spread disinformation about global warming should be 'tried for high crimes against humanity and nature,' according to leading climate scientist.

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Former Democratic Sen. Tim Wirth of Colorado, now the president of the UN Foundation, said the flooding and forest fires in the United States this year are evidence of "the kind of dramatic climate impact" climate change models have predicted and that those in the know on climate change must “undertake an aggressive program to go after those who are among the deniers.”

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These new emails add weight to Climategate 1.0 emails revealing efforts to politicize the scientific debate. For example, Tom Wigley, a scientist at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research, authored a Climategate 1.0 email asserting that his fellow Climategate scientists “must get rid of” the editor for a peer-reviewed science journal because he published some papers contradicting assertions of a global warming crisis.

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A popular weatherman announced Saturday evening he been sacked by leading French news channel France Télévisions for publishing a book which accused top climate change experts of misleading the world about the threat of global warming. Philippe Verdier, a household name in France for his daily weather reports on the France 2 channel, announced in an online video that he had received a letter of dismissal.

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A Washington state senator has survived a campaign by Western Washington University students who demanded their school revoke his master's degree over his global warming positions.

  Doug Ericksen, a Republican and chair of Washington's Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee, had blocked efforts to force businesses and residents to go green, though he supports voluntary compliance... But the effort to yank Ericksen's degree -- he earned his MA in political science and environmental policy at WWU -- met with a stiff rebuke last week from the university's president.

When Rossiter called global warming “unproved science” in a Wall Street Journal OpEd in May 2014, he found that his credentials as a long-time progressive could not trump his climate skepticism.

  He was immediately terminated due to his ‘diverging’ climate views from his 23 year fellowship at the liberal group Institute for Policy Studies.

-Marc Morano Go To Site

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP) -- Although University of Texas professor Mark Regnerus has been cleared of alleged research misconduct in a study of gay parenting, the seizure of his computers and 42,000 emails by university officials is troubling, according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

  "It seems to us that UT Austin should take a closer look at its rules to make sure that the provision for sequestration does not become an open invitation to hassle and discourage researchers working within politically charged topics," the foundation said, according to Fox News.

Remember the media trotting out to the middle of nowhere to find a pizza shop that didn't want to cater gay weddings.

The implication is that anyone could be a target. Being a small business owner in the middle of nowhere doesn't make you safe.

Scientists Subject to Star Chamber Human Resources Inquisitions...

  Distinguished scientific careers are snuffed out in an instant. The interests of favored identity groups become the primary criteria for advancement, trumping credentials, ability, and qualification.

  Fealty to dogma, not respect for reason, now determines whether careers will grow, be terminated prematurely, or be aborted before they begin.

  Conformity and risk-aversion, behaviors once alien to the scientific enterprise, are now pervasive, enforced in Star Chamber Human Resources inquisitions.

Hordes of Screaming Students ...

  It’s no secret that, with the rise of the triggered progressive, university professors are increasingly intimidated by their own students.

  An illustrative example of this alarming trend was provided by the hordes of screaming students who surrounded the distinguished Yale sociologist Nicholas Christakis and demanded his head (which they duly received). Christakis had made the mistake of defending an email his wife had written gently criticizing Yale’s attempts to regulate students’ Halloween costumes.

  “Who the fuck hired you?!” screamed one irate student in response. “You should step down!”

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Two gay seniors at George Washington University say they feel alienated because the chaplain at George Washington’s Newman Center rejects homosexuality, and they aren’t going to take it anymore. The seniors, Damian Legacy and Blake Bergen, have announced a coordinated campaign to rid the campus of the Roman Catholic priest.

Even an Associated Press cameraman covering the March Against Sharia last month in Foley Square whispered to me "you know, I agree with you, but I'll lose my job if they knew."

Feminist Omelette:

Breaking Some Eggs


Emily Lindin is sorry.

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DOJ employees were emailed a brochure called "LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers." The brochure was created as a resource from DOJ Pride, an association of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees of the DOJ. A Department of Justice spokesperson did not return calls seeking comment. Fox News also reached out to DOJ Pride for comment – but emails were not answered.

  Among the directives in the brochure is an order for workers to vocally affirm homosexuality. "Don’t judge or remain silent," the brochure read. "Silence will be interpreted as disapproval."

Google Manager: "You're Being Blacklisted"...

I will never, ever hire/transfer you onto my team. Ever. I don't care if you are perfect fit or technically excellent or whatever.

  I will actively not work with you, even to the point where your team or product is impacted by this decision. I'll communicate why to your manager if it comes up.

  You're being blacklisted by people at companies outside of Google. You might not have been aware of this, but people know, people talk. There are always social consequences.

"Google's left bias has created a politically correct monoculture that maintains its hold by shaming dissenters into silence."

When evolutionary biologist Colin Wright has debated Christian conservatives on the topic of creationism or intelligent design, he said they would frequently tell him he is “wrong or stupid, but my critics never called me a bigot.”

  Not so when it comes to some on the academic left, who Wright argues have effectively derailed his career in academia by targeting him with cancel culture, mob-like tactics to potential employers who might consider him for tenure-track.

  Why? Because he refuses to stop saying this publicly: “Male and female are not social constructs, but are real biological categories that do not fall on a spectrum.”

-Jennifer Kabbany Go To Site

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Harris claimed in his letter that two members of the board, Don Wasserman and Ann Hoffman, complained over his hiring of a white female, Erin Wilcox, because they perceived her "as being conservative or politically right-of-center."

  According to Harris, at a meeting on Nov. 8, 2012, Hoffman declared that "somebody with a resume like hers doesn't belong here" and "should never work here."... In fact, Wasserman told Harris to "refrain from hiring white men" in the future to fill open attorney slots, according to Harris.

Wrongthink at the New York Times...

My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m “writing about the Jews again.”

 Several colleagues perceived to be friendly with me were badgered by coworkers. My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels where masthead editors regularly weigh in. There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly “inclusive” one, while others post ax emojis next to my name.

 Still other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action. They never are.

Blacklisted From All The Private Schools ...

  They say that their children tell them they’re afraid to speak up in class. Most of all, they worry that the school’s new plan to become an “anti-racist institution”—unveiled this July, in a 20-page document—is making their kids fixate on race and attach importance to it in ways that strike them as grotesque...

  They are all eager for their story to be told—but not a single one would let me use their name. They worry about losing their jobs or hurting their children if their opposition to this ideology were known...

  “The school can ask you to leave for any reason,” said one mother at Brentwood, another Los Angeles prep school. “Then you’ll be blacklisted from all the private schools and you’ll be known as a racist, which is worse than being called a murderer.”

Staying in the good graces of the "woke" crowd...

 "So when I read TV reviews or cultural reviews, I think of someone in prison, writing. I think about somebody writing a hostage note. This is not what they think.

 This is what they have to do to keep their job in a social media world. So I don't hold it against them."

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A Texas high school principal threatened to sabotage a valedictorian’s appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy after the student delivered a speech that referenced God and the U.S. Constitution, the boy’s attorney alleges.

  Hiram Sasser, director of litigation with the Liberty Institute, said Joshua High School principal Mick Cochran threatened to write a letter to the U.S. Naval Academy disparaging the character of Remington Reimer. “It was intimidating having my high school principal threaten my future because I wanted to stand up for the Constitution and acknowledge my faith and not simply read a government approved speech, the teenager said.

"People are no longer burned at the stake for their views: they simply fail to get tenure, or, if they are students, they flunk the course."

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A famed actress is facing backlash in San Francisco’s Latino community, after she voiced support for a conservative candidate for California governor... “We really cannot have her in the show, unfortunately,” Lopez told KPIX 5. “Of course she has the right to say whatever she wants. But we’re in the middle of the Mission. Doing what she is doing is against what we believe,” Lopez said.

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This new situation is a little different. Patterico I want to see fired from his Deputy District Attorney job, barred from practicing any sort of law, sued to the point of bankruptcy, or criminally charged. Better yet, all five of these would not be sufficient for this tiresome little punk. The motivation, briefly, is that he used to spend his time vigorously defending that little creep James O’Keefe, and his behavior of late seems to indicate he had a hand in the stalking and smearing of Congressman Weiner. -Brett Kimberlin associate Neal Rauhauser

A culture of self-censorship and fear of backlash from funders, colleagues and the public is convincing arts and cultural workers to stay silent on important issues, according to new research from ArtsProfessional...

  The research indicates the arts and cultural sector is intolerant of viewpoints outside of the dominant norms.

  Anything that might be considered “politically incorrect” to the liberal-leaning sector – including expressing support or sympathy for Brexit, the Conservatives or other right-wing political parties – was felt to be risky territory.

-Adele Redmond Go To Site

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A teacher in Rapides Parish, in Alexandria, La., was “written up” for writing a negative post on Facebook about the controversial standards, according to Town Talk. “This is a hot national debate,” the teacher told the paper. “Why can’t I comment? I did not say a word about anything locally.”

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The Department of Justice's top communications official plotted to squash a reporter who aggressively covered the agency's ill-fated Operation Fast and Furious gun scandal in 2011, previously secret emails show. The emails, between the DOJ's then-communications chief Tracy Schmaler and White House press flack Eric Schultz, are a rare look inside the Obama administration's press control machine.

The level of vitriol you are exposed to as an open conservative is staggering, and I am not surprised that most regular folks are disinclined to weather it.

Indeed, I wouldn't have even done it, had my financial position been at all insecure.

Being targeted by the SPLC has had a lasting impact on my life and career.

Offers from other universities ended and speaking opportunities declined. Once you’ve been smeared in this way, mainstream news outlets are less likely to cite you as an expert of any kind.

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A tenured Marquette University political science professor has been officially barred from campus and suspended for writing a blog post criticizing a philosophy instructor who refused to allow a conservative student to debate the topic of gay marriage in her classroom. The suspended professor, John McAdams, received a letter on Tuesday from Richard Holz, the dean of the Wisconsin school, informing him of his suspension.

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Emily Miller, the chief investigative reporter for Fox's Washington affiliate WTTG, doesn't have many fans in gun control advocacy. In fact, most gun-control advocates want her fired, because of her vocal pro-gun stance, which many feel color her reporting into advocacy.

Kevin Cernekee was still a “Noogler”—Google’s term for a new employee—when his conservative take on political and social issues raised hackles within the search giant...

  Mr. Cernekee, 41 years old, spent much of the next three years battling Google over his perceived violations, and pressing his contention that right-leaning employees were being treated unfairly, according to interviews, documents and copies of posts on Google’s internal message boards.

  In one example from 2017 that he reported to human resources, a manager publicly asked on a board about employees holding views like Mr. Cernekee’s: “Can’t we just fire the poisonous assholes already?”

-Rob Copeland Go To Site

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Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a vice chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), says she was disinvited from the first Democratic presidential debate after calling for more debates, according to a new report...

  “It’s very dangerous when we have people in positions of leadership who use their power to try to quiet those who disagree with them,” Gabbard said. “When I signed up to be vice chair of the D.N.C., no one told me I would be relinquishing my freedom of speech and checking it at the door.”

Not Concerned

With Innocent Men Losing Jobs


A group of Harvard professors who criticized the campus rape documentary “The Hunting Ground” are being menaced with the possibility of a Title IX sexual harassment investigation intended to silence their criticisms.

  Last Friday, further evidence that activists are seeking to use the federal government to silence critics emerged in an article written by Harvard professor Jeannie Suk for The New Yorker. Suk, who signed November’s open letter, said a high-level administrator at Harvard told her several people inquired about filing a Title IX complaint against the professors.

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A student-body political coalition swept a recent election at the University of Tennessee of Chattanooga (UTC) and is now calling for the resignation of a senator because of her open support of Donald Trump. Hailey Puckett, the senator in question, participated in a chalking campaign on her campus during which she and her peers scrawled pro-Trump messages on the sidewalks of UTC’s campus.

Pledge Your Allegiance To "Wakanda Forever" - Or Else...

A veteran Bronx educator claims she was fired in part because she refused to mimic a salute to Black power from the 2018 comic-book movie “Black Panther” during superintendent meetings...

When Rafaela Espinal — a Dominican-American who describes herself as Afro-Latina — declined to join in, she “was admonished and told that it was inappropriate for her not to participate,” according to a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit...

Afraid to speak up for fear of loss of a job...

 People are scared, this is nothing like anyone has seen. The speech policing is so intense that people are afraid to speak up for fear of loss of a job, even if the speech is not on the job (mine wasn’t).

 Views and speech are being driven underground. No minds are changed, it’s just pure intimidation.

  Cancelling has become a normal part of American life. We are no longer surprised when someone is fired for a bad tweet, or when a publisher drops an author for an unpopular view, or when teenagers spy on one another like little Stasi and adults applaud.

A great defensive line...

"I pretend I'm a Democrat so I can keep my job here. And there are others just like me. We're like a secret society inside ESPN."

"Woke" Orthodoxy: Oppressive, Censorious and Inhibiting...

  "I can promise you that the majority of people who work in Hollywood find the ‘woke’ orthodoxy oppressive, censorious and inhibiting. They just can’t admit it, not in work meetings, not at job interviews, not online."

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A student at Southern Oregon University (SOU) was forced to suspend his campaign for a senate seat on his school’s student government after an opposing candidate filed a grievance against him for refusing to use gender-neutral pronouns.

  “I would like to know why you should be able to take office despite your homophobic and transphobic comments on Facebook,” candidate Oneta Cantlon asked during an open forum with one of her opponents, Chase Gildea. “Answer the fucking question!” some students in attendance shouted.

In 1961, at age 12, I was one of two-dozen black children who integrated an all-white junior high school in Richmond. White parents jeered me outside the school, and inside, their kids stuck me with pins, shoved me in the halls and pushed me down the stairs.

  So when the group of Google employees resorted to calling names and making false accusations because they didn't want a conservative voice advising the company, the hostility was reminiscent of what I felt back then — that same intolerance for someone who was different from them.

-Heritage Foundation President Kay Coles James

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Former Huffington Post contributor David Seaman was terminated Sunday evening for writing two articles questioning Hillary Clinton’s health.

  “It’s chilling,” Seaman noted. “I still haven’t really absorbed it.” Seaman’s articles — “Hillary Clinton’s Health Is Super (Aside From Seizures, Lesions, Adrenaline Pens)” and “Donald Trump Challenges Hillary Clinton To Health Records Duel” — “were pulled without notice… just completely deleted from the Internet.”

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A University of Wisconsin-La Crosse employee fired for telling a co-worker that she supported President Donald Trump’s immigration policies could be back on the job soon, Wisconsin Watchdog has learned... “She felt Trump was doing the correct thing by keeping terrorists out of the United States. She felt that those immigrants should go back where they came from.” “She was terminated because of her political speech in support of President Trump.”

The Hollywood Blacklist Is Back

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Bret Weinstein was driven off campus to teach because the campus police said they weren’t allowed to protect him.

  Now the white biology professor might be driven off campus under Evergreen State College’s own disciplinary process. More than 50 professors at the public college – nearly a quarter of faculty – have signed a statement as of Friday afternoon calling themselves “angry and frustrated and concerned” by the backlash against students and the university.

  They demanded Weinstein be punished for his response to students who cornered him and called him racist after he refused to leave campus on the anti-white “Day of Absence”...

  "My Republican colleagues and I hear regularly from active-duty and retired service members that even holding conservative values is now enough to endanger a service member’s military career."

Liberal, Fascism, Academia

A 19-year-old university has been suspended for opining that the United Kingdom’s National Health Service should not be free for immigrants, and complaining that the country is suffering from “Islamization.”

  Sebastian Walsh was booted from the University of Central Lancashire after school officials “received several complaints about his behaviour,” according to the Daily Mail...

  “The University promotes lawful, open debate, the discussion of varying views and academic freedom and has in place robust procedures to ensure this can take place,” the spokesman said. “In this case, a number of official complaints were made by students regarding a series of offensive and inappropriate comments made by Sebastian Walsh during lectures and seminars.”

Law Professor Threatened for Opposing Impeachment...

  My call for greater civility and dialogue may have been the least successful argument I made to the committee.

  Before I finished my testimony, my home and office were inundated with threatening messages and demands that I be fired from George Washington University for arguing that, while a case for impeachment can be made, it has not been made on this record.

In March, Gen. Boykin delivered a speech to conservatives and he referenced the national uproar over transgendered people using the ladies room. He cracked a joke: “The first man who goes into the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery.”...

  Boykin, who also serves as an executive vice president of the Family Research Council, tells me as many as 150 activists signed a letter written to the college demanding that he be fired. -Todd Starnes Go To Site

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A coalition of left-wing groups is targeting nearly 30 current and former Trump administration officials with a corporate blacklist meant to prevent the officials from obtaining jobs in the private sector.

  Outgoing Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders are all part of a list in an open letter sent to CEOs by more than 30 groups. The letter urges the CEOs to not hire or contract any of the officials and to bar them from sitting on corporate boards.

  “Some of these individuals have left the administration in recent months. Regardless of when they leave, they should not be allowed to seek refuge in your boardrooms or corner offices. Allowing them to step off of the revolving door and into your welcoming arms should be a nonstarter,” the letter (pdf) stated.

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Mount Holyoke College Police Chief Daniel Hect is on leave after students there confronted him about being a supporter of President Donald Trump.

  "Over the past few weeks, members of our community have expressed concerns about the ability of Chief Daniel Hect to develop the level of trust required to engage in community policing," Sonya Stephens, president of the college, wrote to students and faculty in a Wednesday night email, a copy of which Campus Reform has obtained. "In light of this, Chief Hect, who leads campus police at Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges, has been placed on administrative leave."

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Students at the University of the Arts are demanding the firing of a controversial professor there, insisting that her opinions are putting students at risk and that she should be replaced by a “queer person of color.”

  A petition at, started by student Sheridan Merrick, asserts that Camilla Paglia “has been teaching at UArts for many years, and has only become more controversial over time.”

  Paglia is known as a sharp critic of American feminism as well as various other aspects of American political and social culture. Her opinions on transgenderism have generated controversy in the past; at one point she referred to the transgender zeitgeist as “a symptom of cultural collapse.”...

  One signatory of the petition identifies himself as David Jacobi. A David Jacobi is listed as a faculty member at the university on its website. On the petition, the signatory writes: “My students deserve better than a bigoted grifter as faculty.”

Submit To Leftist Orthodoxy Or You're Fired...

  Woke capital continues its successful alteration of the American economic and business landscape by driving out those who do not submit.

Liberal, Character, Racism, Threats, Fascism, Bigbrother, Jobs

Some faculty and staff members at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will be required to participate in annual "anti-racist practices" or will forfeit "pay plan and merit increases."

  The move, announced Aug. 23 on the school’s website, applies to the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. Staff in this department will be required to “participate annually in at least one experience that enhances their understanding of diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism.”

  Staff will be required to document these experiences in their annual activity reports and self-evaluations and is required in order to be considered for departmental awards and salary increases.

  Mandatory compliance with the policy will begin in the fiscal year 2023.

The paradox is that even as America has become more tolerant of gays, many activists and liberals have become ever-more intolerant of anyone who might hold more traditional cultural or religious views.

  Thus a CEO was run out of Mozilla after it turned out that he had donated money to a California referendum opposing same-sex marriage. -WSJ Review and Outlook Go To Site

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A birth coach has been ‘ostracised’ by her professional organisation after transgender activists branded as offensive a Facebook post in which she said that only women can have babies.

  Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, 45, was forced to stand down as spokesperson for Doula UK and has since resigned altogether from the national organisation for birth coaches. Her exit comes after transgender rights activists triggered an investigation in which Doula UK concluded her message breached its equality and diversity guidelines.

  They did not expel the mother- of-four, who has been a doula – who provide continuous support during pregnancy – for six years, but threatened to suspend her unless she deleted the post.

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University of Massachusetts-Lowell Dean of Nursing Leslie Neal-Boylan issued an email on June 2 to the Solomont School of Nursing in light of the recent anti-racism demonstrations across the country, sources told Campus Reform. In the message, Neal-Boylan told students that "everyone's life matters." Days later, Neal-Boylan was out of a job...

  This sparked controversy among many who received her email. The letter was posted to Twitter by a student who expressed disappointment in the Dean’s "everyone’s life matters" statement.

  “An upsetting statement made by the Dean of Nursing at UMass Lowell, including the statement ‘all lives matter’ was uncalled for and shows the narrow minded people in lead positions,” the tweet read.

  This quickly caught the attention of the school, which replied from its official account thanking the student for "bringing this to our attention.’"

  Sources familiar with the situation told Campus Reform that the dean's employment had been terminated just days after her "everyone's life matters" email.

Not the Good Guys...

Historically, it’s not the good guys who are out burning books and censoring speech. It isn’t the caring, empathetic people who try to destroy lives based on something someone said years ago, often while young, often taken out of context. It isn’t the good guys who take undisguised glee at the ruining of lives, families and careers.

Treat these tyrants as what they are: awful people who shouldn’t be listened to and who need to work hard on joining the better half of the human race. And remind them of it, over and over. Because it’s true. Deep down, they know it, too.

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A leading medical journal terminated an editor who questioned the existence of structural racism. His fellow medical professors expressed approval of the firing.

  The American Medical Association wrote in a statement that it was “deeply disturbed” and “angered” by a recent Journal of the American Medical Association podcast that “questioned the existence of structural racism.” Though the organization claimed that “JAMA has editorial independence from AMA,” the statement added that “this tweet and podcast are inconsistent with the policies and views of AMA.”

  Accordingly, JAMA Editor-in-Chief Howard Bauchner asked for and received the resignation of podcast host and deputy editor Dr. Edward Livingston.

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The business world’s discrimination against anything “Trump” has reached an epidemic level, touching former aides to the president, anybody pictured near the Jan. 6 Capitol protest, and now those who endorsed him on social media posts.

  A new survey of hiring managers provided to Secrets found that backing Trump on social media is the top reason to reject a job applicant.

  The apparent reason: Human resources departments want to avoid “tiffs” between employees.

  “Likely to avoid future office tiffs, a significant portion of hiring managers admitted to negatively judging candidates based on the political content posted. For 27% of hiring managers, social media posts endorsing Donald Trump for president would negatively impact their decision to hire a candidate,” read the analysis of the poll done for Skynova, an online business software company.

Jobs are really, really, really, really hard to get. And since no reasonable person wants to put their livelihood in danger, we reasonably do not take any risks vis-a-vis momentarily upsetting liberal students.

  And so we leave upsetting truths unspoken, uncomfortable texts unread.

-An anonymous professor Go To Site

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The Loudoun County, Virginia school district continues its affinity for controversy, the most recent example being its suspension of a teacher allegedly for stating that a biological boy cannot be a girl.

  According to Fox News, Leesburg Elementary phys. ed. teacher Tanner Cross was “placed on leave” after the remarks he made at a recent school board meeting.

  His issue was the district’s “Rights of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students” policy which mandates staff use students’ “preferred pronouns.” The policy does not require any “substantiating evidence” from students as to their pronoun choice.

  “I am speaking out of love for those who are suffering from gender dysphoria,” Cross told the board. “I love all of my students but I will never lie to them regardless of the consequences. I’m a teacher but I serve God first and I will not affirm that a biological boy can be a girl and vice versa because it’s against my religion.”

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Two educators in Grants Pass, Ore., lost their jobs amid outrage that they had the temerity to oppose transgender orthodoxy on bathrooms and pronouns. The teachers supported a compromise position, but students demanded their removal–and the school board obliged...

  Rachel Damiano, the former assistant principal at North Middle School, and Katie Medart, a former science teacher at the same school, both supported the “I Resolve” movement, seeking a biology-based compromise solution to radical transgender demands.

Data Scientist Fired by Reuters for Questioning Their BLM Narrative...

  By June 2020, as riots raged across the country, Kriegman would be locked out of Reuters’s servers, denounced by his colleagues, and fired by email.

  Kriegman had committed an unpardonable offense: he directly criticized the Black Lives Matter movement in the company’s internal communications forum, debunked Reuters’s own biased reporting, and violated a corporate taboo.

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Two UALR law professors who questioned the way an endowed professorship had its title quietly changed to attach the name of William J. Clinton have found their lives and careers significantly altered since a legislative hearing on the name change not long ago.

  Professor Tom Sullivan, who earlier this summer sent an open email to the faculty about the Clinton name change, has left the school on his own volition within the past two weeks.

 Professor Robert Steinbuch, who publicly questioned the change, has seen both seminar classes he's taught for nearly 20 years yanked away and canceled, and he's been reassigned to teach an unfamiliar class vacated by Sullivan's departure.

Incompetence, Character, Degeneracy, Fear, Education, Fascism, Academia, Jobs, Censorship

Attempts to sanction scholars for their speech, research or teaching practices has skyrocketed since 2015, with about three in four campaigns leading to some form of professional sanction — including termination — according to a new report by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

  Such attacks are “on the rise and are increasingly coming from within academia itself—from other scholars and especially from undergraduate students,” FIRE research fellows Komi German and Sean Stevens state in their report.

  A total of 426 incidents occurred between January 1, 2015, to July 13, 2021. They included efforts to either investigate, penalize, demote, censor, suspend or terminate college faculty for their unpopular or controversial speech, research or teaching practices.

  “A staggering three-fourths of the incidents (314 out of 426) resulted in some form of sanction, the most common being investigation, termination, and suspension,” according to the report.

This is a matter of real, palpable fear. Saying anything that goes against liberal orthodoxy is now grounds for a firin’. Even if you make a reasonable and respectful case, if you so much as cause your liberal students a second of complication or doubt you face the risk of demonstrations, public call-outs, and severe professional consequences. Go To Site

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A New Hampshire student-athlete is suing his school district after he was suspended from a football game for allegedly expressing his views that there are "only two genders."

  The lawsuit, filed in Rockingham Superior Court on November 4, alleges that the September suspension violated the student’s constitutional right to free speech and the New Hampshire Bill of Rights because he expressed his religious beliefs.

Liberal, Education, Fascism, Academia

Progressive student groups at Arizona State University are planning a rally this coming week to demand the expulsion of Kyle Rittenhouse from campus...

  Organizations including MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán), Students for Socialism, Students for Justice in Palestine and the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition intend to gather on December 1 to “get murderer Kyle Rittenhouse off [the] campus.”...

  Those demands include that ASU withdraw Rittenhouse’s enrollment, put out a statement condemning “racist murderer” Rittenhouse and white supremacy in general, and redirect funding from campus police to the ASU Multicultural Center.

Liberal, Character, Fascism, Academia, Censorship

Saint Louis University school administrators in Missouri are threatening to suspend or expel a conservative student for posting event posters advertising Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh's university lecture off-campus.

  SLU officials informed a member of the university's College Republicans, student James Dowling, via Zoom call Thursday that he could face expulsion for alleged "failure to comply" and "inappropriate conduct" after he placed the lecture advertisements at an off-campus location on Dec. 1 before Walsh's appearance.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Grubhub, the online food-delivery service, demanded that employees who agree with Trump resign, because “you have no place here.”

-Post Editorial Board Go To Site

The word “liberal” has taken a beating over the last few days: A Mozilla executive was hounded out of his position at the firm he co-founded by left-wing campaigners resolved to punish him for having made a donation to a successful California ballot initiative that defined marriage in traditional terms...

-Kevin D. Williamson Go To Site

I drive food delivery for an online app to make rent and support myself and my young family. This is my new life.

  I once had a well paid job in what might be described as the social justice industry. Then I upset the wrong person, and within a short window of time, I was considered too toxic for my employer’s taste. I was publicly shamed, mobbed, and reduced to a symbol of male privilege. I was cast out of my career and my professional community.

  Writing anything under my own byline now would invite a renewal of this mobbing—which is why, with my editor’s permission, I am writing this under a pseudonym.

-Barrett Wilson Go To Site

A conservative opinion writer who was fired by the Aspen Times after seven years because his ideology was too far right, has won best columnist of the year for the second year in row by the readers of the Times, despite not having a presence in the paper since December 2019.

-Sherrie Peif Go To Site