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Limousine Liberals

Jackson Lee is routinely chauffeured the one short block to work--in a government car, by a member of her staff, at the taxpayers' expense.

Idealism is not the point, nor has it been for ages. Leftism has devolved into a kind of scam run not only on others but also on the self. Leftists are brilliant at convincing themselves of their own altruism and then broadcasting it to the public, thus providing cover for the most conventionally greedy and selfish behaviors.

  We see that in our society all the time: the quondam Marxists of Hollywood, the media, and the academy blathering on about economic equality while living lives the Medici could not have dreamed of. -Roger L. Simon Go To Site

Earlier we mentioned that anti-capitalist documentarian Michael Moore held his screening at swanky Lincoln Center in rooms sponsored by Wall Street banks, while guests slurped up champagne. Other reports we've seen describe hot tubs and gigantic TVs. So, yes, basically Moore (and his supporters and his backers) plays up the stereotype of a limousine liberal. Go To Site

It's about 200 paces from the awning of Jackson Lee's Capitol Hill apartment to the marbled steps of the Cannon House Office Building, where her office is. Most people think the walk is a pleasant one. But apparently it's not convenient enough. Jackson Lee is routinely chauffeured the one short block to work--in a government car, by a member of her staff, at the taxpayers' expense. Go To Site

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The American Federation of Teachers pays big money to travel in luxury vehicles, according to its federal financial disclosures. The union, which represents more than 1.5 million teachers, spent nearly $120,000 on a Connecticut limousine service last year...

 The luxury travel budget isn’t the only perk labor honchos have enjoyed since President Randi Weingarten took control of the union in 2008. Weingarten, a public opponent of the 1 percent, drew nearly $560,000 in compensation last year—enough to pay the salaries of ten school teachers or three private sector CEOs.

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Moore and Glynn own nine properties in Michigan and New York, including a Manhattan condo that once was three apartments. pegs their wealth at $50 million.

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If the announcement took Marin by surprise, it was nothing compared with what came next. Mr. Lucas said he would sell the land to a developer to bring “low income housing” here... “I’ve been surprised to see some people characterize this as vindictive,” he said, adding that there was a “real need” for affordable housing here. “I wouldn’t waste my time or money just to try and upset the neighbors.” Whatever Mr. Lucas’s intentions, his announcement has unsettled a county whose famously liberal politics often sits uncomfortably with the issue of low-cost housing and where battles have been fought over such construction before... “George, being the great guy that he is, doesn’t want to build more housing for rich people since Marin is loaded with them,” Mr. Forster said.

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...First-class air travel is also ruining the environment. Or at least so says the World Bank in a new study estimating that the carbon footprint of a first-class airplane seat may be as much as nine times larger than an economy-class berth. A business-class ticket has three times the carbon footprint as economy. World Bank staff, who travel across the planet in their duties, are major users of business and first-class airplane seats. Staff at World Bank headquarters in Washington took more than 189,000 trips in 2009, totaling 447 million miles. Some 73.6 percent of those miles were in business class and another 6.9 percent in first class.

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According to written remarks delivered before the Subcommittee on the Constitution in 2006, Pingree said: “Most Americans never have and never will fly on a chartered jet, much less a fancy corporate jet complete with wet bar and leather couches. So when members of Congress constantly fly around on corporate jets and pay only the cost of a commercial ticket, it contributes to the corrosive public perception that members of Congress are more like the fat cats of Wall Street than they are like the rest of us.”... An investigation by Maine Watchdog found that Pingree has been traveling on a private plane owned by the firm of her significant other, Donald Sussman, Founder and Chairman of Paloma Partners, a billion dollar hedge fund.